Monday, March 31, 2014

T stands for Terriffic friends and for Tuesday

Hello and Happy Tuesday! What a beautiful start to a perfect spring day today, love this!! I couldn't have asked for a better first day of spring break and having all 5 kids here today. Will do a post on that later on, we so needed a spring day like this. Hope it was warm for everyone today!
I have a special guest today for T Time, I've mentioned my dear friend Nancy here before and today you get to meet her. I invited her over last week for a visit and lunch, it's been way too long since our last visit. I had some cleaning up to do before she came though.... you know the kitchen table??!! lol
Here it is all cleaned up from ATC and goodies and PL, YAY! Look at the sun coming in the windows too. I love the way it does this and brightens up this space.
I even brought out my greens/yellows finally, YAY!! Remind me next year not to wait so long
If that wasn't enough yellow, I packed up all the red/pink in the bathroom and brought out the yellow!! LOVE THIS!! My mom made the flowers in the vase to match the towels she made me.

Say hello to Nancy!! She and I had a great visit and some yummy food. I was so glad we did this, it has been too long and I can't wait to do it again. thank you Nancy for coming over and for being such a dear friend!! We will squeeze in a few tea times before the kids are home on break.
Our beverage today was ice tea, next time we will have hot tea. Our lunch was an Italian sub, fruit, chips, potato soup, chips and I actually baked some cookies and didn't burn them, YAY!! It was nice to get the plates out and have company for lunch as I do eat lunch alone most days. I think we both needed a day like this after such a long cold winter too.
Next up is a special card my sister Annie bought me for St. Patrick's day that fits perfectly for today. She was able to give me this card while we were house hunting for her last week. Good news is we found the perfect house for her and now she will be moving near to me soon. YAY!!
here's the front, she loves Thomas Kinkade
here is the inside... click on it to see better. She always finds the perfect cards for everyone, no matter the occasion. Thank you Annie, I love it and am excited for you moving into your first house!!
I have decided to start blogging more like I used too, pulling out the real camera and writing again feels good already. I shared my HELLO APRIL POST BELOW IF YOU'D LIKE TO READ IT.  I will be sharing about the 2 classes I'm taking and LOVING along with some Project Life and other fun stuff. Hope you can visit again to see.
Thank you Nancy for being a guest today and for everyone who visited today. I will be around to check out what your drinking today. We will be having another spring day tomorrow so we are headed to Scooter Dogs for some yummy hot dogs and sit outside to eat them, YIPPEE!!
As always, thank you Elizabeth for hosting us today. So happy you do this for us and enjoy it each week. Who knew there'd be so many of us who love to share what's in our cup.


Hello to Rich's new mower and hoping the snow goes away so he can mow
Hello to our anniversary on April 1st, YAY!!!
Hello to lots of birthdays this month
hello to Easter and Lent
Hello to spring break this week for the kids
Hello to Sketch into Spring class with Alisa Burke, LOVING IT
Hello to the Boot Series Workshop with Christy Tomlinson, can't wait!!
Hello to my sister moving into her new house, close to me, YAY!!
Hello to my other sister moving out of our town, sad face and tears
Hello to Earth Day and Elizabeth the host of T Time's birthday
Hello to the farm park and new spring babies to see there
Hello to new flowers blooming that we planted last fall, YAY!
Hello to spring soccer season, YIPPEE!!  umm go away snow and cold
Hello to movies coming out to see
Hello to warmer weather finally coming and staying I hope
Hello to finally get a routine of walking at track
Hello to going to Scooter Dogs for awesome hot dogs and fries
Hello to me getting a  new cell phone
Hello to anything else that may come my way this month. We are in the home stretch at school too, time flies so fast right now and the kids are anxious already for school to be over. We are on break this week and have a couple of warm days coming so maybe we will go outside and enjoy it. I know I'm ready for the kids and myself to put down the electronics and go outside finally.
This is what we woke up to yesterday, 3 inches of snow and a beautiful sunny sky. I went for a walk and took pictures, dreamed about mandalas and gathered some nature things to use for my Sketch into Spring class, will be sharing what I did with them. I also went to a crop at my church and got a little done in my Project Life which I will share later this week. I will see you back here tomorrow for T stands for Tuesday and sharing someone special to me and what's in my cup, hope you come by.
What are you saying hello to this April?

