Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Project Life....Week 21 and Collages

Hello Week 21!! I stayed caught up and even on time this week for my pages!! As you can see these pages are packed full of stories and photos and LOTS OF LOVE!! Having a long 4 day weekend with hubby and kids made me very happy and that spilled over into my love for this project again. I took my time, like 5 hours and just enjoyed them process and feeling thankful for my life, my family, telling stories, friends, warm sunshine days and more. Reading back over last week's post I didn't like how negative I was, all of you were great in your comments though THANK YOU!! The bad feelings were coming from being overwhelmed and not caught up and still cropping those dang pictures that I love so much, haha! This week I didn't let it bother me and told myself to remember this every week. Sorry for the darkness of picture, it's cloudy and rainy at this time and probably tomorrow, so I did the best I could. Remember you can click on this image to make it bigger.
I love the date/week card, it was a beautiful scrap paper Bonita gave me a long time ago. I have a few more of these and hold on to them because I LOVE THEM!! Trimmed this one down a bit and glued it to a tag, doodled a bit and added the week. This made me VERY HAPPY, going to do more like this. It was a hot week then got VERY VERY COLD at the end, forgot to take a temp picture but we had to pull out the winter coats, gloves, hats on Friday for Sam/Cam's Olympic day which is at the bottom on the left side. Amazing how weather can change that fast, didn't like it at all.
Love the before/after picture of the sunset, another amazing example of how things change so fast. I had now idea the sky was going to turn that gorgeous purple/orangey color after the before shot was taken. SOOOO happy to have seen this! See that cute picture of Summer and the munchkins, she did great getting them in for a few photos on her phone, so funny they were.
On the right side is our Fri/Sat/Sun which was awesome because Rich was home, man do I love having him home with us more. Wish he didn't have to work so hard and long during the week. Thankful everyday for this amazing man and lucky to be married to him. He was also in the middle of a cold/sore throat/earache/headache thingy going on but he did great all weekend. Finally on Sunday before dinner I told him to go nap in the sun and he did, love that picture of him. Today he is feeling even better and almost over it. My dad treated us and family and friends to dinner Friday night so I did the best I could getting pictures, too many of us. The bottom 3 photos are from Sunday night, at my moms first to get sticks for a fire and Sam excited to collect some helicopters from her yard to take home. He's been wanting these for weeks, we don't have trees like this in our yard. When we got home Rich and Summer joined him in throwing them up in the air. The last picture is of course the bonfire we had, first for this year. It was pretty cold that night so we didn't last long even with the fire.
So that's it, my week is done!! Already excited for this last week of May and trying to plan it out already! Now if your not to tired or bored how about some peeks at art collages I've made lately!
I had so much fun making these, no overthinking. Just paper, glue,paper,glue over and over. The idea for these came from blog friend Michelle who shared a link to www.artsyville.blogspot where Aimee does a Glue It Tuesday challenge/link up. It's all about paper and glue and having fun which is just what I need. My plan is to continue doing these and maybe even linking up on her blog, might even get the kids to do this with me over the summer too. Feel free to stop by her blog and check it all out. A warning that her blog/life/photos everything is VERY COLORFUL! She has color everywhere, it's gorgeous and so happy. Go check it out and let me know what you think and I would love for anyone to join me for some glue and paper!!
I will be back soon to share more summer ideas!
p.s. can you guess my favorite collage above? Let me know if you have a favorite one too! HUGS!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


