Thursday, February 4, 2016

Around here in photos, YAY!!!

Hello again, I'm back with a few pictures, YAY!! I want to say a big THANK YOU for all the sweet comments on my last post, was so nice reading them and visiting your blogs again too, so THANK YOU!! It is so weird starting fresh here again, kinda like my first time blogging years ago, not sure why it does but it does. It was a nice surprise when I uploaded my camera for the first time here and to see pictures going back to this last Thanksgiving, so happy to see them and our Christmas ones too!! So at least those are here for me to enjoy, YAY!!! Hoping to get my email up and working again this weekend, not sure if it will have to change or if I can have the same one I've always had. How about some photos now :)
this sweet boy turned 5 last week!! Can't believe it, he's so AWESOME and fun and kind!! He loves to build with blocks as soon as he's in the door, he loves cars and trucks and the new dinosaur puzzle of Sam's, he loves his picture taken, loves hugs and loves my kids so much, he loves loves Lucky and tells her all day just like Sienna did at this age. So cool that he is 5 now, I love 5 it's the best age.
Renee has been making a sausage and cheese dish she and Summer love, it's a messy but fun dish to make.
I just made my first homemade soup, minestrone, so yummy. It was so nice to chop veggies and make some homemade and the house smelled good all day. Hoping to do more of this since it was easy and makes plenty. If you have a favorite soup recipe let me know.

These pictures uploaded very slowly and I had to do them each twice for it to take, not sure why that is, even leaving comments I had to do them twice and only the second one takes, weird. So I will leave it at these for now and come back next week with some art stuff. The warm weather left and it's a cold day out there again. Happy weekend, stay warm or cool where you are. HUGS!!

Monday, February 1, 2016


                                                        HELLO FEBRUARY

                            Hello to a new month of fun, laughs, love and memories
                            Hello to Renee turning 19  and Ryan turning 12
                            Hello to more drawing, sketching and learning
                            Hello to hopefully more  sewing, it's been in  a time out :(
                            Hello to a whole month for my OLW... LOVE!!
                            Hello to a Valentines dinner at our church
                            Hello to Sienna getting baptizied this Sunday, SO HAPPY about this!!
                            Hello to one more month closer to spring
                            Hello to hoping for warm days and track days
                            Hello to reading more books
                            Hello to more orgazining in the house and in my craft space
                            Hello to my friend Nancy :)
                            Hello to whatever this month brings, thankful for each day

Hello friends, sorry it's been so long.  My computer wasn't working and still isn't fully operating yet. Rich tried working on it and deleted everything accidently, all my links, emails, contacts, classes, pictures, everything is gone. It's like a new computer with a blank space, an empty space, a new uninvited space. Around here we are all doing good, busy and good. Thank you so much for your comments on my last post, this table runner is so special to me and I love having it as a reminder of my grandma. Hope you are doing well and ready to welcome another month. Have a great week, will be back with some new fresh pictures and art to share. Feels good to be here blogging and sharing again with you. Take care xo

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sewing and drawing fun

Hello! It's the halfway mark in January already, crazy isn't it. The weather is finally winter here, kids had a snow day yesterday and we've been shoveling for the last 3 days now. Warmer weather is coming for the weekend and then back to cold.
Today I wanted to share the quilt above, it's very special and so perfect!! When my grandma passed away, I was thinking of her clothes, since I washed them and would pick them out for her to wear and several pieces inspired some of my art either for it's color or design. I am thankful to have a cousin who does some sewing and she was here for grandma's funeral and to stay a bit. We talked about my ideas and she said YES to making me a table runner using bits of grandma's clothing. SO excited and it came out SO GOOD!! Just what I wanted and it makes me so happy!! Thank you Jennifer!! Click on the image to see it better if you need. My goal this year is to be able to sew and quilt like this.
which leads me to this, my little crafty sewing machine I got about 4 years ago at WalMart. I've wanted to learn how to use it and keep using it to make some homemade goodies for friends and family and to sew on my art projects. Stay tuned for more on this new adventure.
This year I am going to sketch more too, January has me going strong every year and then I slowly stop. This year is all about finishing and going strong all the way. I joined Susan in this daily sketch she shared with me and I've enjoyed it so much. Here is some of what I've done so far.
I loved making the chairs, as much as they were hard to do, made me love them that much more and determined to keep sketching and enjoying the process!!
Same with the shoes, hard but so good for me!!
Now the cats I'm not so sure about, lol.  I want to do the pitchers again and draw lots of them. That's all I have for you, will show you more later on. 
What else is going on around here,  we are all doing good. I know Summer graduating is going to come fast, just ordered her tassel, a year ago I ordered Renee's, yep it goes that fast. I've been reading more, YAY, spending more time in my bible each morning and afternoon, blesses me so much. Summer and Sam go to winter camp at church this weekend, I will be helping in the kitchen, YAY! Kristin enjoyed her first almost two weeks at a new job, so happy for her!! We didn't win the power ball, Sam was very excited about it and wanted to win so much. I wasn't into it, more trouble then it's worth I thought, would make life easier but complicate it in other ways.
Hope you are doing well and stay warm or cool wherever you are. Thanks so much for reading and will see you again next week. Stay safe and enjoy your week. HUGS!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year and PL 2016

