Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday November 29

After just posting my potd for this week I noticed that I messed up somehow my words didn't show under the pictures and I completly forgot to date them. Sorry about that. Most are self explanatory. I must be tired, please read thru them though and then a post at the bottom that did show up. Sorry again, not sure what happened. Thanks
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had a great day at our house thanks to my husband's yummy cooking. Everything turned out good and on time. The only complaint was the rainy, windy, cold cold weather we had for the first 3 days of it. Finally on Sunday it was a little warmer so we know have our outside lights up and working. Thanks again honey!! I took my girls out for Black Friday per their request NOT MINE, and it went great. We were at walmart at 5:00 and then a few more stores and we were home by 9:00. They got some good sales on shirts, hoodies, coats. The traffic was fine and the lines weren't too long. They've already requested to go again next year. We also went to the movies that day and saw " TANGLED" which is pretty cute I thought. We also watched SNOW DAY on Thanksgiving it's one of our favorites now, makes the kids laugh everytime. That' s about all for us. It's nice to have the kids back to school and on a schedule again. Now comes all the fun stuff, decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping and such.

I will be posting sometimes daily on my blog about my Daily December album that I'm making along with Ali Edwards, I can barely wait till Wednesday to start. Have a good week everyone.
For Monday's picture it's all about Becky Higgins new post today on her blog!! Have you seen it yet? I have her link on the right side of my blog just click on it and look. I'm so excited to have a choice but it will be hard to choose. They both look great, love all the new improvements and changes. I have two girls and one boy so it's not that. I am a word girl though and so I love the Turquoise one a little bit more then the Amber one. If money wasn't the issure I'd get both of course. So please leave me a comment on what one your choosing or if your unsure also.
No picture for Sunday, it was going to be of Lucky getting his first bath but they didn't come out very well. He did pretty good for the first time and he's soft and shiny again. Thanks Rich for doing this for me.

No picture for Tuesday I forgot even though the camera was beside me, I was so excited that I forgot. Anyhow it was of Dancing with the Stars!! I wanted Jennifer to win so bad and was worried that Bristol would win, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I would have been ok with Kyle too but really wanted Jennifer.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I had a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving with my family and what I did exactly last year for the first time was go to the school track and walk after eating all that yummy food and that is what I did on this Thanksgiving was head to the track. I had to wait out all the rain from the morning then for the wind to die down and a little peek of sun came out at 3:45 so I quickly changed and grabbed my running shoes. So nothing to exciting but I've been walking that track almost everyday for 3 months now and it feels great. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

I'm linking up to eighteen25. to show what I was doing at 4:00 on Thursday November 25 to see others like this click on the button on the right side of my blog. Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What we did the day before Thanksgiving

This is how we spent some of our day before Thanksgiving. No picture for this but I bundled up and went to the track and walked/jogged one mile. Freezing out !! We went to our favorite library to stock up on books and movies for the long break. We got chicken and potato wedges for lunch for the kids, I had Tuna sandwhich and yogurt and rasberries ( trying to stay on track even for Thanksgiving) then boiled eggs for devieled eggs, Sam sorted thru all his books. I made muffins for breakfast tomorrow, also Dentist for Sam. We had pizza for dinner as we do every year before Thanksgiving. I started making my Thanksgiving Parade Lists for the kids. I write down about 15 people, things, colors, floats to find during the parade, this keeps them busy while Rich and I are cooking and getting the food ready. The kids love doing this. So that's most of what went on today. Hope you all enjoyed your day and I know I'm excited because Thanksgiving Rocks in our house. Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to everyone.

This is a page I did from Laura Vegas sketch she had on her blog this week. I really liked it and was fun to make. To see her sketch and more like this one click on the "just laura" link on the right side of my blog.

Monday, November 22, 2010

This has been a busy but fun week. My daughter's last week of play practice then a 3 night of her shows. It is so hard sitting in those hard plastic chairs 3 nights in a row. This was a cute play on "ANNIE". My daughter did a great job as LILLY. This will be her last play in the middle school next year high school with 3 plays a year, yeeeh!! Basketball is upon us now with Sam having practices and even doing travel basketball and the girls are trying out this year for their teams. Basketball is my favorite sport to watch for the kids even though soccer is a close second. Sam gets to play on all boys team this year so should be exciting. I'm totally ready for Thanksgiving to come our turkey is in the fridge groceries almost bought and this year my girls have asked if I would take them out for some BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING!!??? I've only done it once before about 5 years ago and said I'd never do it again but might do just a little bit with them for fun and not quite so early. Let me know if you go out on Black Friday and any tips you have.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

November 21

November 21

Novmember 19

November 18

November 17

November 16

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm linking up with eighteen.25 again this week for the snapshots of your life. Evey Wednesday they tell you what time to take your picture on Thursday and then on Friday they have you link up all photos on their blog. It's been so much fun seeing everyone's pictures every week. So here's my photos for yesterday, there's two because I thought at 9:00 I'd still be at my daughter's play but they ended before 9:00 and I was home in time to do what I do every Thursday at 9:00 so I included both pictures.


if you'd like to see more click on eighteen.25 link on the right.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today I'm so thankful for our thankful leaf door. I love reading the kids thoughts and thinking about mine during the day. I rememberd today when we first started doing this the girls were just learning how to write so it was so cute to see their misspelled words. I saved those leafs in a box and I'll be adding these to an album this year on Thanksgiving.

