Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I can't believe it's the last week of June already. This summer break is going by to fast for me and for the kids. We had a very exciting week with two big announcements. I have more then 7 pictures for the week just because of how it unfolded. I also don't have dates for all they are just my pictures for the week not potd..
Read thru the whole set of pictures so you don't miss the announcements. If you are new here click on my project life Tuesday button on the right to learn more about it and to see more blogs like mine.

Have a Happpy and Safe 4th of July everybody. Thank you for all your comments and visits.
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Late Sunday night

Sat late afternoon

Friday night at 9:45












Tuesday gets even better

Tuesday was a great day

Sunday, June 27, 2010



I am participating in this blog to see more like it or to do it yourself click on the mannland link to the right. Have Fun.....
1. If you had $5,000.00 to spend on plastic surgery what would you do?
I wouldn't want plastic surgery but put it towards some kind of laser eye surgery so I wouldn't have to wear glasses anymore. Have worn them since I was 10 and am so tired of them.

2. Do you watch soaps if so what's your favorite and why?
I love Days Of Our Lives, watched it growing up. Now only occasionaly tune in. I love the guys in it have to say they are HOT!! Also love Allison Sweeney she has grown up on the show and love what they do with her charcter.

3. Favorite clothing brand? Don't have time to worry about clothes but most shirts are Sonoma from Kohl's and Lee Riders from Walmart

4. Afternoon shopping spree at favorite store or maid service for a year? The maid service for sure. I wouldn't have said that a couple years ago but would love maid service so I could have more time to scrap and be with family

5. Would you ever vajuzzle? Not sure what it is, so probably not

6. Favortie Disney Princess? This is a hard one.....ummm...... ok a tie with Ariel and Belle

7. last movie that made you bawl your eyes out? This is really sad but I really cried when I saw Toy Story 3 last weekend so did my hubby...I don't watch many movies so can't think of any others.

8. Have you ever broken any bones, if so what? yes, I had a hairline fracture on the outside of my left foot on pinkie toe. It was the morning of my sister's wedding. Couldn't get a doctor appt. and it swelled up and I had to sit all day with it on ice and didn't have any fun. Then had to sit with a boot cast on it for the 3 months of summer while my 11 year old took care of her 1 year and 2 year old sisters for me, it was a long nonfun summer!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24 new 5 on Thursday post

( five on Thursday)

I'm posting this for the first time hoping to keep doing it or something like it. Write something that's making you feel ......
totally stoked

I am HAPPY because my oldest daughter just surprised me and came home for 4 days totally shocked me!!
I am DELIGHTED because my cousin who I babysit for just told me today she's pregnant, so exciting
I am GRATEFUl that my grandparents are still alive and I had breakfast with them this morning!!
I am TOTALLY STOKED that we have started our countdown to our vacation in Miami Florida
I am THANKFUL that I have a wonderful loving caring husband and 4 awesome kids!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello everyone, it's officially summertime!! I'm loving the warm/muggy temps we finally have. So thankful we bought the pool for the kids its all they ask to do everyday. Hope everyone had a good fathers day, I actually forgot to get pictures of Rich with the kids we were busy all day.

We went to see TOY STORY 3 it was AWESOME!! I didn't get pictures but posted about it after this weeks pictures so keep scrolling down to read it.

I am reading a magazine " Seeing the Everyday" that was posted on Becky Higgins blog in May if you want to read about it more go to her blog it's on the right side of my blog. It has such warm , funny, heartwarming stories and pictures that's it no ads or anything. It is so good I reread it everymorning with my tea.

Thanks for visiting and have a good week!!

