Saturday, April 19, 2014


Hello! I'm sharing some April Project Life with you today, happy to say that April is caught up except for this past week which I will work on this weekend or during next week. Really trying hard to stay caught up now and enjoying it. For this first week of April spread there was a lot of pictures/stories I wanted to include so I cut down a page protector to use as an insert. This is what the full spread looks like with the insert there, below I will break it down for you.
On the left side is the start of the spread and the right side is the extra insert I added. I love this little insert, have seen others cut down these to fit and like them, happy with mine now too. Remember you can click on the image to see/read it better. The first day of April is our anniversary and it was a beautiful day outside which is what I share on this front side of insert. On the left side it was fun to add some flower journal cards mixed in with pinks/flowers to show what real spring looks like here.
On the left side is the back of the insert and right side is the rest of the spread. I love this side of the insert too. I have a dear friend Kirsty who does her PL with only this size and have loved seeing it this year. I could almost see myself using this size, maybe for a smaller personal album. On the insert side is the rest of stories from April 1st, such a good day it was. The right side is mixed up of just two days also, had to squeeze in some pink/spring on this side too.
Here is the second week of April, LOVE IT! I actually got it done right on time and easily, really felt good getting it down this way, YAY!! So happy to see real flowers on my pages this week and NO SNOW, haha but that doesn't last long, hint hint. I do want to give a shout out to my cousin Jennifer for sending me a picture of her family, it's on the right side bottom pocket. She has started reading my blog and sending me pictures now and I just love this addition, especially since they live in Florida. THANK YOU JENNIFER!! Not sure what colors/theme will be in this week's pages but am actually excited to work on it and find out.
Thanks for your visit and comments, they make my day! Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter. I will be back here on Tuesday sometime for my T Time post. The weather here is going to be sunny and warm again, hope yours will be too.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Around here color and spring is popping up around the yard
Around here it feels like summer time
Around here we have flip flops and shorts on  and
the windows open all day and night, HAPPY!!
Around here we saw 3 day old pigs at the farm park, wanted to take them all home!!
We also saw lots of sheep, the girls love sheep!
Around here I couldn't stop reading this awesome new book!!
Around here the warm weather makes me lazy, just want to sit outside and soak it up
Around here my lilac bushes have little green buds on them, YAY!
Around here I added color to my boots, YAY!! FUN!!
Around here I can't wait to make mandalas again. This was a small attempt :)
so I decided to do a Easter one with Jelly Beans!! YAY!
Around here I made abstract art for my Sketch Into Spring class, it's going well!!
Around here Summer and Sam surprised me with this sign for my dad
Around here I'm so THANKFUL for my dad and that he is still here to celebrate birthdays and everyday life with us. Wish I had gotten more pictures of us this day and our first meal on the grill for this year too, YAY!! It was a perfect summer weather day, we needed this so much!
Around here it's Tuesday and you know what happens on Tuesday's!! We gather around at Elizabeth's sharing our drink/cup for the day and see what everyone is doing. I have the quiet house to myself and am caught up on April's PL pages to share later, painting some cute birds and ignoring the rain that's outside now and hoping the snow/rain mix coming tomorrow will pass over us.
Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us today, love sharing my Tuesday's with you. Visit Altered Book Lover to see what others are doing today! Have a great day everyone!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring is here and spring inspiration

Happy Friday!! How was your week? Mine has been a good one, the first week back to school after spring break.  We woke up to this beautiful sky yesterday, aren't those clouds beautiful!! The sun has been out more this week and the temps are staying mild finally. Some days I go without a bigger coat and no gloves, that is pretty big for me. We don't have the furnace running every day either, YAY! Little by little spring is sneaking in, wishing it would just hurry and be here but I'm thankful for each little part at the same time. Remind me of this when it's summer and 90 degrees everyday for a week.
Here is a peek at spring in my yard..... so happy to see these...
It's tiny but here is our first bloom of spring. Every year I look for this little pop of purple outside the front door. This means spring to me each year and I am so happy to finally see it.
Look at these cuties, they came out yesterday too. I just love them, so glad we planted fall bulbs last year. We can't remember what all we planted so it's a surprise for us now. Click on it to see better.
There we go, this picture is better. See how cute they are, LOVE THEM!!
We have spring inside the house too. Kristin bought these tulips for our Anniversary. They opened up so nicely,  yay for spring inside the house too. We will plant this outside this weekend.
Next up is some SPRING ART from my Alisa Burke class....
The prompt was to make a spring board to inspire us. She used her white wall and I would too if I had one, LOVE WHITE WALLS!! So I made due with my yellow wall in the kitchen. I tore out some magazine inspiration, used my own art, my photos, one life nature piece and colors that I like right now. I included stuff from this class and the boot class I'm taking, loving both of these still. This is the first inspiration board I've ever made, it's been on my to do list for years and now I can say I did it. I took these down and taped them in a big group on a 12x12 cardstock to keep in my craft space. If you click on it you can see it better, there are some quotes/words that I included too but hard to read without clicking to see better. I like having another way to bring spring inside to enjoy.
How is your weather? Any signs of spring or fall? I love watching nature change in my yard each season. These little things inspire me to draw/paint and get my camera out. Thanks so much for visiting and have a wonderful weekend. I will be back on Tuesday for T Time.

