Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week February 13-19

Welcome to my Project life. It was another packed week with extra page protectors, going to need a bigger album,lol. It was a week filled with my first sewing on a layout, valentines, warm weather, one long stunning sunset. I included Sam's valentines from school in a baseball card protector, got the idea from Ali Edwards, thank you Ali!! I included a picture of my entryway because it needs some work, something new something welcoming, any ideas from you would be so helpful. Ok so get ready for two weeks worth of pictures. After this week is my daughter Renee's 14 bday week and she did the pictures/writing all on her so please take a extra minute to look at what she did. Thank you for visiting and have a great week.

Project Life Feb.6-12

I let Renee take over this week for her birthday. It is packed with a week of fun stuff.

LH SIDE Picture of the bday banner I made her, my first one. Her cake, candy wrapper, her notes for the week.

IN BETWEEN THE 2PAGES.... I added 3 different page protectors to fit all her stuff in. A interview I did with her, drawing, superbowl, misc. more bday.

RH SIDE.... Playing the wii with Rich, more bday, meeting baby Colt. Renee had a great week.

Friday, February 18, 2011


I've been wanting to try sewing on my layouts for over a year and finally did it. The sewing is perfect but that was planned, it's all about having fun with it for now. Sam helped to pick the different stitches and so I had to put a photo of him on it. I love love how this came out and it makes me happy. Now I want to sew on everything, still working on threading and replacing the bobbin but practicing will be fun.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I haven't done my pictures and journaling for this past week. It was actually my daughter's birthday week and I need her to finish it up, we've been busy. So instead here is my "FOOD FOR THOUGHT SCRAPBOOK" that I made about 5 years ago. It was so fun to make and I'm going to update it this year.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and fun and loving Valentines Day!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Sorry this is so late getting posted, was a busy week. I made this album at my first scrap retreat I went too. Well a lot of people thought it sounded weird and didn't quite understand it while I was making it. When it was done though everyone loved it and kept passing it around. This album makes me so happy because the kids will remember what/how they ate growing up. They look so young in these pictures. I'm planning on updating it this year. It was fun to capture these photos and save little paper from food boxes/jars to add to the fun. If you click on the page it should enlarge so you can read the journaling. I honestly don't remember much of what I ate growing up but my moms been filling me on a little so in my update their will be a page included about me and my husband. Hope you enjoy. Prepare yourself for lots of photos.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Project Life and a few extra

Happy February!! My 12 yr.old daughter did this weeks pictures and writing. She didn't have one for everyday but her favorites over the week. I think she did great and I love that her handwriting is in the album to remember. On the right side of the album the picture is blurry but she wrote mom rocks on the back of my van, how sweet she is. Her favorite lunch is included corn dogs, mac/cheese/tator tots, not healthy sorry. The best picture is our new baby cousin Colt who I got to meet. Scroll down after my album pictures and see better pictures of him. Recently I've added some posts about things I love or make me happy so scroll and check that out too. The first two pictures are my niece "7" bday and our heart attack door for Valentines.

Thank you to everyone who stops by and leaves a comment it makes my day and my kids, please leave a comment for my daughter if you could since this was her week in pictures. My other daughter will do this week since it's her bday on Wednesday.

Stay tune for my post on a " Food my family likes album" I made years ago, it's was one of the most fun I had making an album, my kids loved reading it again. Have a great week.

Welcome baby Colt

What's making me happy today

Just thought I'd post some thoughts that are making me happy right now.....

* that I met my new little cousin last week, he's adorable
* that Sienna is coming over today, I miss her like crazy
* that my daughter Renee will be 14 in two days ( little sad too)
* that dinner is already cooked and just needs heated for tonight
* that strawberries were on sale finally and they look great and taste great
* that the kids loved watching the superbowl game
*that Sam is healthy this week and back to school
* that January is past is and spring is a little closer
*that my honey and I have a date tomorrow all day at the Home/Garden show
* that our webcam works so we can see/chat with Kristin & San-T
* that Kristin graduates from college next month, so proud of this girl
*that we have a brand new coat rack for the kids coats
* that the kids have been getting along lately (mostly)

That's it for today, this is something I'm going to do every couple weeks. It so nice to slow down and remember the little things that make our days happy!! Happy Monday everyone.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Recipe for letter "A" alfalfa sprouts & ham sandwhich

I have another recipe for the letter "A" today it's about alfalfa sprouts on the SUPER HEALTHY KIDS BLOG. This is a open face sandwhich my oldest daughter and I would make for lunch. I had to call her today to help me remember how to make them. We can't remember the name of them but they were good.


2 slices pumpernickel bread
2tbsp dejoun mustard
4 slices of honey ham lunchmeat
4tbsp alfalfa sprouts

Spread 1tbsp mustard on each slice of bread, add 2 slices of ham to each bread, add 2tbsp sprouts to each bread. Remember these are open face and this will serve two. Broil in your oven or toaster oven for 5 to 10 minutes, you just want them warm so check after 5 mts if needed then another 5mts. Dig in and enjoy.

I am going to make these again over the weekend, it's been too long. If you want to see more ideas for letter "A" or just about cooking healthy for you and your family please stop by Amy's blog, I have her button on the top right hand side of my blog (SUPER HEALTHY KIDS) There is so much information and fun menu ideas. Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A New Healthy Food blog for parents/kids

Need help and tips and ideas on what to feed your kids. Want to feed them healthy foods but not sure how or what to start with. I've recently found a blog " Super Healthy Kids" that has so much information and menu plans, fun activities and more. This year before even finding this site I knew my kids have to change the way they feel about food, eat food, see food. It's up to us parents to help them, it's a tough job no matter their age also. I think this will be a great start in getting my family to eat healthy. As of today she just announced that she made BEST BLOG OF THE MONTH BY JAMIE OLIVER'S FOOD REVOLUTION!! Did any of you watch his show last year, we did and I loved what he did for the schools. So my kids are somewhat on board with this idea. The first thing we did was write a list of fresh and healthy ideas to pack in their lunches instead of all the packaged food they eat. I also want to try one new food each week and slowly adding more new foods to each week. My other goal is to get them in the kitchen with me more and cooking, so I need to slow down and let them help me. So I hope to show more on our progress in my album and on my blog. Ok enough about this blog go check it out yourself and let me know what you think. I have her button on the right side of my blog so you can just click on it. Also she is starting a new segment of using food ideas to go with the alphabet and it just started this week with letter "A" . Hope this helps you.

Hello anyone visiting from Project Life Tuesday, my pictures for the week are right after this post so scroll down to see them. Happy Tuesday!