Saturday, January 24, 2015

T stands for Trees and Togetherness

Hello! I'm posting early for my T Time post, this way I will be on time for Elizabeth and gang visits. This past week has been a good one, the kids are in school, routine is back and I'm feeling great. Have been organizing my craft space and cleaning around the house and even read a book in one day.
I'm sharing a fun outing I had with my mom and sisters this past Thursday. We went to a wine and brush gathering. Something way out of our comfort zones but so neat too, thanks to Heather hearing about this. At a local winery they have classes each Thursday where you get a glass of wine and do some painting for $30. When we first decided to go we thought we'd get to paint whatever we wanted, but they have it all planned ahead of time. Above is the picture of us before heading in, was quite cold that night. Aren't they cute!
I didn't get any pictures of the inside but was beautiful rooms and we were away from the customers there. Thankfully we had a back wall so no one could view our paintings, lol. There were quite a few women that come often and have quite a talent in painting. Was neat to see everyone do the same painting but each one looks different, all good!!! 
By the way we got our drinks, I had lemonade and they had a glass of wine. See the pink cup to the right, this will count as my cup for Elizabeth's link up. We each had an easel and paints ready ahead of time for us. I've never used an easel before, I liked it.
Here is the end results, TREES, my favorite!! I didn't do well with them and gave up and now wish I had made more. We used very big paintbrushes which I'm not used too. By the way the teacher was in front of the room showing us how to paint, usually I sketch first then paint which she didn't have us do. The rest was a bridge and snow, all of ours came out different and the colors too. The girls and my mom didn't like theirs but I loved all of theirs!! They did so good considering they never paint or draw so I'm impressed!! Way to go ladies!!
Can't forget my cute mom!! I love hers, so pretty and wintry and TREES!! They all had trees!! We saw the paintings for the next month and they look amazing. Don't think we will be back but it was so fun to be together and try something new. If I could paint really well, I'd go back to do some of the new ones but for $30 I better stay at home and keep practicing.
It's time to head over and see what others are doing at Elizabeth's stop by and say hello. Have a great week everyone, thanks so much for your visits. I missed being here the last 2 weeks, glad to be back.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

MIA and Project Life

Hello and happy weekend! Sorry to be MIA this week,  I was enjoying having a quiet house to myself again. The kids had 4 days of school in a row, YAY!! I enjoyed the quiet house and got busy cleaning house, organizing my scrap space, reading and taking lots of pictures of the snow and some sunshine peeks through the week. It was a great week, feels good to be back on schedule again.
Next week will be a busy one again, extra babysitting and night time activities. Will try to post but might just stay MIA again to get things done when I do have a quiet moment. hard to believe this month is half over already. Will be nice to have winter behind us!
I also got some Project Life done, YAY! Click on image to see better, sorry the picture dark.
I loved using these gorgeous photos from last week. The sun, the clouds, the blue sky all made me happy!! Not sure if this page is done, might do some journaling on the white cards or just leave it. I just wanted a place to put these pictures, it really was what that week was about, going outside and freezing but enjoying nature's beauty. I never get tired of it, keeps my heart happy!
Someone else was happy about the sun coming out too!
Happy weekend, thanks so much for visiting! Hello Nancy!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

First snow of 2015... snow day

Love seeing this in the morning, so worth being awake early for. As you can see we got snow, yep old man winter decided to come right in time for the kids to head back to school. So we have two bonus days so far, hoping tomorrow they go back. Rich stayed home yesterday with us too, was actually a great day for us all. Lucky is also happy to have these extra days with the kids.
The backyard looked pretty in it's own way too. If you look closely you will see the moon. It was a good morning for me, quiet while kids were sleeping. I took almost 20 pictures of the outside today, YAY!! Thinking of a plan with them all too, can't wait to try it!
The house was extra quiet and toys were lonely since Sienna and Colt haven't been over in 3 weeks. Colt has a bad cold/fever and didn't come today. Hoping he feels better tomorrow to come play with these toys that are waiting for him. Miss them both bunches!
Hope you are staying warm if your in the cold areas and cool enough if your in the warm areas. I will continue to clean up my space and working on my PL and other projects. See you back here soon, thanks for visiting!  HELLO NANCY!! 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

