Monday, January 31, 2011

Project Life Jan. 23 -30

Here is my last week of January pictures, I have to say this month didn't fly by like normal. It's been pretty slow paced around here due to some freezing temps making us stay home and enjoy each other and being warm. I'm actually ready for the snow to go away for awhile then come back in a few weeks, just miss seeing the grass and all the winter gear everyday. So for this weeks pictures which are done and in the album, hooray!! There isn't 7 days of pictures instead they are my favorite pictures for the week. The winter, snowy ones are from walking my dog around the backyard, it is so pretty and white and he loves the snow. There were so many good pictures I'm going to add a layout about this day. The other group of pictures is from my husband and I having a kid free night at home, YIPPEEE!! We had stayed in and made breakfast for dinner and played wii sports. He beat me twice at tennis and I beat him twice in bowling ( we both rocked at bowling) then we tied at baseball. It was so much fun to play with just us home. I also couldn't resist the beautiful sunrise on Sat. morning, more gorgeous then this picture looks. The best news of the week was my cousin had her baby boy on Monday and they are doing great. I'm hoping to meet him on Weds. and will post pictures of him. The other news in our album is that I've recently found a healthy kids food blog that I'm crazy about and will be sharing more about this on Wednesday. I had the kids write down some ideas for their lunches that arent' prepackaged and our fresh if possible so I included their notes in one of the picture places instead. Please come back to see more about this fun blog which is starting a new way of eating using the alphabet and fun stuff.

Ok that was a long post, sorry guys lots to talk about and lots of exciting news so go see my pictures and thanks for stopping by. To see more pictures like this click on the Project Life Tuesday button on the right side.

Apple recipe for the letter A

I'm posting a recipe to go with a new blog I found and am so excited about. Hoping to have a whole post about this tomorrow along with my project life photos. Today was about apples so here is one of my favorite apple recipes.

1 plain bagel or any kind you like
1 apple of your choice, my favorite is Mcintosh cut into bite size pieces
1tbsp of cream cheese
sprinkle of cinnamon

First spread you cream cheese on your bagel, add the apple pieces, sprinkle with cinnamon then warm in oven at 300 degrees for about 5 to 10 mts. depending on how warm and toasty you want it, then enjoy.

I found this recipe years ago and it's still a favorite.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is why I take pictures and scrapbook

It may not be the best pictures but it doesn't matter, it's these two guys and what they mean to each other and to me. This is why my camera is never far from my side and because I'm learning more this year about telling the story and capturing the moment when I can. I know some people who think it's crazy others wish they had the passion I do for this picture taking "thing" as I'm told. This is what makes me happy and so grateful for this "hobby" it's about preserving their memories and childhood so that they will remember so much more when they are older and can share this with their friends, spouses, children, whoever they want to. I can't express enough how much I love what I do and believe 100% in scrapbooking of any kind and how great it is. So here is my story for today....

It's 8:00 a.m. about 17degrees and Rich is off work to spend the day with his mom & brother who will be arriving shortly. Sam is awake and sees that his dad is home and not at work so of course he says dad let's go outside and make big snowballs and a snow wall. My poor husband showered, dressed not really wanting to go outside says "sure son, let's go" so in his pj's and snow gear my son runs outside with dad following. They build pretty fast, the snow is perfect for this kind of packing. The snow walls are done and Sam is soooo happy and loves to be with his daddy. My husband bless his heart rarely says no to playing with Sam, even when he's tired, hurt, busy, whatever he makes the time. This isn't the first time Sam has gotten him outdoors in the morning and I know it won't be the last. So this is my story today I want Sam to know how much his dad loved him and wanted to make him happy so hopefully Sam will be a great guy and a great dad one day too. It's moments like these that makes me happy that we had one more child, a boy, a buddy, a dude someone for my husband to have keep him feeling young some days, haha. Thanks for reading.....

Monday, January 24, 2011

Project Life Jan16-23 and Valentine decorations

Hello Project Lifers, how is your month going so far? I can't believe January is almost over. This has been a very cold cold past week, dipping down to below zero at night. This week my pictures haven't been printed yet so you can just see them instead of seeing them in my album. I also included my Valentine decorations that were put up this week. I love seeing all the hearts and sweet sayings. I actually made a wreath to but didn't put on front door yet due to the cold, windy conditions. I'm still working on some things for my "ONE LITTLE WORD" class hoping to get it done this week to post. My next project after that hopefully will be to redo my scrap space which is in our family room. Have a great week and if you want to see more pictures like this click on the Project Life Tuesday button on the right side of my blog. Thanks for visiting.

