Sunday, July 31, 2011

WITL... Day 7 last day took 90 pictures

What a crazy day today was. Everything that could go wrong did and then some things went right. I took a lot of pictures today without even trying. Summer was gone most of the afternoon and that sent our little family spinning. I realize things go a little better when she's here and can spend her time hanging out with them together and seperately she keeps the peace more often. I did do some thinking and writing today about my thoughts this week and what has changed from last year's WITL. I am thinking of posting this tomorrow night if time or Tuesday instead of PL. In doing this week's project the stories are not jumping out at me like last years so maybe after a little looking back and digging deeper I will find some stories. I'm not even going to attempt to put this album together this week. Just going to take a breather and let it sink in and maybe the week after that give it a try.
Hope everyone had a good day and enjoyed their project. It will be nice tomorrow to not pick up my camera. So glad to have done this again though and to have sooo many pictures of our days this week. That alone is a precious treasure to me.
Sunday's papers are the best and we all like to read it. Sunday's are also the best because Rich doesn't work, the only day off he gets. We slept in till 6:30 which is pretty good for us, usually we are up between 5&5:30. We love having the morning to ourselves and enjoy the quiet before the kids wake up. Today they slept in good and Rich had time to read the whole sports section which was about the Indians winning last night. Sunday's are also my favorite because he is home to help tag team with the kids and make breakfast and things mostly go smoother.

I took a photo of my sweetie mowing out an upstairs window. I love doing this and looking at our yard and over the neighborhood, beautiful and green everywhere.

I decided to wear my hair different today by pulling it back into a clip. First time I've ever done that. Then a ton of hairspray and hoped it would all stay put. Yippee it did stay and it felt nice having it out of my face and different style. Meant to take more pictures of my outfit today too. Wearing my recently new tanks and jean skirt. It was very hot again so didn't get out too much.
This is a funny story about my sweetie. I had already snuck and took pictures of him mowing earlier out our window. In this picture it's an hour later and Renee takes him out a drink and he tells her "GO ASK YOUR MOM WHY SHE ISN'T GETTING A PICTURE OF ME MOWING FOR HER ALBUM". So Renee comes in & tells me, I start laughing and go out tell him it's because I did some sneaky ones already but that I will take another one to make him happy. He is so cute and funny. Thankful he works hard in the yard and does it all for me.

my picture at 4:00 today. This is Lucky laying under my chair, he squeezes in there and sleeps nearby me. My own little shadow keeping me company.

Summer came home from a bday party and went in pool with Sam. He had been waiting all day for her. The house isn't the same when one of them is gone, especially Summer she is what holds the three of them together. They both need her and she plays best with them. Today wasn't my kinda Sunday because of this, it was long and whining because of Sam mostly and Renee just didn't want to do much. Summer gets them up and moving and laughing. Thank you for coming home Summer.

I decided to see how many things I could find to represent July 31 or just 31

a perfect ending to my second WEEK IN THE LIFE!! Thanks Ali for opening my eyes, sharing your journey, your inspiration, and my family for putting up with the camera 24/7 this week.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the 6 waterpark

How do these week fly by..... can't believe tomorrow is Sunday already. Today's total pictures is 65 which isn't bad, just very low amounts this week compared to last year's. I'm hoping to have enough for an album so still not sure what kind or how big it will be yet. I've also decided to wait a bit to put together and collect my thoughts more and see what other's are doing. We will also be busy this coming week and I don't want to rush it. Last year it took me a good 2/3 solid weekends to put together.

By the way I put my pictures in the wrong order, they go from night to morning. Sorry about that. Also going to share a few things I noticed today and wrote down on my worksheets.

* Lucky loves Summer sitting with him in the morning and he is still missing us from being gone yesterday at wedding.
*fruit prices went back up this week at store, dang it. didn't buy so much this week now
*Our pool water is green after we forgot to take cover off yesterday, Rich had to shock it twice today to help it
*Rich tried his first corn/cob fresh from garden tonight and says it was very good and should be ready for picking
*everyday Lucky leaves water drops on the floor after drinking and I have to wipe it up

Favorite moment:
Renee and Summer had fruit pizza again for breakfast
Summer watched a cute show "NOW AND THEN" this morning
Sam pulled out his own tooth, very happy and exciting
All of us joking at taking turns living at these huge houses we passed and the joking around on ride to water park.