T stands for first Tuesday of 2015

Hello and Happy New Year! The first Tuesday in 2015, YAY! How was your NYE? Did you make it till midnight? We did, barely and went straight to bed at 12:05am, lol.  I'm sharing our photos from the day (Sunday) because it was Day In The Life for us, this year I will be doing DITL every month on the 4th, inspired by Megan at NerdNest, she has inspired me so much in my PL. The photo above was from Saturday but I'm counting it for this, sneaky I know. This is the other idea inspired by Megan who is a big reader and gets a picture every month with what books she's reading. So I had the kids pose with their latest books/movies. I will mostly be doing this with Rich, he reads so much, just need to get his picture still. Our tree is up but decorations are off now, will get tree out this week.
I am on meds/drops for pink eye, what a great way to start the year, not really!
Here's my real T Day photo, breakfast and Sunday flyers! It's biscuits and gravy with bacon, I know the picture isn't the best. It was very yummy!
We had blue skies for a short time, YAY! Then cold/rain/wind the rest of day.
Here's the beginning of my Document Life Project page. It was to use book paper to cover the fear of a blank page. I rarely do this but I love it! Next I will paint it and add my goals/lists/olw to it. This is my first year doing this project, loved seeing it from others last year and happy to do it this year.
Thankful for Rich changing the light bulbs I can't reach, we have quite a few. It doesn't help that I'm short and scared of heights.
Summer took Lucky for a walk before her and Rich went driving. He's been getting her on the freeway and parking practice. She doesn't like merging or the freeway, lol.
Starting to get my plans organized for the year. Today finally seemed right and I enjoyed it. To read more about my plans and my OLW for the year, read the post below. I'm turning February into the new January for myself. Enjoying the calm after the holiday hoopla!
Took the kids to their first youth group meeting at church that night. Didn't want to drive all the way home and back so I brought stuff to keep busy with and listened to some of their meeting.
Here's a peek into my 2015 Project Life!! Playing around with the title page, added my OLW and the year drawn in snow by me for now. Loving this new HAPPY kit I bought for the year. The colors are soft and pretty, especially the purple. I already have the first week done too, YAY!
Sorry for the darkness of it, couldn't get it lighter. Here's the first week all done and recorded! Click on the image to see it better. Off to a good start and hope to stay that way this year.
Hope everyone's year is starting off good. To see what others are doing on this first Tuesday stop by Elizabeth's and gang to say hello. There is always something fun and yummy going on.
Thanks for visiting and have a great week!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year and OLW

Hello and Happy New Year! What a gorgeous sight it was to see this on the first morning of 2015!! Wishing for lots more of these views and even the light dust of snow was pretty. Everyone else is jumping into their new goals and resolutions and such, not me. Last year I noticed when I did that it didn't set well with me, after all that holiday time craziness and kids home for so long, I needed some quiet time to reflect and get back on schedule. So this year that is what I'm doing, turning February into the new January, lol. I didn't get up and eat healthy or start my new projects for the year. I cleaned and cleaned and rested, read, normal everyday stuff. It felt good to do that and not stressing about getting it all done on that BIG day. I want to take the time to set up a good schedule for myself this year, too many things didn't get done or done good enough for me, I'm going to make monthly goals instead of a long year one too, make it more easier to succeed. I also have my OLW sitting big in my heart, each day I wake up it's right there calling me. I want to listen to it and see exactly what I'm suppose to do with it and do it, not miss anything because I was rushing to jump into 2015.
Here is my OLW for 2015
This word has been calling me since September, pretty early for my word but God was making sure I heard it and wouldn't pass it up. I do have a second word too, INTENTIONAL.  I need this in all areas of my life, being more intentional, listen more intently, organize intently and leave it that way, etc. I think it will be a good word for me to carry through with me and make sure I get things done.
My word for 2014 was PRAY, if you remember and it was a good word and a good year for it. Just what I needed many times and helped my faith walk so much. Thankful for this word and year.
Had fun with it in the little bit of snow too
Look at that beautiful blue sky!
My mom and Sam had a date yesterday, such a delight it was to see this!
Do you have a word picked out for the year? If so let me know in the comments please. Happy New Year friends. Let's make it a good one for ourselves and for others. Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014