The new baby has arrived, hooray

I'm so excited that my new cousin has arrived. He was born this afternoon and doing very well at 8lbs4oz and 21 inches long. He is a good size baby and mom and son are doing well.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sienna will be a big sister soon, read about it here

This little cutie below is my cousin Sienna who I babysit for a couple times a week and have been since she was 4months. She is a joy to have here and brightens up our days and gives us plenty of love, hugs, laughs, fun and a little bit of tears. Everyday she's here she has learned something new and has plays a different way with her toys. I'm so thankful for knowing about scrapbooking and getting to put all these memories in a album just for her of all the fun she has here and with her cousins. Because of her I stop and pay more attention to the little things too not just milestone firsts but the ones that really get to me & stay in my heart. This girl sees the sun rays come thru the window and plays in it, talks to it, soaks it up she has since she was tiny and rolling over better I swear she was rolling to get in the sunshine. This sweet little girl loves her books never tires of the same books, even when I surprise her with a new one, she pulls the old ones out first then reads the new one, I too love rereading my old magazines. She sits so still for me to change her diapers, dress her and comb that long pretty hair of hers, my girls never did that. This little girl loves food and has her favorites so every year I will do a page about which food is her favorite, so far it was cheerios her first year then bananas, oh man she would eat tons if I let her and for this year it's already planned but it's a secret (sorry Sonja, be patient). This little girl loves loves when her cousins come home from school and can play with her, for Summer it's giggles and swinging and flying faster faster she says but i say no slower slower and for Renee it's cuddles and books and talks,for Sam well Sam is her best buddy, she loves this boy like no other, she will follow him, talk his ear off, and rubs his hair ( my favorite about her) and runs, plays tag and laughs. So thankful for this connection between all 4 of them, so special and fun. This little girl has taught me to take pictures laying on the ground to get her best action pictures. This little girl loves loves to line up everything books, blocks, anmials anything and everything has to be lined up like a choo train track she tells me.

So why am I sharing all of this with you well some of you past readers know she's about to become a BIG SISTER and that time has come. My cousin has a planned inducement for Monday if this little baby boy doesn't come before that so I'm asking for prayers and healthy wishes for this family who is about to become a family of 4. They are the best parents to this sweet little cousin and know that their new little addition is going to make them even better and happier. Please send another prayer for sweet Sienna who we hope will be welcoming to the baby. She has been in the spotlight for over two years now and may not want to give that up yet so I wish for her to be the sweet, loving, fun, curious girl and to show her brother that ray of sunshine and share her books and share her love. I can't wait to meet this little boy and have lots of room in my heart and house for him and all the noise, wiggles, smiles that little boys make. I can't wait to capture the moments of him with Sienna and start on a little boy album. Thank you for all your good wishes and I know Sonja, Scott, Sienna will be touched also.

p.s. on another note I'm working on my projects for One Little Word hoping to post sometime this weekend or Monday. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today it's all about Summer, so many good, sweet, funny, heartbreaking moments about this girl of mine. She is all about sweet and of course that sassy side had to show up over this last year. I honor her half birthday's now because she hates having a summer birthday when there's no school, everyone's busy & away on vacations, so we celebrate just a little on this day for her. It seems that she takes after my husband and looks like him too. The share the same humor, fun, laid back, easy going, easy to laugh, huggables, loveable manners. Summer can make me laugh till I cry without even trying, she's annoying in a fun way, loves loves babies and has since she was a baby, babies are always drawn to her, she loves animals, loves family, loves to be social at school and with friends, she always gets hurts and has bad luck, always a smile that makes you smile right back, quick temper, has to have last word, stomps away when mad, her face actually has a mad look and it looks unlike her when she is mad (hope this makes sense) easily entertains herself, plays so well with her brother, I could go on and on. So here are some things about her right now...

