Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's everyone

I had so many plans and ideas for my post today but life got in the way as usual, so this will be brief but sweet. First thank you to everyone who reads my blog and for all the sweet comments. It always fun to see them and the kids like them too. It's been an amazing year and I'm so excited and ready for 2011. There are so many ideas and classes and things I want to learn and particpate in this coming year. So I hope you will stay with me and enjoy the journey. Hoping to have my more exciting post tomorrow or Sunday or Monday but it will be here. Plan on seeing my top 12 pictures (one per month) my 12 favorite moments or things of the year and a special post about someone I don't know personally but want to thank her so all this and more. So have a HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!!



Thursday, December 30, 2010


For anybody who has been reading my blog this year knows that I particpate in project life by the amazing Becky Higgins. This idea is so brillant and super easy and leaves us with such a fun way to remember the past year. I have 4 kids and sometimes it's hard to remember every detail of their lives, they are constantly in motion and always changing and growing. To help keep up with all this and keep it all orgainzed the Project Life album is huge blessing for me. I love knowing that all it takes is one photo of anything sometimes laundry, dinner, shoes, toads, tv shows, hair-d0's, books that my kids are reading at the moment, a tree, a bird, the sunset anything I want and that's it I'm done for the day. I write it on my journal card or on my blog or in my notebook so that I'll remember it. Mostly I print pictures online thru Walgreen's every week or two weeks and go pick them up and slide them in their spots and again simple and done. No stress over scrapping these. I do also scrapbook but these are the bigger moments when I have more stories to tell and want more pictures to show. My children love reading thru this album and sometimes they grab the camera or they yell "HEY MOM BRING THE CAMERA YOUR GOING TO WANT A PICTURE OF THIS' and that way it's a family activity. I leave my album and cards out on the scrap table or living room so that's it's available and I don't forget to do it. There is a wonderful community out there of us project lifers and I've learned so much from them this year about our kids, being a mom, being a friend, a scrapper, anything and everything. I wasn't sure the first year I did and let it slide for a month then would catch up for awhile then slide again but I loved every minute of it and this year 2010 I did a great job at keeping it up. This year I'm hoping to add a little more papers, mail, tickets etc. to it instead of always pictures. Ok, so I hope this helps everyone decided how great it would be to get this album, at a great price also.

If you do decide on getting one and need some motivation and cheering and ideas then follow my blog with me this year and we can do it together. I will help you in any way I can. To read more about this and to meet the lady behind this idea then click on the Becky Higgins link to the right of my blog and find out more. Please let me know if you decide and want to join me and if you have any questions. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely a Project life FAN


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Daily last pages done hooray!!

My album is mostly done so just posting the final pages now. I do want to go back and do the last 2 days in more detail but am busy with kids and husband home. This is such a fun alubm to work on and makes me soooo happy to have it for us to look thru. The last few days didn't get numbered still thinking of what I want, my album is so packed it's hard to open the binder rings now to add the last few things to it. Next year will go bigger in my album size and not plan all my pages ahead, some days didn't coordinate with the photos I had. It was also hard on some days to only pick one/two photos. With my daughter coming home and surprising me it was all I could do not to fill up 6 days worth of photos of just her. If you would like to see more DD albums click on the Ali Edwards link on the right side of my blog and to get info if you'd like to do it next year. This was time consuming but very doable, just keep it simple with photo and words. Thank you Ali for this great idea and sharing the journey with us for 25 days. Thank you for everyone who visited. Have a happy last week of December.

Dec.Daily 25 Merry Christmas morning at 4a.m.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Well, Christmas came at almost 4 this morning when the girls woke us up wanting to open presents. No way too early I said bed, sleep, too early. Then 4:30 they can't sleep lets get up and get Sam, in he comes saying he's ready. So up we go and stumble down sleepy and excited. The dog is very excited to see ALL OF US THIS EARLY!! By 5:10 all the presents have been opened and the playing starts. I know in a few more years they won't wake this early so I try to be patient and not show how tired I am. Just have to remember their joy and excitment I had when growing up. So just a quick post to remind myself about today and the last few days of fun. Christmas at my moms, xmas at my dad's, christmas eve breakfast with dad's family, hosting my husband's family on xmas eve, then finally Christmas. So enjoy these photos while I get to work on catching up on my DD album, which I've missed working on. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

This has been an amazing year for me with Project Life! I am lucky to have met some wonderful women and love seeing their new potd every week. If you didn't hear already Becky Higgins's new PROJECT LIFE FOR 2011 is at Amazon right now and can be ordered, so excited mine is on it's way. I can't wait to start on next year's album and see it with a whole new look this time. Thank you to everyone who visits here and/or leaves comments. The best part is reading all your blogs and seeing it from different parts of the world. I will hopefully be catching up on my DD this weekend/Monday and will post the new pages, still thinking of going all the way to Dec.31 with mine.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Daily, taking a little break

Today was the best day with my kids and little cousin who I was babysitting. We went to the mall so she could ride on the Santa train ride with my kids. When we get there and round the corner we see not a train but a BIG SLEIGH AND EVEN BIGGER REINDEERS!! Well my poor little cousin wanted no part of it, we tried to tell her to sit with her cousins then I even got on with her but she was saying NO NO NO to riding it. I don't blame her this was very different then the little little train that's usually there. But my kids loved it and especially Sam who sat in the front and took over the reindeer's reins!! Sienna still had a great time at the mall, the Disney store is her favorite of all, who can blame her. The other big news was my kids got to meet a celebrity from one of their shows, Matthew ??? I forget but they were so excited!!