Monday, April 7, 2014

T stands for " it's about TIME" !!!!

Hello and Happy Tuesday!! I'm sharing my "jar" at Altered Book Lover  with Elizabeth and the rest of the Tuesday ladies. Every Tuesday we share what's in our cup and what cup we are using and anything fun you want to share. Today I'm sharing my empty but cute mason drinking jars. My mom got me them last week, such a nice surprise they were. I love the cute little chalkboard paint on each one, you can write and erase as you use them. Thank you MOM!!
Today I'm going to share what my Tuesday was like last week, can you say SPRING!!
Actually we are going to back up and see what Monday looked like first. What a pretty pink sunrise starting off our day. See the snow from the weekend, it was pretty ( read the post below to see more) and thankfully didn't last too long. Monday slowly turned into a warm day that brought spring time temps later on and into Tuesday!! YAY!!
The little ones were over and we all headed outdoors to play. The snow started melting!
We had been out back for about 20 minutes when I had an idea!! I dug out our plastic eggs for the kids to put on the tree/bush outside our front door. Look at those pretty spring colors!
The little ones loved it! Colt kept saying look at the pretty tree to us then and even back inside he talked all about the "pretty" tree. I love this and it says spring to me!
By the time Rich got home at 6:45 the snow was all gone and it was getting warmer. Lucky chased the ball for a long time and we just hung out back. When we did come in, I headed for the back deck and sat there soaking it in and sketching. It truly was magical and so NEEDED after the cold winter.
The next day (Tuesday) was still nice out and I forgot to mention last week it was also mine and Rich's anniversary!! Since the kids were home on break, we didn't do anything and he worked. The kids and I headed to Scooter Dogs for some yummy hot dogs and FRIES!!
We took our food outside and enjoyed the sunshine with a little wind. Love that we got to eat outside, felt like spring again and making us all very happy!! Can't wait to go back!!
Once we got home these two got their bikes out and we stayed outside most of the day. YAY!! IT was so good to see them outside and Sam off his xbox and playing and getting fresh air. By night time the wind had gotten worse and lasted the next two days. It has gotten colder again but not freezing thank goodness. So glad we made the most of this spring time weather, hope it comes back soon and stays much longer this time.
I want to say a big THANK YOU for the comments on my post last Tuesday. I love all the yellow in my house/kitchen too. It was nice to share my friend Nancy with you also. She liked the post she said, YAY!!  Hoping we will do this again before the kids are home on break.
Thanks for your visit today and hope it's a good day for you! If you have time and want to see some art I made for two classes I'm taking, read the post below. The one class is helping me feel like spring is here even though it's not really here yet. I'm writing this early since I won't be home tonight and the little ones will be over tomorrow. Will be around to see what your Tuesday looks tomorrow night and Wednesday morning. Have a great week everyone and thanks again for visiting and commenting!!
Elizabeth, you are doing great at recycle and reusing things for this first week in April. Such a cool idea and hope to join you a little bit during the month or maybe next April when I have time to get ready. Thanks so much for hosting us again this week. Happy T Day!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Hello! Do you feel like a winter walk with me before I show you some fun springtime art? Grab your boots and gloves and camera, it's pretty amazing out here again. How can I be mad that it snowed again last weekend when I can see so much beauty in it still, lol. Please let it be the last snow though.
Lucky insisted on coming with us, she is loving the snow again too
See how pretty, see the beauty and the colors! BLUE SKY!
little bit of snow left melting off the branches, sigh
can't wait to find mandala goodies in here this spring/summer
soon all these will be covered with lilacs, can't wait to smell them
There was another reason for this walk, let's go inside so I can show you.
We had to gather some nature tools to use for painting in the class I'm taking. See after all this snow and cold we've had for MONTHS the perfect springtime class given my Alsia Burke was just what I needed. This is her "Sketch Into Spring" class and it started the day before this snow came, she is sharing things that we can do even if it's not quite spring in your yard yet. YAY!! So I gathered these tools to use while we were on our walk. They are mostly leftover from last year, no new blooms here yet. Now let's see what I did with them.....
See the pretty spring time colors I used. This was fun and made me happy even though there was snow outside. Just this little bit of nature and color really showed me that spring will be here when it's ready and just to enjoy the weather whatever it is right now. These were kinda tricky to use and bits of them broke but I do like it and will do it again when some new things start growing.
Another prompt was to paint with the colors you see outside. She was having a gray day just like I was and encouraged us to use the darker colors because that is showing us the TRUE spring we are  having right now. I enjoyed this one too and can do it again with different colors.
Here I drew what our back yard looks like now before the blooms start coming. Then we will draw another picture then to compare and see the stages of growth thru spring.
OH YES!! Here we got some spring colors going on!! I love this one so much!! So fun to just fill a page with doodles/patterns and whatever you want. I loved it so much that.....
I picked it as my theme for this months daily book paper sketches, YAY!!!
here is another prompt... fingerprint birds.... what says spring like cute little birds. I have made a few more pages of them, so dang cute and fun!!
There is a few other prompts but these were my favorite so far. What  I love about this class is it's one prompt a day for 30 days, just a little inspiration each day to create for 10 minutes. Simple little prompts that are just what I needed while waiting for spring to really come and stay.
I know this is long but going to squeeze in one more picture from another class I'm taking. This one is called "THE BOOT SERIES WORKSHOP"  by Christy Tomlinson and I have loved this idea since she shared it last fall. So glad she make it into a class so we can make some cute boots with her. I am having a hard time with this one, it's harder then I thought it would be but just tonight I made a bit of progress and will share them later. This class is for some reason close to my heart and whenever it's that close it's the hardest for me. So here is a little peek at my first attempts....
Here they are, kinda sad but still they are mine and for that reason alone I love them. The second attempt was made using those lines so I knew where to start and stop, that did help. I really want to do a rain boot the most then a cowboy boot. She has great videos and I'm watching and practicing.
Here is another attempt at a different style out of a magazine. It's a work in progress and will hopefully get better in time. Later we will add color and when I'm ready I will add legs then bodies to go with them. Little steps and practice first...
Thanks so much for reading!! I tried to squeeze in a lot but wanted to share it while I could. Will have more fun stuff on Tuesday, YAY!!  Thank you for reading my last posts, it's so good to be blogging more then once a week and hope to keep it up.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

