Monday, October 5, 2015

T stands for daTes with mom

Hello and Happy T Day! Hope everyone has had a good week. This past week has been filled with every emotion there is with my grandma's passing and life in general. I took a day of rest just for myself and the quiet house. I did things that were good for my heart and none of them were chores, lol.  Here's a peek at one thing I did, colored in my new adult coloring book I got a few months ago. It was relaxing and nice to just play with color and sip my tea. Wishing there pages weren't double sided though, sharpies go right through them. So colored pencils were needed instead.
In the middle of my grandma's health issues and moving around we had our MOM date, we've been trying to get to this orchard/farmer's market kind of store my mom really wanted to see. This was actually on the first day of FALL, how perfect it was to go and welcome in my favorite season.
The grass was still pretty wet from the cold night so I got a side picture of the front of it.
LOVE IT, would love a front porch like this!
Of course, there were pretty mums of all colors
My favorite kinds of pumpkins, mini ones! I took one orange and white one home with me
Inside was full of jelly's and jams and
Brussel Sprouts too, first time I've seen them this way
They did have some coffee and cups you could buy
The place was small but packed with so much fun stuff to see and taste.
They bake pies and fudge too, which my mom and sisters took home.
We sat on the porch for some photos, probably my favorite part, love the rocking chairs they had out there. Some were two together with a table between them, so neat.
Used the self timer to get us all in, YAY!!
Once of just me, thanks MOM!
One last one out by the pumpkins
So glad we made it there finally and that we had some time together. Not sure what our next date will be but will be good again I'm sure. Hard to believe the year is almost over, do hope we keep up with these weekly dates.
Thanks so much for your visits and comments, I love them all. Today is a babysitting day for me so I will be around sometime later today or tomorrow to say hello.
If you didn't see them yet, I did 28 Project Life pages for a challenge and posted them below if you want to see them. Not caught up with it yet but got so much done.
Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us at T time again this week and helping me get linked up in time.
Have a good week and thank you again!

Monday, September 28, 2015


Hello, I'm back with part 2 of my Project Life pages for a challenge in the class Pocket Your Year with Megan from Nerdnest. She gave us some great challenges last month. So thankful for this extra push to get caught up in my album. Still have more to do but got a great start with this challenge.
Here is a page that I LOVE both sides and the STORIES!! The left side is all about basketball!! Sam started playing in the driveaway again, hasn't done that the last few summers so I was VERY happy to see this. Lasted most of June and some of July then he was done. You can click on the image to see it better. Would love if he played at school but just this alone made my summer.
On the right side is a story about all the wonderful yummy strawberries Rich grew in the garden. WOW, do those multiply fast, he was picking them by the hundreds and thousands each day. We kept some for us and gave some away, our favorite thing to do with our harvest. My dear sweet blog friend Dawn surprised me with her homemade jam which is in the little picture/insert I added here. Do click on this one to see better, she made the cutest card to go with it. The PL cards on the right also came from here and go so well with the pictures. Thank you Dawn!
Here's a look at it with the back of insert and full right side. LOVE!
This page was so fun to put together! I love the colors!
Here's my favorite kind of page, photos and words that all fit.
I used the challenge pattern on the left and monochrome on the right.
Sonja, click on this one to see top right photo!!
I'm very happy with these pages, our camping trip!!
I added an insert to expand on this story, that's one challenge and pattern with the green/black colors.
This is how it looks with the back of insert! LOVE!
Here is another fun page, this one was when it really felt like summer vacation
started for us. Summer was done with interning and was home and we had fun. The garden'
and yard looked all green and were looking like summer. These are the days sums it up!
Also, tired of blue/green in all my pages by this point, lol. 
Here is a happy page, Summer's birthday and fun on the left side.
Challenge, event, cover up and family photos
Nice to have some fall and orange in here. The challenge here was the page protector
on the right side. Those kind always seem too busy and confusing. I think this one is ok though.
This is the back to the right side above. Happy I had pictures for the following week that matched this design. That is another reason why I don't like this design, for this one it worked out ok too.
Also, I love that the challenge change your process fit here, one that I didn't even think I'd use or notice. The "day by day" card is how this page started though. It's pieces of us "day by day".
I'm sorry the picture above this one goes on the back of this one.
This one came together too using the "love this" card.
Sorry this one was already in my other post, not counting this one.
A fun cute page, monochrome RED!
Another FUN page for Renee! Graduation Day! I love how this came out and seeing all the photos and happiness that day. Also used the another tricky page protector on the right side.
I want to say a big thank you for keeping me and my family in your thoughts this past week. My grandma did pass away this past Friday and now we are spending time with family and preparing for her service. She was a special grandma as you know from reading about her on my blog and will be missed by many and many were touched by her.
I posted 11 new pages here Megan and 17 on my other post which is total of 28 pages!! YAY! Wish it could be more but happy that I did get these done and on time for the challenge!
Thanks for all of you for reading and hope you enjoyed them.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Project Life catch up with Megan and Pocket Your Year!! PART ONE

