Saturday, March 28, 2015

T stands for last Tuesday in March

Hello, sorry I've been gone so long, it's been a  crazy week. I wrote about it a bit down below, Summer and Rich got sick and I did everything I could not to get it and try and keep the other two healthy. We had a lot of prayers for us and it worked,  all I got was a cold this week. Thankfully Rich and Summer are doing better now and we are back to almost normal around here.
The weather has been crazy again too, some days it's nice and others it's bitter cold and windy. Today we had the blue sky and clouds you see above and cold. No signs of spring yet and even had dustings of snow for two days that melted soon after it landed. Maybe in April it will finally stay warm enough to say it's spring.
here is my moodboard for last week, dedicated to my sister Annie who loves Ireland and Irish.
The little ones got to color in the sun, love seeing them make art.
I'm sharing my beverage here for Elizabeth's T time post this week. We went to my niece's bridal shower today. It was so cute, a fairy tale theme party since she's a big Disney/Princess fan.
Look at the pretty cake they made her, all edible and yummy.
Hope everyone had a good week, sorry I didn't make it around to everyone due to taking care of sick ones and healthy ones. Hoping this week to get around and say hello, thanks so much for stopping and always having a nice comment and support in all I share and do.
Soccer season starts next week too, meaning 5 to 6 days of the week will be about soccer and the kids go on spring break starting next Friday. We also went prom dress shopping today, we finally found a dress that hopefully will work. YAY!! Hard to believe Renee will be graduating in two months.
Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sickness and retreat weekend

Hello and happy Thursday!! I took some timed pictures in the van while waiting to go pick up Colt last week. Some of them turned out ok, starting to use my timer more and like it. The sun was out this day and it felt warm even, love these first warm days. Not so warm now though, cold has come back.
This week Summer has had the flu and missed two days of school, Rich is home with it today. So Renee, Sam and I are staying strong and refusing to get it. Even poor Kristin had it over the weekend.
I'm going on a little scrap retreat this weekend, YAY!! Filling in for a friend at church who couldn't make it. I'm excited and getting things packed and ready while staying healthy and taking care of kids and house and errands before I go, it's been quite a week already, lol.
Nancy, I'm sure your happy I will be going, rooming with Carol Watson, YAY! Should be fun and it's kinda close too. Wishing it was more spring/flowers out though to enjoy there.
I am taking my PL and going to work on our Disney pictures PL style. Will do some catching up in my PL and hoping to scrap layouts too. Might even bring some paints stuff for fun too.
The kids are off on Monday so after a busy weekend and kid day I will be skipping T Day and just a do a regular post next week though.
Thanks so much for your visits and comments that make my day! Take care and have a good week/weekend. Stay warm or cool wherever you are.
UPDATED:  no retreat for me, staying home to care for hubby and keeping me and kids healthy.

Monday, March 16, 2015

T stands for Time Together

Hello! I have my calendar art from February to share with you. It was so much fun to fill in each square and have a whole month filled in with happy colors. I used crayons with a black sharpie for this month, to see what this month will be look at my post below. I've got a couple plans already for how to do next months too. Really glad I started this little project.
here is the Monday Moodboard I made last week. Went with all green since I all I think about is seeing the green grass again. Well, it's all grass now in our yard, muddy and brown but at least the snow is gone. I had fun pulling all this green together.
As you know we link up at Elizabeth's every Tuesday to share what's in our cup and what's new. Today I'm sharing the girl day out with my mom and sisters. I really love these pictures and the time we spent together. Just sitting and talking and sharing and enjoying each other.
We went to Scribbler's, they had all been there before but it was my first time. It was so pretty there and I loved it all. You order from the board and take a table till they call your name to come and pick up your order. There were so much to choose from, it all sounded yummy.
They make lovely purses/bags, at $50 it was a bit much for me to spend, but I do like them.
They have different teas/coffee's you can buy to take home, we didn't buy any though.
The coffee set up to help yourself, the cups were tiny and cute
The dessert/breakfast goodies to choose from
Here is our yummy food. Funny, without planning it we got same things. My sister Annie and I both got the chicken salad sandwiches with potato salad as our sides. See my glass of ice tea, it was so good. I never order tea when we got out but I'm so glad I did today. Our sandwiches were good too. My mom and other sister both got the special Chicken, spinach Panini with Pesto Mayo, they agreed it was good. My mom got bean soup with hers, very yummy and my sister got a salad. They each got fancy coffee drinks that I don't know anything about since I only drink tea.
I used my timer to get this picture of us, SO HAPPY I DID!! Will do this each time we go out. I love it and it makes me smile each time I see it. We had such a nice time and started making plans for what to do in the next few months, YAY!! Would love to go back here again too, was a pretty place and good food. By the time we left it was beautiful out, YAY!! I came home and sat out back with Lucky and even drank my hot tea outside. Spring is coming slowly but surely right.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to those who celebrate it. I forgot it was this week so no plans and didn't buy a corn beef like I was going too. Might have to buy it next week and celebrate late, lol.
Have a good week and thanks for visiting.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Friday around here it's spring

Happy Friday! The weekend is here, YAY, it was a fast week here a warm one too. The snow is melting and I finally could walk all the way to the back of the yard with Lucky, YAY! Haven't been able to in months due to the snow and ice, feels so good to be back outside again. I even sat on the deck twice with my tea and bible to read, can't wait till I can do this everyday. I know you see a lot of snow in this picture, but it's not nearly as much as it was and today it's even less, so we are a little closer to spring. Hope everyone is enjoying this little spring tease we are getting.
The girls have had bad colds all week, it's never fun to be sick is it. Summer now likes hot tea which she never has before. I have a feeling she will keep drinking it after she's feeling better too. Renee has started eating almonds, very shocking but glad to share mine with her. Sam is healthy and asking for more TACOS, his new favorite with special sauce Rich buys for him.
Kristin is doing good and ready to come home, she miss everyone and needs to dig deep to finish these last two months of her mission before coming home. CAN'T WAIT!!!
Rich has been staring at the birds at the feeder and loving them. He's also had two Saturday's off since work was slow, YAY!! He's on a break from reading and starting up with TV again, lol.
I'm doing great, just having this warm weather is all I could ask for. I'm like a new person!
Will see you in a few days for a special T Time about my mom and sisters, YAY!!
Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting. Nancy it was so good to see you at church! xo

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Crafting and dreaming of spring around here

Around here the sky has been gorgeous and the ground still snowy/ice and cold
Around here I'm still enjoying my Project Life and staying almost caught up, YAY!
Around here I started my March page, decided to make it all green/yellow
Around here I'm sketching flowers and dreaming of spring.
Around here I made a pepper sunshine mandala!
The temps are warming up this week and the ice/snow will be melting, YAY!! So ready for spring and seeing the grass again. Hope you are all doing well. Thanks so much for visiting.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hello to my table being cleaned off for 3 weeks now
Hello to bringing out some yellow and green to brighten my day
Hello to hopefully a warmer, less snowy month
Hello to Scooter Dogs opening soon
Hello to pre-season baseball starting
Hello to corn beef and cabbage
Hello to a new class by Alisa Burke
Hello to more of my calendar art, still loving it
Hello to the new small group book we are reading
Hello to only 3 months before Renee graduates
Hello to reading more books, read one this month
Hello to another date with my mom and sisters
Hello to all the fun and blessings this month will bring
Wishing you a very happy March too friends. Thank you so much for your visits and comments!