Thankfull for my crock pot today. So nice to know that dinner (beef strognoff) was all ready when we were. Had extra time to play and do some extra laundry.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

December Daily 2010

Finally have a good start on my album after thinking over what kind of album to use. This is my first time making a DD after watching Ali's for the past couple years decided this year to jump on board. My alubm is a 5x7 Martha Stewart kids album, took out her stuff and put my own there. I wanted it too have a mix of everything from the holiday so there's a little of my favorites even leftover Christmas cards which I love and hold onto for crafts. Most of my album is done but there's still a few things I want to get and add. Leaving some pages without numbers since I might need more for some days, going to do that as the month goes on and waiting on some of the embellishments till then too.

I have to decide on what to put on the front cover still there are two choices which both came from leftover cards. If you like one or the other please let me know and if you don't like either then let me know that too, it will help decide. I plan on using Ali's title circle on there maybe somehow also. I plan on posting my pages everyday when Decmember.

cover option one

These are some of the pages numbered and not numbered but I knew these ones for sure I wanted. Decided on a mix of things since I can never make up my mind and have so much stuff from last year to use up. It's a mix of envelopes, chipboard pages, pattern paper, page protectors, baseball page protectors ( my favorite thing right now). I have a mix of numbers I'm using that's why I didn't finish also, still deciding on a few and might go to walmart to look. Thinking of using some felt or Christmas fabric somewhere in here too.

The album will consist of the whole month since my husband has the last two weeks off for the first time ever and we plan on doing some fun stuff together after Christmas so I decided to do the whole month.

these are some little extras to work in as am going thru the month. Some tags, envelopes, journaling circles, manila folder (thinking of using this on Christmas to add more pictures inside??) journaling paper from Christmas notebook. I have stamps to use too but not sure where they are and going to buy some ribbon and add along the way also.

So that's it for now. I'm so excited for December to get here and fill this up. I already know it's going to be a family favorite and will do one again next year. Thanks for visiting and Happy December everyone.

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15 thankful for

I'm thankful that our new puppy and our 7 year old cat finally were in the same room without any fighting, hissing, barking, chasing. They actually napped like this for an hour. Every so often Lucky would lift his head to look at Romeo then lay back down again. I hope they will be friends soon.

These are my thankful pictures and my potd for Project Life. Hope everyone is having a good week. To see more pictures like this click on the Project Tuesday button on the right hand side of my blog. I will be posting my album for Ali Edward's December Daily album she's making this year. It's so much fun, if you want to join click on the Ali Edward's link on the right hand side. Have a good week.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 14, Today I'm thankful for my two sisters. It's amazing how opposite the three of us are. We took a trip to Archivers today so we could buy goodies to make our December Daily Albums with, first time for all 3 of us. We don't get togther that often and it's nice when we do. Hoping to have more of these days next year, have to make the time. So today thank you dear sisters for spending a few fun hours with me. I can't wait to see what all our albus will look like, all 3 of us chose a different style.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankful for on November 13 2010

Today I'm thankful for two electronics in my life, which normally ISN'T ME AT ALL! First my cell phone that my dad surprised my sisters and I for Christmas last year. I love that it's so easy for us to stay connected and send pictures of our kids to each other. So funny to see my 63 year old dad texting and sending me forwards and such funny things. Would never have pictured that from him 10 years ago. So thank you dad for it and for paying our monthly bills on it for us girls. This is our gift from him for like the next 3 years he says.

My second is my computer/new printer. I love my blog and posting pictures for family/friends to see and stay in touch. I love love doing this Project Life , Becky Higgins is awesome!! I love reading other blogs about crafting/scrapbooking/meals and more. Just like my dad and his cell well 3 years ago I never thought that I'd have a blog or even touch the computer, now I'm always on it. We also got a new printer tonight which looks great for printing photos and it copies and scans which will be great for the kids art work and game schedules.

So these things are what I'm thankful for but try so hard not to let it run my life either. We just bought our big 22pound turkey today, can't wait till Thanksgiving.

November 12 thankful for Camryn

What I'm thankful today is this sweet niece of mine. She made me an aunt and so very happy to have such a cool niece. Right now she has a passion for books and is always reading and enjoys reading. She gets that from me, I always have to have something to read. She is growing up too fast for me just like my own kids. I love you Camryn and am so proud and happy to be your aunt.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11 at 10:00 a.m.

