Friday, October 31, 2014


Hello and Happy Halloween! I'm sharing a favorite picture of my favorite thing to do in November. Making thankful leaves and my grandma helping me last year with them. LOVE THIS!! It's that time again already, mine are cut out and ready to go starting tomorrow November 1st and all month long. Hope some of you will join in and doing this with me. It's for everyone and all ages, just write down on a leaf something your thankful for that day and hang it up. You will see that spot grow big and your heart will be so thankful all month long.
I've had computer issues again the last week and am lucky it's working right now, YAY!! We are getting a new modem today since it appears what the problem is and my friend Nancy got us another monitor to borrow that will be bigger then this little one I'm using and still have to shake to work, lol. Thank you Nancy!! Let's hope all this change will make it possible for me to share T Time next week.  Until then here's to November!!
Hello to my favorite month with a close tie with October
Hello to Sam turning 13, yep a teenager, the last one in the house, sigh
Hello to Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday
Hello to turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie
Hello to almost done with Soccer after next week's tournament, YAY
Hello to time changes and being dark outside at 6:00, sad face here
Hello to crafting and Project Life while it's cooler outside
Hello to Heather and Jennifer and kids going to Disney, YIPPEE!!
Hello to wearing coats and gloves and staying warm
Hello Thanksgiving LEFTOVERS, my favorite part
Hello to enjoying the last of fall leaves
Hello to drinking warm tea and cider
Hello to using blankets and slippers to stay warm
Hello to all the blessings and thankful hearts we will have
Have a great Halloween and Happy November

Saturday, October 18, 2014

T stands for Two times the fun in one night

Hello and Happy T Day! I'm posting this Saturday night so I don't miss out on it this week. Hope you everyone had a good week. The weather is cold and yucky but the scenery is gorgeous and colorful!! Today I'm sharing pictures from our chili cook off fundraiser for Kristin. We had a great time and Rich won first prize in the spiciest chili category. This is the basket that I made as one of the prizes, not Rich's. I filled it with chili stuff, fall goodies to make, fall candle and this fall mug like mine. Rich even added a bag of his hot and sweet peppers from the garden. All the baskets were awesome tonight. Rich won a basket filled with hot sauces and spices and pepper things for the kitchen.
We all wore our blue prayer shirts again, remember these from our other fundraiser for her. I love seeing us all in matching shirts and supporting her while she's out serving on her mission. Tomorrow we are hoping to Skype with her from church. It will be so nice for others to see her and talk with her. We've been so lucky and get to face time her almost daily and text daily but for some they haven't seen or talked to her all this time.
I took pictures of the poster board at church that has pictures so far from Kristin's countries. She sends me a few each month so I put them here for others to see. If you click on it you can see better.
Here are the ones from right now in Romania, love these ones. She is doing so good there and having the most amazing experience with everybody there. YAY!!
I got this picture before everyone showed up.
Not only was it chili night but homecoming was that night too. Summer helped Renee get ready in our bathroom at the church. YAY!! Lots of room and lights and Summer got to practice curling like she is in cosmetology class now. So much fun having them there and everyone got to see Renee too.
There she is going to her senior year Homecoming dance!!! So pretty and the perfect dress for her.
Here is Sam catching up to her now that he passed me and Summer.
Here she is with her date, they went as friends. He was so cute and polite, they had a great time.
I'm so excited to share my new ATC from Dianne, I'm sure you recognize her style here. She loves fall and Halloween just like I do. I LOVE this ATC so much and even her art business card she attached to it. I just love it all, she actually pieced all these together, so awesome!! Thank you Dianne for trading with me.
If you would like to see what everyone else is doing this Tuesday stop by and visit at Elizabeth's and say hello, feel free to share what your doing too. Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us this week and every week. I'm amazed at how you always show up and get so much done each week.
Have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Hello, I'm here and doing well, not so for the computer again. It's this old one we are using from Rich's work, it's verrrry slow and makes coming on here not fun. I hope to post next week for T Time. Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the weather and changing of seasons.
Around here we had a chili cook off that went well
Around here Renee went to homecoming
Around here we has summer weather days and it was great
Around here the leaves are changing and it's so pretty
Around here we had the windows open and shorts on, YAY
Around here time is flying by fast
Around here the kids are all doing well in school
Around here Sam is already asking for winter and snow, sorry friends
Around here I'm getting ready to do Week in the Life next week with Ali Edward's
Around here I'm trying to decide if I should do a December album
Around here the little ones are doing super good, getting bigger too
Around here this month makes it 4 years since we got Lucky, YAY
Around here Kristin is in Romania and doing VERY GOOD
Around here I missed seeing Nancy at church, hope you will be there Sunday
I love doing these kinds of posts, so fun. Have a great weekend and see you on Tuesday.

