Saturday, June 30, 2012


I have loved playing with these colors and made lots of pages and am still going strong on them. Thought it best to break it up into a couple posts, so some for today and more coming next week. The above was me just playing and making a title page which I like to do with my newest fave colors,  there is a flower missing on the right side, pretend it's there please, lol.... you can click on these images to see better.
This one is slightly different then the first one I showed 2 posts ago. I painted the background a soft yellow then did the drips vs. just doing them on a white background. They both make me happy!!

So that's it for today, hope you enjoyed them. Happy weekend everyone and thanks for coming by!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Happy Thursday everyone!!! How is your week going, I'm not going even going to mention that something is flying by already ( I just want to freeze where we are RIGHT NOW) and just going to soak up what I can from these beautiful days home with the kids. I'm inspired by to do another RIGHT NOW look at our lives, especially since Tracey just did another cute one.

right now the kids are still singing their VBS songs around the house, LOOOOVE THIS
right now we had cool days this week that made me pull out my favorite jeans and slippers
right now today though we are going to be in the 90's  so shorts and tank tops
right now there is bits of RED/WHITE/BLUE around my house, LOOOOVE THIS
right now the kids have been watching Animal Planet show with newborn puppies, SOOO CUTE
right now Sam is obssessed with watching Steve Irwin on Animal Planet, I told him how sad it was when he died. When looking it up I was shocked to see it's been 6 years already. Sam loves him!
right now Renee is having her boyfriend over for a visit, I get to watch them like hawk, HAHA
right now Hannah Montana has been playing in our house, an oldie but goodie CD
right now we have stayed in the van to finish listening to our fave songs on the radio, LOVE THIS
right now I wish to be in Miami with Kristin, think she needs a BIG MOM HUG!! LOVE HER!
right now I am excited to go camping soon, can't wait to have fun outdoors
right now Sam has been going around making these loud bird sounds, not cute ones though
right now there is Rachael Ray meatloaf/smashed potatoes for me to eat at dinner, YUMMY
right now I'm praying and soooo happy that my cousin gets to pick up his adopted son next week
right now Renee has been talking with a french accent and is soooo cute
right now Summer has been saying the opposite of me and following me around, SO CUTE
right now I'm happy to have met a few new friends thru bloghopping and for a great chat with Stephanie whose blog I've been reading for a long time now.
right now Deborah has been inspiring me with her amazing poetry, love that she is sharing it!
right now I'm finding strength and patience in the morning sunrise, helps me get thru my days
right now I'm finding peace and calm at night with the sunset, perfect way to end the day
right now Rich's garden is doing great and we can't wait to eat the corn/cob when it comes
right now I am loving Sienna and Colt and their stages right now, DOUBLE CUTENESS!
right now I'm hoping to share my art with you tomorrow or next day.

RIGHT NOW I'M WISHING YOU ALL A SUPER DAY!!  Let me know if you decide to do a RIGHT NOW post so I can come read them, looove these!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Hello, how is everyone??  We are doing GREAT, this had been the best week of summer break so far and I LOVE this week's pages.  I had fun putting them together and reliving it all over again. We got our pool up just in time for the HOT weather that came thru our area. The other AWESOME part was the kids have VBS, they looooove going each summer and always get sad when it's over. They beg the leaders to stretch it into 2 weeks every year because it's so much fun for them.
So here's the full spread with one insert, I had extra pictures and decided to throw them all in and I'm glad because they came out GREAT!!!  Now for some close-ups of each page...
On the left side, I picked out the date card since it matched the pool colors and added a title to it, want to do this more. The bottom right picture is before leaving for VBS, the only one I took of them. When they were little I would take it at the church but they don't like that anymore. I played with the journal cards again and did this cute arrow one that I LOVE! Look at those temps, HOT HOT HOT!!
Here is the front of the insert, MY FAVORITE THING THIS WEEK!! I love all the blues and collages about them in the pool. Click on the image to see/read better, I put titles on each collage kinda describing what each one is about. The journal cards add a pop of fun to the page I thought, notice my new purple/aqua paper tape and butterfly stamp both from Walmart and only $1, can't beat that price. I also added some SUNSHINE stickers to the collages just to show how hot it was.
This is the back side of insert and the right page of the spread. This one took some time because I had to many things for the pockets. Now for close-ups of these pages....
On this insert the top collage is my favorite because Rich took these of me and Colt. I love that he thought to do this for me, he didn't zoom in but I love them anyhow. The journal card with the tag stamped on it reminds me of summer right now. I included Sam's wings form VBS, he loved making this and it just fit in the pocket, still have to write a journal card and put it behind it though. The kids would come in and play on the Wii after swimming so I wanted to document that also.
Here is the right side of the pages. The collage of the sunset was even more beautiful then it shows, love seeing the different sky each night. In the upper right pocket is a list from a scavenger hunt we had at Walmart. It was so much fun to do this and we plan on doing it every couple weeks and even have different ideas for each time. The only rules I gave them was to NOT RUN and WE PUT EVERYTHING BACK WHEN DONE. Sam asked to sleep in girls room and was so happy they wanted him to. My new favorite colors this week are on the journal card with tape, LOVE THIS!
We did smores one day with the microwave instead of a bonfire, YUMMY!! Ended the week with fun shopping with girls photos, they were soooo funny today and it was great to be out with them.

