Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PROJECT LIFE......week 4

Hello Project Life week 4!! I'm happy to say this weeks pages were more fun to put together and I didn't stress at all. As you can see on the right side it's all about SNOW, these pictures are taken from different days but I grouped them all on this side. The left side is from different days too and are the stories not related about the SNOW. As you can see most of the cards here are from my PL kits, was nice to pull them out and use them. I even did the WEEK 4 card with it and some extras to it. If you need to see better click on the image to make it bigger. On another note Sam has gotten the flu as of yesterday, poor little guy didn't get so lucky like we thought. It seems this flu lingers around for a couple weeks so don't be fooled by it. He was a trooper though since I had to babysit yesterday which meant he had to stay in his room ALL DAY BY HIMSELF, haha. Sam doesn't like being by himself, rarely goes in his room so this was tough for him. He did great though thanks to the tv/vcr combo in his room, just for the day only. He watched 3 movies and did a lot of moaning and whining but he made it thru pretty well. Thankfully he slept thru the night last night and will be hanging with me at home today to rest up and feel better. Oh and I forgot to mention that I'm already started on week 5 with a twist on my journaling for the week. I was inspired by a post that wasn't PL style but yet it was. This is so fun that I might be doing it more often. Have a great week everyone and thanks so much for the comments on my last post, so glad you enjoyed my walk thru the snow. As of this morning the snow is all gone and it's warm here right now. YIPPEE!! I'm sure it won't last long though.

Friday, January 25, 2013


I was so excited to see the sun come out and the winds not blowing, the backyard was calling my name. So I bundled up and got my cute dog who LOVES the snow and we headed out with the camera. Just going out and feeling the sun and the cold together brings me joy, I can't explain it but my heart just fills up and it's like magic to me. I'm soooo thankful for these quiet simple pleasures that bring me joy. Now go dress warm and let's head out for a walk.
Look at all the white, fluffy, beautiful snow to play in, GO LUCKY! This picture is making me smile just remembering how good it felt to go out. I stopped here for a good 10mts and just soaked it up. I know the winters are cold and a pain but if you just stop for a little bit and look around you will see how magical and beautiful it can be. Hope your not too cold yet, let's keep walking.See the trails ahead from all the laps we have been doing, HAPPY TRAILS!!
I love looking at the pine trees mixed in with the houses and other trees all covered in snow. The sky is such a pretty blue today also, my heart was already filling up with JOY!! Can you feel the sun and cool air on you, go ahead and soak it up with me.
See Lucky over there, he takes right off and enjoys the snow so much!
LOVE getting my shadow pictures, feel that beautiful sun on us and see the sparkling snow
Here's just one of the trails in the yard, this is what caught my attention today. We have some made from Lucky's paws and his leash then big ones made from Rich's boots and small ones for mine. I LOVE LOVE ALL THESE!
Can't help myself, love love these shadow pictures especially by a tree
What a crazy dog, so funny always has face in the snow, how do dogs do that!!
Isn't that gorgeous, natures beauty doesn't have to be far away. Just go out and look in your yard, the sky, the trees it's everywhere if you take the time to look. LOVE!!So what do you do after a walk in the snow and sunshine......
you come in and share the sunlight with the cat, these two layed here the next 3 hours, sooooo cute and happy in the sunlight!! Thanks for taking a walk with me, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Go make some hot cocoa now and curl up with a blanket. Just keep that warm fuzzy feeling with you thru the day, it's sure to keep you smiling. HAPPY WEEKEND!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