Hello and welcome to my Project Life catch up space! I've been working hard on finishing up pages from earlier this year and some current pages too. This year I'm in a class called Pocket Your Year with Megan from The NerdNest, she is amazing and I truly believe she's wonderwoman! During the month of August she gave us a challenge everyday in class to inspire us in our PL albums, she also challenged us to get our pages done and have a goal of 500 pages done together as a class by the end of September. These daily challenges could be used or not used to get this goal met, I did both and enjoyed and learned so much from these challenges. I also learned that I'm so done with these kits I have, used them and looked at them too much these last few weeks, will be getting me a fresh new STYLE and new kit soon or for sure next year. I'm posting my first part of pages that are done here for Megan to see and count, will have a part 2 coming this weekend or first thing Monday and I will call it done. Then it will be onto my WITL album which is still waiting to be finished.
These pages are not in order by dates/months just as I got them done. I found I had to be in the mood for some and some needed a few tries to get it done. So I'm going with it and posting.
Click on the images to see/read them better. Hope you enjoy them, it's been a long time coming.
This page has the challenge to use pattern, it's blue/green/blue/green etc and to use candid and posed shots in the same layout. LOVE THIS PAGE!!
here were the days leading up to school, LOVE that I left the right side as it is, in the past I cover those up with some pictures. See that green card, I love that card now and used it several times.
Used challenge to get family photos and the candid/posed challenge
I LOVE LOVE this one so much! The challenges were to make it fit and tricky page protector design. I don't like this kind of protector, it's too mixed up for me but for a single page on one subject, LOVE the results. Also it matched the right side cover page for September.
I LOVE LOVE this page!! It's simple and so perfect to me!
I used two challenges for this, one was to finish up a pack of something, like stickers or word art. I was going to skip this challenge since I don't add things to my pages then remembered these cards and how I love them but don't know what to do with them. So I made a page just for them which went well with the page of sunrises/sunsets I had. For this page I used a pattern, the pink cards. I also didn't want these gorgeous pictures next to our everyday colorful busy ones so this was perfect.
This one has no challenges, just got it done
LOVE LOVE THIS!! It was one of the first ones I did in August. This has a few challenges, go monochrome (green) and especially for me it was to tell a story on our mind. I've loved this picture and knew I had to write about it. Love how it came out. Used the tricky protector too.
This was  fun page, pretty colors! Challenge was cover it up, I used the title cards from the kit and covered up part of the design/word I didn't need with a picture. Did it 3 times here. Also the left side is the challenge event, YAY!
Here is another one done in early August. LOVE THIS! Used the monochrome challenge (blue)
I love this one too, the left is Kristin's last month on mission trip in China. On the right side I used a pattern challenge black/green/black. LOVE!
This is a personal favorite, LOVE!! Renee's prom! Used the challenge, event and tricky protector.
Thankfully the pictures for the next week matched up with the tricky protector I used above. I didn't even plan that so glad it worked. That's one reason I don't like using the other styles. Neither of these pages are a favorite, just calling them done. I do like the cards on the right side though, from Dawn.
I love this one, the pink sticky notes are from the pages to remind me of the challenges I did.
Used the monochrome on the left and pattern on the right. Also the challenge to repeat what works for me its 8 4x6 pictures and a journal card for each one. I try to do this as much as possible.
This page took forever, I finally made it two separate ones instead of one matching page. I've had to do that a lot and I don't like it. The challenge pictures of family is used here and posed/candid.
LOVE THIS ONE! A cute mini page of Kristin's birthday we had once she got home. Used the challenges, event, pattern, tricky page
Love how this one came out, had to work a bit but like it now. Sorry for the glares.
Used the challenge I didn't think I could use on the left bottom sunset photo, layer cards. YAY! This just kind of happened without planning it, cut up two word strips from other cards and layered them on to this one. LOVE!  On the right side bottom right is a dig deep and tell a story on your mind. This one was on having ice cream with my sister Annie. That's two stories I wanted to really tell about her and I spending time together. So glad I told these stories.
This one I just did today and really had to play and work on it. I'm not thrilled but yet I like it. Click on image to see it better plese, some cute stories/pictures are here. No challenges. Just done!
I'm going to stop for now and do a second part in the next few days. If you read all of this THANK YOU!! It's been so good to catch up yet again, not sure how it happens but it does.
Thank you Megan again for inspiring me so much in life, photos, stories and challenging ourselves.
There is a total of 17 pages here Megan! Wait till I do the second part and will get my TOTAL then.  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

T stands for Tea and Lists

Hello and happy Sunday! This photo is from this morning, the sky started gorgeous and stayed that way all day. I love when that happens, the weather was perfect today and I made sure to spend most of it outside. I will be sharing more of outside photos with you next week for T Day.
For this week's T Day with our super busy hostess Elizabeth I'm going to share my "30 Days of Lists" with you. It's been fun doing this again and even Renee has joined in with me. To keep it simple, mine is Project Life style so that I can add it to the album when it's done. I had fun picking out the cards for these pages, the first days got done using a PL "planner Kit" I bought some time ago and wish I had bought two. The other page is a pattern/color theme which used up some cards I haven't used either. Happy to use up my cards this way! Let's take a look now.
here is the first 5 days and some filler cards that I liked. Click on the image to read the lists better.
this is the back side, using more journaling this time.
LOVE this kit and colors! Click on image to see better.
We don't want to forget to bring a drink/cup of some kind when we visit the T Day gang. Today I'm sharing my tea and a new fall book a blog friend told me about. It's full of stories, pictures, recipes and fun. It's the perfect book to read and get ready for Autumn coming.
Hope you've had a good week and are ready to share some T Day fun! Thanks so much for your visits and comments that make my day. I am posting this early since Monday is a babysitting day for me. I will be around Tuesday and Wednesday to visit you. Happy T Day!