Saturday, October 31, 2015

HELLO NOVEMBER... my favorite month!!

Hello to my favorite month of the year
Hello to collecting leaves everyday jut for fun
Hello to more fall colors everywhere
Hello to Thanksgiving, my favorite day/holiday of the year
Hello to Thanksgiving leftovers
Hello to writing out Thankful leaves
Hello to Sam's birthday, 14 years this year
Hello to my scrapbook weekend retreat
Hello to my woman's weekend retreat
Hello to cooler weather, not cold just cooler
Hello to sweatshirts and gloves
Hello to blankets and books
Hello to being more thankful then usual :)
Hello to Sam asking for snow for his birthday
Hello to not stressing for the holidays
Hello to leftovers, sorry you know they are my favorite
Hello to pumpkin pie and whip cream
Hello to planning my 2016 PL??
Hello to all the fun, love and new memories of the month
Happy Halloween this weekend too! This will be my first year of not taking any kids trick or treating in 26 years. It's all I've done since being a mom at 19,  so weird not going out tonight. We are staying in and watching a scary movie, I think, plans with teenagers can change at a moments notice, lol.
Thank you for reading and your comments! HUGS!

Monday, October 19, 2015

T stands for Tradition

Hello and Happy T Day! The weeks are flying by now this month and feels even more like fall, furnace is on and bigger coats and gloves came out a few times too. I'm sharing a fall favorite of mine for today's T gang at Eilizabeth's as you know we share our beverage/cup choice for the day. It's no surprise I'm sure to most of you that mine is warm cider and a doughnut, each fall this is my treat. Each year I look forward to this tradition and the kids do too, next time I'll be sure to leave some out for you to enjoy also. Do you have a fall treat you like, please share if you do?
Sharing my mandala with you today, used the flowers from my grandma's funeral to make. I've been wanting to make a fall one but don't have anything fall to use. Was happy just to make one again,  I do enjoy the process of it, relaxes and makes my heart happy.
Thanks for letting us share our Tuesday's together Elizabeth, so fun to see what others are up too. Hope you all have a good week and thanks for your comments and visits, love reading them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Around here...

Around here I started painting the living room WHITE!! I love white!
Around here the white is making me happy!!
Around here I can't wait to have a Christmas tree with the new white walls!
Around there the weather has still been gorgeous for fall, enjoying it so much!
Around here Summer got her first job, YIPPEEE!! At Marc's !!
Around here I found a diary of my grandma Ruth's and love reading it
Around here the garden is tilled and done for the year
Around here I'm working on more PL pages
Around here I'm ready for Thanksgiving !
Around here my sisters have pedometers too
Around here soccer is will be over after Saturday
Around here I'm still missing and thinking of grandma
Around here there is football excitement on Sunday's
Around here school and college are going well for kids
Around here I'm not sure what our Halloween night will look like??
Hope your having a good week friends, will hopefully be back next Tuesday with a T time post. Thank you for your visits and comments, they make my day!

Monday, October 5, 2015

T stands for daTes with mom

Hello and Happy T Day! Hope everyone has had a good week. This past week has been filled with every emotion there is with my grandma's passing and life in general. I took a day of rest just for myself and the quiet house. I did things that were good for my heart and none of them were chores, lol.  Here's a peek at one thing I did, colored in my new adult coloring book I got a few months ago. It was relaxing and nice to just play with color and sip my tea. Wishing there pages weren't double sided though, sharpies go right through them. So colored pencils were needed instead.
In the middle of my grandma's health issues and moving around we had our MOM date, we've been trying to get to this orchard/farmer's market kind of store my mom really wanted to see. This was actually on the first day of FALL, how perfect it was to go and welcome in my favorite season.
The grass was still pretty wet from the cold night so I got a side picture of the front of it.
LOVE IT, would love a front porch like this!
Of course, there were pretty mums of all colors
My favorite kinds of pumpkins, mini ones! I took one orange and white one home with me
Inside was full of jelly's and jams and
Brussel Sprouts too, first time I've seen them this way
They did have some coffee and cups you could buy
The place was small but packed with so much fun stuff to see and taste.
They bake pies and fudge too, which my mom and sisters took home.
We sat on the porch for some photos, probably my favorite part, love the rocking chairs they had out there. Some were two together with a table between them, so neat.
Used the self timer to get us all in, YAY!!
Once of just me, thanks MOM!
One last one out by the pumpkins
So glad we made it there finally and that we had some time together. Not sure what our next date will be but will be good again I'm sure. Hard to believe the year is almost over, do hope we keep up with these weekly dates.
Thanks so much for your visits and comments, I love them all. Today is a babysitting day for me so I will be around sometime later today or tomorrow to say hello.
If you didn't see them yet, I did 28 Project Life pages for a challenge and posted them below if you want to see them. Not caught up with it yet but got so much done.
Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us at T time again this week and helping me get linked up in time.
Have a good week and thank you again!