the kids being bummed that it wasn't a snow day helpful emails from Linda, so NICE Lucky running thru the snow happily sticking his face in it having Colt here, he is talking soooo much now the way Colt plays with his cars and farm Sienna being happy to see me and telling me about school Sienna playing with my new Andi Girl stamp, she loved it Sienna saying prayers before we had lunch working on PL week 4 and feeling so HAPPY WITH IT the little ones having good naps Rich taking a half day, LOVE HIM BEING HOME Rich and Sam out plowing and shoveling Sam and his friend outside in the freezing cold playing hearing about the girls day of new classes Lucky napping and snoring very loudly Summer playing so well with the little ones Rich making us dinner, so YUMMY!! taking girls to buy new school supplies sam buying new lego set and beyblades the kids getting along and being funny Rich did the dishes, thank you honey Sam telling us the "puberty" movie is next week. He wants to skip it and is grossed out by it, soooo funny sam working on his lego set for an hour before bed, LOVE LOVE THIS working on my first 12 months till Christmas project, love it Rich and I watching our favorite shows, so funny they were putting Sam to bed and love that he loves this part too the girls talking and painting nails before bed Lucky coming in from last walk covered in snow, seriously loves to put his face in it sharing IG with faraway friends, LOVE THIS being thankful for my day, wish all days could be this good saying prayers and sending hugs to Kristin, wishing she was here Summer saying good night and thanking me for buying her school supplies and telling me she loves me

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hello Project Life!! I'm so relieved this week is done, first because of the flu going on in our house and second these pages were hard to put together. I didn't have much fun and stressed WAY TO MUCH!! Sorry for the complaining, not like me to do that about Project Life but just had to get that out!! We had the flu going thru the house still so I tried to find stories away from that and like what I have. The paper line on the right side is from an old Simple Stories kit I bought and never used. I do like this kit, dark colors but I like it enough. Even did a WEEK tag, yippee!! The right side I decided to use some white cards with a touch of color. LOOK AT THOSE FUN SHOES THEY ALL GOT, LOVE THIS!! Now I really want to go buy me a new pair!! One of the best parts this week was receiving my new stamp from Angie Bloom. She just released her new line of ANGIE GIRL stamps and I couldn't resist getting one. I've done about 6 of them now, just fun and coloring them in. Sienna is going to LOVE THIS!! The image is too big for my pockets so I finally decided to include at least part of her, I DIDN"T LIKE CROPPING HER AT ALL!!! I AM SHOUTING OUT A BIIIIIIIGGGGG THANK YOU THANK YOU LADIES FOR THE AWESOME COMMENTS YOU LEFT ME ON MY LAST POST. THIS MADE ME SOOOOOOO HAPPY TO SEE THAT YOU ALL LOVED IT AS MUCH AS I DO. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS BEFORE, SERIOUSLY ONE NOTEBOOK FOR EVERYTHING, MUCH EASIER TO PLAY IN AND ENJOY!! I will share it again at the end of the month, hoping to have lots more in there to share with you. We are having a FREEZE time right now, I forgot how cold COLD can be, haha!! Take care and stay warm or cool wherever you live. Thank for your visit!! HUGS!