So the holidays are starting to catch up to me , so I will not be doing my pages in my DD everyday now, I feel that I'm rushing them too much and I want to enjoy the process not just check it off, these photos from today are to special and I want to do a great layout of them. I will take a break for a couple days then be back to show you my caught up album. I will try to post some photos of our last few days, just not a big post or DD is all. Hope everyone is having a great week and getting excited for Christmas. So check out these photos and please let me know if you have one of these at your mall.

Monday, December 20, 2010

December 19

For this page I added some pictures to the back of my page protector from yesterday's, great way to add more pics and to keep them small. I also included a little journal card about what made the day so special. It was are first family xmas party without Christmas so it was pretty emotional for us. I can't explain the JOY I have with my oldest home this Christmas and being with all the family. My daughter and cousin reading the bible together after prayer just like they did when they were kids, brought me right to tears, can't believe how old they are now. My daughter married now and my cousin will be this summer. So much to celebrate and the first of new baby's arriving for us too. The second page is simple, found this cute tag "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS" and perfectly sums up my day today and on the back of the 4x6 I will be adding another picture, trying to save my ink for now thru Christmas. I loved putting the polka dotted ribbon on the right side trying to make it seem like this is my present all wrapped up for me, trying to add a bow/ribbon to it. Have a wonderful week everybody!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

December daily all caught up hooray!!

Feels good to be caught up on my pages, even though I hurried and made some mistakes lining things up, etc. but life is catching up to me here so the rest of my pages will be half done I think and will add stuff to them later. Also my album is already pretty full and so instead of doing 2page spreads might have to do a lot of one day a pagers to make sure all my stories get in it. Especially since my daughter surprised us and came home so now that's more stories to tell.

I am enjoying reading everyone's albums and seeing so many cool ideas and stories. This truly is an amazing album, think it will even top my "week in the life" album. Thank you to those reading my blog and leaving all your nice comments. Well we are in the home stretch so enjoy this last week for some of you.

December 18

Today's pages are two stories, sending out my cards and my oldest daughter and newly son-in-law surprising us and coming home for the holidays. Luckily my card box had a little diecut of the front of card and the inside message so I just cut it out and wrote my feelings about cards under that.

I'm so very blessed and happy with my second story for the day. My daughter came home (surprised us) for 6 days. She told us before that work wouldn't give her the time off but she was just kidding us all this time. This is a very Merry Christmas now with all my kids around me. For this day it's just a page protector with two quick photos but will add more to this later, totally threw me off on my pages with her coming home but so happy to have them here. These home for the holiday stickers I have are the perfect thing to use on this page.

December 17

Today's photo is special because I have finally used the Christmas glasses my grandma gave me

years ago. Everytime I'd visit grandma during the holidays these glasses were my favorite and I always admire them. One year after the holidays my grandma surprised me and gave me these glasses and I was so scared to use them so I kept them packed away well this year we are using them. Our first drink of choice was Rootbeer Floats which I was surprising the kids with, crazy us drinking something cold on such a cold night but they looked so cool in these glasses. Thank you grandma for sharing these with me. Cheers everyone!

December Daily.....Day 16

This is picture of our lights outside the house. I think it came out pretty good after numerous tries to get a good one. The trick was to go right before it was too dark and turned the flash off. Thanks to everyone who helped give me tips about this.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 15

This is the best part of the holidays for my kids, making gingerbread houses. Nothing fancy, just their own creations and having fun. I never did these as a kid so I love that we started this tradition and they can pass it down to their kids. It was very hard to select the pictures for today but I'm trying not to overdue it on my printer ink. These two photos are the makings of them and the finished houses. They did a great job this year, some years one of theirs always caves in.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 14

Today's photos are from last week but today was the perfect day to use them since the kids are home on their second snow day this week. In these photos the snow was pretty light and not too deep but Sam couldn't wait to go out there and get to work on making a path for his sisters and brushing off my van. I love these pictures of Sam and love that I could capture Summer's reaction (happy and waving to us). Moments like these make me happy. These pages came out the way I wanted and loved adding some goodies to each page.

Monday, December 13, 2010

December Daily 13

Today's page was actually assembled already, just had to add pictures, words. It turned out to be the first SNOW DAY of the season. The kids were not too happy about it, they wished to be at school to see their friends. I had to work to keep them happy and busy for the day. These pictures are of their newest "trend" using duct tape to put on notebooks, closets, clothes, etc. They just started doing this, it's kinda neat and a different form of art I guess. Not messy, no stains, no spills. So they were all at their closets adding their friends names to all these strips of tape. We also worked more on crafts which I will post later in the album.
day 12 is still in the works, it will be my decorations around the house, too many of them so trying to work them in. Stay tuned for it.

December 11

Today's pages are all about my favorite sport BASKETBALL.I want to make sure not every page is about Christmas/Winter/Snow etc. so this was perfect. The first game of the season for my niece and the second one for my son. I have to say these are not what I wanted, the pictures were not coming out right. During the game it's hard to use the camera and take action shots and cheer for the team all at once. I actually changed my mind about using them and then remember what Ali always says, it's doesn't have to be perfect just simple story and photos. So I just put it together the best I could. I still love having these photos to remember but not happy with the layout of them.

december 10

Day 10 is very important to me this year. My dear mom has been sending me christmasy emails every morning & sometimes night to keep me in the Christmas spirit ( sorry it's not my favorite holiday) this year. Well, it has worked and I love seeing what kinda of jingle from a song or saying she will send me. She has a great memory and seems to know all these songs/stories word for word. So today is an envelope with a letter for me reminding me of what my mom did for me and I will probably include a copy of this letter in her Christmas card this year. I think this kept her jingling at home too.