Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hello!!! How are you? I'm doing great over, playing with some wonderful, fun, yummy colors this week. It's the 3rd week over at and this weeks colors are one of my favorite to play with. The colors for the week are..... PURPLE AND LIME GREEN!! Now in my house these colors rule, my one daughter loves purple and my son is obsessed and in love with LIME GREEN everything, even wants his house that color. I decided to inspire you again with things in these colors like the previous week's colors. This time I head out to Walmart instead of using what I have here at home. Let's go see what I found....
I LOVE tissue boxes, they can inspire you so much with their designs and colors
I love this so much, so cool looking
Shahrul, I thought of you when I saw this card
a huge yummy scrapbook paper pack, might have to go back and buy this
these are the sheets my girls had a couple years ago. they still have them so I guess that's a good thing
I couldn't resist buying these, NEON purple and lime green!!! They are so awesome and bright! When looking at these I think of Halloween and how fun to use them on a project for that holiday. Will have to keep this in mind for later. So there is just some of the things I found at the store, are you feeling inspired to create something in these colors now. Well, I was and still am but running out of time so here are my cards for this week. Went over my 3 card goal even, so excited about this. But first let me show you something else in these colors that is warm to my heart and that I just LOVE!!
my grandma's pj's. Click to see the image better, love those paisley's!! I haven't made the time to sit and doodle this but hope to one day. This is the second time my grandma's clothing has inspired me!! Now are you ready for some cards....
here is the first batch I made, all in half hour time!! That's pretty good for me. Each time I made a new one it became my favorite and now I love them as a group like this! The Surprise card has dots made from the new NEON paint I got, love these colors! I am not using blank cards, need to buy some for now it's just cardstock cut up whatever size it comes out as. So do you have a favorite out of this group? I'm not aiming for perfection, just having fun and no stress so excuse any goofs you see.
here's the second set I made today. The collage strip ones were inspired by my dear friend Susan, she just a few of these and I love them. Didn't have all that she used but I love how they turned out. Do you have a favorite out of this set? If I had to choose it would be the two on the right. I plan on using this design a lot in the following SOC weeks. Oh and the one on the left is with paper scraps and the right side one is paper tape. Didn't have much green tape so made it work best I could.
here are two I made using watercolors. I usually don't sketch/paint flowers but after doing these now I want to. This was a lesson from one of the classes I just started, more on that later.
I made this collage a couple weeks ago when these colors kept popping in my head. Had lots of fun with this one!
made this one today, rushed it and didn't enjoy it as much. I like the bottom half not sure what happened with the top half.
here is another one of the watercolor flowers. this one was started as my favorite and still kinda is!
So after all that picture overload can you handle ONE MORE!!
this is actually kinda neat but it I pushed some of it over. all my purple/green supplies are taking up half the table. Every week whatever the SOC is my table is covered with those colors, LOVE THIS!
Thanks so much if you made it thru, I know it was a lot but there was too many good things to show you!! Thanks Kristin for hosting and inspiring me in so many ways to play each week. I'm so happy doing these simple little cards, with the kids home I need quick easy things to make. I can't wait to see what next week's colors are, thinking of voting for colors I haven't used before just to make it more fun at least I hope so, lol.  Now I'm off to read thru all the blogs linked up with these colors, can't wait to see what they've made. If you want to know more click on the yellow button on the top right side. Have a great day or night and see you soon with my DAY IN THE LIFE PHOTOS WHICH WAS TODAY INSPIRIED BY THE AWESOME ALI EDWARD'S!! Thank you for all your sweet and supportive comments, you make my day so much!! HUGS!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

PROJECT LIFE....2 weeks caught up

HELLO PROJECT LIFE!! I'm caught up and finally getting to share with you! I loved putting these 2 weeks together. They are filled with kids being home and outdoor fun photos, gotta love that. I can't believe these were two weeks ago, feels so far away already. We've just had a heat wave and now some rain and cold is coming which will be refreshing. How about some close ups...
here is the left side, filled with baseball and little bit of soccer fun. We are still playing catch around here and I'm happy about that. It was nice to take in a ball game right now with us liking baseball at this time. I had a foul ball fall at my feet, second time this has happened. I'm not even trying or anything and wham there it is right at my feet each time. The bottom corner is Sam's team picture from the last soccer game, man he loved it this season. It took him 8 years to finally get his favorite color shirt. We can't wait to play again in the fall. You can click on the images to see better.
