Saturday, August 30, 2014


Hello, look at the little monitor we are using now, lol. Ignore the junk all around, it was neat before we moved things around trying to fix it  and tipping it upside down every 10mts gets it all a mess again. But, it works and I'm here and that's all that counts. Let's say Hello to September now...
Hello to routine and school again
Hello to Jennifer my cousin coming for a visit, YAY!!
Hello to fall starting, the colors and the leaves, YAY!
Hello to Kristin's 3rd country, Moldova
Hello to Summer working on her first hair project, braids
Hello Renee cooking fun things in cooking class
Hello to pumpkin pie in the store
Hello to cool walks in the morning
Hello to soccer 6 days a week
Hello to the only 2 tv shows I watch coming back on
Hello to Friday night High School football, YAY
Hello to only 9 more months of Kristin being gone
Hello to Annie's first fall in her new house
Hello to wishing for flowers in our ditch, NOTHING IS THERE
Hello to being creative for making mandalas
Hello to catching up and staying caught up in PL
Hello to thinking of my new OLW for 2015
Hello to decorating the house for fall, YAY!
Hello to all the new adventures and fun and love and laughs this month will bring.
Good bye August, you will be missed very much, you went by way to quick for me.
Happy almost September everyone, can you believe it!!
See you on Tuesday for T Time

Monday, August 25, 2014

T stands for back To school Time

Hello and Happy T Day!  We are headed into our second week of school, not sure any of us is ready again this week either. The temps are finally warm and sunny, perfect for the pool/beach but instead the kids are stuck inside at school all day. Wish they could have started in September like we used too. Anyhow, despite our still wanting summer break we went out for the traditional back to school treat at DQ. Now that Renee works there we've had it a few times over the summer but today they had their new fall special in. PUMPKIN PIE BLIZZARDS!!! I love them and so does Summer, so even thought it was warm out it was fall in our treats. Elizabeth, notice that Rich is having a root beer float, first one all summer long and it was good he said.
here is the first day of school picture. They were really not feeling it this year, I usually get a few and some cute/fun ones. This must be what happens when they get too big, sad face here. Summer is missing because she wasn't ready and didn't have to start till lunch time. I'm hoping to get some of her this week, her first full day and full week of school. She's excited and nervous about this new adventure. Is it me or do they look TALL in this picture, Sam just passed me finally in height.
Don't want to forget these cuties! I took them for the last day of summer treat too. Big year ahead for both of them, first grade and pre-k,  big sad face here from me. It is already weird not having Sienna here all day and not having Colt in the morning. Thankful they are both doing so well in their first days of school. Sam was going into first grade when I started watching Sienna, then we blinked.
I did 4 zentangels for a private swap, these are my first zentangles. Click on image to see better if you need. Was glad to only have 4 to make, I wanted each one to be different. Working on fall ones now then we have a Halloween one after that. Excited about these ones.
That's about it for our week, hope you enjoyed and had a good week too. Thanks so much for your visits and comments, they make my day.
Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us again this week. Happy T Day !

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I think fall is sneaking up, YAY!!

Hello from my computer, YAY!! I am happy to be writing this from my desk/keyboard again, although it still isn't quite perfect yet it's still good. We have to tip the monitor upside down every 15mts. or so to keep it working, lol. The things we do to communicate with others around the world, right. Today is the first official day all my kids went to school and the house is quiet and mine again. I'm ready for the routine and for doing new things and seeing the kids new journey's this year. Many changes and fun times ahead I hope for all of us.
The clouds were amazing last week, this picture barely shows how gorgeous the sky was. I was outside all day and night just watching them and enjoying some cooler fall like temps too. My heart is ready for fall since it's my favorite season but my body isn't ready to be cold again like last winter.
All I need to do is walk outside and I see fall already, 5 perfect awesome pumpkins from our garden. I love pumpkins and want tons of them each year, we have two more slowly growing to add to this group. Looks like one white one will be joining in too, YAY!! I especially love that growing pumpkins means not having to spend money buying them too. The little mini ones are still turning orange and will soon be picked and sitting on my kitchen table for me to look at each day. YAY!
I also like walking around the yard and garden picking nature goodies to enjoy playing with. I've been sketching them a bit and taking pictures and just slowing down to really see the changes in my backyard. I want to keep doing this till it gets too cold out, slowing down is good for me and my heart and thoughts. Looking forward to these quiet afternoons to do just that. Do you see fall in this basket too, YAY!! Not ready for the cold but I do love fall colors and having warm cider again.
Hope you have a good rest of week of weekend! Thanks so much for keeping with me during all the techie issues my computer is having. Wish we could all just live closer and gather around weekly to chat and drink tea and create fun things together. I have a mandala and T time post ready for next week. Hope to see you there, fingers crossed all techie things work.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Posting from phone: Happy Tuesday!

