Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Project Life August 21- 27

The last full week of August already, hard to believe. This week is packed with 3 extra photo page protectors and one page protector for my papers. I had a very very hard time deciding on how much to include and in the end I decided to add it all in. Seriously thinking now that my album may not make it till the end of the year, it is getting pretty full.
I'm thinking of adding more to this week in either more photos and/or writing a page about our school day. For me it's all the details that count on this important day and I didn't have room for all of it. Lately I've been thinking of making some layouts and adding them in too.


Ok now on to my finished pages for this past week, enjoy.
On the right side is the front of the extra PP showing about my backyard and the left side is what we did on Sunday.
On the right is the front side of the extra photo protector showing more about our day before school. On the left side is about all the happiness in my backyard.
On the right side is a extra photo protector with my story of babysitting. On the left side is about our day before school starting. I like that the bigger journal cards fit in these pockets.
On the right side is a newspaper article about the dream house winner ( it wasn't us) and our tickets we bought for it. The left side is baby Colt who learned to crawl this week and keeps going after his sister's Dora house.
The right side is some pictures of the first day of school. I have tons and might add more and I am thinking of adding a typed story of our day as well. There was too much to write on the journal cards. On the left side is some newspaper clippings of my hubby's favorite baseball team excited about having an old player back on their team and winning their first 2 games with him.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Babysitting adventures & color theme week idea


I just had to share how cute my little munchkin cousins were last week when I babysat. This was the first time with just me and them and my kids at school. This whole summer they have been playing with the munchkins and spoiling them so I was looking forward to having them to myself for once. A small part of me was a little nervous too because it is helpful having one of the girls here to help watch one while I'm with another one. Thankfully both days went pretty well and they seemed happy that it was just the "3 of us" which Sienna kept saying to me. I even took her out back with me to run Lucky which we've never done before and they both did good together. To make things even more fun little Colt has decided to crawl all over the place and especially wants Sienna's toys which she isn't that happy about sharing. We did ok though and after awhile she came around and offered her toys to him which was so sweet.

Other things making me happy were:
1. seeing pumpkin pies in the store, love this kind of pie
2. cool days for us, love this and that fall is coming
3. that I ran at the track this morning and Renee was out there running the track to with her gym class. So funny seeing her in class. She did great!!
4. I just cleaned off most of my scrap table so I'm getting ready to catch up on many projects which I will be sharing here and doing some painting again.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School August 24, 2011

Well, we did it. The kids conquered their first day in 4th, 8th, 9th grades. It was very rainy and windy this morning so I couldn't take our usual pictures outside in front of the flower tree. This year too they are all on 3 different times so no more having 3 together all morning for me. Kinda sad about it and kinda like it for the one/one I will get with them. They all got up great and had a fun day, thank goodness. All 3 of them excited and can't wait to go back tomorrow. I was actually very CALM today that's how I felt CALM!! Usually that's not me but for some reason it was today. I didn't worry about as much and thru the day it just felt like they were doing ok. So I was able to relax and enjoy my house, OH YEAH BABY!! MY HOUSE IS MINE AGAIN, IT'S CLEAN !! I made myself go to the track then right back home to enjoy it. I even changed all the frames around the house and that alone made me feel so happy and felt like home again. No scrapping today but that's ok will do some next week. I cleaned both bathrooms, did 2 loads laundry, did dishes, wiped down kitchen, swept floor, changed litter box, ate lunch in peace and read a magazine. I kept thinking about them and all the fun we had over the summer and how excited they were to leave this morning. So I better quit babbling so you can go see the pictures now. Thanks for reading.
Here's my way to early riser today. She got up at 4:10 and couldn't go back to sleep. WHY DO YOU ASK???? BECAUSE THIS GIRL WAS READY FOR SCHOOL TODAY!! haha too bad she's the last one to leave, IN 4 HOURS!!! Oh man is she funny, my sweet girl and I will miss her today too. She didn't like her pictures be taken today, usually I have tons of her. She got right up and ready too, she is like me in that we are both morning people and get ready right away. The only difference is she is cranky and quiet and I love to talk and be busy. She is in 8th grade now and gets to RULE the school she says, haha told her good luck with that. Have fun today and please don't chat too much and please listen to the teachers. She is my social butterfly.
Here she is ready to go!! I have been waking her up at 5:30 for almost two weeks now getting her prepared for this early school time she has. Poor girl, she's my sleeper too. So proud of her though, never has complained and gotten up good and quiet everyday for me. Going to miss that braces smile all day!! Good luck sweetie.

