Monday, September 30, 2013

T Stands for THUMB and T on Tuesday

Hello and welcome to T Time with Elizabeth!! I am sharing my new mug with some warm cider in it, so good!! It's been perfect fall weather here, I love it and want it to stay!! I have slammed my thumb in the door tonight so this is very hard to type,will do my best to type but please excuse any mistakes and I won't using captials this time to make it easier too. I have been painting and worked on my calenders that Elizabeth inspired me with and want to share them with you today.
here is my Sept.calender all filled up. Just doing this reminded me of how much I miss my old scrapbook calendar pages. I have a whole album filled with them and enjoyed creating them with pictures that didn't get scrapped. used some of my extra pictures here and love it.would have had more but their size didn't work well enough for the squares. I added some fall stickers too.
here is the start to my October making drips
I was inspired by this new paint...jack a cool. then I punched out 31 yellow squares.
and here is the end result...happy October today!! I added some Halloween stickers to it and made the last square orange for fun.used some old alphas too, love using up my stash. I kinda wish you could see the drips better but I know they are there. already have plans for November and December pages too. Thanks Elizabeth for the inspiration to start these again, they weill be going into my pl album. now for some fall art. my finger is really throbbing so this will be quick, sorry ladies but didn't want to miss out on t time.
this is from last year, never finsished the journal os its nice towork in again
heres my page to start fresh this year....lovelovelovethis....I made leaves out of book paper and brown bags.... did osme stamp and painting with fingers and some ink... I love fall leaves...
love making these too, used a leaf stamp fro the first time, lovethese colors needs more maybe
these were done on brown bags loveusing them for art. will do more but had to get the ideas out on making fall favorite of all
heres what my table looked like last week, a big art paint filled tornado thru it and project life is there too and my still to finish WITL album, loveall this on my table. the otherart here is for a class im in.
have also been doing some collaging which I will be sharing later.
thanks so much for joining me for T today or I should say warm cider. hope to have my thumb better in a few daysand to post my project life then.
stop by Elizabeth's for some T and see what others are doing on Tuesday. click on the image at the top of my blog. thanks again!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Hello and Happy Mandala Monday!! It feels good to be sharing one again, have missed it. I thought it would be nice to see some summer garden veggies again. Wishing I had a better angle of it, was still learning back then and you never know how it looks till you upload it. For this one you see the squash and zucchini with a dried up sunflower in the middle and cute little cherry tomatoes. I used the sunflower leaves and realized how fast they can start wilting. So nice to use these veggies before enjoying them for meals. Will be hard to make these mandalas once winter comes.
Dawn at girl unwinding inspired me to start making Mandalas, so happy to have found her beautiful blog. Please stop by her blog to see her beautiful mandala and maybe you can join in too. Thanks so much Dawn for letting giving us a beautiful start to our week.
Can you believe it's October already, where did the month go! Wishing this favorite season of mine would slow down so I can enjoy it longer. The weather has been inspiring me this week to create some fall art and am really enjoying painting again. I will be sharing them at T Time tomorrow!!
Will have a couple other posts up later in the week and squeezing in some PL somewhere also.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, the weather has been so perfect here and everyone is well. Thanks so much for your visits and comments!!
See you tomorrow for T time and please stop by Dawn's to say hello. She really does make the most amazing mandalas and lately they've been fall theme, LOVE IT!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL!!! It's finally here and official now, YAY!! Get ready to see lots of fall pictures/posts on my blog for the next 3 months!! It's not quite fall by the looks around here but the air is cool today and we made chili and a surprise with dinner. Today was such a great Sunday, my favorite kind, good church service, funny kids, cool weather and YUMMY food! See how simple I am, doesn't take much to make me happy, truly blessed. So how about some pictures...
First let's talk about the one above, this was earlier in the week, the leaves fall fast here due to windy days and not much to block the trees from it. Sadly we don't have colorful fall leaves, just the brown/yellowish kind but I LOVE them anyway. This day my sweet Lucky and I were walking around and crunching on the leaves, still love doing this. Had Sienna do it too but no camera then. I do have colorful leaves down the road a bit and enjoy driving down my street and seeing them. All around town there is little peeks of fall in the leaves, so fun watching them change over time.
This was earlier that same day, so glad I took the camera with me. This is my favorite part of the yard and my spot that I take a pause and thank God for this new day and all the blessings it will give me. Some days I get this BEAUTIFUL view and others not so sunny but it's still amazing to me.
I just have to mention here that Sam has said the "S" word today, haha not the one your thinking of. Now sssshhh we can't really say it, we only talk about FALL right now. So this crazy boy of mine asked me today when do you think it will "S" ???? uummm what??? What day do you think it will "S" on mom, seriously MOM!!! uummmm really?? Where does this boy get this from, none of us here want that "S" to come and not anytime soon for sure. So this little boy has drawn a few "S" blueprints today that include 4 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and a door that opens. Yep, he talked about it right up to bedtime. He asked how long fall will last and when will it get really cold!!!! Oh man, he is so crazy, watch out friends I'm sure there will be lots more talk about the "S" word too,  ssshhh don't really say it aloud. I will share more on this story later for my newer readers. Now that same crazy sweet boy of mine did something amazing today, he made dinner, half our dinner!! Are you ready for this Elizabeth and Nancy??!!! I couldn't wait to share so I'm sharing it today!!
He chopped up onions and cried, haha so Rich did the garlic
added the mayo and parmesan cheese, mixed it up
spread the mixture on the pizza crust
look how yummy!! Garlic cheesy pizza strips !
Guess what?? Sam and girls didn't like it. Rich and I loved it and ate 4 pieces of it along with our chili that Rich made to celebrate this first day of FALL!! My sweet hubby made cookies again too.
Sam had a great time cooking and even served all of us our pizza, was so sweet about it. I did good, stayed out of the way except for taking the pictures, Rich was his assistant. Next up will be one of the girls to cook and I will share that too. Let's hope all this cooking interest will get the boy to eat more and put some meat on those little bones of his! Thanks Nancy and Elizabeth for your support !!
Something else amazing happened this week, my daughter Kristin is going on a BIG mission trip. I don't usually talk about politics or religion here, but just have to share this big news! Next July she will be leaving with a group and going to 11 countries in 11 months. I can't even express how happy and proud I am of her. She is a girl with a big heart and big GO GETTER and wants to change this world. We didn't grow up with church or anything of that sort, this makes it even bigger to me. What a life time experience this will be for her and I know she will do great and grow even more beautiful then she is now. LOVE YOU KRISTIN!!! WORDS CAN"T EXPRESS IT ENOUGH!!! If you'd like to learn more the group is with...  all the info and she will have a blog there soon that we can follow her on now and when she leaves. Keep her in your prayers please, thanks so much.
this was tonight, just hanging out, she is excited to be home for FALL too. It's been years since she's been here for the magic of it and the taste of it and to enjoy it with me. BLESSINGS!!
big sister + little brother= LOVE  and LAUGHS
Happy Fall everyone and hope you enjoyed reading this today. Thank you for all the sweet comments on my yellow kitchen. Wish you could feel the light and warmth thru the screen. I have a busy week so I'm not linking up anywhere but will be around when I can. Have a great week, HUGS!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hello there, how is your week going? I'm doing pretty good, working on my WITL and PL albums and fighting a cold. The weather is just perfect this week, wishing it will stay this way for weeks.
I'm joining in with the wonderful ladies at Our Beautiful World this week sharing the prompt YELLOW with you. My favorite yellow is the kitchen walls in my home. I love the way the sunlight plays on it and lights up the room and giving such a warm happy glow in it for most of the day.
I still remember waking up the next morning after the walls were painted, Rich and I stood there in awe at the beauty and glow the sunrise gave it. It still stops me in my tracks and surprises me, a lot of love is in this room and I am so happy I have my yellow kitchen! This little corner is where I sit and all my crafty things are on this side of the table, it's my favorite spot in the house.
Come by and see what YELLOW means to the ladies who host this inspiring and fun blog. Feel free to join in at anytime, I love seeing what everyone shares with the prompts.
My picture was taking using my Sony Cyber-shot and no editing was done.
Thanks ladies for this chance to share something beautiful in this world, so glad I could join in this week. Here is the link to see more YELLOW fun OBW thanks for reading!