Here is the right side, love this page! See that School's Out for the Summer card, that is my first freebie download from the GREAT Cathy Z. her link is on the right of my blog. I decided to play with those colors on this side. Look at that amazing sunrise, was so lucky to have my camera and timing for my walk with Lucky that morning. Then later that day it turned into a gray rainy day. The top two pictures are from the little ones being here, we did the same bridge picture last year. So neat to see how much the little ones have grown since then. The green/blue tape card is for the SOC colors that week, going to try and do that every week to help me remember. Also wrote about our games day and the Let's Get Trendy Now workshop. Yep, I was enjoying life that week, it felt like summer.
Here is last week's pages, TRULY TRULY LOVE THEM!! There is one special card that played a big part in this week's pages. I actually teared up and realized again how lucky I am for my family, friends, memories, good, bad and in between. This week felt so real for me in a way it hasn't before, not sure how to explain but my heart was overcome with JOY. Here is a close up of the card...
This one little card summed it up pretty well !! I am thankful from the moment I get up till bedtime, all the little things, I don't look just for the big things nope I'm a simple girl. Take my Sam who has eaten all his dinner for the last 3 nights and hasn't had a snack before bed, love this so much! Going out each day to see the sunrise in the same spot, I'm thankful everyday for that moment. Sorry, to carry on just feeling blessed. So this week is filled with real life at our house and all that I love!!
p.s. this just shows again that this PL was meant for me, lol
That top left picture is precious, those two hanging out again unaware that I had my camera and snuck some pictures. Looks like I cut off that side of the page, sorry but it's Summer and Sam laying out on a blanket in the side yard listening to music. LOVE THIS! The 4x6 one is yogurt and fruit that my dad surprised me with so we could make smoothies, LOVE when he does things like this. I shared a SOC photo of course. How cute is the LOOKING GOOD card, SO CUTE and so are my kids sitting at the pool that day. I LOVE THIS ONE!! They look so grown up here and CUTE! Do you see that PRETTY FLOWER GIRL SIENNA, THANK YOU SONJA FOR SENDING ME THIS!! She was so excited to be in the wedding, looks so pretty!! The next one is Renee and Sam playing catch, mind you Renee hasn't been doing this with us and today she finally asked Sam to play. OMG!! The rest of these you can click on to see and read! So thankful for all these memories and tons of photos to enjoy!
So much love and fun on this side. See that one of my oldest, finally got a picture of her for PL, she's not easy to get a picture of. Love seeing her in the pages!! Do you see my collage, haha couldn't resist! We are starting to walk with my mom and passed all these amazing old houses and pretty flowers so I had to make a collage. I'm thrilled we have this time with my mom and the kids did great. She walks 3 miles, holy cow she is amazing to walk this far. See that bottom right one, click on that one so you can see these tiny tiny frogs we have living in our side yard. It's been years since we've had them and this year they came back. SOOOO CUTE AND TINY!! I tried to make a collage but it kept messing up so I will try again later. The little ones were here and they had so much fun seeing these, precious moments I want to remember forever. Click on the image to read the rest, trying to keep this short for you but not doing so well, lol. I wrote on a lot of photos this time too.
Guess what the Summer Of Colors is this week.....
LIME GREEN AND PURPLE!!! Ignore the yellow in this photo, haha. I'm so excited and love these colors together. I just made 4 cards and have plans for more. Will be posting soon as they are done and did a cool inspiration walk to share with it too. It's not too late to join in, click on the yellow button at the top right to find out more.