So that's my pages for last week, hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. The week was filled with more artwork by me also, had so much fun and will share them in a few days. Working on a surprise for the kids next month, a new holiday tradition that started last year. Here's a hint... has to do with red and green and twinkling lights????? Can you guess????  Will be sharing peeks of that also.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I think it's about time for some art posts isn't it, has been way to long!!!  This one was so much fun, I love love these colors and they say SUMMER to me. It's my burst of COLOR COLLAGE page filled with paint, abc stickers and BUTTONS which I love!!! Going to do this again later outside on something BIG,  just having FUN!!
Here is another favorite, these are more paint scrap papers from Bonita. They fit perfectly in my art journal, love love all the colors. I used my INSPIRE stamp to remember that she and these papers inspired me to paint so much last week. Click on the image to see my words and the paint images better. I know there is some white space but for now I'm leaving it like this. Thanks Bonita !!
This was fun also, lots of DRIPS!!! I love doing this now and mixing colors together. Guess what this reminds me of, ice cream dripping from cones and from my kid's chins, lol  I'm thinking of writing something about ice cream or summertime in the middle but haven't yet in fear of messing it up. I just like this to much for now so soon I will do more on it then post again to show you!! This was done on a manilla folder with white gesso painted on first before the drips. The kids really love this one also!!
Another fun and messy one. Guess what??? These are the colors inspiring me right now, made lots more yesterday with these colors and will post next week. I want to paint my bedroom and living room in these colors, want to make pillows and curtains with it. I've just started thinking of purses/shoes/dresses last night with these fabulous colors also. The one thing missing on this page is that I wanted big black arrows pointing in mixed directions on this page but still need to do it. For now I'm loving it just like this and don't want to mess it up. This was also done on a manilla folder with white gesso down first. I'm going to do this again in my art journal and want to do this again BIG one day on a canvas and hang them up, maybe even some big words with these colors also.!!

This was all about layers and using my hands for painting and using some sprays. I didn't like the orange at first but it's growing on me. Still want to put words on here, just not sure what yet??? 