Friday, January 18, 2013

MY 2013 JOURNAL.. come peek inside

I have something fun to share with you today. This is my new 2013 planner/everything kinda journal inspired by Alisa Burke. I loved her idea and what she was doing with hers and had to make one with my own twist to it. My journal will be monthly and full of all the fun things I see, collage, sketch, plan and more all squeezed into just ONE JOURNAL. This was the only empty sketchbook I had at the time so it's pretty big and I have to admit am having a hard time filling it all up as first planned. Will go smaller with the other months and might even combine some months just to make it easier when needed. On the front I used some scrapbook paper and decorative tape to make it all pretty. Inside there is tabs labeling all my sections and room to add more if needed. The one think I LOOOOOVED about Alisa's planner is she added lots of her art to the pages, so I did a one piece but need to do lots more for the next journals. So are you ready for a peak!!
I want to have a poem, a story, anything that makes me happy and sounds like me to be on the first page each month. This is what I found right away and glued it down. I love this list and sounds just like January to me.
Here is the calender page I made. Simple which is what I NEED. Each month will be a different color or theme to go with that month. THis one is all blue because it's cold out for us. I also LOVED this little sentiment and added it do the page. Click on it to see better.
This is the only homemade art page I added to this. It's one of Sienna's paintings and I LOVE having it here to remind me of her. This is my to do list pages, have really slacked off on listing things and doing more of them. Let's just skip to the next page, lol
This is my sketching section, my goal is to sketch more this year. Some of them will be from magazines and others from what I think of and see in our house. I LOVE LOVE that this is part of my journal. Will be fun to look back each month to see what I did. These will be just quick 5mt sketches while having a snack or sitting for a few minutes, NO STRESS and PERFECTION just FUN!!
My next sketch page, love doing the flowers from the image in a magazine. Just decided to do a small part of it. Hoping to do more before the end of the month.
This is my THANKFUL SECTION....LOVE LOVE it and have to have this. I try to write a few things everyday. Have more plans on bringing the kids/Rich into a thankful/gratitude journal for this year too. If we can get it started. Each day I count my blessings and feel so lucky to have so much and just writing it down each day fills my heart with more love and joy. This will always be a BIG part of my life now.
This is my VERRRRRY COOLEST idea I think in this journal. It is the start of my COLLAGE section. Instead of putting all my paper things into PL this year they will all get collaged onto a page in my journal. LOOOOOVE IT soooooooooo much!! I'm weird and crazy I know but seriously just looking at this shows a little story bit by bit of our month!!! As you can see everything is perfectly collaged on here, no layers so I need to work on smashing it all together,lol Did I mention how much I love this page!!
This is my first REAL collage pages. Inspired by Donna Downey who does COLLAGE MONDAYS on her blog. Well I think it's time to start doing this with her instead of just looking at hers each week. I'm going back to the very start of her doing this and making my own. NO STRESS NO STRESS ONLY FUN FUN FUN is allowed. I LOVE this page! My blog friend Karen Grunberg started her first collages last year and I might add hers to my journal too.
This is my second collage page from Donna. Using scrapbook paper, especially one your've hanging on to and not using. This paper is soooo pretty and I just couldn't use it/tear it/cut it up but finally it has a HOME. Didn't want to add too much on here to cover all the prettyiness so just a few SIMPLE GOODIES!! I could stare at this page all day and be so HAPPY!!
Here is something for fun, kinda like a DIY project section/ DREAM section.... would love to turn my computer stand into this. NEAT AND PRETTY!! Wish me luck on this and if I get to it you know there will be photos to share. So there is your look inside my FAVORITE JOURNAL RIGHT NOW!! Last year I had journals all over the place for my ideas/art/thankfuls and such. This year they are all together in ONE PLACE ONE JOURNAL that sits right on my kitchen table to use everyday. I love love this so much, thanks Alisa for inspring me to make one. Thanks again for all the sweet and encouraging comments on my last post. UPDATE ON THE FLU... so far Renee and Sam are the only ones still healthy, keep your fingers crossed please. I'm doing so much better now, thanks for your feel good wishes. Happy Weekend everyone! HUGS!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Happy Project Life!! I wasn't so sure last week's pages would get done on time since the flu has hit our house. It took me almost 3 hours but I did it, YIPPEEE!! I liked using some fun smash tapes, decided to add a week number card from now on too also used some of the Turqoise PL kit which was nice to see again. Having this smaller size is much easier to take a picture of too, LOVE THIS!! I still need to add an insert here with Kristin's picture and story she sent me, want to do a post on this first before sharing in my PL. While working on this Rich came home sick and has been in bed all day. Wishing it would hurry up and just make it's way thru everyone so we can be done with it. I'm doing better today and gradually moved from crackers to toast and even an apple today. Still guzzling the Lemonade Gatorade, so good. Summer went back to school today and is doing good. Hope everyone is having a good week, take care and stay healthy!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