Renee wrote a note to Sam telling him to have a good day. She won't get to see him in the mornings again after 8 years of seeing him every morning. Kinda sad they are all on different times this year. Sam was happy with the note from her.
Here's my freshman girl, I've been calling her that for weeks now. I love it and love her and hope all the best for her today on this important first day!! She looks so cute too I think. Hard to know what to wear but think she did good with this. See those flip flops oh man is she lucky to have those on, only in high school can you. Summer can't wait for that, she loves flip flops. Renee texted and got ready pretty quick. Her braces are killing her though, we got them tightened yesterday, poor girl. She was my only one who let me take tons of pictures today.
Sam is ready to go, got right up and ready just like always. He didn't want his pictures taken too much this morning. Said he didn't care why I wanted it. Couldn't go outside for them because it's windy and raining. He is excited to go and see his friends today. Good luck buddy.
So glad to have this picture, the last year these two will be home together. These two are buddies usually get along and are my funny ones. These two chatted in the bathroom for 15mts while Summer did her hair, so cute they are. Almost time for Sam's bus then after that Summer will leave too.
I love this picture and his new coat/shoes. Look how tall and blond he is, my sweet boy starting 4th grade already. It seems like yesterday he was going to 1st grade. Love you buddy!!
Here comes Sam!!! Hope he had a good day!!
Lucky is sooo happy to see Sam!! I think they both missed each other, Sam wanted to take him to school this morning and kept saying good-bye to him. Love that !
Renee texting me after school asking "WHATS FOR DINNER" that is so her, lol
She's home and soooo happy, look at her smile. I was mostly worried for her since it was all new. She loved it and did great and never got lost and saw tons of friends.
She had a fun language arts paper for homework. It was so fun to chat with her and her first day at high school went GREAT!! Only bad thing was her newly tighten braces hurt all day.
He was excited to see her too and she laid with him for a long time, he was soooo happy.
Here's Summer finally home!! Her bus was 1/2 hour late. He was so happy to have them all home. They talked my ear off all night till I left with Sam for soccer practice and another run to Walmart for supplies. I would say it was a great day for everyone!! It is hot and windy out and their was a gorgeous sunset again. So many mixed emotions today for me today as I sent them off and when they got home. I like that their is 3 different times so I can have one/one with each kid before and after school. For the next two days I babysit my cute cousins, ON MY OWN WITH NO EXTRA HELP FROM MY GIRLS!! Hope we all survive, haha so I may be MIA for a few days!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday and Monday Happiness in pictures!!!!

this is my FAVORITE FAVORITE picture of all, love love pumpkins. here is our first new little pumpkin. we are only getting a few more so hope these few grow good for me.
we have little and big sunflowers, they are my hubby's favorite and mine too
not sure what they are but they are so pretty and blooming big time
this is the sky/clouds to the left of me in the yard, love it
look at that beautiful sky and clouds. this is my backyard right now, love it.
this is the length of our back yard. goes all the way to the white shed on the left. Its hard to take care of all this yard, ready for a small yard
this tree always starts blooming right when school is going to start, only 2 more days!!!
sorry it's a bad photo. we took kristin to our favorite hot dog place. she loved it and so did we. they have a cool mural on the wall & under it the rules of eating a hot dog are written there
rich and I with renee and sam played tennis last night and had a blast and did better then ever. renee even wants to sign up, too bad the school already started tennis though. maybe next year

rich and renee played chess before bed last night. they are the only ones that play in our house

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What I did on my birthday !!!

