Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello August and computer broke

Hello everyone,  my computer broke down so I couldn't link up for my T time post. I know some of you saw it. How frustrating to not have a running working computer when you need it.

I am happpppy to say my dad made it thru his heart bypass and is doing good. He's sore and tired and frustrated but he's here. Will take some effort and time to get him healthy again.

If you don't see me posting soon from my computer that means it's not fixable and I can only post non photo posts from the computer at the library like I am now. YUCK!!

It wasn't letting me post even words so I left a comment in the comment section of the post below for you. Hope you will look at it and then see my comment. Wishing I had did a bunch more pictures into that post now, if only I knew it was going to break down.

Thank you for still visiting me and hope you are doing well. Here's a little Hello August while I have the chance.

Hello to my birthday on the 18
Hello to Rich's and Lucky's birthday on the 19
Hello to kids back to school on the 18
Hello to back to school ice cream at DQ which Renee works at now, how funny is that!
Hello to more driving for Summer
Hello to hopefully more sunshine days
Hello to CORN ON THE COB fresh from our garden
Hello to watermelons from the garden and sunflowers
Hello to flowers growing in the ditch for mandala making
Hello to more bonfires and smores and sunsets
Hello to schedules
Hello to first travel soccer game
Hello to Kristin being in Albania this month
Hello to helping dad get better
Hello to a whole new month to enjoy!

Remember to read the comments in the post below to see more. Thanks again!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Monday Mandala and T stands for Tuesday on a SaTurday

Hello and Happy early T time on Saturday, can't be here for Tuesday but didn't want to miss another week. Hoping it's ok to share with you ladies even if I can't get right back to you. So I thought this could be a catch up post for now before I get way behind on sharing with you.
This is my normal place to be morning, noon, night, sitting on my deck and looking at the yard and enjoying the sun and sky while I can. Wishing to freeze time right here.
Summer turned 16!!! YIPPEE!! She is pretty happy about it!!
Here are some of my pages from my One Book July project. I used the last SOC colors for these and love them. Still need to do some catching up on these and will share more later. Hoping to do this next month too, but with more then one pen this time, YAY!
we had a surprise house warming party for my sister!! She was very surprised when we all showed up at her house, YAY!! Such a fun time for us together and hope we can do it more.
Sam built a tunnel for the kids to use their cars on. He has been playing more with them and I love it, so do they!! He had them help clean his room on another day and they liked it.
Got our first little cherry tomatoes which Sienna and Colt ate, YAY!! They love them!
I made a mandala using flowers from my neighbor who works in a flower store. Of course the wind blew at this time and some of the leaves are blown out of place.
The sky has been amazing again, LOVE!!
In other news, which is really why I won't be here on Tuesday is my dad is having surgery after having a heart attack a week ago. It's been a long week of tests, waiting and praying. My dear best friend has also had a death in their family, so sad.  Not our favorite week so far this summer. It made me feel good just sharing these happy pictures with you. Hope you enjoyed them and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I will do my best to get to you after Tuesday. Thank you for understanding. Have a wonderful week and Happy Monday Mandala and T Day early. HUGS!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The last SOC for this year, the best for last!

Hello to the last week of SOC, sad to see it come to an end. Also reminded of how fast summer is going and almost ending. A month from today the kids will be on their second day of school already, YUCK!! For now I will soak up these happy summer colors and have fun with them.
For this last week I did something fun, did this last year too. A walk thru Wal-Mart to find these gorgeous colors wherever I could. I have to say it was hard to find them without green being mixed into to. Wish I had more time to find these colors but here is a few at least to share with you.
Here is the paint I found, the pinks were all light, not the raspberry but it works for this.
Aren't  pretty, love the pops of orange in them. Usually wouldn't see orange flowers but so glad to find them here. Funny thing about the orange too, I had been dreaming of orange for days leading up to this last week. I was thrilled to see orange in this last week, refreshing I think.
A nice summer nightgown with the perfect colors on it, YAY!!
Everyone loves post it notes!!
Look at these soft and pretty hand towels!!
I loved doing this walk for colors and wish I had on the other weeks too, so fun and like a scavenger hunt. Will remember to do this more next summer for sure.
Now for a little bit of art I made this week, I forgot to get pictures of my July notebook which has a few pages with these colors on them. Will have to share them later in my T Time post.
I made inchies and probably love these out of all I've done so far. The picture is a little dark, too much yellow I think. Made these with scraps of paper except the bottom two were from washi tape.
My icads from the last 3 days, LOVE THESE! They are simple but they make me happy.
The 3 on the right are for this week too, had fun writing with paint.
That wraps of my SOC for this week and for this summer. I had so much fun each week and liked keeping it simple with just a little paint each day. Not sure what I will do for next year's but might have to stick with paint again since I liked it so much.
I want to say a big THANK YOU to our wonderful sweet hostess Kristin she spoils us each year with this project and works hard to make it fun and fair to all things art. Looking forward to next year's already Kristin and hope to still dream in color now that SOC is over. THANK YOU!!
Thank you for your visits and comments, they make my day! I have a Mandala to share on Monday and fun post for T Time. As long as the timing of it all works out they will be here.
Have a great weekend everyone, ours will be a rainy one,  will have to stay inside and craft.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Around here Lucky still is cute and squeezes into small spaces
Around here these 2 still love to build houses to play in
Around here Summer loves to drive in the school parking lot
Around here I decided to write on my ICADs
Around here I did some word collaging and like it
Around here we have pumpkins growing, YIPPEE!!
Around here Rich has been weeding the garden, YAY!
Around here we are slowly going about our days, lazy and simple. Summer is still healing and so we can't go anywhere with much walking. Renee is still working the night shift which makes for tired days afterwards for us both. I am loving these days and don't want them to end. I am enjoying my ICAD cards and new journal so much, want to keep doing both thru August I think just for my own fun. I am working on the SOC colors for this last week and LOVE them so much. Will post those on Saturday and am ready for T on Tuesday and a Mandala on Monday coming up too, YAY! Slowly making progress on my PL and need to really get the pages done so I can share with you.
Hope you are having a good week too, thanks so much for your visits and comments.

