Monday, April 25, 2011

project life April 17-23 and Easter weekend

Can you believe April is almost over already. This month went by really fast for us/me. Pretty soon the kids will be home on summer break, don't think I'm ready for that yet. We had a wonderful Easter weekend, the weather was rainy Friday, warm/sunny on Sat. and rainy on Easter Sunday. We really took advantage of the nice weather Sat. lots of outdoor time and pictures. Friday we drove around and checked out new places but I didn't take the camera, per kids request. IT was just about having fun. I'm so glad Sat. was so nice finally we needed a nice day, to many rainy days all the time now. Some of my favorite pictures are from Sat. I didn't add any extra PP this week, just kept it simple and some journaling. We also decorated eggs at my grandma's which we haven't done in years. Sunday was all about the bubbles in their baskets, they love love bubbles on Easter, it's the only time we really play with them. Even though it rained we still went out and played with them. Then we headed to my uncles for our family lunch and egg hunt. It was a super day. Now we have rain again and cooler weather coming. My plan is to make a layout from our WARM AND SUNNY SATURDAY AND PUT IT UP TO SEE EVERYDAY AND CHEER US UP. I included some extra pictures from this weekend then my project life spread. So good to be all caught up still. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, April 22, 2011

What I'm Loving Right Now & Hoppy Easter

I thought it was time for another what I'm loving right now as we approach this Easter Holiday weekend. Not a day goes by that I don't think of how lucky I am and thankful for all the good in my life so just want to take a moment to capture it and remember it.

1. Having 4 healthy, active, loud, beautiful, sweet, funny kids, I never pictured being a mom and now that's all I care about.

2. My sweet, loving, helpful, funny-funny, cute, smart, caring, dependable, positive, strong, supportive husband.

3. My husband's job that allows us to have a house, food, clothes and misc. to take care of our family and provides us so that I can stay home with the kids.

4. For surviving my first day babysitting new baby Colt and he was sick with a bad cold too, love him so much. I have to say it again too, IT'S A BOY IT'S A BOY yes I wanted another boy around this house.

5. For all my friends who are wonderful for me and so fun to be with.

6. For all my family, near and far. Family is everything and I'm grateful for each one.

7. For my new online friends at my BPS class, they truly understand and support and cheer right along with me. I am so thankful for Karen the teacher too.

8. For Jamie Oliver new season starting, love that guy and want him to come to our town.

9. For my yummy yogurt and fresh fruit every morning

10. That their is a new ?????? surprise coming up on one of my blogs I read.


12. For the 4 days of sunshine we got this month, seriously I think that's all it's been

13. When my oldest at college calls to say hello and misses us!! I miss her and get to see her in 2 months !!

14. For all my followers and comments on this blog, you are all the best and I love it when you visit me here.

15. It's soccer season, yep I'm a soccer mom. I always said no no no no soccer for this family then Sam came along and now it's yes yes yes to soccer. It really is fun and I love to watch him play and see his action face. I'm planning a layout about this very thing.

16. My daughter will be 13 in 2 months, so two teen girls in the house. It won't be pretty, there is signs already. Maybe I can lock them in their room together till they are 20,lol just kidding I leave and shop and my hubby can listen to them, haha

17. My other daughter gets braces in a week, yeah she's been waiting.

18. This cold weather is making my husband and I go to bed earlier then ever, is 9:30 early for us adults, I crave sleep now and was never like that before

19. For the 100 % papers Sam has been bringing home and the art work he's brought home too, really happy stuff.

20. My new makeover half bath, it makes me smile everytime I go in there

ok, that's a lot of loving for now. Sorry so long, I couldn't help myself. Have a wonderful weekend everybody. Thanks for reading it if you lasted this long.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Project Life April 10- 16

This is birthday month and week in my family. My dad turned 64 on Monday, my twin sisters turned 40 on Thursday and my mom had her 60 birthday on Sunday. There are still more family members with bdays but these are my immediate family ones and then we have Easter too. So this week started off with a celebration dinner at the Outback (our fave restaurant) then decorations going up to surprise family while they were away. It's been a good week. My poor daughter was home most of the week recovering from a painful tooth infection and needing a Root Canal done to it. It wasn't fun for either of us. While she was home she got to spend time decorating and playing with Sam when he got home. He loved loved it, said I should leave and Summer could take care of him. We are still having cold temps and rainy days. So here is my project life for this week still caught up, hooray!! I didn't overdue it on pictures and papers this week. Just a nice quiet week. Hope everyone is having a good week and Happy Early Easter to everyone, have a great day and enjoy your loved ones near and far.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project Life April 3-9