Hello and Merry Christmas! All was calm and bright Christmas eve when I went to bed. Thankfully, it was early to bed too, got all the wrapping done ahead of time, YAY!
Morning came early and quick, with Sam up first at 5am, Renee was too but went back to sleep. Finally at 7 with everyone awake the fun began. Renee passed out the gifts as always, she was excited this year too since she got to shop for us for the first time. She spoiled us! I should have known sending her on her for the first time would result in too much fun and money, lol. Happy that she could do this though and will tell her to go easy next year. See the wall of presents Summer has in front of her, too funny. The only things missing was Kristin, we miss her so much. She doesn't have wifi in Nepal so we haven't talked to her in over two weeks. So weird not having her here.
I couldn't get many pictures, it all happened so fast. Summer got this penguin from Renee and LOVES IT! She got lots of penguin stuff and took all her gifts right upstairs and put away before I could get a picture. Lucky is chewing on the bone we got her, so cute.
This is a perfect photos describing Sam opening gifts and how he's been since then. Renee got him a nerf gun and I got him a bow/arrow so he's been doing those inside and outside, always moving and making noise but very happy.
I didn't get any photos of Renee or her stuff, she went upstairs the fastest, happy but done.
Here are my gifts! Love them all, especially the new mugs.
Later that day we went to my mom's which was so nice but quiet. My nieces got the flu in the night and couldn't be here, we missed them so much and felt so bad for them. No fair having the flu on Christmas, right! We got spoiled here with gifts, love and food. Thank you MOM!
I've been working on my December Daily too, YAY! Have pages to share but thought I should share our Christmas with you first. The days were gray last week too which makes it hard to get pictures of my album. Thankfully we just had some sunny days and I could get pictures, will share soon.
We are happy to be home and relaxing now, all that work for days and it's done in one day. Rich took off some extra days too, so nice having him here with us. The temps are mild too and no snow.
Hope your holidays were merry! Thank you so much for visiting!
Nancy I hope to see you this Sunday at church, miss you!

Monday, December 22, 2014

T stands for Tuesday

Hello and Happy T Day! I wanted to wish the Tuesday ladies from Elizabeth's a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Looking forward to more fun T times in 2015.
My cup for today are the cups in this picture, which is filled with not a beverage but frosting. We decorated cookies today with my nieces and my cousins stopped over too. They didn't come out so good, so lucky for us we had some others to munch on. Today was also the first day of break, we had sunshine and temps in the 40's, YAY. It's looking like a very mild Christmas, maybe a little bit of snow too. Much different from last year's chilly snowy holiday.
I wanted to keep this brief since it's crunch time at my house and maybe even yours. Have to share one fun ATC swap I just had. Was hoping the Christmas ones would get here in time but they haven't and these ones did.
It was a house swap, too cute! We could do anything we wanted, great variety here. The hostess also made us the cute pin. You can click on image to see it better. I tried to find my houses but can't, will keep looking and share them if I can find them. Hoping the holiday ones come in soon and will share them too. My next swaps will be for next year, they are fun too.
I have an around here post below if you'd like to read it, they are my favorite to write.
Thanks Elizabeth for another Tuesday of sharing with friends. Thank you for your visits and sweet comments. Have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!  HUGS!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Around here today was the last day of school, YAY!

Around here the kids are waiting for a white Christmas, might not happen

Around here my cousin Jennifer is on her way home now, YAY!

Around here we just had our Live Nativity at church, LOVE THIS

Around here Colt just had his first Christmas concert, so cute and so big!

Around here Sienna and Ryan are best buddies together, LOVE THIS!

Around here we had a sleepover with Cam/Ryan last night, YAY!

Around here I am almost done with shopping and need to wrap

Around here the weather has been mild and not so mild but no snow!

Around here Renee has had some busy nights at DQ, think it's all those shoppers

Around here I'm almost done with more pages in my DD and PL, will share soon

Around here we have two trees up, one with white lights and colored on the other

Around here I'm reading 3 advent books for Christmas, LOVE THIS!

Around here I have my new OLW for next year, DELIGHT! So excited for it

Around here today we will have Christmas with my dad and my sisters

Around here I'm thankful everyday for family and friends

Around here I'm thinking and listing ideas to do next year, YAY!

Around here I'm getting Christmas cards and slowly sending mine out

Around here Sam's voice is changing and he's growing again and changing. LOVE!

Around here I am having a date to catch up with Jennifer, YAY!

Around here life is busy and good and so fast. Enjoying each day and moment.

Around here I'm wishing you a very Merry Christmas, will try to be back for a Tuesday T Day!

Thank you for visiting and your comments that make my day! HUGS TO ALL OF YOU!