Tuesday, April 30, 2013


HELLO PROJECT LIFE!! This is probably the longest I've ever gone not having a PL post, kinda sad isn't it. This whole month has flown by and catching up on Pl isn't my favorite thing to do, part of it felt like a chore and other part thrilled to see the pictures and stories I'd forgotten about. I'm sharing 2 weeks here I think and then will share the others that are DONE in a couple days. I didn't do the week from Disney yet, still working on it but will get it done and share it with you.
This first page is from the week leading up to Easter. The big news that week was the window Sam broke throwing a snowball at the house. I was right there to see him throw it and his shocked reaction on his face, not a good moment for us. There is an insert to hold 3 4x6 photos which is what you see and in the next picture is it turned over with the pictures and the right side of the page. Love seeing all the fun Easter pictures.
The next pages are from Easter break which started the day after Easter which was also mine and Rich's anniversary. I added the envelope from the card he bought me and wrote on the back of it which you see in the picture below it. I also added a SPRING insert to show that it's APRIL now. I left the back of this blank, thinking about writing all about April and adding it to the back. Can't believe I'm writing about April 1st and tomorrow is May 1st, soooo weird to post this so close to each other. I love these pictures from our break, fun times with the kids and our first time to Scooter Dogs this year, was finally warm enough and we were excited to eat there. Having the little ones over that week made it extra fun and chances for group pictures. The top one in the middle is hard to see but Summer was making hand shadows in the sunlight and Colt was jumping on it and trying to catch it while Summer kept moving it around, soooo funny to see Colt having fun and laughing so hard. Took me 4 times to get this shadow picture of us outside too, hated cutting it but only way it would fit. I had so many cute pictures I had to add that extra one and just make it a long week.
We left for Florida after that so my page of us leaving will start on the right side of this last photo above, kinda weird to break it up this way but also works with the photos I had.
So now I'm caught up and happy to share these with you finally and more in a few days. Today was also Day In The Life with Ali Edward's which I decided to do this time around. So glad to have the memories today, was a great day to do it. The weather is amazing and warm and will last all week. The patio door is open and I've heard birds and lawn mowing all day long!!The kids are breaking out the shorts and flip flops again and it feels so good.
Hope all of you are doing good and Happy May to you!! Thank you for the comments on my Disney posts, was so fun to share them with you. HUGS!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Our last day at Disney, time went by so fast and I already wanted to start over by this time. The day was hot, almost 90 and cloudy/sunny mixing thru the day. They had been calling for rain and it finally came at night when we were sitting down to watch the castle change colors and the light/firwork show about to start. That got everyone up and moving and leaving. We didn't see the show but all of us were happy and loved seeing the castle light up, Sam thought it was so cool and look at those rain clouds above it.
We had tons of fun at this park, I have to say Tomorrowland was my favorite part of it, had my favorite ride of all. The Buzz Lightyear ride, it was fun and relaxing and just so me. Rich got the highest points in that ride, 999,9999 and I got a picture of that as you see above. I liked that we rode rides with the two of us together and the kids in the other cars, kinda like mini dates for hubby and me. Sam made sure we rode all the mountain rides, Splash Mt., Space Mt. and I can't remember the 3rd one, sorry. His goal that day was to ride them all and it made him VERRRRY happy.
In tomorrowland we also enjoyed a Laugh-in Show, it's a live show and they use the audience for their jokes. We went twice and each time was a different, we tried to get picked but sadly didn't. Was so funny to see what they did and said each time. I could have done this a 3rd time. Summer was happy to see a ride thingy about STITCH her fave charcter, this was just ok funny. Only did it once and it was enough. Also rode this tram thing thru the park and had relaxing time doing it twice, was a nice break after a long day.
They had a live dance stage here too and Sam got up to dance with Pluto and other characters, soooo love that he does this. He is a dancer and has moves let me tell you, watch out ladies!! This was a fun break thru the day also, they played great music and got everybody involved and changed up the characters thru this 4 hour show. LOVE IT!!
We also walked thru the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, LOVED IT!! So cool to see the little rooms made up and tiny things in there, walked all the way up and back down, so COOL!!
Bonita said to visit the Tiki Room so that was next, cool and pretty show with singing birds of all kinds. Nice and cool in there too.
Renee was THRILLED to see/meet TinkerBell her favorite Princess/Fairy, she was so cute with them and esp. Sam dressed all in green like herself. We had to wait a looooong time for this one.
The girl from BRAVE was there and I would have loooved meeting her, that movie is a favorite of mine now. I walked slowly by her instead, maybe next time.