HELLO PROJECT LIFE!! I'm all caught up finally and ready to share 3 weeks with you today. These weeks were hard to get ready but these last weeks have been filled with happiness from warm weather and beautiful greens and purple growing in my yard. I've also started reading A LOT MORE and that made me lazy. Having issues ordering them didn't help either, Walgreens changed their way of ordering and it took me several tries to get it right. Some of these photos are off my phone this time too. One lesson for me is to pick only ONE photo of my favorite days/activities/ things etc. I wanted all my pictures in here and didn't want to leave any out. A big issue this time was also cutting/cropping my pictures to fit in these tiny pockets. I love taking photos of my big backyard, trees, the kids and more, cropping them down doesn't make me happy. Ok, enough complaining let's go enjoy these awesome pages!!
Hello Week 17!! As you can see there is an added insert, couldn't help myself, those shadow pictures are my favorite and I wanted them as 4x6's. On the right side is a picture of me and Rich from our Walmart date, gotta love a man who is happy to use the timer on the camera and pose for a picture. He does this all the time, so thankful for that. The middle photos are from a barn at Sam's soccer park. I took pictures one night at practice and sketched them, reallllllly didn't want to crop these but did it. Notice a tiny bit a tape on them so they can be lifted and the sketch is underneath them. I will be doing a post on these and bigger pictures soon. Now onto the next side...
LOVE LOVE THIS SIDE!! Didn't want to crop these on the left but love how it turned out. The backside of the insert holds pictures from our outing to the Farmpark, love this place. It was so pretty with all the greens growing in. Sam took a pony ride, probably be his last as he is pretty big. The right side here is from one day, a half day for Rich and weeding the garden. It was the start of our big warm up and it was feeling so good outside and making us all happy. Sienna is always excited to help Rich in the garden. Colt came out later to help too. What I LOOOOOVE about these pictures is the middle ones of Sienna and me taking pictures of each other taking pictures of each other. We have never done that before and SHE WAS SOOOO EXCITED ABOUT IT.  Plan on doing this more often. The whole day was amazing and kept going from there. I think we all were very ready for summer weather to finally come and warm us up.
HELLO WEEK 19, I LOOOOVE how pretty this week is. I cheated a little and included my HELLO MAY insert this week just because it color matched my week's pictures. Glad there is NO RULES to doing Project Life, right ladies. This week is Kristin's birthday on the left and my Lilac's on the right. Again, kinda cheating but it's how I'm rolling right now. Remember to click on these images to see better. Having a full spread just for Kristin's birthday is a first. I am SOOOO happy she was home again for her birthday this year, we've missed some of them with her being far away. She was feeling miserable from getting poison ivy but I made her take at least a couple pictures of her. See that last one with her hand up, she was DONE with the camera!
I think this MAY insert is my favorite now, didn't write anything on it yet, too pretty. I cut this flower die-cut paper down, this was very difficult, the flowers kept ripping on me. Finally got it the right size and put a cute purple/white polka-dotted paper under it. LOOOOVE THIS! Click to see better.
Here is the right side. MY LILACS, all week I took pictures and kept bringing fresh ones in the house. Having a whole side just for Lilac's is cheating again but really making me happy right now and that's what counts. This gorgeous sunset we had fit right in with the colors and ends the week beautifully I thought. On the left is the backside of the insert with some journaling about our week. I wrote it in purple to match of course. The lilacs are just about down blooming so it will be nice to have this page to look back on.
Here is WEEK 20 which means I'm all caught up, YEA!! This week was hard and took me a few days. Struggles with ordering again and trying to make it all fit. Notice the insert again, added notes about our week I want to remember and the backside has flyers from 2 different Chorus concerts we went to this week.
So the left side is all about Mother's Day. My hubby and kids surprised me with 2 new camping chairs we badly needed. What made it so awesome was my hubby sneaking and setting them up for me to see when I was the first one down that morning. Felt like Christmas to me, LOVE THEM! My oldest reallllly surprised me with a new iphone case from Alisa Burke!!! I loved these and wanted one and now I HAVE ONE!! It's so pretty, I'm extra protective of it now too. I wrote about my day on the back of the Mother's Day journal card. It was cold but a great day for me.
here is the right side. LOVE THESE! I had to show a picture of my score in Wii bowling, so fun playing that game. The shadow photo is a  HAPPY one for me. First one like this I've done. Colt and his toys lined up near the window. LOVE IT! We've had big fluffy clouds and blue skies so I had to include these. Rare picture of Renee and Sam.  See that cute little dog in the bottom, oh how I love him and want to take him home with me. My best friend's family just got him and is so cute. Just went there this morning to play with him again. The photo that makes me teary is the last one with Camryn and Sam, together for a last photo of their last concert together. These two are in the same grade and even same class except this year since Kindergarten. They will move on to the Middle school in the fall. I can't believe how time has flown with these two, so many memories here at this school with them. Makes me sad that it's over already. Thankful I MADE Sam take this photo, they look so cute together. They have a couple more fun last day's of school plans and I hope to get more pictures if they will let me.
Did you make it to the end? Hope you did and thank you for reading it all. Crossing my fingers to stay caught up now and post weekly for you as usual. How is everyone's week going? Mine has been good so far and will stay that way I think. Taking a small break from reading and have fun posts in mind coming soon. Started writing our Summer Bucket List today, will post that when we are done with it. Will have some fun links to share to our summer activities too soon.
Thanks so much for the comments in my last post, always makes my day to read them.
Take care and have a great day!! HUGS!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Renee is in Driver's Ed, last day is today then the big test and then driving soon, YIKES!!

