Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Here is my PL pages from last week, still caught up but just barely. I had to order pictures 3 different times, for some reason my full order wouldn't go thru online. Still not sure what happened but 3 trips up there and I'm still missing one picture. For now though it's done. This was a birthday week for us and some fun outings. Kept it simple due to all the ordering issues. I did add an extra insert that's from Walmart.
The left side is all about Summer's birthday and going bowling. The right side is  my insert, fun pictures of the kids from our outings. Love the Target red circle pictures, came out cute!
Here is the back side of the insert on the left, it's all about Sienna's 4th birthday party. We had so much fun there with her. She was happy to see us and we met John Dema, such a cutie!!
The right side is about our visit to a local park that has BIG ROCKS and a BOUNCY BRIDGE to run and jump on. We missed this last year so it was nice to be back. Renee could even climb up on the big rock this time, she had no fear doing it but I sure did watching her. The bottom right hand corner is where my missing picture will be going. So that's another week of PL, hope next week is easier.
I went out and enjoyed the beautiful morning sun yesterday and took some pictures. I just love days like this when the sky is full of sun and clouds, just makes my day start on a HAPPY NOTE!! Sharing a few more of these below for you, hope you enjoy us much as I do.
this one is my favorite picture from them all
wouldn't you just love to jump in those clouds
here is a little something I worked on last night. Lately my art has been playing with fabric, LOVE LOVE THIS!! My mom gave me all kinds of scraps and it's been fun mixing them up and creating things. I have more of these to show you later in the week. The next picture is another cute thing I did with the scraps. This new way of creating is making me VERY HAPPY!! Thanks mom!
On the left side is a little fabric frame with some words about my Nana written inside. The fabric/colors remind me of her. The right side is just a collage of the scraps. LOVE LOVE these pages. Click on the image to see better. More of these to come, hope you enjoy them!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the last day of July today. Can you believe how fast this month went by. It's also been pretty hot for us, making me lazy and wanting to stay inside with the AC on and reading. Really wishing for a loooong cool break to come and relieve us and some rain also. We have our town's fair coming up this weekend, can't wait to get me some french fries and fresh lemonade, SOOOO YUMMY!! Enjoy your week and stay cool or warm wherever you are.

Friday, July 27, 2012


                                                  A NOT SO LITTLE GIRL TURNED 4
                                               I MET MY NEW LITTLE COUSIN
                                               JOHN DEMA, SOOOO CUTE!!!
FOR THIS 14 YEAR OLD,  (sigh)


Monday, July 23, 2012


Hello and HAPPY PROJECT LIFE!!  I'm finally caught up and soooo happy about it. I decided to make the whole spread about camping even though it was barely one day, when uploading them it turns out I took 123 pictures. I almost did collages but decided to just squeeze in all my favorites. I can't forget that July 4th was that week so I did make a little collage about that day.  The journaling will go in later on a typed up 81/2 x 11 paper telling about our adventure and the HOT DAY IT WAS!! Now for some close ups...
I love the picture of Summer with Lucky looking out the window, so CUTE!! That's Lucky in the bottom left corner photo eating his first ice cream at the campgrounds. It even had a dog treat on top but he ate all the ice cream first. I also made the little Happy 4th card.
I love the mix on this side, some of the kids and others for me. The top left one is the girls sitting by the outlet with an extension cord so their cells could charge while they talked to friends. I tried talking them into leaving cells at home but they are glued to them. I picked my fave ones of each of them for the middle row and then the fireworks we saw. The bottom 2 are my fave nature ones. LOVE LOVE THESE, the sun shining thru the trees is something I don't have in my backyard. The reflection of the trees/lights were so pretty that night while Sam and I walked around. Good times!
Here is the next week which has pictures from last week ( kinda cheating but it works, right) then collages to show more about the week. I like that this week has a good mix of things that happened.
click on the image to see and read better
I love this side, the park pictures came out so cute and was so fun with them! The one of Renee is beautiful to me, she's getting so big. Little Colt loves the merry-go-round. In the upper right hand photo I did a collage about my 12 pictures on the 12th, happy that I did this and hope to again next month. Look at that sunflower photo I got, so happy it turned out just the way I wanted, a little bit of trees, sky, clouds in the background. Rich is so proud of these this summer, coming out awesome!!
This is last weeks from our mini vacation. I decided to do make the whole spread about it just like the camping trip above. I am really liking this idea and plan on doing it again when needed. It was hard to pick my favorites so I did a nice mix of collages and singles I think, came out just right for me. I will prob. journal later and include it in a page protector, too much to tell on these journal cards. To read more about our trip just scroll down to the previous post. I don't have close up's on this week so just click on the image to see better. Saying it again, feels good to be caught up!!

