Monday, September 27, 2010

Sept. 27

The last week of September already. I have posted some pictures from the last two weeks to make up from before when I posted our Miami vaction picutres. So picture overload right now. The kids are doing great in school, soccer is great, the girls have a play of "ANNIE" coming up we are busy bees right now. The cool weather is upon us and it feels great after such a hot summer. Fall is my favorite time of year and love to take pictures of all the trees and activities we do. My grandpa has just passed away this past Friday and it's been a sad and long week since we knew he wasn't going to make it much longer due to cancer we just found out about. So glad I spent extra time with him and the kids got to see him. He loves kids and seeing them made his eyes sparkle.
We do have some great news though that I keep forgetting to announce my baby cousin Sienna is going to be a big sister to a BOY this Janurary. We just found out a few weeks ago that it's a boy and we are so so excited. It will be nice to finally have a boy for Sam to play with.
For some of those I know are starting to jog, walk, exercise, eat healthy, whatever please click on the Cathy Z link on the right for some great inspiration and tips. She just ran her second 5k this weekend and came in under 30mts. she is sot totally awesome. I have been walking/jogging for a month now and am loving it and doing great. Next week I will post the books that have helped me get started too that Cathy recommended.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week, to see other blogs like this click on the project tuesday link on the right.

We love you grandpa and will miss you

Sam after haircut

Sam's before haircut

Sienna at vistors lunch

Ritley Run

Hershey Kisses in the fall

Scrabble time

Miss Sienna Grace

Sienna and her pancakes

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Miami vacation pictures....finally

I can't believe how much I miss Miami after making this post. I'm so ready to go back down there again. It was fun to get away and play for a week. This was our vacation from the end of July when we got back that's when my computer broke down so I couldn't post them so here they are.


We went to Miami Florida to visit our Oldest Kristin and her newly financee San't. I've been there once the kids and Rich have not. We drove thinking it would take us 26 hours or more but we got it done in just under 23 hours yeeeh....the kids were so so good. They loved the dry erase boards we each had and played games on them. Read lots of books listened to lots of music and napped. Their wasn't any complaining. We loved going thru the states and seeing different sights.

I posted some of my photos last Thursday and included the rest tonight. They are mostly of just Miami not our trip down or back i will do another post of those another time. After this first set of photos there is another written post then the last half of Miami photos so be sure to look at both. Like I said their was a lot but I actually did pick and choose instead of just showing them all.

Ok that's it go look at the Miami Vacation Photos!! Regular POTD will be back next week.

Packing for Miami

Miami here we come

We saw Ronald Mcdonald

We are in Miami we made it

We are almost there

The hotel pool

1 2 3 JUMP

Girls getting ready to go out

We are finally here

Out our hotel window love those palm trees

Summer's bday gifts from Kristin and San t

Renee and the parrot

Summer and the parrots

Sam and the parrot

ZOLTAR from the movie BIG

The WIG STORE love it

At the mall shopping

Miami 2nd day and loving it

2nd day in Miami beautiful boats

The big big big old old tree

Along the outside of Bayside Mall strip

Sam at the mall

The ocean in Miami

The ocean 3rd day in Miami

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The last half of our trip in miami

I'm finally posting photos from our Miami trip that was the last week in July. I kept putting it off because theirs so many to choose from and I want to show them all because even the so called nothing ones are something to me. I want to remember it all. So these photos our from our last two days and the special Outback dinner we did before that. I took so many photos also of our trip down and back but have decided to do a whole other post about that in a couple weeks. For now this is just Miami nothing else. I can't post them all at once or my computer breaks down from overload so I'll do some more in a few days then maybe a third post if needed. Hope you enjoy them, it was HOT HOT HUMID HUMID while we were there but so pretty.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn right across from Bayside strip mall area. We walked over there sometimes 3 times a day to shop,eat, hang out, and Kristin works there too. It's like a outside mall with cool shops from home and some of their own mixed in. Theirs also the boats tours you can take which we did. It's a Star Island Tour where we see these famous people's houses that are magnificent but too fancy for me. Some of them where Oprah, Shaq, Sylvester Stallone, Elisabeth Taylor and can't remember the others.

Ok go enjoy the photos and sorry it took so long.....

My girls so beautiful and sweet

San-t and Sam at outback

outback dinner love this photo

Outback birthday dinner

Star Island boat tour our 3rd day there

Star island boat tour fun but slow

Star's Islands boat tour

The star island boat ride

boy can he jump last swim in the pool

Hard rock Cafe

Strip of sand to walk/run/play on

Loved this little place

A secret garden spot hidden away

secret garden spot we found

secret pretty garden place we found