Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The weekend lens

Hello, it's me! I'm still here just busy and/or too lazy to write a post.  I had been working on my PL and enjoying the memories and where we all are right NOW. That got me thinking to slow down over the weekend and document it. It was a good weekend, busy but good. So here's a look starting with Friday night, since I didn't think of this till Friday while the kids were at school.
 Summer is driving us to the Secret Sister meeting at church that night
Love these women and our gatherings more each month
 The ladies put on quite a spread each time and make everything so pretty
Good Saturday morning! My favorite time of day, quiet time with God.
Beautiful weather for a soccer game, love it still after all these years.
Rich made us eggs for lunch, using the fresh eggs we got from a friend, YUM!!
It was so nice out,  we walked and sat on deck most of day
Sam didn't want any pictures so I got this of his spot, lol
Renee isn't here either, she had to work long hours at DQ, the warm weather had them busy all weekend.
LOVE the light coming in the windows, my favorite spot
I did my intro page for May in my PL. LOVE the color and wanted a celebration theme since Kristin comes home and Renee graduates. YAY!! This page makes me happy!
Happy Sunday morning, quiet time again. A hint of sun coming in the windows, YAY!
Summer drives us to church each Sunday, feels normal and not normal still to have her driving us.
Got a self timer photo of my Sunday school ladies, can't see them all but they are there.
I LOOOVE this room, those shelves!! Want a room like this in my house.
Summer went with Rich and I to Sam's soccer game, the sun was out but it was COLD!
Summer and I went to meet our neighbor's new baby boy after the game. He's so cute and it's a boy!! We both could have sat there all night holding him, it's been so long since we held a baby.
Beautiful sky before the sun set. Goodbye Sunday! Goodbye weekend!
So glad I got these photos/stories. Missing 2 kids but it's showing the new real life we have now with older kids and a boy who isn't thrilled to be in photos just because I want them.
Thanks for visiting, have a good rest of week.

Monday, April 13, 2015

T stands for sharing EasTer fun

Hello and Happy T Day!  Today's the day we grab a drink and head over to Elizabeth's and share what's in our cup and anything crafty or new going on. I'm sharing our Easter with you, hard to believe it was a week ago already. The kids had spring break last week,  it was a good one and today they headed back to school. Of course it did rain and get cold for most of break and the sun is shining and it's 72 degrees today, isn't that the way it works.
I'm sure my long time readers here will remember how we decorate my little bush/tree with Easter eggs each year. The little ones love doing this, Summer came out to help too.
Here it is all done and colorful! IT was warm enough for the kids to take off their coats too, YAY! We went outside a few times to enjoy the rare nice weather. I know we are all ready for it to come and stay.  They look so much older in this picture, sigh.
On Easter we had two services at church, the first starting early so we saved the baskets till later. They found their baskets in about 15mts, I like when it's not too easy for them. They are set on candy and each got a new pair of flip flops. After this we went over to my dad's family which I didn't get any pictures of sadly. Then it was off to my mom's house.
Had an egg hunt, they still love these too.
Mom has the prettiest dishes and decorations, thanks mom!
My plate full of yummy food and a peek at my glass filled with punch.
We had a really nice Easter and I hope you did too.
Thank you for all the nice comments on my last T post! Have a great week.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hello and spring flowers!

Hello and happy Thursday! How was your Easter? Ours was wonderful, a full day of church and two family gatherings each including an egg hunt and lots of yummy food. I will post pictures from it on Tuesday for my T day post.
These flowers are making me smile right now, so nice having some spring inside since it's not to spring like outside still. This week of break the weather isn't that great for us to go out and play, my guess is it will warm up and be gorgeous next week when they go back, lol.
I decided to buy myself some flowers and fill up vases with them, loving the colors of them. The orchids were a surprise gift for Renee from a boy at school who is crushing on her. I was so surprised to open the door to him standing there with these, what boy brings a gorgeous Orchid for Easter for a girl he likes, so sweet of him. The card was a cute one and he also put some plastic eggs in the flower pot filled with a note and candy for her. If that wasn't enough he also put the pot in a pretty white wicker basket and tied a purple ribbon on it since it's her favorite color.  So sweet!
We've had a busy week so far it seems, went to see HOME on Monday and thought it was ok, not great but some laughs and was ok. Sam started soccer practice this week, sadly it's been freezing out there and the air is damp but he's happy to be back out there. We have my nieces over for a sleepover, they are still sleeping. The little ones will be over today, we had a family/birthday big dinner out, Summer started her in car driving finally and Renee goes in tomorrow for a haircut/color and she's working 6 days this week because 3 people asked for it off, YAY. So we are keeping busy and being lazy all at once. Will be hard for us come Monday morning and back to school again.
Thank you so much for the anniversary wishes on my last post!! Hope you are doing well and enjoy the rest of your week/end and see you next Tuesday!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A second look on the 2nd and calendar art

Happy April!  I'm excited to join Elizabeth in her new series sharing a second look on a old project not shared before meeting her. This is my first time getting to share mine, there isn't much that I've made other than scrapbooks/PL albums so I was happy to remember this project of mine.
I forgot what this is called, but it had some of the miniatures I used to collect. One day on Ali Edward's blog she had a weekend project ideas and I thought this would be fun.
So I cleaned it out and found some of my favorite photos of the kids/family/activities and scrapbook embellishments and went to town filling it up. I left some blank thinking I'd add new ones later but I never feel the need too. I like it just the way it is, shows what we were like at that time.
I do remember being a little afraid cutting my favorite photos so small in case it didn't work out, thankfully  I remember only 2 that didn't work. Elizabeth, I'm guessing you probably know what this thing is called, I want to say it's something with tray in it?? Let me know if you or if anyone knows.
Thank you for letting us share our "second look on the second" with you Elizabeth and gang. Can't wait to see what you will be sharing.
Look what I found today, little spring blooms growing. So excited they popped up, can't believe it with all the cold we've been having. What a great surprise today for the first day of April. Today Rich and I celebrated our 20th year anniversary too. Time is flying for sure, it feels like it was just yesterday. We didn't do anything special and didn't need to either, was nice just being home together.
Have a wonderful Easter and spring break for those having one. We start ours on Friday, so I won't be posting next week. We have a few things planned and if weather is nice enough we can just enjoy the outdoors I hope. Before, I go here is a peek at my March calendar I finished.
I love how it turned out and using just the two colors with pops of black when needed. I have different ideas for April's and will share it later. I do still love filling these squares.
Thanks for visiting!