1. She loves crazy colored socks & wearing mixmatched socks
2. Loves to play with her hair, would maybe like to be a hairdresser one day
3. Hates math loves science
4. loves duct tape and taping things to her wall, see photos of her room below
5. makes her bed everday because she wants to and likes it that way
6. favorite color is orange/purple
7. loves to wear her favorite shirts over and over
8. is my gadget and secretary girl
9. always up and ready first and early just like me ( one of the few things she gets from me)
10. always has wanted to be older (mostly like her big 21yr old sister, she loves Kristin)
11. very sensitive and easy to cry and to be sad over something
12. loves to swim like a fish even though as a baby she screamed when getting wet

So that's who she is now and I'm so proud of her and who she is which is not a leader or a follower just her own person, she does what she wants as long as she's happy with herself. She will not do anything she doesn't want to do no matter how hard you push her, beg her, bribe her when she's ready to do it she will and not a second sooner. Below are some pictures of her 1/2 room she shares with her sister and a recent picture. Happy Birthday sweeite, thank you so much for all you've given me, taught me, shown me about being a mom. I'm so lucky to have you as a daughter.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Project Life 2011....week one

Hello and welcome to my first week of Project Life 2011. I decided to start mine later since my camera and I needed a rest for that first week and other projects to finish up. So this week has some pictures some notes, etc. I love all this little stuff added up to a week about us. My favorite thing is to crop some pictures and put them where a journal card can go. I just realized my grocery list is missing, have to find it and it. So my approach to PL this year is different not even going for a picture everyday just looking at it as a week of what's going on with us. Since Sam started loving strawberry waffles for breakfast so to remember that I tore off a piece from the box and included it. I also included his pass from a early pickup at school. This year is going to be so neat to see all these little additions to the pictures.

For this first week I've included my pages in the album for you to see, this is what I plan on doing some weeks. Sorry for any glares off the page protectors, it was tricky but not too bad. There is a photo of each side then one of the whole thing. My weeks are going from Sunday to Saturday. My husband is going to do this weeks with a little thrown in from me. I also included my title page which will be changed once we have some unChristmas related photos of ourselves to put in. For now though I had my kids and hubby write a card about whatever they wanted about this year. Mine will come later as I'm adding my One Little Word to it.

To see more pictures of Project Life click on the PL button on the right side of my blog. Hope everyone is having a good week and loving their albums.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ideas for Project Life 2011

I am so excited about starting a new Project Life album, brand new style to go with new memories. This will be my 3rd year making this album so I've decided to change it up a little, here are my ideas.
1. Not to stress about taking a photo everyday, last year was hard sometimes
2. Going to assign the kids/hubby to some of the weeks every month to get their outlook on this
and have them journal when needed in it
3. On the kids birthday weeks they will fill it in for the whole about them and what they want and
their bday pictures.
4. After reading Ali Edwards daily for over a year now, love how she adds paper stuff to all her
projects/albums it feel more real to me and feels like home. So we will be adding more paper
stuff (ex: mail, catalog articles, grocery lists, school papers, notes, receipts, cards anything)
5. Because of adding these paper items I will include some 81/2 x 11 page protectors to hold
some of it, others will be put in the regular page protectors in place of a picture or journal
6. I think some Tuesday's instead of just showing pictures I will show my page done for the
7. Including some projects/ideas/journaling about my ONE LITTLE WORD
8. I've read about others taking a family photo every month so hoping to do this also
9. Having some weeks be a theme week (ex: food, clothes we wear, tv shows, books, etc.)
10. Last but not least to have fun with it again and looking forward to seeing how the kids do
with their weeks. Also keeping it on a table in family room opened and everything right there
to work on it as needed ( no stress) and easy to use.

Now that I read all this it seems like a lot but actually it will be a little easier on me since we are sharing it as a family album. Hope everyone is enjoying theirs.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pre project life photos

Hello, hope everyone has had a great first week of the New Year. I didn't take too many pictures, giving the camera a break from my December Daily. The pictures here are from last month and a few from this month, some crafts, homemade gifts (bird houses) cookie making finally just this past Sat. my daughter's duct tape experiments, Sam has really been into lego's and they are decorating the kitchen table still, I can't get rid of them yet. The last crafts are the snowman on canvas that we made in the beginning of December, love love them in order is mine, Renee, Summer, Sam. We gave some out and kept some for us.

I just started my PL2011 on Sunday since I took that first week off. So excited about this new album and a new year. I will post my ideas on Thursday for my project life.
After this post with the pictures is my post on ONE LITTLE WORD so please scroll down and read it then tell me what you think. Also here is some other things going on in the blogs I read if you want to check them out...
Scrapping Ali..has a whole new site called SKETCH SUPPORT instead of just one week of sketches every month, it's everyday all month long, all year long, hooray for this, check it out

eighteen25 is showing some cute Valentine ideas to make check it out
Ali Edwards.... One little word, Yesterday & Today, everyday posts are wonderful to read
These are just a few things I know going on, they are always good to check out though. Enjoy