Thursday, June 2, 2016



Hello to gorgeous summer weather lately

Hello to staining the deck, YAY

Hello to cleaning the garage for 8 hours, YAY

Hello to Sam starting HS soccer practice at 6:00am
twice a week

Hello to Summer's graduation party, YIPPEE!

Hello to church camp for Sienna and Sam

Hello to swimming, beaches, pools

Hello to GREEN everywhere, YAY

Hello to finishing up my WITL album

Hello to getting ready for grad party

Hello to no schedules or packing lunches

Hello to babysitting days full of play and fun

Hello to getting DQ ice cream

Hello to watching sunsets

Hello to strawberries growing already

Hello to VBS at church

Hello to summer vacation starting

Hello so sunshine and blue skies

Hello to being lazy

Hello to bonfires and smores

Hello June, so glad your here

Hello! Hope you are all doing well! I do love writing these HELLO posts, excited for a new month and new adventures and fun. What are you saying HELLO to this month? Take care and thank you for stopping by. xo