the flu has hit our house

This is what's been going on at my house for the last 4 days. First Summer got flu then I got hit with it and am still mending. Amazing how the flu can knock you down and keep you there for a few days. I've been laying and napping then moping then napping and drinking LOTS AND LOTS of my new favorite drink....lemonade Gatorade, oh man is it good and they go great with the saltine crackers that is my only food of choice right now. Of course now I'm behind on PL and other posts I wanted to share, hoping to work on PL tomorrow if I can focus on it long enough. Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy!! Thanks so much for the comments on my last posts.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hello, this is my first post filled with only links. I have to admit it's making me happy, love sharing good things with others. These are all things that are inspiring me to me right now and hope they will be to you also. These are in random order and I hope the links are right, if not I aplogize in advance and let me know if you need help finding them. I also want to SHOUT OUT A HUGE THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the support and sweet comments left on my PL 2013 post, YOU LADIES ROCK!! I can't tell you how nervous this made me even though you are always supportive of what I share and encorage me. I didn't want anyone to think Project Life wasn't important to me anymore. FAR FROM THE TRUTH, it will ALWAYS be close to my heart and my favorite thing EVER in my life. So thanks lady for letting me know you still love my new mini Pl style. With that being said my first link is going to the lady who inspired me to do since she is doing it this way also. I know I shared the link the other day for her blog but a little later today she will have her first week's pages up and I want to share them with you. I LOVED them so much when she gave me a sneek peek, THANKS KAREN!! So please stop by and visit and maybe say hello if you'd like. Here is her link and remember she usually posts a little around noon?? This lady actually posts everyday and I love that!! she is calling her album the Savor Project by the way not PL like we do. Every Thursday she will have it posted if you want to follow it along. Next up is a class that I signed up for without planning on it. Just stumbled upon it and fits 2 of my plans this year, scrapbooking and The Happiness Project book by Gretchen Rubins. The class is taught by Lain Ehmann and she has done this before but I've never signed up. She is teaching what is called LOAD, meaning " A Layout a Day" for the month of February and she is having Gretchen do some speaking and helping with this class. It's all about Happiness in our scrapping and our homes which is what Gretchen's second book is all about. I am hoping this class will help me scrap everyday next month, imagine all those pages I will get done, YIPPPEEE!! The class is $50 so head over and check it out and would love to have you join me and have a month full of HAPPINESS. The next VERY EXCITING news is "12 Months of Christmas", the idea came to my friends in Australia. They had a crafing day over the weekend and talked about waht they didn't get done for the holidays and there is never enough time. Well they came up with the idea of spreading it thru all 12 months this year and getting things done now before the rush of the season. WOW WOW WOW!! I LOVE LOVE this idea so much and NEED this since a lot of my projects/ideas didn't get done either. Doesn't that sound like fun and how awesome that we can all share and motivate each other. Susan is going to provide a link every month too so we can see others projects. They have decided the first project is going to be a tree skirt but you can work on anything you want if that isn't something you need. I would suggest following Susan's blog so you will know when to link up and share. She will be giving out more info later but for now here is her direct link to the post announcing the idea. The other two friends are Tracey and Linda who are just as awesome as Susan. These threee do amazing and fun things together when they craft. Let me know what you think and REALLLLY hope you join this. I love the name of her blog too, sums it all up right there. There is also a "30 Days of Lists" coming up in March, for all those who like to make lists this is the class for you. I've done this about 3 times I think and always have fun and meet some of my dearest friends that I still have now. Sorry I don't have the link just yet but wanted to give you a heads up for now. Let me know if you are interested and I will make sure you get the link. I believe there will be a small charge last year it was $8 and you get a few perks and chances to win prizes. What it entails is an email with a writing prompt delievered to you by email everyday for the month and they provide a flickr acct to share your pages. This can be whatever you want it to be fancy, simple, scrapping, art jouranling ANYTHING GOES! That's all I have for now, hoping to post some of my own personal projects for the year with you next week, and sharing my oldests first photo/words she sent me. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! Please let me know if the links don't work, hoping I did this right and PLEASE let me know what you think and that YOU WILL JOIN ME for the event ones!! Thanks ladies, have a great weekend and for my Australia friends, stay cool and safe over there in the extreme hot weather you are having!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