Monday, July 14, 2014

T stands for Happy One Year Anniversary Tuesday

Hello, welcome to the ONE year anniversary of T Stands for Tuesday at Elizabeth's. SO EXCITED!! Can't believe it's been a year already, so fast but so fun. Today we are sharing a favorite past T time post from our archives. This is VERY hard to do, so many good ones, even my first post still makes me happy and so thankful for this little group. I'm hoping I can link this up right to share a spical post with you. This is a favorite because it's FALL, my favorite season and the place was special but more important is family. Now let's see if I can share it correctly... wait in case I do this wrong and can't figure out how to add more text to the bottom. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BLUEBEARD AND ELIZABETH!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR  A WONDERFUL YEAR OF DRINKS, CUPS, LAUGHS, FACTS, BEAUTIFUL ART, FRIENDSHIP, PRAYERS, INSPIRATION, GARDENS, RESTAURANTS, MANDALAS AND MORE, you have helped me and been so kind and amaze me with all you do in a day and week. Looking forward to another year with you and the great ladies here at T Time. 
Ok now let's see if I can get it to work.... dawn  ok, maybe you have to click on this link to get there. Still hoping this works. If not will have to start  Plan B.... please work!

Friday, July 11, 2014

SOC fun with my favorite color combo

How fun are the colors this week at Kristin's, it's the 5th week already for Summer of Color. The colors are one my most favorite color combos. I had some fourth of July scrapbook paper and made some inchie's , click on the image to see better. Not sure why they aren't showing up brighter, sorry.
I also made some icad's with the colors too. Love seeing them together!
Then I added some doodling to the squares, always fun to do that isn't.
I had fun with this page too, although it doesn't count for this week but wanted to share it.
Thank you Kristin for these wonderful colorful fun artistic weeks you have us, will be sad when they are over. I'm still thinking we need to have orange again?? Could it be in next week's colors?
To see more Summer Of Color fun visit Kristin.