So that's it for today, did I mention how much I love my pages!! Just had to say it again, lol
Have a great week and thanks so much for the comment and support from all of you!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


HELLO WEEK 2 of SOC!! I was so excited about the new colors for this second week over at hosted by the very sweet and awesome Kristin. This challenge is bringing me back to painting, dreaming of colors and playing with colors wherever I go now. At the same time though my creative mojo was also overwhelmed and wanting to make the perfect thing with these colors. My goal is to make 3 cards each week and no matter what I tried they weren't working out. So I decided to play around in a different way and using what's close to me... my camera. I'm going to walk you thru some color inspiration I found in my scrap space and around my house and then finally to what I was able to make. This might be what I do every week just to make this more fun, while doing this I even found things for last weeks colors but didn't add them.
I forgot to mention the colors even though you could guess from the first picture. The most voted for colors this week are ORANGE & HOT PINK!!  Don't they look so yummy together!!
Now I was ready to play again and made a couple things in no time at all. Didn't realize how many things I have in these colors around the house. I must say that orange is my preference over pink but together they make me happy. Our full bath is actually red/orange/pink and is a mess right now so I couldn't get any pictures or at a good angle to show you all these colors but it's bright and happy in there. First thing I did was throw some paint on paper and added some doodles with sharpies. My plan is to cut them up into hearts or flowers later on, it was fun just to play and paint with them.
I made a collage with all the papers in these colors, have been doing this a lot lately and enjoy them.
I knew I wanted circles on a card so that's what I did
I love this one, messy and fun
Thanks Kristin for another inspired week in colors, can't wait to see what next week's colors will be. I want to play with these more and try adding in some brown to the mix. While out at the mall there was orange everywhere and even two purses in the colors from last week and this week's. So glad to have some blog friends jumping in with this challenge and the wonderful community there sharing their work. It's been fun scrolling thru and seeing what everyone comes up with. Take a look if you haven't yet by clicking on the link above or the yellow button in the top right of my blog.
We have had a great week, feels like summer and the pool is where we are at most days. Have a great day and thanks for coming by.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hello, how are you? Can you believe June is flying by already, I feel like our summer is almost half over already. Today I'm sharing the cards I made during the Let's Get Trendy Now 3 workshop, am still hoping to do more but need to post these while I have time. So much fun it was to make these.
The first one up in the above picture was on using NEON, some people are afraid to use it. Thankfully the talented ladies here gave us great tips and I really enjoyed working with these colors. It's much brighter in person, I wanted to draw black circles around the inside of the color circles but my kids all told me to leave it just like this. I have ideas for another card using neon, hope to get to it.
The next theme was about using sequins which I have never used before on anything. I loved all the projects on using these. While folding laundry and thinking of what kind of card to make it came to me. I was folding my grandma's shirt and had these gorgeous red flowers with little clear beads on the them, light bulb moment. I knew just what to do and LOVE how this came out. Almost left it with just he red flowers but had some old rub-ons I thought would work to add more fun to the card. This card will always be special to me because of my grandma.
here is the picture of my grandma's shirt. I have to say a lot of shirts inspire me
this next one was about using something you already have to make something else, I think it was like recycling or repurpose sorry can't remember the exact words used for this lesson. Anyhow, I knew right away that I wanted to use a brown paper bag which are the brown bottom layer of the flowers. The top layer is my very favorite thing to use, a Kleenex box. I love cutting these up and using the designs on them. They were too thick for my circle punchers so I had to cut them. At first I had colored flowers on it but then thanks to my IG friends said to go with the white. I like this one too, it's going to be hard to send these to people. Growing a nice little pile of cards now, thanks to the workshops I've been taking. Now I need some envelopes and somewhere to store these.
Here is another card I made with the recycle idea. I keep my scraps that I use my punches on and reuse them later as a stencil.  This didn't quite come out as planned but it's growing on me. Not sure what or where to add a greeting to the front of it though. The kids/girls really love this card too.
So there is my cards for the first 4 days, the last day is about layers and that is where I always get stuck. My style seems to go towards white space and a simple/clean look. This is for all my projects and even in life, less is more and the more simple the more happier I am. Going to keep trying though and will share with you if I come up with something. So happy to have had this week of creative ideas and wonderful talented ladies. Thanks so much to all of you!!