HAPPY PROJECT LIFE 2013!! I am soooo hoping this works, my friend Tracey shared how to upload a different way since blogger is still down. I'm sooooo excited to be sharing these with you today!! The first thing you probably noticed is the big changes I've made, first it's not the typical normal PL style that your use to seeing and the size is smaller. I want to SHOUT out that I AM STILL 100% for PROJECT LIFE, ALL THE WAY AND AM STILL CALLING THIS MY MINI PROJECT LIFE!! As long as the photos and words are being put in and being told that is all that matters. The reasons for my change, it all happened because partly the late arrival of PL kits this year. I have had all week to think and rethink and look at my older PL albums and a couple things hit me. First some of my albums espcially last year's should have been split into 2 albums, they are packed. Second thing is that they are taking up more space then I really have. I will be ordering new albums and splitting them this year which will mean even more room taken up which I don't have much of. So I started thinking how can I make this work for me, be smaller and still LOVE IT!! The first thing that I started thinking of was doing a story a day, scrapping style. I've been inspired by my creative and sweet friend Angie Blom, she is changing her style this year too and I LOVE IT. Even her DD had me thinking about changing things this year back in December, love all her white space and simple format. So I thought yes, that is what I'd do a layout a day for the whole year. I still LOVE this idea and might start it SOON! Then I thought about scrapping the whole week like she's doing and that way my goal to scrap more this year will really happen and wouldn't take up as much space. Then I panicked at the work and the stress it might bring me, still keeping this on the back burner, Thanks Angie for talking with me these last few weeks and really INSPRIING ME!! So then another blog friend,actually my first online teacher at BPS, Karen Grunberg showed her new format for this year and guess what, THIS WAS IT BABY!! She is downsizing her album too and I love love filling up these cute little baseball protetors, have always loved them. So I saw her title page and fell in love right away! Then I emailed her and she shared a little peek at her first weeks pages which wont be on her blog till Thrusday. This made me love it even more. I worked on my pages over the weekend, stressing myself and worried and didn't sleep good that maybe this wasn't right and it wasn't PL and my style. Finally on Sunday afternoon, I had a little pep talk with myself and said IT WILL BE OK, JUST DO IT!! So I took it apart and started fresh and LOVED IT LOVED IT!! I like that it's smaller and I like all my picutres cropped and mostly that IT FELT HOMEMADE, FELT LIKE ME!! The title page was so much fun, love making it the way I want it and these happy colors. Oh and see the NUMBER 6 on there, yep there is 6 of us in this family even if the oldest is far away in Florida. Well, I finally finally convinced her to be a part of this, she has to send me a picture and story at least 2x a month and that will be put in here. LOVE LOVE THAT PART, THANKS KRISTIN. SHE JUST SENT ME HER FIRST PHOTO AND STORY, WILL BE POSTING THAT LATER FOR YOUTO SEE, SHE ROCKED IT!! I love that my snow/OLW are part of this first/beginning of the album too, will have to do this more. My hope is to only pick a few photos to share in the album, some weeks only being one page then scrapping the others while they are fresh in my head and ready to go. Last year I stuffed so many collages into my album and this resulted in me not thinking they needed scraped. So this year I will tell more stories thru my scrapping. I may change my mind and go back to the old way but for now I want to try this. Still happy about PL and all the other fun stuff and colors and NEW NEW KITS COMING TO THE STORES, YIPPPEE can't wait to get me some!! Did you hang in there for all this?? Thanks if you did and hoping to still inspire youwith my PL and keeping you motivated to keep doing yours!! DONT GIVE UP, JUST DO IT! Let me know what you think good/bad/questions/ANYTHING !!! p.s. the other thoughs on this was that I have so much leftovers from my other kits, will be using them and making them work for me. NO MORE LEFTOVERS ALLOWED,haha Happy first week of the New Year!! Crossing my fingers that this post works!!

Monday, January 7, 2013


Have you seen Becky Higgin's blog today, JUST NOW!! Go check it out if your a PROJECT LIFER and then come back!! YOU WILL BE SQUEELING AND DOING SOME HAPPY DANCES!!

I don not want to ruin any surprises but let me just say these words which will sum it up


I'm excited about this and totally blown away by all the choices. Never saw this one coming especially so soon after all the other new kits. So excited by this and looking forward to mixing i tup finally this year. I've always wanted a variety pack of PL, still don't have that but maybe next time she will mix a little of everything, PLEASE!!

So let me know what you think about in the comments. If your not a Project Lifer go take a look anyhow, so much eye candy to see and who knows this might just get you on the PL wagon.

Click on the PL button or Becky Higgins link on the right side of my blog.


