Monday, April 30, 2012

WITL Day 7...... the last day

                                                  Sunday morning walks

Here is the last day of our week, how fast it went. Lots of photos and memories for me to sort thru now and decide how to put together. Too many ideas floating around in my head, will be taking my time this week playing around and really looking at the photos and hopefully can give you an idea at the end of this week or into next week. 
Today was a good Sunday, the kids thought it was boring ( a daily complaint) but to me it was good. I got my haircut and took pictures at the salon. My hairdresser was excited about this project and was happy to be in the photos. We talked a lot about WITL and she says it sounds fun and that she should do one. I told her to GO FOR IT, at 23 and dating and her first condo would be a great thing to look back on.
The other big thing was Sam had his first tennis practice/match, this is totally new for us. We are usually in soccer and this year he decided to try tennis instead. I didn't get any pictures  but wanted to share it with you anyhow. He did good and was excited at the end, siad he had fun.
So here is our Sunday in photos, I have to say with the family home all day it keeps me busy and I almost forget to take pictures but think it turned out ok.
# of photos today  85
# of photos deleted  10
# of dishwasher 1
# of laundry none
# letting Lucky out  8 everyone shares this job when they are home

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Day 6 arrived and it's usually filled with mixed emotions, the kids are all home and they all want something, usually 3 different things. It didn't help that it was COLD COLD out all day long. The day went better then planned, it was a relaxing day to just hang out. I didn't have to go help my grandma with a shower and a laundry today so we decided to make pizza and watch a movie together. Here's a look at a our cold Saturday!
photos taken 65
photos deleted 5 too tired to go thru all so deleted the quick obvious ones
# of laundry 2
# of dishwasher 1
# Lucky went out 8 this is just how many times I did, everyone home means they help

In the picture above Sam was the first one awake, a little to early I think, he usually sleeps till 8 or after on the weekends. When he gets up he has to eat right away!! 
                                            getting my haircut tomorrow, Yippee
Sam made it obvious that he wanted me to play

A marble run activity at the library
filling out 2 high school schedules for girls
Watching BIG with the kids  LOVE THIS PART
finally got to upload my iphone photos
This is a norm every night, love this
I do this every night
first stack of 100 WITL photos, YIPPEE
good night Saturday
I'm sooooo loving this week and the memories!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

WITL...DAY 5 Hanging in there

Happy Friday!! The week started slow but the last two days went by pretty fast for me. I have to admit that today was draining for me, not sleeping well and haveing to wake up even earlier then usual this week due to Rich needing to be at work early. It's all catching up to me and I see a nap in my plans today. Each morning I get my post ready and seeing all these photos on the computer makes me happy each time. Little bits of our day caught on camera and I'm thankful each day for this and all memories we will have saved. The last few days have been kinda theme related purley by accident but today's is just random and things that I normally wouldn't have thought to do if not for this project. If anything I did do more writing then normal and was almost going to just post a list of my day and no photos, but didn't seem as much fun without photos.

# of photos taken 70
# of photos deleted 10
# of laundry 2
# of dishwasher none
#of times letting Lucky outside 16  that is a high number he was actually annoying at one point and kept going outside.

I never get to see her wait for the bus, usually in my shower still. So glad to have this one, she was actually shaking because it's so cold out today. I miss seeing her get on the bus so this was a treat.
He is excited about fun day at school.
Her hair is soooo pretty after a shower. Look at those soft curls yet she flat irons it most days or puts it up in a ponytail. I can't wait till she appreciates the naturl beauty that is already there. Wish I had it.
thankful she brings the garbage can back up on Friday's. Today she is going on a sleepover right from school. So tonight it will be only 2 kids for me to hang out with.
Home with groceries, a dreaded chore some days. Thankful for the food but not the shopping part.
Salad and soup for lunch, was yummy!!
Renee took this for me, we are headed for some errands and dinner
Rich waters the strawberries now and Lucky sits here afraid to go back there he will have to get used to this routine at night though. Finally Rich puts down the watering can and calls him to play.
Good night Friday, the sunset came late tonight

Thank you to everyone stopping by and leaving me comments all week. I appreciate them all and enjoy reading what you thought about my day/photos/words. Only 2 more days to go, yippee !!

Friday, April 27, 2012


I am feeling good so far with my week of pictures and journaling, little bits of our everyday. It's the same thing day in and day out mostly but it feels like HOME and I like the samness of my days. On Ali's blog yesterday she talked a little bit about this and it's the routines that make up our lives. Some days may seem boring because of this but you have to look for the new things and enjoy the sameness of your days, it all counts. When I got up this morning from a bad night of awful dreams the word NEW kept coming to me, so today's pictures are about the NEW in the everyday and some that are a little new. In case you've noticed the lack of photos of my girls, what can I say they hide in their room most of the night so it's hard to get pictures of them. Today I was lucky enough to get a couple though.
total # of photos 90
total # deleted  18
total # laundry 2
total # let Lucky outside  9, I noticed he was very tired today??? Not sure why??

The new day starting early and bright
Newly curled hair and make-up !!! 
Still getting used to my NEW hair style 2 years later
New hello's in the morning 
A new brighter sunrise
Reading new WITL blogs
reading a NEW book at the bus stop
a NEW sky everyday
a new place to walk/jog
this isn't new but each time he sits there melts my heart, I think he's dreaming of running around the backyard or just sitting and enjoying the outdoors and the fresh air. Either way I love it!!!
trying NEW things in my art journals
a newly cleaned off table
making something NEW for dinner
New first pair of glasses for my niece
the girls hanging out in kitchen!!!
another day done and filled with newness and sameness