Monday, February 27, 2012

Project Life (photos and words finally)

A beautiful sunrise to start our day, was a stunning pink and blue one. I love starting the day with this.
Sam was happy that I made lime jello for a snack then we played some scrabble. GOOD TIMES!
These two played so good together today. Sienna kept telling Colt to play with her and coming up with little games for them to do. Here they were hiding toys under the pillows. He was laughing all morning. This makes me very happy!!
I have been drawing with Sienna in my doodle journal and she loves it. I draw flowers for her and she made the little suns and the puts a circle around each flower and a big one around all of it. LOVE LOVE THIS and seeing her enjoy doing this me.
Colt is so cute in this picture, he's flashing those baby blues hoping to get Renee's cell phone from her. He loves her phone and she always shares it with him, CUTENESS ALWAYS WINS!!!

Packing up the girls American Girl Dolls and their Webkinz, it was kinda sad for all of us. We got the girls new chests of drawers for their room. Pictures coming later on that.
The kids went to a AWESOME AND FUN PAINTING ACTIVITY AT THE LIBRARY!! LOVE these and that they will be hanging in our library.
We had dinner out at CiCi's Pizza, it is a buffet of about 9 different pizza's. They even have mac/cheese pizza and my favorite is spinach and alfredo. We stuffed ourselves on pizza and their yummy cheesy bread and dessert. So nice to go out as a family.
Here is a cute one of my Lucky sitting in the sun, always does this. Looks so sweet!!
These two played and hung out today for their day off, got lots of great photos of them. So happy they are buddies 90% of the time. She has even been giving him hugs just because.

So that is my week of photos, I know that's more then 7 but I've made collages again of the bigger moments and will squeeze them in. I also have artwork, ticket stubs, school papers and notes about Colt's menus from his mom. It is kinda nice to actually show you the pictures this time instead of my finished pages. They are still being worked on, lol.... Thankfully the text is working under each photo this time, hoping it will stay this way when I hit the publish button. I kinda got it working but still needs a little work.
On another note, some of my readers know I'm from Ohio and may have heard about the school shooting. Yes it is close to me about 20/30mts away which is way to close for me. Sadly one life has been taken and others still badly injured. It is a tragic for anyone to experience this, can't imagine the pain and worries these people are having. I'm asking you my readers to please keep these families and their community in your prayers. It will be a life changing event for many people and they need all the love and support they can get. Thank you for your help!! Hug your little ones tonight and enjoy each precious moment with them.
Thank you for visiting and all your sweet comments I've been getting. Oh and Summer is doing better with her braces. That story will also be in this weeks PL.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


This little girl of mine couldn't wait to have braces
This little girl of mine has been waiting a year (that's when Renee got hers first)
This little girl of mine has been counting down the last month
This little girl of mine has been counting down the weeks
This little girl of mine has been counting down the days
This little girl of mine has been talking non-stop about having braces
This little girl of mine has been super excited about getting them
This little girl of mine has been counting down the hours
This little girl of mine was soooo excited about being there finally!!
This little girl of mine woke up early on the BIG BIG DAY!!
This little girl of mine counted down the minutes till we left
This little girl of mine was soooo excited during the whole proces
This little girl of mine made everyone laugh and think she was crazy
This little girl of mine looked SOOOOO DANG CUTE WHEN IT WAS DONE
This little girl of mine went to school afterwards
This little girl of mine came home from school 6 1/2 hours later
This little girl of mine was miserable and sore and couldn't eat or drink anything
This little girl of mine has cut up lips/gums/ drools, wants to rip them out of her mouth
This little girl of mine has a super mom that got her FROSTY"S to help and soft foods
This little girl of mine is finally doing ok and kinda likes them now
This little girl of mine will be back with more photos soon, it hurts to smile, lol
This little girl of mine is sooooo DANG CUTE IN BRACES!!! I LOOOVE THEM!!

The first photos were from a little photo shoot I did of Summer the day before BRACES day, we had fun doing them and looks so grown up to me. The one photo of her in braces was the best we could do since she was so sore, hoping to do a photo shoot this weekend. Renee also had an appt. that day and got new a new 'POWER WIRE" put on and was sore for days too. I'm going to get her photo also and man she is soooo DANG CUTE in braces too. It's been so funny listening to these two and how sore and misberable they are. Not in a mean way, I do feel bad it's just tooo funny.  They have barely eaten in 5 days. Just so you know I had to drag out the first part of the story because Summer was seriously excited and that's all we've heard her talk about for months/days/hours. I mean this kid was hopping and ready to jump in the chair when we got there. So when she came home that day miserable oh my heart just broke for her. She is doing better though and keeps looking in the mirror and saying how pretty they are. That's MY GIRL!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hi everyone,  here is what's making me happy the last couple weeks. I call them rainbow hearts which means they are colorful not just in actual rainbow colors. My favorite way is to just paint all over a white paper in no random order then just cut out hearts so they are mix of colors in each one, hope that makes sense for you. One night I dreamed of red/white/blue hearts and woke up early and made them. Love love these ones best I think,  they all make me happy though. The first set went into my art journal page which you see with the pink background, they came out just the way I wanted and just snowballed from there. Will probably be posting these again because I am having way to much fun making them. The last picture is what I doodled the night of Renee's birthday, it's perfectly fit for her!!! I hope these bring you some color and happiness to your day like they do for me. Thanks so much for visiting here and will be back with more fun soon!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Life ..... caught up!!!