Thanks for the comments in my last post, love hearing from all of you. Makes the day a little brighter for me since blogger not working, lol.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


I am inspired by my dear friend Tracey's post since blogger won't let us upload photos. She just did a currently post which we all know are easy and filled with fun things. So here is mine...

it is 9:30p.m.
in my pj's
should be reading not surfing
just ate about 10 eclairs, they are soooo yummy
have been playing and thinking all day about PL 2013
my head is too full of ideas and projects to sort
I keep thinking of my word PEACE, everywhere and making notes, LOVE THIS
There is church and sledding on the plans for tomorrow
it is going to warm up next week, yea!! a break from the COLD
we are having chili tomorrow
I did 6 layouts this week, I think it was 6

That's my list of CURRENTS for now, off to bed I go. Busy day tomorrow so MUST SLEEP!!
Good night and Happy Sunday to everyone. Will post and update soon as I can and have time.

Feel free to pop over at Tracey's and read her cute list too and say hello. Would love to see others doing a CURRENT list right now too.

Thank you for all the support and outpouring enjoyment you all shared about my Project Life, totally made my day. I hope you will all love the new approach I'm thinking about. BYE!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hello PROJECT LIFE!!  I am caught up to week 51, ordering NYE pictures today and hope to have that done soon to share with you. I just realized that my week of Christmas is missing here, shoot how did that happen. I will post later too then, sorry about that guess it's because I'm rushing. Today is the kids first day back to school, the house is soooo quiet and calm and I'm trying to get tons done while I can. I have to admit that by December and the picture overload it's hard to do these last pages of the year, nice to have it DONE!! Remember to click on the images to see better.
I used a mix of PL, Ali Edward's journal Christmas Cards, LOVE THESE, and a few holiday stuff from my stash. The dates are not on, just went with it and wrote the days these were on. Even the Christmas Day ones not shown here, I wrote Christmas Day on the title card.
As you can see we got some SNOW!! I had fun doing this page mostly of Sam since he's the one who loves it most. On the back of that page it's my day out in the snow will post that later since the side page isn't done yet. Hope you enjoy reading about our holiday month, hard to belive it's over.
I've been busy with my OLW class, so happy that I've signed up for that and think it will help me this year. SOOOO excited to have some of my blog friends in class with me too, we can keep each other motivated. I will share bits of this thru the year also, some will be private but will share what I can.
Now on to NEW PL news.... this week has made me really think about PL and what it's meant to me over the years, I've done 3 years with the kits and also the first year with Becky's 365 project. So this is going on year 5 for me, YIPPEE and WOW!! I love love this project and everything it stands for without a DOUBT!! I stand by it and whatever way you can do it to make life easy and YOU HAPPY is all that matters. Each year mine has been a little different, this year was the most change and I enjoyed it. To be honest though it feels like I've gotten lazy in my photos/journaling and some weeks just winging it without thinking about it. I got it all done yes, but my STORY wasn't always there I feel like it was in the first year. Maybe I'm overthinking it and that's ok, want to make sure to go in this with the right attitude this year. Since the PL kits aren't available yet, this week will be full of thinking and posssibly a new idea or change might happen. I'm not one for change so taking that into effect also, want to make sure to have another good year with PL no matter which way I tell it.
I still remember that first year with 365, by the time I called in to order they were GONE GONE GONE!! Well, I cried the next 2 days, seriously I did. Then when Becky came thru for us who missed out I WAS HAPPY DANCING AND SHOUTING OUT WITH JOY!! She and her team set up printables for FREE that we could print out and use that year. What a generous and kind act this was, it started my love for this amazinng and close to my heart project. Each week I printed out my journal cards and trimmed them to fit and filled out the year that way. It was a lot of work but so worth it. My how time has changed since then, Becky is doing amazing with this STILL GROWING project.
Thanks for hanging in there to the end if you did, just had to share my thoughts. Please please give me any feedback about my PL and what you like/dont' like/ suggestions anything at all share with me in the comments. Have a great first week of the New Year my friends, will be back with more soon.

P.S. I forgot to mention why else I'm rethinking PL, now that the year is done there is still journal cards and more from the kit that I didn't use. Guess what?? I still have all the ones from the last 4 years, sitting here and not sure what to do with them. I dont' have room to keep accumlating these adorable white boxes and goodies, so this got me THINKING!! Keep you posted!
P.P.S.  I forgot to mention also that Summer got a camera for Christmas and LOVES IT. This week alone she's taken over 300 photos and is clicking away still. I just might have a new partner in crime with me this year!! YIPPEEE
ok now I must really get going, lol