Let me know if you have a favorite here. The second week of SOC is going and the colors are HOT PINK AND ORANGE, YUMMMMY!! I'm playing around with the colors and will try to post on Friday. Feel free to join in, doesn't matter when you start just that you JUMP IN AND START, click on the yellow button at the top right side of my blog.
We are full swing into summer here and will post pictures of that next week. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Hello,  how are you? We are enjoying the first week of summer vacation, could use more sunshine and less rain though. Haven't been able to fully enjoy being outdoors or any water places yet. Doesn't look like we will anytime soon either. Thankfully Kristin over at  is keeping us inspired with her Summer Of Color challenge this summer. For this first week the colors turquoise and citron green won most votes, aren't they pretty together. Since I've been on a roll with the card making thanks to the Let's Get Trendy Now workshop last week it seemed fitting to keep rolling with the card making. I do have the cards all finished for that class and will be sharing them later.
I have been playing all week with these colors and different mediums too. The picture above are the 3 cards I came up with. Using the tape like this was new for me, I like how they turned out and all the white space makes me happy. The bottom card was made from a stamp I've never used before, YAY! I like that this challenge is helping me use up supplies, thinking in a different way, making me think of colors all day and wanting to sketch, paint, scrap and do everything in this color.  I seriously thought to tell the kids we will cook all our foods for a day with these colors, is that crazy??!!
Thanks Kristin for the inspiration and the hard work you put into this challenge, I love it already and know it will make my summer more fun and creative. Can't wait to see what colors win next week, they all look YUMMY to me. Oh, and I was thinking last night it would be nice if all my supplies were organized by color, would make this challenge easier for me. I had to dig around for these things, my scrap space needs a serious clean-up. Some of my readers are already joining in the fun with me, can't wait to see what you've come up with. My friend Shahrul has hers posted now and you must go over and see the darling little book she made. Visit her at and take a peek at it.
To learn more about this click on the yellow SOC button at the top right of my blog or the link above.
I want to say a big THANK YOU for all the sweet and excited comments on my Project Life post below!!! I am loving my new kit so much and keep playing with the cards, can't wait for the week to be over so I can do more pages!! Did you see all the new kits coming to Amazon, crazy isn't it. They are all gorgeous,  love all the choices out there now. Even those sweet mini kits are making me drool. So anyhow thanks so much ladies for your support and excitement!!
Have a great day and will see you soon with another card post and PROJECT LIFE!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


So, did you hear the BIG NEWS??!! Archiver's is now carrying Project Life!!! I found out on Thursday thru their email, I was full of JOY, NERVES, JOY, DOUBTFUL, JOY and you get the idea. For 6 months now I've been doing PL a whole new way, some weeks enjoying and other weeks not so much. I learned from it, grew from it and am so PROUD of myself for trying it and sticking with it this long. I am forever THANKFUL TO ALL OF YOU WHO WERE THERE TO HELP ME THRU THIS TIME AND SUPPORT ME AND KEEP ME MOTIVATED AND INSPIRED. COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT ALL OF YOU!! I also wouldn't go back and change a thing, I really do love this little PL version and will keep it close to my heart forever. Excuse the extra mushy here and if I sound dorky, but seriously PL is it for me, all my heart and soul goes into each week and it's the only thing/hobby/interest I've held onto for this long, this is my 5th year. Just like my first PL was all homemade because I didn't get a kit in time, each week I cut and cropped and filled my album with wonderful memories and lots of LOVE. Thank you Becky Higgins!!
Now that I knew this was happening for real, I had to decide which kit to get, only certain ones were going to be there. They also had an exclusive NEW kit just for them to pre-order too. It looks so pretty and is called SLATE, due there in July. Decisions, decisions???? I'm not good at this!!
