Sunday, June 21, 2015


Hello! Can you believe June is more then half over??!! Wishing it would sloooow down so we could enjoy more warm summer weather. Around here we are enjoying our break!! We are finally settling into a little routine and kids trying to sleep in a bit longer then school days. Even having the little ones here has been fun again too, we get all day together instead of just part of a day. YAY!
Renee did graduate, 3 weeks ago already. YAY!! It was such a fun day for us! Getting ready now to have her grad party this weekend. Still can't believe she's done but excited for the next chapter.
We celebrated Kristin's belated birthday!! I picked out the cake, so cute and just right for her.
We had another girl date!! Went to Scooter Dogs and it took 5 tries to get this picture, lol.
Can you say STRAWBERRIES!!! We've had hundreds for a few weeks now. Can bsrely keep up on picking them all and passing them out and snacking on them ourselves. Rich is so happy with them and some look good enough to be in a food magazine he says. The 3 long rows in the garden above are where they are growing. So many of them!! YAY!!
Last but not least is a Mandala Sienna made here last week. She remembered from last summer and asked if she could make one. We didn't have much in the yard but she made it work and it looks GREAT!! So happy to see her enjoying the same things I do. Scrapbooking is next on her list, she made several requests to get her another album and photos for her to start.
So there's our around here update for now. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the weekend. Thanks so much for reading! Have a great week!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Day in the Life... June

Hello, I'm sharing my Day in the Life pictures from June 4th with you today. I love doing this each month and seeing the difference in each one. This time the kids are home on break so it was nice to not just have me in here. I usually start with some kind of sunrise/sky picture and end the day that way but it didn't work out that way today. This was the first picture I took using my camera which I tried to use mostly for this day. I love seeing my space on the table, always has some kind of art and reading material, notice the sunlight coming in too, love seeing that each day too.
I have to say thank you to Megan from The Nerd Nest who is inspiring us to join her each month with this project. I've even thought to put all these in a mini album, would be so neat to see a whole year's worth of DITL photos in one place I think.
I'm going to share photos mostly this time instead of writing about each one. Here we go:
I have to sneak and get pictures of Sam whenever I can
We went to my sister's to have some cousin time while we can.Camryn was still in sleeping so Summer surprised her and got in to wake her. Of course, they didn't want their picture taken.
I love that I got the 3 of them and can see me in the mirror
back at home and the sky was gorgeous
Rich is home so we hang out by the garden and admire it
A DQ date with Renee on her night off from DQ, lol.
last picture of the day, THE CAVS!!
I loved the pictures I got from today, not posed ones fun ones that still tell the story. Not as much of the kids as I had planned but got what they would let me, I also took selfies with each girls in the van on their phones that I will include in my PL. I was in and out a lot today and the dog got 4 good walks since it was nice out. Sam and I played soccer and cards which makes me HAPPY! Was nice that I could get my nieces in too. Next month it will be July 4th, I might choose to do the day after instead, will see when it's closer to the date and what plans we have.
Thanks so much for reading! Have a great week!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Welcome home Kristin!! SHE'S HOME!!! SOOOO HAPPPY!!!
We are all hugging and loving on her this first week as she gets settled into the timezone and being with family again. She slept tons when she got here and needs tons more but I expected it and am just happy she's home and safe and is on fire for Jesus more then ever. Thank you for prayers and support you've given our family this last year. Means so much to us!!
we celebrated the last day of school with our DQ tradition. Somehow it's not the same since Renee works there and they are bigger now. Not going to let that stop us though, lol.  So ready for the summer and no schedules and for fun times ahead.
Have a great weekend friends!

Friday, May 22, 2015


Around here Renee had her last day of high school today, YAY and SAD

Around here Kristin gets home tomorrow morning, YAY!! YAY!!! YAY!!!

Around here Summer got her Driver's License  YAY!!

Around here weather has been freezing cold some days again, gloves back out and heat on, boo

Around here I read a book by Karen Kingsbury and loved it, got 4 more of hers and read them all in a week and just got 6 more of hers to read. Yep, lots of reading going on, lol

Around here, we are ready to start summer vacation in 2 weeks when all kids are out

Around here, I've been craving peanut butter and banana sandwiches and chips

Around here Renee and Rich had nasty colds and now I have it, BOO!

Around here Renee has been working overtime at DQ, they are very busy

Around here my Lilacs bloomed and are gone already, which they lasted longer

Around here my computer is slow again so I haven't been on much, miss everyone

Around here, the grass grows so fast we mow twice a week now, YIKES!

Around here there is green everywhere now, YAY!!

Around here Rich can't wait to plant the garden

Around here Sam's rec and travel soccer teams are undeafted, GO SAM!!

Around here Sienna and Colt are growing and so cute each time they are over

Around here my cousin Jennifer will be up on Memorial Day, YAY!!

Around here we can't wait to see Kristin!!!

Around here Renee graduates next Saturday, YIPPEEE!!!!

Around here life is busy, good and blessed and I hope yours is too.