Friday, March 28, 2014


Hello and Happy Friday!! I'm sharing a little of what's going on around here lately.
Around here I've been drawing circles to cut up for ATC to trade, YAY!!
and more circles, this was a second attempt that went much better, YAY!
More lists, click on it to read better.... that first one I don't want anyone to take it the wrong way. I have worked hard to be the person I want to and to love me for me, it's a struggle some days but at the end of the day I wouldn't want to be anyone else. There is bits/pieces of others I'd like to roll up into one that would be great of course, I'd be like superwoman and perfect,lol. Will settle for just ME!
The worst thing that could have happened... Rich learning about a new game he could play on his tablet. One of my kids told him about it, I've told that child she is grounded for LIFE!! He is hooked now, constantly playing it and taking it to the table while he eats and even while he's cooking. Now I know how he felt when I started blogging and then using my phone for Instagram.... sigh.....sad. The game by the way is "Hay Day" it's your own little farm, that is my hubby's dream and know he finally has it. Once the weather gets nicer though I know he will put it away and be outside. Think Spring!
The movie FROZEN is out now, YIPPEEE!! We watched it with the little ones, Sienna is hiding, not sure why??!! So fun to watch it with them and hear them sing and ask 20 questions about it, too funny. So happy it's out and we can watch whenever we want now!! Did anyone else buy it ?
here is a peek at my nice clean table, there was a reason for it which I will share on T Day!!
I will also be back on Monday for my HELLO APRIL post, YIPPEE!! Those are my favorite to write about and this month is going to be GREAT!! Can you feel spring in the air my cold friends, hopefully it will come in April and not keep us waiting much longer.
Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

T stands for Throwback Tuesday!!

Hello and happy Tuesday!! How was your week? I am doing good, nothing new or exciting to share. Thought I would do a little "throwback Tuesday" today. I am linking up with the wonderful Elizabeth  and sharing our cups for the day, I meant to take one from our dinner on Sunday so this will have to do. My theme for today is about the crazy weather and how it keeps coming back to snow, cold, wind and WINTER! No signs yet of spring except that more birds have been out.
here is Sam and Summer on St. Patrick's day 2009. Short sleeve and if you look carefully Summer has capri's on. We haven't gotten to break out the short sleeves too much yet nor especially the fun capris. Let's not even mention they didn't need coats that day, aren't they so cute and little!!
this was April 12, 2009, she loved getting chalk for Easter. Let's hope the weather is this good to play outside in a few weeks. That's my Renee and wearing her favorite shoes at that time.
here is a favorite, these two outside when the weather finally does break it's these two who can't wait to go out. They have jackets on and gloves because the ball is wet but that didn't stop them. This was March 1st 2012. They haven't had much of a chance this year with the coldness/winds we have.
I love this day too, March 9, 2010. See the snow but it was warm enough out to play and not even a jacket for Sam. Sienna had just learned about basketball and her aunt Ingrid taught her to say dribble, stop, shoot, so cute she was.
this was the day after the above picture, my nieces came over and we hung outside playing.
My first peek of spring officially being here, this was March 26 2010. No signs of them yet, I keep looking and can't wait till they start popping up. Even with snow on them I love this!!
here is St. Patrick's day 2012, was so warm out we gave Lucky a bath and we had shorts on !!
and we grilled out our first burgers of that year too!!
She's waiting to get back out there too, March 23 2013
This was this past Sunday, a light cover of snow came and reminded us again that spring isn't here. I'm ok with this crazy weather, it doesn't really surprise me anymore but I did like going back to see these older pictures and hope you did too. Spring will come when it's ready and we will go out and enjoy it then, for now we stay inside and craft and read and watch too much tv (the kids) and drink lots of tea (me).  I can handle it a few more weeks I think??!!!!
I will share some ATC next week or if time will try to post in a couple days, need to get back to more blogging I think, my friend Nancy likes to see more then one post a week from me. Hello Nancy!!
Have a great day wherever you are today and thanks Elizabeth for hosting us again!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