My project life is below, the pictures are first and the writing afterwards. I don't know how I mixed it up this way but can't get it to change to the writing part first. Please take the time to read the stories under it because it shows why this week was so important to me and why I LOVE LOVE PROJECT LIFE!! Thank you for visiting and have a good week.

Project Life April 3 to April 9

It's been a busy, crazy, painful, fun, warm, exciting first week in April for our family. We started the week going to our local Farmpark to see some new spring baby animals. My niece had her first concert at school. My one daughter started getting a toothache which led us to the dentist last week finding out that she'd need a root canal ASAP on the one tooth she chipped 2 years ago in a bike accident. That's where we were all morning, poor thing she did not like going thru this procedure. She was strong and tough though. On Saturday she and her brother got glasses and they look so cute and so different. I can't believe what a change wearing glasses does to them. Summer looks so much more grown up and more gorgeous to me. I love love her pictures and have already ordered a few more copies so I can scrap them. Sam looks even more cuter and like a little professor to me. The big exciting news was taking Renee up to the high school and getting her schedule pack for freshman year in the fall. It will be so exciting for her to take some classes that are fun and interesting and are what she's interested in. Hoping she gets all the classes she signed up for. I put our Sunday pictures from the park in the added page protector so there's something on the back side of it. Also the other page protector has a some papers from this week, one favorite is Renee had to cut out magazine pictures that showed what she liked or was about her. Again, I'm so very very thankful for this album, my favorites were from the eyeglasses place. It made me wish my mom had pictures of when I got mine or how I felt about them, how I picked the pair out etc. I will love looking back at this day and remembering how goofy they all were and how fun and excited it was to get glasses. Renee took all the pictures and even tried some on for fun. LOVE LOVE PROJECT LIFE!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Project Life March 25 to April 2

This week I went along with Ali's idea and made it a no picture week and just use a lot of "STUFF" to fill in this week. This was fun and I liked the challenge to look for the little things that captured are week. This week did have some cute pictures though so in a couple days I will post those for you to see. So this week is made up with receipts from shopping with my girls and they gave me some tags from their clothes too, food sales from this weeks flyer, big sports action this week with the CAVS CRUSH HEAT oh yeah that was awesome for us, also the Cleveland Indians opening game on mine and my hubby's 16th anniversary, some cute things Sam brought home from school, a kitchen idea from a magazine that I fell in love with, Summer drew a a cute paper for Sam, Red lobster coupon where my hubby and I went for our anniversary, easter tree decoration tags from what I bought at the store to decorate this year with. I did end up having enough stuff after all, was getting a little worried. There is even 4 things that I didn't use for this week. Knowing how easy and fun this ended up being will mean that thru out the year I will do this again. Thanks Ali for the idea to use more stuff. So what did you put in your album this week?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy 16th Anniversary Honey, I love you

Today I'm so happy and filled with love and joy!! It's mine and my sweetie's 16th year anniversary. I love love going back over the years on this day and remembering all the good that's happened. Our wedding day was perfect, it had a couple mishaps but in the end it was perfect and I didn't want it to end. My dream is to renew our vows on our 20th anniversary since we didn't do it on the 10th. I would love to stand up there with him again and renew our faith in each other and our lifelong commitment and have our beautiful children standing there with us. We have changed so much in these last years and our family has grown and life is busier and crazy now then it was back then. I love our life now though too and am looking forward to many more happy times together. It will be fun to look back in 16 years and see the changes again.We will be on our own and the kids could have kids and we will be grandparents, ok that's too far. I will just think of today and be happy where we are right now on this chilly, cloudy, trying to snow kind of day. We are going to Red Lobster for lunch which is our tradition now. I'm hungry and can't wait to go and spend the day with my sweetie. Have a great weekend everybody.