This week will be a busy end of school and holiday time, not sure when I will post again.  Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend and thanks so much for visiting. HUGS!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Day In The Life... photos and words

Hello! I'm sharing my photo and thoughts from the Day In The Life pictures I took yesterday. This project is from Ali Edwards who inspires me so much in telling our stories, the big and the small ones. I wanted this time of year to be documented as we have lots going on and the kids are so much older now, too many changes but all towards good things. Let's take a look now...
These are what I see each morning after I shower and I like it and dislike seeing them. I'd rather have the counter cleaned off but with three kids in there and a small space and one cabinet, it's easier to just leave it out. One day they won't have their stuff here and I will miss it so today I'm thankful for it. Why is their Shout in the bathroom, so Renee can spray her work clothes when she gets home at night. We learned this after months of having to back downstairs just to spray clothes so now we leave it upstairs.
I get Renee up first after my shower so she can shower. She wakes up so good and goes straight to the shower, no matter how tired she is. Look at that stack of books, can you tell she likes to read.
Next to wake up is Summer and Sam, they are a little slower then Renee but only a little.
Then I go in and check on Rich who slept bad due to a cold that kicked in last night.
I came down to see Lucky like this, usually she's on the couch. So cute!
loving this view out my kitchen window!!!!
Summer and Camryn love seeing each other as much as they can. Cousins are the best right!
Renee always gives Lucky lots of attention/love in the mornings. Hard to believe Renee will be going to college next fall. It will be so weird not having her go to school with the other two.
I find Lucky here when I get back from dropping off girls at school. So cute, she is always on the couch though, not sure what's up with her.
I did my morning writing and chores before heading out on errands and stopping at my grandma's like I do every Tuesday to help her with a shower and and do her laundry.
On the way I saw my cousin and uncle out for a walk, love seeing them!!! Thanks for stopping for a picture Sonja!!
Here's my grandma after her shower, I love drying her hair for her. My dad is in the chair behind me, always nice seeing him there each Tuesday too. He doesn't like his picture taken so I didn't bother him too. Glad I got this one of my sweet grandma though.
Back home it's time for lunch, my favorite soup and a good book
Rich comes home after lunch since he's still coughing and tired. We take Lucky outside and get some fresh air and enjoy the...
gorgeous sky and Liliacs that are blooming now, YAY!
3:20 and the kids are home!! Everything is rushed after that point. Renee needs to eat fast and get to work and dinner for the rest of us and off to soccer practice.
I want to remember that Sam LOOOOOVES tacos right now. He actually eats three at a time which is a lot for this boy. So we make them weekly and eat them for 2 nights. The best part for him is the hot sauce he adds too it, he can't get enough of it.
Summer and I go next door to see the new baby again, he's 3 weeks old today. He's so cute and alert too, moves his head around following us already. We could have stayed and held him for hours.
One last look at the gorgeous view out my kitchen window.
The rest of the night went by as normal, packed lunches, clean up and get ready for the next day. I worked on a Project Life, put Sam to bed and watched the movie Big till I had to pick up Renee from work. Goodnight Tuesday!

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Once Upon A Time, there was a young girl who couldn't wait to grow up and wear fancy dresses and go to dances. She has been enjoying these dances and dresses for four years now. This will be her last high school dance.... Senior Prom..... how did it go by so fast. We spent hours finding the right dress, and by hours I mean hours and 20 dresses later. When we were about to give up and go home, Summer found this dress and made Renee try one more time. When Renee came out of the fitting room she knew this was the dress. We loved the color and pretty design on the dress, click on picture to see it better. I was hoping she would find a long pretty formal dress and WE DID!!
Now let's talk about her date for this magical night. At first she was going to go with just friends, then a sweet boy from the special needs class she helps in asked her to go. She has known him forever and worked with him a lot this year. She was touched he asked and said YES, I would love to go with you!! This is the first time he's gone with a girl before and was excited. We talked with his mom and made the plans regarding flowers and meeting for pictures. He started a countdown to the dance on the teachers board. All we had to do now was wait a few weeks till the dance came. In that time Renee formed a group of others wanting to go from the same class and so we made date to meet for pictures with all of them. We waited again and hoped the weather would stay nice for this day.
We woke up excited and ready on PROM DAY!! That afternoon we went to the hair salon to get a fancy up do done with her hair. We worried a bit because they were behind on appts due to being short a girl calling off work last minute. That pushed us 40mts behind schedule but it all worked out by rushing and thankfully Renee didn't want make up on. The weather by this time was WARM !!
She got dressed so fast I didn't get any other before pictures. She looked so pretty and grown-up!
Then we were off to a close by park for pictures. By this time I was thinking of my mom and what she was thinking all those years ago as I got ready for my prom. Thanks mom for all you did for me and making it fun for me too. LOVE YOU!!  My heart was pretty full of love and thankful to be here enjoying this moment with my daughter. Can't believe she's 18 and weeks away from graduation. Seriously, the time flew. Love you Renee!!
At the park Matt was excited to see Renee and loved her dress. She struggled getting the pins in place for his flower. The florist did a beautiful job on both of flowers.
Matt got her corsage on and said how pretty it was.
Here are some group pictures. The girls didn't know they had matching color dresses. The 3 guys on the left came without dates. They were happy just to have friends to go with. The weather was just gorgeous and so pretty at the park for these pictures.
The last couple showed up so we got more group pictures
I love this one, they are still and quiet for the picture. They were pretty excited and happy to talk and just be together. So happy they could have each other on this special day. Renee does so well with them, she keeps them calm and tells them they are beautiful. Again, the weather was so perfect!
Matt and Renee wanted one on the swings before they left. So glad we came here!
They left after this with Matt's mom who took them. Renee texted me a few times during the dance, the food wasn't her favorite but she ate what she could. Matt danced the whole time with her and by himself, he's a dancer!! 
Next up will be graduation but first in two weeks from today Kristin will be home!!! YAY!!