Hi there another week of linking up to eighteen.25 for the snapshot of your day link. This is the third week of doing this. They tell you on Weds. what time to take your picture on Thursday then we link them to their blog on Friday to share. Sounds cool doesn't it? If you want to join in or look at others click on the eighteen.25 link on the right side of my blog.

Two Weeks Till Thanksgiving Day!!!

I can't believe it's only two weeks away, mine and my hubby's favorite holiday of the year. Every year we count down the days and we almost quit eating before this day because nothing sounds good and nothing tastes good because we are starting to crave our turkey dinner. I know not everybody gets this crazy about thanksgiving but we do. We don't even eat meat and or mashed potatoes these next two weeks we wait for the big day and savour every bite. We cook our own turkey dinner because we love it and my husband is a great cook but we especially love love the leftovers. Starting that day and the next two days after all we eat is leftovers and it gets better every day. Our kids love it this much too except for our poor son Sam who was born right before Thanksgiving making us so excited to have him born close to this day. It turns out that we must have jinxed it because he HATES HATES Thanksgiving, I know it's a strong word but sad to say it's true for this occasion. Sam doesn't dislike to many things in this world but this is on the top of the list and gets worse every year. This is the food he doesnt' like except for pumpkin pie and maybe a roll that's it. So we make him a pb&j or some corndogs for his dinner and then while we eat leftovers the next two days he complains more about how much he hates Thanksgiving food, poor guy suffers all weekend while we eat and eat and love it. I'm hoping when he's an adult his attitude and taste buds will change and he will love this holiday as much as we do.

In honor of this thankful month I've decided to post something every day for the next two weeks of what I'm thankful for. It might just be a word, a picture, a thought whatever strikes me that day. We also make a thankful tree and add our thanks to it every day but I will find a different thing aside from that one everyday just to double my thanks for this lucky, loving, fulfilled life that I have. So what I'm most thankful for today is my dear sweet husband. He loves this holiday with me and this month I remember how lucky I am to have found this great guy and to be married to him. So thank you honey for being turkey crazy with me love you lots.

Anyone who wants to join me and being thankful everyday please leave me a comment and your link so I can see what yours is. Thanks

November 11, 2010 Veteran's Day

Thank you to all our soldiers who are fighting for us and are away from their loved ones. Bless those family members who are home and safe but missing their loved ones at war. My heart goes out to all of you and prayers every day for a safe return and for this to be over soon. Thank you for risking your lives to make this a safe world for us and for our children and for the future generations. God bless all of you!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 10 2010 Happy Birthday Sam



1. Favorite food is corn dogs and bacon

2.Favorite color is lime green and he will also say light colors, which is white, pink, yellow

3. Favorite subject is math least favorite is spelling

4. Favorite sport is basketball because theirs lots of running he says

5.Faveorite thing to do with dad is alien tag favorite thing with mom is shut the box

6. two words he uses to describe himself is fast and awkard

7. He uses awkard for everyday use things that are hard, doesnt' understand, weird, different then normal

What I love about my Sam here is 9 things from me

1. His love of sports, love to watch this boy in action, running, jumping, kicking, dribbling,scoring all of it can't imagine what I'd do if he didn't. I wasn't into sports and I regret it so now I love watching him.

2.His love for numbers from a very young age, he could count to 100 by two yrs. old and his favorite number was 100 then he could count to 1,000 before he was 3 so that was new favorite number. He loves numbers.

3.His hair, no doubt about it. It just gets better and cuter and stays blonde so far. Love to rub it and brush it when he lets me. Even sienna knows to rub his hair we are the only 2 allowed.

4. The way he says awkard for anything new, different, wierd, unfamiliar whatever we hear it at least 7 times a day.

5.He is a daddy's boy all the way and has been since he was 3 or 4. He waits all day for him even though I'm here, he settles for me but wants his daddy.I love watching the two of them together.

6.That you are interested in being a coach, gym teacher, principal anything that goes with school and kids.

7.Waking you up in the mornings when your the sweetest and quietest. Because 5 minutes later you are moving and talking all day long till bedtime.

8.You hate taking shower, you yell, stomp up the stairs and tell me I'm mean for making you but once your in there you take 20mts which is longer then your sisters. You love the hot water and tell me how great it felt afterwards but yet EVERYTIME YOU HAVE TO TAKE ONE YOU COMPLAIN AGAIN??? I don't get it.

9. That you see the good in everyone and you love people and love your sisters and are so laid back and easy going. Your smile warms my heart and love getting hugs when you let me. Thank you for being my sweet little boy. You are growing up way to fast and yes in two years he will probably pass me.

Here's some favorite photos that I've loved over the years. I don't have any baby ones because I used a disposable camera mostly back then. After these photos are my pictures of the week so keep looking if you want to. Thanks.