Hello and happy Tuesday!! The new/old monitor isn't working. Using my phone to post, hope it works. Rich and I had a great birthday! My dear sweet friend, Nancy got me PL goodies, yay!! I made a mandala yesterday, love!! Look at this beautiful sunflower burst, naming her Sunshine. 
Hope you are doing good. Elizabeth if you see this and want to link me go ahead please. I will use library computer to make my visits. Take care and have a good week. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

T stands for Tuesday with picTures !!!

Hello, I'm back!! YIPPEE!!! So glad to be posting pictures again!!  Good news on the computer, it was only the monitor that blew, not the whole computer. Rich brought home a spare monitor from work and tested it and it's working, so we will shop for a new one after school things are settled. The monitor he brought home is super small though and I can barely see the words I'm typing or the picture, lol.  But, it's WORKING, YIPPEEE!!!
Today is a post that I took back in July and wanted to share for a T Time post. The image above is from the tv show Tree House Masters, it's on Friday nights and Sam likes to watch it. This episode was about a tree house for a couple who loves drinking tea. He actually made them a little T stove, just for making T on. I forget all that he said now, it's been too long but they were VERY happy about it. I was thinking how neat it would have been if all of us had gotten to see it, Sam told me at the end of it what they were doing so I only got a few pictures of the inside and not the whole tree house. It looked pretty, hard to tell in this picture but it was.
here is two other pictures. Thought it was pretty cool that someone wanted a special place to enjoy Tea time together. I'm sure it will be a rerun on this one day in the future if you want to look for it.
Thanks so much for your visits and prayers for my dad. He is doing good and is at home resting up, for once we are helping him like he always does for everybody he knows. The poor guy has so many friends they keep coming by and he doesn't get any good naps in. Thankfully they've slowed their visits and calls so he can get the real rest he needs. I just went there yesterday and he had baby deer and a mama one in his back yard. They are friendly and feel safe in his neighborhood, so neat to see them this way. Rich would love to have that in our yard.
Hope you've all had a good week and enjoying the last of summer, can you believe it's August already. The summer flew by so fast this time, it was the most craziest one we've had.
I posted a picture below in a test and it worked and I did a post below that from the library last week. Please read them if you can, it's all I had to show you for now. I haven't taken much pictures since I knew I couldn't upload them here. Will have more fun pictures next week, the kids will be back to school then and it's my birthday next Monday, YAY!!!
I made this mandala last month too, don't think I got share it with you.
Thanks again Elizabeth for linking me up last Tuesday, so nice of you. I won't be able to visit anyone till Wednesday morning, sorry will be gone tomorrow and Tuesday. Didn't want to miss out again and I'm soooo excited to have my computer working again.
Have a great week! HUGS!!

Hello...this is a test

Thursday, August 7, 2014

T stands for Tuesday.... no compuTer still

Hello! Thanks so much for your comments on my T time post! Thank you so much Elizabeth for linking me up for T Time. Feel free to link me up this week too. I only have a short time on computer so making it short and sweet, like me, lol.

I am VERY frustrated not having a working computer, it just started bothering me yesterday and still is today. I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow feeling better about it. We haven't had it checked yet, but computer guy says a red screen isn't a good sign. Costs $25 for them to check it, I don't have that extra right now with school right around the corner. VERY frustrating, sorry had to get it out.

My dad is doing GOOD and is at home resting and recovering from surgery. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for him. It's been a long week for him and will be for some time now. Keep your get well soon thoughts coming please.

around here....

my birthday is in 11 days, YAY
school starts on my bday, weird!
the weather has been cool and hot all week, I change 3x a day and wear jackets some days
the garden is full of the cutest watermelons and baby pumpkins and big pumpkins and tomatoes and sunflowers are opening up, YAY!!

the girls did their own back to school clothes shopping with their own money, so proud of them!
Sam has been playing all day with the neighbors, all summer they barely played and now they can't get enough of each other. So happy to see this!

Summer just got back from church camp and enjoyed it and already misses it.
Renee is busy busy at DQ, we will be going there for our tradition back to school ice cream soon

I am making zentangles for a ATC swap, very tricky these are to make.
My one journal isn't getting much attention, I want to write in it but never get to it.

The kids went to Cedar Point with Rich last week and had fun

I am actually starting to get a little excited for FALL!! ssshhh don't say it out loud yet

Looking forward to a schedule again, will miss kids but nice to have a schedule again

That's about it for this week. Thanks soooo much for still including me in your link up. I did look at everyone's blogs but couldn't comment. So sorry about that, really bothers me.

Take care and have a good week. HUGS!!