Kristin turned 24, how did this happen? She also got an apartment, YEA!

Summer is a IG queen lately, posting lots of inspiration and cute pictures

Sam and my niece Camryn just had their last elementary concert last night, sigh

Rich is enjoying watching the onions and strawberries grow, so far they look great

we had about 4 days of COLD COLD temps again but now it's warm again, YIPPEE

I'm obsessed with my Liliac's still, will miss them when they are gone

the grass keeps growing, seriously not fair! Who wants to mow their yard 2x a week, NOT US

mother's day was wonderful, got 2 camping chairs from rich and kids. I asked for them and was happy to see them waiting in the living room that morning, THANKS HONEY!

Kristin surprised me with a iphone case from Alisa Burke!! SO AWESOME! Thanks Kristin

just signed Sam and Summer up for Church camp, first time Sam will be gone for 5 days, not sure I like this but will pray and hope he does ok and comes home in ONE PIECE!!

signing Sam up for flag football camp too at the YMCA, he will love this

soccer season is going great, Sam is really enjoying it this year! Only 2 more games left

I had a crop at the church last Saturday, did an awesome job and got lots done.

Renee and Summer have their last concert tonight, Renee got a small solo, YEA!!

we are ready for summer, even I can't wait for the kids to be home and no schedules!

ready to have daily walks at the track and going to parks and the pool and fun outside

season finale of Grey's Anatomy is on tonight, SUPER EXCITED TO SEE IT!!

Sam is obessed with is his ipod now, need to get him away from that thing

making summer plans/lists/charts/ bucket list, COME ON SUMMER VACATION!!

still working on PL 18 &19, finally think I have the right photos for these weeks

received some awesome watercolor paper and paints from my secret pal at church

love watching more leaves grow on the trees, love watching more green fill in thru my yard

feeling so thankful for all I have right now, how did I get so lucky!!

Thanks so much ladies for your wonderful encouraging words on my PL post below. So glad you enjoy seeing my pages. Hope to post 18 & 19 SOON!!!
Have a HAPPY DAY and thank you for all you do for me, so lucky to have the best readers!! HUGS

Friday, May 10, 2013


Hello Project Life...week 16! This was week was spring like and we were all feeling it. Love the pops of color and happiness in these pages. The blank tag is there to hold the place for a picture I keep forgetting to order. I didn't like cutting up the girls picture on the right side. Missing the regular PL format this week and even as I write this. Wishing I didn't have to cut my nature/outside pictures in half, really like them as a whole. sigh
HELLO WEEK 17....LOVE LOVE the journaling and paper goodies this week. I had to add an insert for 2 collages that I made and LOVE!!
this is the front of the collage, our Taylor Swift concert night. We even had a surprise Limo from my sister, SOOOO COOL!! We had a great time and can't wait for another concert.
This is the backside, I didn't realize it was cutoff on the left side, sorry. I LOVE LOVE this one for the fun and colors in it. This day was a perfect soccer day and I was lucky to see my 3 favorite soccer stars. All of them sporting the coolest matchy colors this season. Sam is so happy to finally be Lime Green, his favorite color. I enjoyed watching a little of each girls game then watch Sam have an awesome game with one goal made by him. OMG is Sienna the cutest, love her smile ! We have been soooo enjoying these games every Saturday. Will be sad when it's over in a few weeks.
I am half way thru week 18 but had problems ordering my pictures from Walgreens and still can't get them all thru. Will keep working and hope to have that week and this week ready for you next week.
THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the sweet comments on my Spring Walk post below, I love doing these posts. The green is still blooming and my lilacs are in full color and smell lovely. This week's pages will probably be PURPLE PURPLE and full of LILAC'S.
Happy Mother's/Sister/Aunts/ Daughter/Grandma Day. I think this day counts for all the females in your life. We all need each other and are all important and SPECIAL!! Enjoy the weekend! HUGS!