Look at these GORGEOUS WHITE BOXES!! I stood there for over an hour going between 3 of them then 2 of them. I was so excited to see all these PL products right in front of me, can you imagine how Becky must feel when she sees these in the warehouses and now the STORES. I was so happy for her at this moment and how far she's come in a short time, so proud of her and the PL team. I didn't even need to look anywhere else in this amazing store, it was all right there. So my choices were Blush, Honey and Jade. All 3 looked amazing and would have taken them all but only one could come home with me. I ruled out Blush first and started going back and forth with the other two. Finally Rich and kids came in and I still couldn't decide, I was overwhelmed by then and so the kids helped me decide. So I grabbed that, an album and 2 page protectors packs. Actually didn't realize till home and opened them up that the protectors were the wrong style. Wait till you see what I got, haha it's a good laugh. So are you ready to see which kit??!! I held onto this box all the way home and kept smiling and feeling like it was Christmas morning. Ok let's peek at the newest Project Life!!
Say hello to the HONEY PROJECT LIFE KIT!!! Isn't she gorgeous and bright and WOW!! I was so excited to open this up and stare at all these fun cards. Guess what they are double sided, YIKES!! I forgot about that and WOW these cards are HUGE and what have I done and WOW these are a lot of colors and I got nervous. Then I opened the protectors and noticed they were the wrong style, really is this a joke. I couldn't go back to the store, it's an hour away. I was kinda sad and ready to cry by then. Sorry, just keeping it real here ladies. I put it aside and went about chores and kids. Couple hours later, went back to it and looked thru the cards again and started feeling that JOY again and that Christmas morning feeling and saw this card and knew I had done the right thing, this card is so ME!
This is me everyday!! So let's get to the fun stuff!!
HELLO PROJECT LIFE JUNE 2013!!! LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY!! Ok now look at the page protector style. Can you see what's so funny?? Yep, I went and got the style with 10 little pockets and only ONE 4x6 pocket. Seriously, how did I mess this up. My one main reason for getting back to this size was to have my 4x6 back and not crop everything. It blame it on doing this for 6 months and my brain only knowing this style now, haha I can laugh about it now.
I'm starting this new album with June, even though I got it on June 8th, remember NO RULES IN PROJECT LIFE!! I totally did my own thing with these first few pages. This first page is about the last day of school for us last Thursday. It's the CLAP-OUT we had at school for Sam and Cam who graduate now and go to middle school. So fun yet sad to see this day come. The bottom 3 photos are dark but it's us in the car with DQ ice cream as is our tradition last day of school treat. It was cold and rainy today so not much fun for pictures or ice cream. Totally love this first page and feels like my long lost best friend is by my side again. Are you ready to see more??!!
Here's the weekly spread, look at those 4x6's in there!! I pulled out the last 4 empty pages I had in last year's PL and put them in here for every other week. My other reason was to not have to crop Rich's pictures of the garden and other fun summer time photos and group ones. I  can't wait to put a sunset picture in here and more cloud/sky photos. Remember to click on this to see better. Even though I had to crop down some of these I was happy to do it and didn't look so small. This album looks huge even today to me. I have stared and played with it all day. Even told Rich I want to take a bunch of photos today and just fill up each page just for fun. So happy about this kit and can't wait to get a couple more to go with it when I can. Would love to get the Season's kit especially!!
Sorry for the long post but you know me, I love to tell the WHOLE STORY! Oh, and look at the cards on the left, see the CLOUD filler cards and the green and flowers, perfect for this summer!! I even put my favorite filler card in the bottom corner on the right side, will use these a lot.
So tomorrow starts the SOC, click on that yellow button on the right of my blog to see what colors WON and will be what we use this first week, can't wait!!  Thank you for the comments on my card, will post more of them this week along with my Index Cards and last week's PL pages in my old album. They are done but still need to get pictures of it. Love how they came out!
Thanks again ladies for your prayers for Colt, he is finally feeling better. To my dear friend Robin, this post is the surprise I told you about at church this morning. MY NEW PROJECT LIFE!!
Have a great day and thanks so much for reading this long crazy but HAPPY POST!!