Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello everyone, this has been an exciting week doing the WITL with ali edwards. I have always loved her style and the way she documents her family. These are only some of the pics the computer won't let me upload anymore. For all of those who thought about doing this in the future I say "GO FOR IT" I decided to at the last minute so I wasn't that prepared but jumped in. You can make this as easy or hard as you want to. You can even make this just a day album to start with or a mon-fri kinda thing. If you read her blog she explains a lot to you and it was so nice to do this as she was doing hers. Some days don't go as planned that's the way real life is so document it. I loved keeping my notes all day, took my notebook everywhere. The amount of picures I took was overwhelming for me but some did twice that. I'm going thru the process of sorting and picking which ones are the keepers. I hope to have an ablum sometime at the end of next week to show you. If there's one thing that made it all worthwhile was that I can use the self timer now, so I got picures of myself my family, and will keep doing so in the future.

As for our UNPLUG WEEk well it lasted almost 5 days, the kids were pretty good but by today we were missing it. I loved the extra quiet around here no fighting over whose turn what channel nothing like that. The kids colored, read books, did puzzles, games we just chilled. I think 5 days was just about right for our first time of doing this.
Hope everyone had a good week and will see you next Tuesday.

renee and I at the library

typical weekend chore

at giant eagle

saturday morning

jamie olivers food revolution

quick easy yummy dinner

Sam's friday folder

This is by self timer yeeeeeh

Ryan and aunt Dawn

a rare picture of me with Sienna

they love to play together

both my sweet little girls this morning

frinday morning chat

Friday morning

on the way to renee's doc appt

listening to jon meyer

Thursday morning

my favorite picture of today

basketball everyday

best buddies

Sam's new webkinz

going thru our village we love it here

so many choices

took my own picture

Going to library

My bed in the morning

It's Wednesday 3rd day for WITL

last thing before bed

They love my scrapbooks

Our list for the computer

after nap time it's lunchtime

Her newest facination....her toes

My favorite picture

Tuesday is all about her today

Sienna's breakfast when she comes over

Typical Renee at 6:00

That purse post I forgot to show

Sam and I doing homework

MY favorite chore

YEEEEH Ali Edward's first post for WITL

My remember to take spot

Voting for New Schools

gas price is down a little yeah

first chore of the day

Summer in her new shirt

new journal for recording WITL

Sam up for school

my first picture monday for WITL

Friday, April 23, 2010

Well, today is Friday and I have loved loved doing a "week in the life" with Ali Edward's...this was so much fun to document our days. It was a full family effort and we will be so happy when it's done. I uploaded these pictures from Wednesday for now, just some of the ones I took and the ones that mean most to me. I have never used my camera so much but I'm not complaining. The part that made it easy was that I'm doing " PROJECT LIFE" already so I'm use to take a few potd and journaling everyday so all I had to do was take lots and lots more pictures and write life as it was happening. I will post more pictures later. Have a great weekend everyone.

yummy french toast from my sweetie, I didnt' eat dinner