I want to include in here a prayer for the families in Colorado, so sad for these families. This isn't close to home but still impacted me the same as Chardon's tragedy did. My heart goes out to them and is reminding me to enjoy each moment with my family. This is the main reason I don't watch the news or read the paper so I usually find out about it later on or thru someone else, breaks my heart.

I've missed reading blogs and am going to blog hop a little tonight, hope to get a chance to say hello and check out what's new with you. This downtime has been wonderful and I'm getting lots done and enjoying time with the kids and just sitting relaxing with a book. I also went back from the beginning in my PL and loved reading back over it again, some things I had already forgotten about. Just makes me more happier that Project Life is in our lives!! Take care and HUGS to all of you!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


We set off on our little vacation Weds. morning, 5 kids stuffed in the back with bags,coolers, stuffed animals ( yep, even Sam took 2 of them) ready for fun in the sun with lots of swimming!! Well the first hour and half there was great, I LOVE THE POOL AS MUCH AS THE KIDS DO!!  Then came the thunder, then the RAIN, then loud THUNDER and LOTS OF RAIN!!! The rest of the night was spent in our rooms, thankfully Heather brought games for us and we had snacks! The next day was our full day at Salt Fork and the weather went back and forth with rain/clouds and sun. We did get some swim time over here and there thru the day, more games and Heather and I relaxing on the big comfy couch in one of the many lounge areas. We got up early on Friday and came home, tired and happy and kinda wishing we could stay 2 more days. This is the only place away from home that I LOVE as much as my home, so peaceful and pretty and cozy. I thought I'd share some pictures for you,  wish I had more but happy with what I got.  Oh and there is lots of deer that live there, they are friendly and not afraid of the guests here, check it out!!  The first time we went here was right after Summer turned 1 and was just learning to walk, such a sweet time it was. This time though Summer turned 14 on the day we left,  I kept telling her about that first trip when she was just one. How fast time flies by,  so glad for these memories.
this pool was made for me, just LOVE IT
love all the windows to look out
these rockers are inside those big windows above
love love that they do this!!
we love the bunk beds
Sam and I took an early morning walk
lunch out on the picnic table, FUN!!!
here is Renee feeding bread to them

Hope you enjoyed the peek into our mini vacation, more pics to come later. I'm ordering these pictures tonight and going to have Project Life ready for Tuesday ( fingers crossed). Thank you for the sweet comments on my last post, LOVED THEM!! I had to come in and say HELLO AND MISS YOU!! Will see you again on Tuesday with 3 weeks worth of PL, HOORAY!! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012


                                                 these 3 on the merry-go-round
                                             everything about him, just want to bottle it up
She grew AGAIN!! STOP THAT!!
she loves him almost as much as me, ALMOST!
it's blurry and I missed him, but this day I won't forget
riding his scooter in the village, HAPPY & FREE
Rich's new sunflowers, a different kind
love their color, this is for you Deb
more later on it
the sun shining thru the trees, so peaceful
camping!! ( still need to post about it,sorry)
my own flag that I painted on a block of wood
more to come on this also
a sneek peak on something new I'm working on !

So there's my little bit of happiness and blessings this week, hope they spread happiness to your home also.  This has been a busy week and this week will be busy also. So my PL post will be late again, just got the pictures tonight and have no time tomorrow or Tuesday to get them. Will hopefully post 2or 3 weeks on the following Tuesday or sooner. I'm behind on some posts to share with you all, almost did one on the camping but am counting my blessings today and wanted to share that instead.

The kids and I are going on a mini vacation with my sister and nieces for the last half of this week, that's why I'm busy. When I get back it's SUMMER'S 14TH BIRTHDAY!!  Don't even want to go there, NOT GOING TO,LOL!!  So we will be busy with her and MISS.SIENNA'S birthday is on Sat. so busy, busy time for us.  With that in mind I'm taking a blogging break this week and except for the PL posts if I get them done next week will be quiet for me also. The summer is slipping away from me and the kids, I want to make each minute count right now so I'm trading in my blogging/blog visiting to HAVE FUN AND SOAK UP THESE SUMMER DAYS WITH MY KIDS!!
Take care and hugs for all of you, will be hard to do this, I just love blog reading. Enjoy your days and send some happy wishes my way, I will need them. Thanks ladies you are the best!