So there you have it, a little bit of art HAPPINESS from me!! I'm so glad to finally be painting more again. Last month's health issues seemed to have taken away my art mojo but it's back and better stay.
My recent (yesterday) doctor appt. went well and I have some thinking and researching to do now and help decide what my next step should be. More on that later but know I'm doing GREAT!!
Thank you for visiting and for always encouraging me with my art, it does help me!! Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hello, it's Project Life Tuesday time, boy has the week gone by fast again.  Before jumping into PL I first want to shout a HUGE THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the comments on my last post. I enjoyed writing it and it was from my heart and was real for me right then, these are my favorite kinds of posts to write. I especially LOVED that some of you decided to do a RIGHT NOW post also and it was fun to read yours, so thank you for being inspired enough to share about your life right now. This is something I will have to do again, it really does make you stop and see those little things that go unnoticed during the busy days. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, it made my day to read them.
Now for this week's pages, they were fun to work on and it was a slow week on picture taking which was ok for me. It really tells the most important things to remember with a few extra's thrown in the mix. It seems Sam was the star for the week, he has been so good lately and did some AWESOME things that made me happy. How about some close ups of each can click on the images to see them better.
The LS has my only 2 collages of the week, I just had to include more then one picture for these. Sam cleaned his room, his own idea and WOW WOW did he do a great job. Let's talk about the journal cards, I'm still making one a day for JUNE and included some of them here. The first one I just wanted lots of color and was feeling the wonderful SUMMER moment that day so that's what I did for that one. The second card is from some happy mail I recived from Bonita, she sent me paint scraps that are just beautiful. I cut this one down to fit on a journal card and added some text to it. LOVE LOVE IT!! The card with the CLOUDS on it is for Michelle, she makes the best clouds and I want to try this more. I'm not thrilled with them but hey they are clouds, will keep trying. The title card also has a banner on it, inspired to do these more also from Tracey. So this week's pages have a little bit of all of you in them, my heart was full from all those sweet comments you left me. The sunset's I know Deb, Susan, Dawn will love plus they just love reading my PL pages.

The RS has my other favorite story of the week, Sam has been making some cool art. He took my ruler and drew a really cool drawing (see the small cropped photo) and colored,painted it in. He did two of these and he did the little red journal card ( it's a house) he surprised me with this one. Just love when he slows down and sits to create, his ideas are always awesome. The last journal card is a sweet one to remember how happy I was this week. Notice the banner stickers on 2 of my photos, more happy mail from Bonita, thank you dear I love these!! Deb, Rich finally got a bird feeder and the birds have been attacking it everyday, he is loves seeing more birds in our yard again. See that awesome picture upper right side, my home away from home, THE LIBRARY!! I use to work here before having Sam, oh how I love this place and could live here if I had to. Imagine being surrounded by all these books, pure heaven for me and my Renee who says she will live there with me.
So that's my PL for this week and guess what I've been doing a little art myself this week so how about a peek at one of my favorites and will post more later this week!!
This is the kids/hubby's favorite and they don't want me to add anything. I will maybe add words later but for now they are fighting over who gets to have it!! This is on a canvas and I used a paper plate holder for the designs on here, just sprayed paint on it to get these results. Need to do this outside next time, went a little crazy and it got everywhere, lol 
Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope you enjoyed it all. Thanks for being the best readers a girl could have!! Enjoy the rest of your week and see you in a few days for my art post!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

RIGHT NOW........ random post

HELLO SUMMER VACATION!!  It's been a week now since the kids have been home with me and things are going good so far. We've had some bumps but we've had good times also. This is going to be a random post about everything RIGHT NOW....

right now Rich comes home each day asking if I've sat and admired HIS growing garden, haha he's so funny. I say yes, of course dear, there's nothing I like better. I can stare at the sky and trees all day though but sorry not the garden.

right now Rich still watches me sleep and askes me a few times a day if I'm feeling ok and always has a hand on me or sits very close. I catch him watching me several times thru the weekend just to see how I am.  He's very helpful and encourages me to take naps. I still don't have my energy back 100% so naps every couple days helps. Makes my day the way he loves me and watches over me.

right now Rich loves loves his garden and is excited to see what will grow good and what won't. PLEASE PLEASE grow CORN we LOVE you!!

right now I'm still thinking of Kristin everyday and miss her!! LOVE YOU !!!

right now I'm enjoying the kids being home and no schedules and no packing lunches

right now there is some days I want the kids in school and I miss my quiet house and now I have to make lunches that will make all 3 of them happy. LOVE THESE KIDS!!

right now Sam has been doing art of some kind each day and I'm loving it, he can do such cool things when he slows down and creates. Wish he would more often.

right now Sam just finished bball camp and won 4 medals, hooray last time he didn't win any!!

right now Sam's hair is getting long and I like it long. it's also more blonde which I love also!!

right now I love seeing sam without his glasses, seeing that sweet boy face changing and growing, miss miss seeing it since his glasses hide that face.