Monday, October 6, 2014

T stands for Tea for Two and Monday Mandala Together

Hello and Happy T Day! Today I'm sharing with the lovely ladies at Elizabeth's what's in our cup and what's new this week. This picture was taking two weeks ago when I went over to visit my cousin Jennifer who was in town for a week. She asked me right away if I'd like tea and a homemade scone! YUM! So nice of her to do that and she knows all about my linking up here for T day, so there is our tea in the picture. We had the best time talking and catching up, the few hours I was there went by way to fast. Can't wait to see her again in December. I'm sure there will be tea involved.
Rich is happy some of the watermelons made it and could be picked. It tasted very good, fresh from the garden and didn't last long once he cut it up. Little Colt has been waiting for it to be ready too, forgot to get a picture of him eating but he loved it.
Hello Project Life! I've been working on mine and getting caught up, sat one day for about 2 hours and got it done. That was two weeks ago, now I need to do the last two weeks since this week shown, lol. Will do that today and tomorrow and show you next week. The cards I used this week were from my secret pal at church, love the colors of them and the filler cards. You can click on the image to see better and read it or click on the close ups below.
Here is the left side. Look at the sky and backyard, love seeing this and never tire of taking a picture. Soon it won't be green but fall colors instead and the garden will be gone. I took a self timer picture of me doing the dishes, need to do this more, it took me 8 tries to get it. The bottom picture is of Kristin sharing her nice camera with a little one, LOVE LOVE THIS!! She is doing great by the way and is in Romania this month. Very busy month for her there and her leg is slowly healing still. The bottom picture of our amazing dinner Rich cooked. Everything was so good and I had been craving this all day so I had to get a picture of it.
I love this side because it means I got all my kids in this weeks pages, Kristin is on the left side remember. This doesn't happen often so I'm happy. As a bonus my nieces are both in it too. The bottom right one is my favorite story, Sam has had a growth spurt and passed Summer and me and is on his way to hopefully passing Renee next. He hasn't grown like this in sometime so it's so crazy to see it now. I tease him now at bedtime not to grow anymore while he's sleeping. Click on the image to see and read better.
Happy Fall Mandala Monday too! I am so thankful for finding these leaves and acorns on a walk down the road. That mini pumpkin is from our garden, excited that we got about 20 of them. Made this out on the deck with a small breeze so I worked quick to get this. Next week I will be sharing why it will be even harder for me to make these now and it's not because of the weather.
Hope you have had a good week, thank you for the wonderful comments and visits. Can you believe it's October already. Hoping these next two months go slow so I can enjoy fall to the fullest. Have a great day, I will be coming around to visit you and see what's new.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hello to the colored leaves popping up everywhere
Hello to cooler weather, but not to cool
Hello to jumping and playing in leaves
Hello to beautiful fall sunsets
Hello to walking at track and not sweating
Hello to candy galore
Hello to warm cider and apples
Hello to pumpkins and pumpkin pies at the store
Hello to jeans and jackets
Hello to the last of fall soccer
Hello to turning back clocks, I don't like that part
Hello to the last month before Sam is 13
Hello the magic and beauty October brings when you go outside
Hello to staying in more and crafting, reading, napping, baking
Hello to Kristin being in Romania and on month 4
Hello to Renee going to her senior homecoming
Hello to all the fun and adventure a new month brings
My computer is acting up again, looks like a virus. Rich got it kinda working now, once we turn it off, not sure if it will turn back on. That's why you haven't seen me this week. Now I babysit the next two days and have activities each night too. Will come and visit everyone soon as I can.
Hope you are all doing well and excited for another month of beautiful FALL!!
Hello Nancy, see you Sunday!