Monday, May 6, 2013


Hello there, are you ready to go on a Spring walk with me? You won't need a jacket it's pretty warm here finally. Say hello to Lucky who will be joining us on this walk, yep Lucky wants to be outside all the time now and laying in the sun. We have been blessed with a week of summer temps, oh how we needed this. It's feeling good to have the winter gear packed away and wearing shortsleeves and shorts and flip flops now. The house stayed a mess most of the week, little picking up because it's just to nice to be inside. The grass has been green for weeks now and this past week's HOT SUN made the grass grow faster which required it to be mowed twice in a week. Of course the mower decided to break down in the middle of mowing and Rich had to go buy a new one. Ok, do you have shoes on and ready to go... don't forget sunscreen, yes we had to use it this week, YIPPEE!!
Look at the yellow growing in our yard, we love seeing this. I know they are weeds but they make us happy. Especially Sienna and Colt who love to pick as many as their little hands will hold
all the trees are getting leaves and green on them
the strawberries are growing
She is sooo excited to be outside playing and even
help Rich weed out in the garden on his half day
tulips are popping up slowly in the front yard
Most days it was 70's before or around noon and just stayed the perfect temp all day. It was like a week of summer with spring blooms. Already we are cooling off a bit, only 70 this week and rain. The leaves just started popping out with GREEN everywhere in a matter of days. I have slowed down my days and walk around my yard even more taking over 100 photos of it all and doing some sketching now too. Sitting on the deck all day just starring at GOD's beauty is all my heart wants to do now. This past weekend was filled again with warm sun and happy hearts in our house. Sunday was so amazing and perfect I didn't want the day to end. We stretched it out as long as possible before heading inside. Sleeping with the window open all week has been such a treat along with the windows open and sunshine pouring thru the windows all day. Below are the picture from yesterday's walk around the yard with 2 extra people who are soooo loving this GREEN in our yard.
Isn't it gorgeous!! I want to sketch this and frame this photo
This was early Sunday morning
My Lilac trees outside my kitchen nook windows. They are more purplish then this photo shows. I'm in love with them and can't wait to smell them thru my windows.
Here are my other walkers, Rich and Summer. Can you tell I love "shadow photos" there are more but I won't bore you with them all. Expect them almost weekly in my PL pages though, ha!
I can't believe how huge our trees are getting. I love to stand by them and take pictures looking straight up at them and seeing the clouds/sky/sun behind them.
Did you enjoy this loooong walk (sorry about all the photos, can't help myself). Isn't all the lovely GREEN everywhere so pretty, so glad spring finally showed up and even a bit of summer mixed in. What you didn't see in the photos were the hundreds of bike rides, lots of walks and track time, bees buzzing daily, frogs croaking, birds chirping, lawnmowers on all the time, driving with the windows down and music playing loud but not too loud, me thankful each day for this beauty, stacks of laundry piled up from the weekend (started load 4 now) Sam having an awesome Soccer game with 2 AMAZING GOALS made my him and watching Sienna at her game doing so well for her age. My oldest Kristin just turned 24 yesterday too, that made the day even more special.
Thank you so much if you made it thru this long post, hope it makes you as happy as it does me. I will do another one of these at the end of the month or start of June. Already I see the change in me this season, more thankful then last year for this beautiful life I have and GODS beauty that surrounds us everywhere. Thanks so much for reading ladies. HUGS!
p.s. to my Australia friends who are getting FALL weather now, enjoy having a break from the heat wave and hope you still like seeing some GREEN photos.

Friday, May 3, 2013


This was my favorite Day In the Life so far this year. I tried to take some different shots I usually don't get and stay away from the same old ones. It helped that there was errands in the morning and afternoon to break it up also. Seems these DIL our always on a weekday this year and I am home alone and tired of just always showing the same things I do each time. So I stayed away from me a bit and showed other life happenings. It's always dark here in the mornings when the girls leave so I snuck up on Renee and got that first photo of her looking in the mirror and snuck in and got the same one of Summer that night. We had their dentist appt. today and it was neat to get  a photo of them both in side by side rooms. A BIG THING today was picking up the Drivers Educations packet Renee needs to start Drivers Ed next week. Can't believe the time has finally come for this. I was thrilled with the weather today too which has lasted all week long, YIPPEEE!! It feels looks like spring but feels like summer. We've waited so long for this nice weather so it made the day even happier. This week green is blooming around town and in our yard too. I took it easy on photos think about 50 and deleted 10 already that wouldn't work. My plan is to probably make this into a collage and add it in to this week's pages. So glad to have this day documented, was an awesome day for all of us. Thank you Ali Edward's for this fun idea and letting us share our day with you.
Have a happy weekend everyone! We have a busy weekend planned and Kristin's birthday is on Sunday, YIPPEE!! Thanks for reading, HUGS!