Monday, July 7, 2014

T stands for Tuesday and arT fun

Hello and Happy T Day!  I'm getting hungry just looking at this picture, I love good picnic food. This is from our family's 4th of July picnic, made sure to get a picture before eating so I could have a cup/beverage for today's post, the day we all head to Elizabeth's  for T day. We had a wonderful long weekend, friends, family and yummy food and good weather. Hope you all had a good weekend too.
The only bad part of the day was Summer spraining her ankle playing basketball with the new ball I just bought for her. Poor girl is stuck on the couch with her foot elevated and wrapped for a week. She is starting to get pretty bored and frustrated at just sitting everyday. Hoping it will heal SOON!
The garden is growing by the hour it seems. So neat how it does that!!
I've had time for some art fun and wanted to share with you a few things.
These are for the State/Country private swap, we could do either theme and make it clear which one. There were 25 of us so I made multiplies of all the ones you see here. Click on the image and you can see that I add some sparkly glue on them, felt they needed a little something extra. I did mess them up at first and had to redo 12 of them and hurry to rush them off. This was the picture of them drying before I packed them up. Will share the ones I receive when they get here.
Even had a perfect day to make a mandala OUTSIDE, YAY!! It's little but I enjoyed it.
Here are my ICADs for the last few days. You can see more in the post below.
If that wasn't enough to keep me busy, I started a new challenge on Instagram. This is a challenge for those who keep lots of planners/journals/ calendars,  you can only have ONE notebook of your choice but only ONE. For those who like to have lots of markers/pens/pencils/ etc you can only use ONE. They are calling it The One Book Only July 2014,   it's just for this month. I'm don't have planners/journals, I only use one calendar.  I do have a thing for pens/sharpies/pencils etc. so this part is a challenge for me. Some have already tweaked these rules, haha, by putting two types of journals together as one. Some of picked their one pen using the kind with different inks to pick from. So funny they are but I'm sticking by the rules so this is my journal and I'm using a PL pen in black.
I forgot to mention, it was hard to pick what size journal to use. Finally picked this one as it was the medium one of 3. The fun part is adding color a different way since I can only use one pen. YAY for washi tape and other goodies I will be adding. Started it off with my HELLO posts I do here.
Here is the July 1st page, going to do a double page for each day. I had to use these colors as it is JULY and 4th of July week, my favorite !!! Dipped my fingers in paint to make these. Messed up on the right side so I added that bit of paper to cover it up.
I'm skipping day 2 and here is Day 3. This is a little different then the DLP since no prompts are given, it's just a challenge of using one book/one pen. I'm thinking of keeping it up as my way as documenting Kristin's mission trip and my daily life and lists for fun. We will see how it goes.
I LOVE THIS PAGE!! My second favorite holiday and favorite colors! This page was pretty just with the stickers on it, almost didn't write anything but knew I had too. I bet this will stay my favorite page all month too. YAY!!!  I saw the same stickers on a couple others doing this challenge.
Here is the Day 5, love having Kristin's picture there. I added a clipping of strawberries and wrote about my day under it. This is like a tip-in I think.
Will share more pages with you next week. I am enjoying it and feels good to be getting so much written down right now too. I'm trying to keep it fun and not stress.
I want to say a BIG thank you for the prayers and good wishes for Kristin on her mission trip. She is at her first country, Kosovo and is the first time they've ever missioned there. She is staying at a church and helping the children learn English and about God. She is doing good and is happy. YAY!
You can follow her and the others on their blogs if you'd like. Go to Kristin Brewster world race to see her blog. She will update it as time permits. The stories are amazing to read from all of them.
Have a wonderful Tuesday and thank you for the visit.
Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us this week, I love Tuesdays!!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer of colors (SOC) LOVE THEM!!

Hello! Happy weekend, for some of us it's a long holiday weekend, YAY!! The sky has been amazing again this week, look at this beauty. Some days I just sit on the deck and watch the sky, can't do it once winter comes so I'm doing it as much as I can now.
I had fun playing with the SOC this week, so pretty and perfect for summer I think. Thank you Kristin for hosting us again this summer, I know it takes a lot of your time to visit and do posts for us. It's a great way to add color and fun to our lives and art of any kind. Here is what I made this week.
I used them on my icad challenge again. Love these colors and will probably play and make more just for fun. Something about that pink with the greens makes me happy.
The weather was perfect for once Tuesday morning and I was so excited to find the SOC colors in my yard too. So of course I had to get out there and make something special for this week.
A freshly made OUTSIDE Mandala, YAY!! It's not much but it was so nice to make. My heart was happy and I kept smiling all day, see it's the simple things that make me happy. Sorry the picture was a little off, didn't know till I uploaded it. Click on the image to see those pretty little flowers better too. They are so cute and the prettiest color. Can't wait to make more and with more colors.
Thanks again Kristin for the challenge and fun. To see more about this click on the Summer Of Color 2014 badge on the right side of my blog. You will love all the different things everyone makes.
Around here....
Kristin texted and is safe at Kosovo, not sure where it is and it's 6 hours ahead of us but she's there. YAY!! She says it's beautiful and where she is suppose to me right now. Will keep you posted !
We had a GREAT 4th of July celebration at the park with family. Was a perfect day! Ended it with smores too, YAY and only a little bit of bad news....
Summer had been begging me for weeks to get her a basketball and I finally did. While playing she twisted her ankle and things she heard a pop. OUCH!!  Her foot is swollen and bruised so off to the doctors we will got today. Hoping it's nothing to serious and can heal fast. Feel so bad and sad too because she was so excited I got one and now she can't play with it. She's hopping around here on one foot and Sam is waiting on her and taking care of her.
Have a great weekend and see you back here for T Time on Tuesday.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


HELLO to Red, White and Blue!!  Love these colors!
HELLO to 4th of July, my second favorite holiday!
HELLO to a whole month of no school
HELLO to Camryn (my niece) turning 13!!!
HELLO to Summer turning 16 !!!!
HELLO to Sienna turning 6 !!!
HELLO to Jennifer visiting this week, YAY!!!
HELLO to the garden growing and growing
HELLO to red ripe fresh tomatoes coming soon
HELLO to making mandalas
HELLO to a mini vacation to Salt Fork
HELLO to Kristin being in her first country
HELLO to swimming at the pool and beach
HELLO to being OUTSIDE!!
HELLO to making smores
HELLO to catching lightening bugs
HELLO to sunset watching
HELLO to root beer floats and ice cream
HELLO to playing tennis, baseball, basketball
HELLO to Heather moved out and not near by, sigh
HELLO to July and all the fun it will bring us
Happy July to all of you too!! Will be back Saturday morning to post my SOC post!