T stands for Tea and Two Project Life pages, YAY!!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Today, I am linking up with others at Altered Book Lover where Elizabeth hosts us in sharing what's in our cup today. I'm not sharing what's in my cup today but what's going to be in it soon. I did a tea exchange with one of my ATC traders who lives near by. We agreed to send 10 different ones and here is what she sent me. I haven't tried any yet, but I will later today. I actually sent her some of these same ones, can't wait to try them. The weather is still cool and windy here so having hot tea almost daily is still a good idea around here.
I want to say a BIG THANK YOU again for your prayers and good wishes for Sienna and Colt's dad!! He made it thru the surgery and is doing good. What a relieve to have this behind them and move on to what's next. So very blessed and thankful for this!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
here are more of my lists for March. If you click on it you can read them better. There are a few I really enjoyed doing. Still love that I did it PL style too, I've never mixed so many kits before but it's making me happy seeing them all here. I will share more again next week.
So excited to share a Project Life spread with you today, YIPPEE!! It's been way to long!! I love this green/black combination, was inspired from another Project Lifer. It's feels like spring seeing all the green. Just ignore the few snow pictures, lol. Last Wednesday the kids had another snow day, my back got much worse last Tuesday so the kids went out and shoveled for me. I spent a lot of time walking around the house, stretching and sitting with a heating pad due to my back.
Here is another PL spread, tried like heck to do the writing in time to show you today, sadly ran out of time but still wanted to show you. I love the right side with my new Christian PL cards I got at JoAnn's, so happy they came out with these. Kristin had to give a small speech on her mission trip coming up to the church and I wanted a page just for it. The left side is a mix of fun things, like my new dishwasher, YAY!! I'm going to catch up on my PL and keep sharing it here, can't believe how far behind I got. There isn't enough hours in the day to do all I want, not sure how women who work and craft get things done. Will get the writing done today and move on to February's pages.
How about some Mandala love today too, I've missed these so much!! Dawn at girlunwinding was so sweet to send this to me some time ago. I have it on my kitchen ledge and admire it daily but kept forgetting to take an actual picture to show you ladies. SPRING COLORS!!! Can't wait for spring to come so I can make mandala's again. It will be my first spring making them them, YAY!! Thanks so much Dawn, this was such a sweet surprise and I love it!!
I know several of you like these pictures just as much as I do!!! It was even more gorgeous then it is in the picture. We haven't had many sunrises and a few sunsets but this one was GORGEOUS!!! What a great way to end a perfect Sunday, love when that happens.
I have to run to the store this morning after the kids leave and then I will be back to visit all of you and see what your up too today. My goal is to get more PL done and get some new ATC out the door today. Will share some ATC with you next week, I made some cute ones that I want to keep for myself.  Have a great day today and thank you for the visit!!
p.s. I know most of you will probably share some ST. Patrick's day pictures. I didn't have anything like that but I did go out to eat corn beef and cabbage with my dad last night and forgot my camera. the kids used to dress up in green and wigs and funny things when they were little, I should dig some of those up to show you, so cute!! Hope it was a nice holiday for those who celebrate it.
Thank you for hosting us today Elizabeth, so sweet of you!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sienna and Colt's dad!! GOOD NEWS!

Hello, I wanted to share some happy news!! Sienna and Colt's dad made it out of surgery and is on his way to recovering!! Feeling so thankful right now, it was hard just for me to wait thru the day to hear the news, can't imagine how Sonja and his family did it. So very happy to share this news though and to say THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for your thoughts and prayers! He has a month off to get well, I'm sure the kids will be happy just to have him home all the time and where they can see him and love him. They were here today and are doing so good! Thanks again!! HUGS!