February Project Life....catching up

Hello! I have February's Project Life pages to share with you today. I am slowly catching up on them, the pictures are mostly in but the journaling and final touches still need done. I am working on March's now and will show them when done. Working on these were hard and I had to push myself to finish them a few times. I'm not used to being behind on them and had to walk away a couple times and come back with a fresh attitude. I didn't have good notes for some of these weeks and had to wing it a little which isn't what I'm used to either. I am rethinking my process about PL and why this happened. Will be doing a post just on that probably next week. My plan is to stay on top of this weekly like always and posting each week as it's done will help me stay on it too I think.
Above is the first week in February. I loved those snow ones, still remember that day and waking up the beautiful snow covered yard and trees. LOVE!! Click on the images to see better.
On the second week's pages, I split it up into the left side being Renee's and nice Ryan's birthdays and the right side is just Valentines Day. The blank card will get written on or switched, not sure yet?
this is the second week between the birthdays and Valentines day. I was still trying to keep pink and hearts in the pages. I squeezed in a lot for this weeks pages, like doing that and not at the same time.
I love this weeks pages!! The colors make me happy, a bit of spring mixed into our winter days. I had just bought the new Kiwi Project Life kit from Joann's and wanted to use them. LOVE!! I received my first ATC this week, YAY and Summer had her interview at our Vocational School and did great on it. She has been accepted into their Cosmetology Class, YAY!! She is so happy about this!
These pages were a struggle due to lack of pictures and what colors to use. It took me almost 3 days just to do this. I kept taking it apart and redoing them. Finally settled on it and called it done.
I am happy to have these pages done, even with my negative talk about them. I just want to be honest about how it was to do this and what I can learn from it. I'm so used to working on them weekly it really felt weird to go this far back and try to remember and write these memories. I should have taken notes along the way and that would have helped. Like I said in the beginning, will be sharing a post on this next week. I do hope you liked seeing these, it is nice to have these memories tucked away in the pockets now for the kids to look back on. Next up will be March's pages and I'm working on April's at the same time to stay caught up with them. Will post those next week or this weekend.
Hope everyone is having a good week. Our spring break is going well and the weather is a bit cooler again but still nice. We hear and see lots of birds now and the sunrises have been so pretty. Thanks so much for your visit, they make my day!! Have a great day and will see you back here soon!