Monday, September 16, 2013

T stands for Tuesday and Two Mandalas

Hello and Happy Tuesday!! Today we get to head over to Elizabeth's for some tea and catching up on what everyone's doing. Today I've got a few things to share with you, first up is this one and only odd sunflower that came late. We've never had one like this, if anyone has had one let me know. Seems it didn't grow and spread like the others do, just a cluster of sunflower blooms around the top. It only lasted about a week then wilted. We thought it was so cool and cute, I told you the garden has been crazy with odd sunflowers this summer. We can't wait to see what next years will turn out like.
Since it's technically still Monday here I am sharing not one but two Mandala's with you. I made this last week at my sister's house. I've been wanting to do this for weeks and finally did it. She has a cute little patio at her condo and planted some pretty flowers and a butterfly bush. I used her patio table as the background and some stones from my nieces that were already there. I had so much fun using colors and different plants/leaves to make this. It was a bit windy so we had to keep fixing it and didn't notice how dirty the table was till I uploaded picture, pretend it's nice and clean. She has pine trees so this fall I will make another visit to her place and see what other mandala I can make.
Here is another mandala I made a few hours later at my house. We have new PRETTY purple and yellow growing in the ditch now. I LOVE these colors together, have used them when crafting many times. The wind was stronger at my house and it was about 89 degrees by then, HOT so it was tricky putting this one together. It's my first tiny one which I just love, will have to do more of these.
Don't worry I didn't forget about T time and sharing a cup with you today, was saving it till the end. I was shopping on Saturday and something cute and FALL jumped into my cart. It's been sitting by my spot since then, I just love the color and size of it and predict drinking some warm cider from it soon.
see how PRETTY she is, a lovely shade of orange that fits in next with my flowers and fall picture. I get happy just seeing this little spot on the table each day, my own little piece of fall colors. They had some other colors that were just as pretty but this one jumped in the cart so I had to bring it home.