Wow 3 weeks of Project Life caught up, it feels good!!!  I did a lot of collages again these last few weeks. My favorite I think is for Renee's bday photos, I broke them down into themes so I could write about each of them and still show a lot of phots.  When doing Ali Edward's DAY IN THE LIFE I knew it would be perfect for a collage also. Broke these down to 8x10 collages one for the morning and I squeezed the afternoon/evening one onto the back of it. There area couple of empty spots but I've got plans for those and will fill them in later. I can't believe how full my week looks when my computer crashed, you wouldn't know it here, heck I forgot to even write about it. The last photo is a page protector holding newspaper clippings from Whitney Houston's death ( I LOVED HER) and from SuperBowl Sunday, there just wasn't room for these bulky pages so thinking of making copies of the articles and sliding it in somewhere??
I still can't get the text to work after each photo, not sure why but it won't let me. The only way it works is if I post at the end of all my photos. This drives me crazy so if I still can't figure it out next Tuesday then I might just show you my photos instead and not the whole book. If you have any questions please let me know. To see the photos better just click on the image. Thank you Jessica for another great week of linking up. If you want to see more Project Life photos click on my Project Life Tuesday button on the right side.
Have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by and your comments, they make my day!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I am having so much fun this week mixing up colors and trying new things. Last weekend a blog friend of mine Susan (Ariel) mentioned she was going to use black in her journal for the week and invited anybody who wanted to join her. Well, I thought it would be fun and was thinking of my first page when my hubby came home with BLACK DUCT TAPE!! I was jumping with excitment!! DUCT TAPE + WHITE SHARPIE = LOVE LOVE LOVE!! So I did some pages with it then found old gel markers and had fun with those too. Wish they had been brighter but it still looks pretty. I also did a layout about my cute and funny girls. I might go back and doodle more. The last one is a collage of hearts and which is my other obsession at the moment. I had fun with all of these and plan on doing more with black! Thanks Susan for the idea !!!
My Project Life is caught up and will be posted on Tuesday. I have some RAINBOW art coming after that!! I am really enjoying my art these last couple weeks and love mixing it all up. Thank you for all your support and excitment you share when seeing my art. It means the world to me and helps keep me motivated. Hope everyone had a good weekend. We have been busy bees cleaning and making the girls rooms pretty. Pictures of that coming up later in the week. Have a good Monday!!

Friday, February 17, 2012


WOW 2 POSTS TODAY!!!! Rich helped me figure out the pictures, it will take a few tries but I will get the hang of it. I thought I'd share Renee's birthday photos from last Thurs. right after the party is when my computer crashed. Didn't try doing to much text under the pics just yet in case it got all mixed up just following the pics though tells you how it went.
Renee didn't know I was going to decorate or that her dad would take a half day or that I picked up Summer from school early and she hid for the first 10mts after Renee got home. Renee was soooooo excited when Summer came out and surprised her, she was squealing and jumping up and down and then gave her a big bear hug. So worth it!!! WHY RAINBOW you ask, well ever since Renee was about 3/4 she has loved rainbows, not just rainbows but all colors. I had to dress her in multilple colors every day, she was always colorful and bright. NO PINK/PURPLE for this girl. In the few times I had parties for her though I never thought to do a rainbow party. Fast forward to 2012 and just before Renee's bday I see this idea on Stephanie Howell's blog and she realllllllly went all out for her little girl. I had half a morning to shop and decorate and get it all together but I love how it came out and it really made Renee feel special.
I had us decorate little paper plates for her and we colored on white shirts to use as night shirts, we all had fun with these ideas. Her dinner choice was Chicken &Things  (yummy chicken place by us) and the cake was red velvet her choice and our first ever. She is the only one that liked it, lol
It was such a happy time and I'm so thankful for this day and these memories with her, she's growing up so fast. Oh and I want to remember Sam's reaction when he got home, he is always the first one home and it was so funny to see him walking in and seeing all the decorations, WOW MOM THIS IS AWESOME I LOVE IT AND AFTER WALKING AND LOOKING AROUND HE SAID MOM RENEE IS GOING TO LOVE THIS AND CAN YOU DO THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!  It's been a week already since the big day, yep time is flying.
Thank you everyone for the support and good wishes this morning on my post. I appreciate and love each and everyone of you. Oh and the good news I didn't realize till later today, I order all my pictures from Walgreen's so they are ALMOST ALL THERE. The day before Renee's bday I decided to follow along with Ali Edward's DAY IN THE LIFE so I deleted my camera that morning to be ready and start fresh well I forgot that I hadn't uploaded the last few days worth of pictures so those are gone but at least all the others are still on my Walgreen's account. If you didn't see my morning post.... the news is that I got a new computer and am learning all the new functions on it. 
Take care and happy weekend!!