June 21

June 20

June 20

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June 15

Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19 Toy Story 3

Well I have to say Toy Story 3 really ROCKED !!!! We went to day and it was so much fun. I don't want to say to much and ruin it for anybody who hasn't gone yet, but you have to see it ASAP.. My husband and I were cracking up thru it and we even had tears a couple of times, not just me but my dear hubby also. The kids liked it too but it was more for us then them. They barely remember the first two. Sam liked them when he was little but he wasn't that impressed even though he did laugh during some of it. My only regret was that we went to our small cheap ( reasonably priced) movie theater which only has one screen, popcorn,candy, pop, that's it no extra things. Anyhow because of that there's no cardboard stands, posters nothing to get our picture by and their tickets don't have any info on them just a plain red ticket that says ticket. I'm glad we saved the money but would have liked something cool to put in my potd pocket to take out and look at. So if anyone else sees it this weekend let me know what you thought. Have a happy father's day everyone!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Well June is going by fast already in this house. Now that the kids are home the house is noisy all day some good noise some not so good ( sibling's fighting) it takes a couple weeks to realize that they are stuck with other for the summer so get use to it I always say. The pool is all they care about they went swimming 2 or 3 times everyday so far even though the temps have barely been warm enough. All I've done is take pictures of them in the pool then realized I need some extra to show you for the week. While I'm out there watching them swim nothing is getting done inside the house so next week I'm making a swim schedule and going to make sure they help clean up the house BEFORE we head out to the pool, for now though I know they are just so excited and want to swim all day. I didn't date my pictures this week easier just to pull some favorites out to enjoy. I also did a whole post after this week's potd about a park I take the kids to every year when school let's out. So if you don't mind a lot of pictures keep scrolling down after this weeks to see, they are cute even though we had tons of mosqutios there to bother us. have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by.

june 2010

june 2010

june 2010

June 2010 one of our traditions


june 2010 my mermaid girl

june 2010

June 2010

June 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11 one of our summer traditions

This is what we've been doing for the last 3 years, I thought they teared down the park or I'd have taken them sooner but oh well we will start going every first week off of school and that's it one time so it doesn't get too old. But now because of the mosquitos we will go back again soon and try for a few more better pictures for me. The mosquitios were bad but we did try to get some good pictures, even I got some for the first time here. There isn't many of Sam because he gave me a hard time he's going thru I hate the camera phase hoping the love will be coming back soon though. Ok now for the story....
This is the park I went to as a kid and played with my cousins who lived down the road from here. After walking thru the park you can walk down to the beach part. We had tons of fun there were six of us we'd play happlily all day in the sand and in the water. I've only taken the kids down once it's pretty steep for me and I hate heights now. Well this was just the coolest park I'd ever seen because of these cool huge rocks and a bouncy briddge that you can run across. I don't have any childhood pictures from this park so I've decided this will be our annual schools out picture place. We always go during the first week, next year I think we will wait and see if the bugs aren't so bad. It's smells like nature, beautiful smells of flowers, trees, water it's heavenly. I almost didn't post this because of the bugs but didn't want to aim for perfection either it's our story and as long as it gets told that all that matters. Thanks kids for braving those nasty bugs so we could get pictures for me. The funny thing too we left our windows down in the van so we ran all the way back to van to get in and find them all over, we kept swatting them and smashing them oh it was awful. We all got at least 4/5 bites each not much but just enough to bug us. sorry this so long, please don't stop now go look at the pictures.

Oh no there's mosquitos

Here is the stone map of it

We made it our park that use to be my park

My renee girl

Renee on her big tall rock

My boy who didn't want pictures taken today

She is so cool not allowed to say pretty or cute

That's my Summer girl her favorite spot

That's me in a picture

my first picture here yeeeeh

lake erie

the bouncy bridge

June 11 one of our summer traditions

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi everyone, it's official today was the first day of summer vacation and the kids are excited. It's been a busy day as you will see in pictures. Last Friday was last day of school and I uploaded the pictures in the wrong order sorry about that. I don't have pictures for everyday just forgot and knew I'd take a lot on last day of school.

I did some weekend projects over weekend from Ali Edward's blog post this past Saturday. So please scroll down a few times to see all this week's potd and then look at my projects after that. I explained what they are on those posts let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting. If you want to see more blogs like this click on Jessica Turner's link on the right and if your a fan of Allison Davis like me she started sketch week TODAY!!! I love sketch week if you want to see her blog click on her name on the right hand side of my blog also. Have a great week everybody!!

June 7

June 7