Well we had a change of plans today. My hubby did have to work so it was just me and the kids. It ended up being a nice and quiet kinda day at home just hanging out and doing what I wanted. I included some pictures but actually kept forgetting to get some pictures too, better luck next year. so first is my list of the non picture things and then you can see some actual pictures from the day.

1. Sienna called and sang happy birthday to me and did it so well, this made me melt
2. my mom and my sister called and sang to me. so did my SIL and niece
3. Kristin my oldest came home again, very last minute plan but so happy to have her home again
4. We had a cake that I made. White cake with chocolate frosting, this is for both me and Rich bdays.
5. everyone got me the most beautiful heartfelt perfect cards this year
6. I had subway for lunch, yummy

I think that's it. So next up go check out the pictures. The kids did something special for me.
this is the track and the tennis courts down the road from my house. This is where Renee will be going to high school next week at. It's funny she will probably be out there for gym while I'm there walking. Her gym class uses the track and the courts for gym in the warm months so that means I have to share this peaceful, gorgeous place with a bunch of kids. This year I might just start hitting the streets and walking instead.
This is what was on the other side of the track, the moon up so high I had to really look up to see it. It's amazing how each side of me has something to love and inspire me to be out there. On the back side is a nursery and tons of trees just as beautiful to see.
Look at that gorgeous sunrise, it's all for me, lol....I was born at this time of day so it only seems fitting to be outside walking the track and enjoying God's beauty all around me. This is what gets me out of the house so early, I swear it's calling me to come out and enjoy it and soak it up. Yep, this is my favorite way to start the day right after my hot tea.

the drive back to my house. it's only like 7 mts and I pass 3 nurseries in that time. I love driving down this road and seeing the sun and know that I'm almost home. I always give my self a way to go you and wow you did it kinda pep talk on the way home and tell myself to go again the next day. It feels so good after I do this.
This is what the kids surprised me with when I got home from the track. They had secretly made a banner the day before and hid it. I was so happy to see this when I got home, totally shocked that they did this without any help. The banner was for my hubby too since his bday is the day after mine. This was better then any present from them.

the cards from the kids homemade cards are the best
This is the sun coming up still from my front door. Love seeing this everyday
Renee had a doc. appt. about the scar on her knee. She wants it removed if possible.

I took Renee to Walmart after her appt. to get the calculator and lunchbag she needed for school. More coming on this later.
My best friend got me this frame and the perfect card for me about us growing old together. Her birthday is a couple weeks after mine and we are promising ourselves to out and have fun while kids are at school. We are a lot alike and keep putting the house, chores, kids first but this year we are going to make time for GIRLS DAY OUT.
My mom got a bag of craft things to play with. I love them all and can't wait to use them. I've had my eye on the little easel set but kept talking myself out of it. So happy she did this for me. She always has the best gifts for me.
We were prepared for the storm coming thru. Our electricity kept going in and out, this was not fun. Lots of bangs and crackles and bursts of lighting going on at bedtime.
It was a good day for me, no big thrills or anything but I was happy to be with my little chicklets and even having my big chick back home again with me. That alone is the best gift ever. Thankful for another year that was better then the last one. So this year is going to be AMAZING, I can tell already. Thanks for all your warm birthday wishes. hugs and smiles for you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


It's my birthday today (Thursday) so thought of doing a little post just about ME. Since I love numbers and lists thought it would be fun to list 21 things about me and 21 things I'm thankful for which equals==== 42 which is how old I am now. I can honestly say being in the 40's doesn't bother me, I am finding the new me and discovering who I am besides a mom and wife. Since becoming a mom at a young age I never got that chance and enjoying it now. I've mentioned it before, birthday parties aren't my thing, just want a nice quiet day with kids and have them be good and do whatever I want for the day. My hubby is taking the day off and said we can all do something or he will take the kids out for me. Not sure which I should do?? So here is my list in no special order. Sorry it's going to be long but hey 42 is a big number.