We did have fun going out again today and my hope for us this summer was to visit more local parks/places this summer. Thinking of doing a mini album of this summer about our outings.
Hope everyone had a great day and enjoy your Sunday.

late start on dinner, making BLT's
Sam is playing with the spray guns here but look in the background. See those cool awesome tons of basketball hoops. That is what I wanted to do, it would be so fun to have a hoop for each of us at one time and could play. Didn't have time though, darn it. Might have to come back.

love this photo of him smiling and enjoying this slip/slide.
The girls are on that blue boat and us 3 rode on another boat. so relaxing and pretty

Rich going down lazy river with kids then we did the slides, lunch and onto the pedal boats which I liked.
look at him go and his long hair flying in the wind, that's my boy!! He was actually nervous
Sam was tall enough to ride the go-karts, he's excited. Turns out they weren't that fun, he got hit a couple times and it made his head jerk back hard. I saw it happened but he had to keep going, poor guy.
love love this, we are on way to water park and Sam is in back pulling out his loose tooth. It's finally out, yipppee no more crying and pain for Sam. So fun taking this picture
wrote a note to remind hubby we need peanut butter and his mom needs his help

grateful for Lucky getting me outdoors more to enjoy nature's beauty & wet dew still on the grass and my shoes
love seeing this morning ritual

WITL..... day 5 Wedding Day is here

I'm so glad Ali picked this week since we had a family wedding. This was so much fun and it was so nice to be out with the whole big family and celebrating this much awaited and excited for wedding. This was the youngest cousin and I'm the oldest, so it was special to see the last of us getting married. We stayed till 11:00 dancing with the kids and having fun.

I was only going to take photos at the wedding but started taking them early at home and couldn't quit, my total photos for today was 140 which is my most this week I think. Sorry for the blurry wedding ones, it's hard to take them when everyone's moving and the weird lighting didn't help either. Need to learn more about taking these kind of pictures.

This weekend my plan is to get us out again somewhere even though it's hot and muggy already today and will be tomorrow. For some reason there's not many photos of myself like last years, so more photos of me and of us all together using the self-timer, getting more of Lucky and the weekend chores, my hubby since he will be home with us now. I'm much happier about how the week is turning out and realize I needed to just relax and go with the flow of summer vacation and not having any set schedule.
Have a good weekend everyone.
I love this idea of doing a date picture every day and these two were willing to help out. Renee actually made these for me also. Great job Renee and thank you both for helping.
I want to remember how Lucky loves to lay under the table and squeezes in there. He is too funny.
I like this new idea of doing foggy picture, came out ok I guess wasn't sure how it would turn out.
our cute little duck clock in the bathroom. my mom found it for me and it matches the duck theme and was perfect and so cute. I'm running behind this morning from too much blog reading, love reading everyone's WITL though.
a quick self photo of myself before leaving for errands. not happy about the rain right now and it is very muggy outside
This is a bad photo but at our local high school here there is a sign out front that flashes the temp. and I just missed it but showed 78 degrees.
At the bank drive thru and watching the new tv monitors they have while you wait. It's full of beautiful pictures of animals. The horse one here is my favorite.
Not happy about the price of my soup going UP AGAIN. This is making it hard for me to buy and I try to eat it 3 times a week. This is what's helped me loose weight and keep it off. Not sure what I will do if it hits the $2 mark. I try to buy only items under $2 when I can.
just a light grocery day for now. we are trying to make plans for the weekend so not sure how much we need for the week yet. the tgif is a splurge and the girls will be tickled.
I love love reading magazines. This is my favorite section at the store
checking out our books at the library. we love it here.

I love reading the TGIF on Friday's with the food/movie reviews.
We got to see Sienna before the wedding. She is so pretty and all dressed up, snuck a picture in. My girls and Sam look great too I think. We don't dress up too often so I'm glad to have this picture.
my uncles have a nursery and they decorated the church with different trees. Looked beautiful.

There's my sweet little Sienna and doing so good. She looked down the whole walk up the aisle. I want to remember that my dad said Hi Jill when the bride walked down the aisle, I was laughing so hard. He is so funny.
I made sure to get one photo of me in my new dress for the wedding. It was fun to dress up a little and the dress was light and kept me cool enough. It was a humid day outside.

we had a couple wait between wedding and reception so we came home and the kids played on the wii. the girls also made fruit pizza for a snack.
A CANDY TABLE for the kids, they loved it and kept sneaking in there for more. Of course the adults snacked on it too. IT was almost too pretty to eat I think. The bride also ordered chicken fingers/fries for the kids dinners. She thought of everything.
the table was beautiful
these two are buddies, love them together. Took Sienna outside for fresh air and a little walk. Earlier in the bathroom she saw herself in the big mirror and loved seeing her dress and said she looked like a princess. I told her she was and she said so is my mommy. So sweet. Love Sam in brown with his hair and summer tan.
The happy and gorgeous couple. She still seems to young to be married even though she's 27 to me she looks 20. Congrats and best wishes you two.
cutting of the cake, they only smashed it a little on each other
my kids and nieces dancing together, so much fun
the father and daughter dance