Monday, March 10, 2014

T stands for Tuesday and Tons of art fun

Hello and HAPPY Tuesday!! Can you believe it's been a week already, really where did it go. No more blinking for me, I'm trying to slow down the days. Well, you know what today means, we head over to Elizabeth's  to share what's in our cup today. As you can see it's not about what's in my cup today but WHERE is my cup. We got a new dishwasher, YIPPEEE!! It's been a year and half since the last one broke and I have wanted another one. I don't usually mind doing dishes, but it means some days my sink/counter always have dishes in/on them. I like knowing they can just go right into the dishwasher and not be seen. Hope you get a kick out of this Elizabeth, I try to come up with different ways to share each Tuesday. I already have next Tuesday's planned too, pretty sure you will like this it too. I can also relate to how you were feeling 2 weekends ago, my back has a kink in it and being a pain. Not sure what's wrong but hurts to sit for too long and in the mornings after sleeping. It doesn't hurt but it's a cramp of some kind that's just annoying and makes me walk/sit funny. Other then that I'm doing great and enjoying the spring like temps we've been having. See the post below from this past Friday, spring was in the air and still is today. YAY!!
Big THANK YOU again for all the wonderful support and kindness from everyone last week on my ATC. You've been so good to me and it warms my heart and keeps me motivated to keep going. Today though I am showing some other fun stuff along with a little ATC pictures.
here are my daily sketch papers, picked flowers as my theme this month. I actually got behind and whipped up most of these in one sitting. Sienna was next to me whipping up her own too. Click on the image to see them better. I will show these again next week, hope I can get them done, lol. 
Here is some new way of making art with Sienna. SHE LOVED THIS!! We closed our eyes and took a crayon without looking at it and just scribbled till I said stop. We then picked another crayon without looking and did this 4 more times. Since she is 5 we used only 5 crayons. After each scribble we also turned the paper. Here are two of the ones we did, the rest she took home. LOVE!!
here is another art in a new way. We picked out 5 crayons ahead of time then drew whatever we wanted on it. Her side is the left and mine is the right. After each crayon we traded sides and drew something without looking at what the other was doing. Hope this makes sense. I liked that we could just make whatever we wanted and not know how it would come out. SHE LOVED THIS TOO!
Here are some owls that I'm obsessed with drawing right now. My new class with Junelle Jacobsen " Saturday Morning Blocks" just started and these were our first lesson. She is so fun to learn with, have taken several of her classes and love them. Her style is free and loose, more whimsy and not so perfect,  I love this part!! I'm practicing/sketching and hope to show you some painted next week. Trying to take my time and just enjoy the process, no rush or stress. Might make these into ATC for all my Owl loving friends too, quite a few of them enjoy owls. Here are a few more peeks...
They are so much cuter in person, made some small ones to get a size for the ATC, so cute and tiny. I'm also trying to make them more funny looking, not serious, practice practice!!
Here is my newest ATC, loving the colors and splatters of paint on here!
here is what it looks like after I take off the masking tape. A tree, needs another branch on the left side maybe but I love making them. I forgot to take a picture but I splattered dots on it too. Made some more of these today and will probably keep one for my Project Life and just to keep. LOVE!
I'm really excited to share this with you today. It's my first 10 days of 30 Days of Lists. I am so glad to be doing these again, it's been a couple years. I am also happy I kept it simple, in the past I try to make it all pefect, fun, colorful, sketchy, but this year is just simple!! Click on the image to read the cards better and sorry for the glare. Each day I just picked out a random PL card from any of my kits and although some of them could have more written on them, kept it short and sweet. YAY!! Will share again after the next 10 days are done. The green title card will be decorated eventually too.
Whew, I squeezed it all in here. Just had to share all this fun with you, hope you made it thru and enjoyed it. Can't wait to see what everyone else will be sharing today, always something that inspires me, teaches me something new or brings a smile to my face. Remember to read the post below real quick just to see the cute little ones and our spring weather day. Their dad has surgery this Wednesday, extra prayers are much appreciated. THANK YOU!!
Have a great Tuesday and Elizabeth, thank you for being such a sweet and awesome host!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Hello! Guess what, spring wishes came for us yesterday ( Friday) we got to walk on the grass and feel warm sunshine on us. It's amazing how fresh air and blue skies can make you feel giddy again, the green grass to walk on, the hope of spring just around the corner. YES, we needed this day and so my camera came out and captured a little bit of cuteness and joy from two sweet kids.
My sister just brought over this umbrella before we headed outside. Sienna was so thrilled and excited by it. She kept posing with it and said take a picture Dawn. See the sun shining on Colt, he could barely open his eyes. It was so nice to be out there be almost blinded by it, missed this feeling of warmth and magic. Good thing we left boots on since the yard was a muddy mess. SPRING!
uuummm yes she loved the umbrella and posing. She is growing up so much, will miss her next fall when all day school starts for her. Need to soak up this Sienna Time right now while I can. We made some fun art that I will show on my Tuesday post.
Look at that sweet cute face, see the sun on him!! This little burst of energy needed to be outside and getting it all out. He constantly talks and asks questions and loves to tease and laugh with me. Trucks/cars/tractors are still his favorite and I'm happy with that too. He loves to read books and is signing is ABC constantly and other little tunes only he knows. He says "butter" for everything too and laughs, not sure where that came from. Thank goodness he loves getting pictures too.
You know these are my favorites, YAY!! Our first one together of the year, notice the umbrella she made sure we could see it. This was such a perfect day, from dawn to dusk, so thankful for these little blessings and sweetness scattered thru my day. I'm still full of it this morning, so happy to share with you. One more photo of sweetness....
Looked out the window to see them walking and holding hands. She told me later that he asked her to hold his hand. SO DANG CUTE these two are together. He loves her to pieces. So thankful she has so much patience and love for this boy and other kids. They are best buddies when she is home.
Thank you for visiting and hope this brings some spring hope and smiles your way today. Some other fun new news here is, Renee starting making ATC with me and traded some and she has joined the track team. Starting Monday she will be running and working out daily for 2 hours after school, YAY!!! It will be so good for her to get out and do something good for her.
Guess what's out my window??? Little wet snowflakes falling everywhere. Thankful I caught this day yesterday and it will keep me going to spring really gets here. See you on Tuesday! HUGS!