right now sam and I are reading a cool book and we have been watching House Hunters, he's choice

right now Renee has had two days of babysitting. One day bad and one day good, hoping most of them end up being good ones.

right now Renee's hair is getting long and so pretty, she reminds me of her big sister Kristin!!

right now Renee loves reading all new books each day, she could lay in bed all day with a book

right now Summer has the most beautiful curls after a shower, soooo pretty her hair is, JEALOUS!!

right now Summer has been walking Lucky at night

right now Summer makes me laugh at least 20 times a day, can never remember what she said just that she's soooo funny. She gets it from her dad, the two of them can always make me laugh

right now Summer is excited about Book Buddies and can't wait for VBS to start

right now Summer wishes to swim everyday all day long thru the summer

right now there is always dishes in the sink
right now there is always shoes everywhere
right now there is always dirt/grass thru the house
right now there is crumbs on the counter, the table
right now there is books, hairbands, papers, shirts laying around the house
right now there is barely enough milk for dinner due to Summer's extreme thrirst for milk this week
right now there is laughter in my house daily
right now there is music and girls singing loudly in their room
right now there is an old barbie box being played with (ssshhh it's a secret)
right now there is brother and sisters reading together and getting along
right now there is brother/sister walks and talks with NO MOM ALLOWED
right now there is time in the car listening to Justin Bieber his old songs we don't like the new
right now there is also songs from ONE DIRECTION being played for Sam
right now there is 6 popicles eaten a day by Sam I can't stop him so I will stop buying them???
right now there is a new season of JANE BY DESIGN to watch with the girls
right now there is a lot of love in my heart each day and a new peace and happiness filling me up

RIGHT NOW is where I want to be!!
thanks for reading this if you made it thru, YIPPEEE my heart was full and I need to remember these things right now. I could have listed more but had to stop. Take care and enjoy your week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Happy Tuesday everyone!!  It's time for Project Life again and that makes me HAPPY!! I had fun putting last week's spread together. There is some fun little art by me and collages of course. While doing this page it reminded me that for the next few months every week now my pages will be all about SUMMER TIME!!!  I'm hoping to find a variety of photos each week and not have every week be about swimming and reading library books, this could be hard to do though. So here is the full picture of the spread and then some close ups.
Here is the left side, I remembered to add the date this week and added the SUMMER TIME sticker also. This side is full of collages, some days it's just to hard to pick just one photo and I like that a group of them tells more of the story. See the baby piglets, they were barely 2 days old when we saw them, soooo cute and tiny they were. The journal cards are different this week, instead of just writing on them I did some artsy things on them ( will explain more about those at the end). The second card over with the stamped TAG on it is from my new stamps that my dear friend Susan sent me and surprised me with. She also sent me a homemade journal which was so nice of her. See the loom knit thingy from last week, I liked that it can show thru to this week also. Click on images to see better.
Here is the right side, almost all collages again. The top two are from a trip to the park, got some pretty pictures of Summer. The bottom beach one is from our first day at the beach and the water was FREEZING and took awhile for the kids to finally go in and enjoy it. I added to artsy cards to this side. The kids really liked the pictures this week and talked about all the fun they've had already.

I joined up for a CARD A DAY IN JUNE CHALLENGE OVER AT THE CREATIVE PLACE. Everyday this month you make a card any size you want, I went with a small size like she did. I liked the idea of using the journal cards and adding them into my PL each week. My plan is to make some just for fun and the others will be to go with a certain picture for the week. Like the waves/sun one above is to represent our day at the beach. This is a challenge because working on small things is not my thing. I like working on bigger papers, layouts etc. So far though this has been fun and I'm getting more at ease each day I make one. Could see me still doing this even after June is over. 