After a busy week of taking lots of pictures, uploading and posting them all week my sweet hubby made a yummy treat for me last night. Was the perfect ending to the week and I have plenty to share with you so help yourself. I am not a baker so I'm thankful he loves to bake and is good at it.
See how many cookies there is and my cute little cup wanted in the picture too
So remember to visit Elizabeth  and say hello to her and the others sharing there today.
I had a bad day today due to some issues ordering my pictures for my WITL album. Wasted several hours and wanted to throw this computer out the window many times. But a sweet and patient lady at the help number I called saved the day. I was so happy and thanked her at least 20x,  what a relieve to finally order my collages and get started on my album. Hope to share it later this week.
Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone!!!


I love that Summer, Sam and Sienna are in this picture I snuck at church. The pastor was asking them what they'd like to be when they grew up. So funny to hear their answers. Most of my morning is spent at church so it was a different kind of picture taking day because of that.
I took about 40, forgot to count them this time, too tired. The picture taking was harder today, kids still a little moody, going on 4 days now, will be nice to have a quiet house today! I had another trip to the store and 2 loads of laundry to do, always there is laundry. There was football on during the day, kids had their tv on too loud, they were wrestling and running around. Too much noise for me and that shuts me down so I finally got away to the track and it felt good, even had a cutie with me.
Here is a look at our Sunday...
Wearing my favorite top for church today
I have taken random pictures of the clocks/time all week too, helps with the telling of our day
these two have been wrestling lately, getting on my nerves because of it
errands today
starting dinner, he made the YUMMIEST pork chops
picked up Ryan to be my track buddy
Renee, Sam and I are watching this on Sunday nights, love it!
Sam pulled out our Rachael Ray cookbook while we watched the show and marked foods he wants to help make. I need to let these kids in the kitchen more. I don't have the patience for kids or even Rich in the kitchen when I'm cooking, just want to get it done easier on my own. Nancy, I know your shaking your head at me, haha. Wish me luck at letting them in the kitchen.
So this is the end of the week, kinda sad to see it go but ready for the break. Thanks so much ladies for encouraging me and reading along each day, it inspired me to keep going. Now the fun of putting it together starts. I am ordering my pictures from Wal-Mart, not sure what was wrong with Walgreens. Going to look at my pictures today and start picking which ones to use for both WITL and my PL for this week. This is the tough part, wish I could use all the pictures but trying to stick with 12 a day for a collage and a couple to crop and put into pockets.  Hope to share it by Friday!!
I am saving my mandala for my T time post tomorrow,  didn't want to squeeze it in here.
Thanks again for reading and have a great MONDAY!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


GOOD MORNING SATURDAY!!  I was excited today like on Monday, it would be a different kind of day now that kids and Rich home. Today I was going to have fun with my camera, have loved carrying it everywhere with me this week, hardly used my phone for pictures this week. The sky and sunlight were SUPER amazing today and so I played with that this morning by taking pictures from different windows and even some from the upstairs windows. I've done this plenty of times and enjoy the happiness it gives me. Times like this I'm glad for so many windows in the house, not so glad on the cold windy days or the really hot days. Rich enjoys the sunlight just as much as me also.
Today I took 114 pictures, I expected it to be a bit higher actually but am really happy with the ones I got. Today will probably be a lower since church takes up most of my morning. Kinda sad today is the last day of this amazing week, am so glad I did this project. Made me love making a mini album again too, thinking of doing a mini one for each of the kids about their week. Might do another WITL later this fall or one about myself and the fall season. It does take the commitment and extra time to upload pictures here and to upload them to order. I missed reading some of my favorite blogs and emails are still sitting there waiting too. But I know it's only for this week and things will be normal again tomorrow or in a few days at least.
Here is a quote from my 2010 album and how I felt in getting my pictures today....LOVE!!!
Capture today, tomorrow and the next day.
Do it for a week
Carry your camera everywhere
take as many pictures as you can
at home, at school, in the car
Posed, unsuspecting, with the timer, at arms length
Take notes
Capture everything about your life RIGHT NOW
This pretty much sums up what the week is about and today I did just that. The day started early since Rich works on Saturday's. Renee went with him today because of a school project, love that!
Good night and THANKS so much for reading!
Nancy, I miss you and can't wait to see you at church today!