Thankful for...
1. my husband and kids, so lucky to have them. God sent me the perfect ones.
2. my parents, they each are special and have taught me so much. I'm lucky to still have them around and healthy. My sisters, they drive me crazy but I love them and have since they were born and I mothered them.
3. SUNSETS, TREES,CLOUDS they are beautiful and I love seeing them everyday. It relaxes me and makes me happy.
4. my kids have always been blessed with the best teachers, I am so happy for that because it makes a difference in a kids learning. Thanks to all the teachers in this world too, it's a tough job.
5. for my family all being healthy
6. for discovering scrapbooking and telling my family's story in such a fun way. I know this will stay with me forever
7. fresh fruits and veggies can't get enough of them. both my husband's garden and from the store.
8. my cell phone, camera, computer, skype all parts of how I can stay in touch with family close and nearby
9. libraries and books, HAVE TO READ EVERYDAY!! Love love reading more and more as I get older.
10. Sonja, my sweet cousin who as growing up we werent' that close but now thanks to God has brought us together as MOMS. She helps me so much and understands me like no other, she "gets it"
11. Sienna and Colt, these are Sonja's kids that I'm lucky enough to babysit. Sonja called and asked if I'd like to babysit these sweet babies and it was a meant to be since I had just sent my youngest to first grade which was all day. I'm lucky to be home for my kids while still having a little play money and mostly to have babies in the house again, love love babies. I learn so much from these two that I didn't with my own kids.
12. my husband having a good job and works hard so we can have a house, car, me at home with my kids and provide for us. Thank you honey so much.
13. my hot tea and hot showers every morning that really wake me up and get me going
14. my feet that put the tennis shoes on that go to track and walks a mile or more every chance I can. so happy to discover that the outdoors is what works for me. I've tried the YMCA many times and didn't like it and would quit. Thanks to Cathy Z. I finally stepped outdoors.
15. fall time, the leaves, the colors, the cooler air, hot cider, PUMPKINS, Thanksgiving, Halloween, raking leaves, playing in them, sweaters, blankets, naps all these and more
16. quiet mornings before the kids get up, I'm not much of a loud person and need the quiet before they get up to read, think, dream, plan my day and BLOG
17. having the furnace in the winter and the a/c in the summer, verrrry lucky for those
18. for Kristin my oldest having a gift in all arts. my Renee who is most like me except she was gifted with a beautiful voice and sings all over the house. Summer who is my sweetest and use to be my hip baby has the best hugs and pretty smile. Sam my man, the boy I've waited my whole life for. A little boy to call my own, his funny and awkard ways and mostly his gorgeous hair.
19. for all my off the computer friends and how they are always there for me and sharing our kids and watching out for each other's. I'm very quiet so was lucky to find the few I have and how alike we are.
20. for all my blogging friends old and new. You inspire me in so many ways and understand my passion for story telling and mommyhood, crafts, fashion, everything that my dear friends/family at home don't always understand. I learn something new from you almost daily and always enjoy seeing your comments and reading your blogs. Hope to meet all of you one day soon. Thanks for always stopping by.
21. and last but not least in any way, GOD. For he has been there from my beginning and watched over me all these years and knows me and what I can handle. He has blessed me in so many ways over and over again. I wouldn't be here if not for him.

Ok, this list is sooo long so how about if I wait a couple days so you have a chance to read this then I will post the other 21 things about me?? I'm tired just from typing this, seems harder then when I wrote it. Thanks for everyone who hung in there this long. Going to go make plans for my big day. The first thing on my list for tomorrow is walking the track with my hubby. This morning it was cold 69 outside and I had to dig out my long sleeves to wear. While walking though it was so pretty with the sun coming up on one side and the moon on the other side. The light was glowing off the trees so magical. Kicking myself for not taking the camera. Have a great day!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Project Life August 7- 13

The left side, check out that cute baby boy. I could squeeze him all day!!
The right side of the album. Baby Colt looks like he's crying but he's smiling.