I also joined a free SCRAP CAMP at May Flaun's blog, need to put her link on my sidebar still. I stumbled across this and was excited because it's FREE and will keep me inspired this summer trying new things and making sure I get some creative time each day. The class just started yesterday and you can join anytime. Everyday is a new project and BPS is having a free community to share our projects/ideas with others. Let me know if you want to join in for this camp or even the CARD A DAY challenge also, it's never to late to jump in. I actually started this one late but caught up quick.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. Thanks so much for visiting and always leaving sweet comments. They make my day and I love hearing from you. Enjoy the rest of your week and remember to let me know if you want to join these classes, would love having you with me.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Hello Project Life!!  I've had the pictures done all week just didn't have the journaling done. I have to admit some weeks are hard for me to know what/how to write because of having the collages with titles on them. In a way the title on them explains what it's about but sometimes I feel the need to explain more about it. I also kept as much red/white/blue as I could thru the pages to honor Memorial Day. The right side does have all green pictures but I couldn't help that part. Now for some close ups.
On the left side it's all about Memorial day and the night before it. Remember those red/white/blue hearts I made a few months ago, I pulled them out and added it in, LOVE THIS!!  As you can see I did do a journal card for each collage, it will be nice for the family to read this years from now. Looks like the date is missing on the date card, will have to add that in later.
Here is the RS, all full of green pictures. I love the one of Sam & Rich golfing, it's something they do thru the summer it always makes me smile. The collage in the upper right is all about my obsession with Michelle Obama and her new book "HOMEGROWN AMERICA" I want this book and would love to meet her one day and see her beautiful garden.  I loved that she was on the Rachael Ray show, she is another celebrity I hope to meet one day, LOVE HER!! So these two together on a show just made my day.  The bottom pictures are about FIELD DAY for Sam and niece Camryn. I am going to do a 8x10 collage of all that morning and add that in later, will post it for you to see also. It was a fun time, I even had to babysit so the little ones came along. Sam was sooooo excited about this big event, he is very much into sports and competition. They worked hard but came in last place.
The little woven rainbow piece is what Sam did in art class, isn't it cute. The best exciting news is Renee did awesome at her voice test and made it into a higher choir for next year YIPPPPEEEE!!
I have to share these pictures also. Look how BIG he is, look at that smile and cute cheeks. This little guy is melting my heart all over again. While I was recovering this little guy and his sister didn't come over for almost 3 weeks. Well I was worried that this cutie wouldn't be happy coming back to my house. He was hard to win over and thought I'd have to work hard to win him over again. Thank goodnees he came over and played with his toys, gave me hugs and smiled the whole time. He is now running and I missed that little span of him still learning to walk. He caught on pretty quick. So glad he's back and his big sister who I knew would be happy to see me again. She hasn't forgotten about art and is into making big swirly circles and coloring them in.                                               
We are on day 2 of summer break and it's going ok. The weather is slowly warming up each day and will be hot and in the 90's for Sun/Mon which will warm up the pools and make it more fun to swim in. Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading and all your sweet comments, I love them!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


I can't believe the kids only have 2 days of school left, the days are flying by.  We have been talking about what we want to do this summer and one thing we agreed on is having a schedule. The days just go   by more smoothly if we know ahead of time what the plan is. Last year we'd wake up and I'd ask them what they wanted to do and got 3 different answers, this led to some unhappy days. So a schedule is good for me also and I will make sure some days are free to just play and hang around.

One thing will be different this summer, Renee has a babysitting job and will be gone 3 days a week. I have to be honest and say this makes me a little sad and will take time to get use to her not being here and when we are having fun and going out it will be weird not having her beside us. Would love to turn the clock back to when they were little and all we did was play in the backyard and they NEVER GOT BORED!!!

So here is our summer list: it will include some fun stuff, chores and we always do some school stuff thru the summer. I have always thought kids didn't need such a long break between school years. All that learning, reading, writing, math facts etc. gets forgotten about and the kids get lazy then in the fall they have to start over again. So we do a little bit of school a few days a week.


This looks like a lot but will barely fill the days.  These are things I'm hoping we make the time for anything else will be a bonus. I know some of you have made your lists for the summer which I enjoyed reading. For the others let me know what your plans are if you have any, I would love to see them. Thanks for reading and enjoy your Sunday!!!  

p.s. So far our first days of vacation won't be that nice, I'm actually in pants and long sleeves now. Sadly no going to the pool/beach till it gets warm again.