We ate at 2 nice places this time, great food and friendly people. Rich got tons of comments about his Indians shirt this day, he wore it hoping to find other Indian fans and it worked. Nice that strangers come up and start talking baseball with you and enjoy the same team even though we aren't that great. This week was the start of the season and Rich missed the games but tried to get peeks during mornings at breakfast or the newspapers. Poor guy has never missed the first open season games, EVER!! I was happy that he had people to talk it over with thru the day and even the walk out that night to the car. This made him very happy he brought an Indainas shirt for everyday that week.
I meant for us to walk thru Mickey Town and completly forgot till we were on way home, darn it. I love the little mini houses and fun from this area. We never did get Mickey/Minnie's signatures or saw any Princess either, but that's ok was a good time.
Thanks for all the comments on my MEETING BONITA post, was such a great way to celebrate being in Florida. Perfect day to relax and just enjoy ourselves, no walking and rushing around. Thanks again for your visits and comments. Tracey, I am hoping we can meet when you come in the fall, will be soooooo awesome to hang out for the day with you!! Fingers crossed!!
Have a great weekend everyone, we will have mild spring weather so busy with yard work and soccer game and walking at the track.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I was sooooo excited about this chance to meet Bonita, after being online friends for almost 2 years now, we could finally meet in person.  You see she has lived in North Dakota and moved to Flordia last fall which was perfect for me knowing our Disney trip would be happening this year. If she hadn't moved here we still wouldn't have met, thank you Bonita for moving and thank you GOD for making the timing work on this also. I was excited and nervous of course but as soon as we pulled in, all the nervousness was gone and my heart just filled up with JOY and LOVE for this awesome lady. She has such a huge heart for  everyone, looks out for her loved ones, brings strength and hope to others, she is a sweetheart. Her life has been hard and filled with heartaches but she keeps going, staying focused and postive and isn't afraid to be who she wants to be.
My husband said her house is filled with postive energy, he liked that. My girls want to move there and live there, they loved her house. It is the perfect beach house, filled with all beachy and pretty things. They went around touching and looking at everything, reading all her signs and loving her inspriation boards, even Renee got excited about her little rocks in the bathroom. I felt all this and more too, can't wait to go back and just sit and take it all in again. How awesome that she is right on the beach and windows that overlook at that beauty, we all felt relaxed and at home there.
Bonita and I met thru the Sept. 2011 30 days of Lists class, I loved her amazing and powerful collages/ lists from day one. She was so kind to reply back to my questions and help me learn more about collage/art/myself and to just jump in and do whatever makes ME happy. We have shared a lot of our life stories and cheered and prayed for one another, celebrated bdays, holidays, happy mail and more with each other. She also started doing Project Life and does some awesome pages!!
Bonita is married to a sweetie just like herself, Greg was so good to us, cooked a wonderful lunch and helped Sam dig in the sand with his tools. Greg, Sam enjoyed being with you so much, thanks for making it a great day for him. He still talks about it and insists he's coming back and wants to stay. They had a dream of living on the beach and worked hard to make it happen. I am proud of them both and have enjoyed reading and witnessing this dream happen. She knows that I and others want her to write a book on this, making your dreams happen and I want the first copy when it's printed!! They both give me hopes that dreams can happen and that you have to believe and stay postive.
Our day there was magical and just as fun as the Disney parks themselves. We talked, went and got some taffy, ate a yummy lunch, brought home lots of shells, borrowed Bonita bathing suit for Summer so she could swim, applied lots of suntan lotion but still got sunburned, ha! Felt the love and care of a wonderful couple who opened up their home, hearts to me and my family. I couldn't have asked for a better day except that it went by too fast and wanted to stay there. Oh and I can't forget about their cute dog Angel who was so good with the kids, helped us not miss Lucky so much that day. The kids would have kept her too, she is loving her new beach life also.
Thanks again Bonita and Greg for all you did for us, such a great memory we will have now from our Disney trip. So thankful to have you in my life and for meeting you finally. I'm sure we or at least I will be back for another (longer) visit. Enjoy your new gorgeous beach home and life.
You can visit Bonita's blog to see more of her house, beach, gorgeous pictures and more at http://www. bonitarose.com or click on my Bonita badge to the right of my blog.
Thanks again for reading my long Disney/beach posts and for your comments. Next up on our trip was our last day which was at Magic Kingdom. I will also be sharing another story after that about a little favorite place of ours there too, OLD TOWN and then pictures from our drive down adn back. Still working on PL and hoping to post them next week. Have some journaling to do on them first. Hope everyone has a great day!! HUGS!