Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sewing and drawing fun

Hello! It's the halfway mark in January already, crazy isn't it. The weather is finally winter here, kids had a snow day yesterday and we've been shoveling for the last 3 days now. Warmer weather is coming for the weekend and then back to cold.
Today I wanted to share the quilt above, it's very special and so perfect!! When my grandma passed away, I was thinking of her clothes, since I washed them and would pick them out for her to wear and several pieces inspired some of my art either for it's color or design. I am thankful to have a cousin who does some sewing and she was here for grandma's funeral and to stay a bit. We talked about my ideas and she said YES to making me a table runner using bits of grandma's clothing. SO excited and it came out SO GOOD!! Just what I wanted and it makes me so happy!! Thank you Jennifer!! Click on the image to see it better if you need. My goal this year is to be able to sew and quilt like this.
which leads me to this, my little crafty sewing machine I got about 4 years ago at WalMart. I've wanted to learn how to use it and keep using it to make some homemade goodies for friends and family and to sew on my art projects. Stay tuned for more on this new adventure.
This year I am going to sketch more too, January has me going strong every year and then I slowly stop. This year is all about finishing and going strong all the way. I joined Susan in this daily sketch she shared with me and I've enjoyed it so much. Here is some of what I've done so far.
I loved making the chairs, as much as they were hard to do, made me love them that much more and determined to keep sketching and enjoying the process!!
Same with the shoes, hard but so good for me!!
Now the cats I'm not so sure about, lol.  I want to do the pitchers again and draw lots of them. That's all I have for you, will show you more later on. 
What else is going on around here,  we are all doing good. I know Summer graduating is going to come fast, just ordered her tassel, a year ago I ordered Renee's, yep it goes that fast. I've been reading more, YAY, spending more time in my bible each morning and afternoon, blesses me so much. Summer and Sam go to winter camp at church this weekend, I will be helping in the kitchen, YAY! Kristin enjoyed her first almost two weeks at a new job, so happy for her!! We didn't win the power ball, Sam was very excited about it and wanted to win so much. I wasn't into it, more trouble then it's worth I thought, would make life easier but complicate it in other ways.
Hope you are doing well and stay warm or cool wherever you are. Thanks so much for reading and will see you again next week. Stay safe and enjoy your week. HUGS!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year and PL 2016

Hello and Happy New Year!! Hello 2016! Almost a week into this year and we are doing good, cold weather is here, the kids just went back yesterday, feel good to be in routine again. We celebrated NYE with our favorite tradition of fondue "fundue"  love doing this each year. I know it won't last much longer but happy we were all here to bring in the new year.Hope you are doing well too!
I'm happy to start in my new PL for the year, a smaller easier album. This year I won't be doing it by the week/month, just the stories I want to tell as they happen. I have the first ones to share with you below and am so happy with this size already and no stressing about the weekly spreads. It's been 5 years so it's nice to change it and make it work for us right now where we are.
Here is the title page for it, simple and pretty!! I like that the journal cards on top say what I really want for this album. Celebrate our stories one at a time, and celebrate is one of my "words" this year so I knew it had to be in here.
Here are the first two stories. The right side is about Sam taking over making the "communion bread" at church. He already sets up communion each Sunday and wanted to do the bread too, he does enjoy doing this and doing it for the church. So happy about that!!! So this was our first attempt and we did good!!  The right side is about Kristin's first day this past Monday at her new job. So thrilled for her and the new direction she's going in and this job is so awesome for her right now. The card on the bottom looks white but there is a light design on it if you click on to see it.
My third story right now which is so AWESOME!! Sienna got a camera for Christmas, HOORAY!! She loves taking pictures too and hopefully we can get them scrapped too. She is a girl after my own heart, so big too, no more little Sienna. Happy to pass the story telling down to this sweet girl.
There you have it,  our stories already for the new year, love this size so much. Let's hope I'm still saying that in June, lol. 
Take care friends, thanks so much for reading and commenting. Have a good week and wishing you all the very best for a happy, healthy New Year.