Hello and Happy New Year!! Hello 2016! Almost a week into this year and we are doing good, cold weather is here, the kids just went back yesterday, feel good to be in routine again. We celebrated NYE with our favorite tradition of fondue "fundue"  love doing this each year. I know it won't last much longer but happy we were all here to bring in the new year.Hope you are doing well too!
I'm happy to start in my new PL for the year, a smaller easier album. This year I won't be doing it by the week/month, just the stories I want to tell as they happen. I have the first ones to share with you below and am so happy with this size already and no stressing about the weekly spreads. It's been 5 years so it's nice to change it and make it work for us right now where we are.
Here is the title page for it, simple and pretty!! I like that the journal cards on top say what I really want for this album. Celebrate our stories one at a time, and celebrate is one of my "words" this year so I knew it had to be in here.
Here are the first two stories. The right side is about Sam taking over making the "communion bread" at church. He already sets up communion each Sunday and wanted to do the bread too, he does enjoy doing this and doing it for the church. So happy about that!!! So this was our first attempt and we did good!!  The right side is about Kristin's first day this past Monday at her new job. So thrilled for her and the new direction she's going in and this job is so awesome for her right now. The card on the bottom looks white but there is a light design on it if you click on to see it.
My third story right now which is so AWESOME!! Sienna got a camera for Christmas, HOORAY!! She loves taking pictures too and hopefully we can get them scrapped too. She is a girl after my own heart, so big too, no more little Sienna. Happy to pass the story telling down to this sweet girl.
There you have it,  our stories already for the new year, love this size so much. Let's hope I'm still saying that in June, lol. 
Take care friends, thanks so much for reading and commenting. Have a good week and wishing you all the very best for a happy, healthy New Year.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Hello ! How was your Christmas? Hope it was good and your enjoying the downtime now that the rush is over. We had a good Christmas, so nice having Kristin home with us this year! The weather was warm again and now it's cold and rainy and we did get snow for a day and a beautiful sky to go with it in the picture above. Sharing some Christmas fun with you today.
We baked cookies at my sister's house, busy and fun and yummy!
Loved that we all did them together this year.
The kids did a few with frosting
Sienna and Colt did what they do best, a fort and played so good! They will be back here today, can't wait to hear about their Christmas and see what new toys they bring to play with. Bless Colt who loves to smile when I take pictures, Sam was like that too, so dang cute!!
Our Christmas eve morning tradition breakfast with my dad's side. Started years ago by grandma and grandpa, love this tradition and hope our kids keep it up. It was our first year without them both and they would be so happy to see that we were there together.
After breakfast, Rich and I came home and cleaned and got ready to host his family that night. The house looked so pretty and it was warm so windows were open, very odd to do on Christmas eve. The girls had to work all day and got off just after the party started.
We all crowded in the living room talking for two hours, usually the men stay in the kitchen talking and us women/kids stay in here. A nice change to be all together, had some good talks and catching up on what everyone's doing.
Christmas morning, kids slept in longer, they loved everything they got, even though I worried. It's harder buying for older kids but it turned out fine just like always. Girls room is being redone and Renee is getting a new bed, YAY and Kristin got a new bed YAY! We all need them, so one by one we will be getting new ones. Lucky laid with Sam the whole time, so cute and happy.
Later that day we went to my mom's and I didn't get any pictures, the kids were all making weird faces and being too goofy so I put the camera away. It was a nice Christmas there too.
Here are my gifts from Rich, way to much this year, he overdid it. Love my new coloring book and pencils, have already colored a few pages and love it.
Kristin got me these books I wanted and a little prayer box. I've started reading the books, will read them slowly so I take it all in. Hoping to read a lot more in 2016 then this year.
Just like that the day was over and now we can breathe and get ready for a new year. I'm working on my December Daily, loved this album so much. Making changes in my PL for next year so will share that soon too. Have a good week friends and Happy New Year!!!
Hello Nancy, stay warm my friend xo

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Holiday fun in pictures

Hello and happy one week till Christmas, YAY!! The month has been fast but I'm ready to celebrate and enjoy being on break with the kids. We even woke up to snow today which is the best way to start break for them. Happy we had warm temps all month so far, will make winter not feel quite as long now. Unless we still have snow in April/May then it won't be fun.
Thought I'd share some pictures of what's been going on around here this month, holiday pictures are always fun to share and see aren't they. We are having more of that this week with the kids home too, it can be a long week of celebrating and cookie making and finish up shopping and wrapping fun.
Our church decked out for Christmas, love this so much each year. Beautiful!! Two ladies do this by their selves, amazing job ladies. Tonight they set it up for our Secret Sisters dinner, so excited for this, we find out who our secret sisters were all year and pull names for the next year. My sister Annie has been coming to church with me for a few months now and she came and joined in for next year. She will also be getting baptized this Sunday, so happy for her coming to Christ!!
Here is a close up of the tables, filled with homemade goodies both to eat and as decorations. Elizabeth you would like that they used CD's and their own scrap stash do decorate them with. They stand up with office clips, not sure what else you call them. They each look so pretty, I took two home. We had potluck dinner then opened presents that took two hours long but some heart felt gifts and journals were made for others and made us cry. So blessed by these women.
There is basketball this month for Ryan too, it was first game this day and they lost by one basket. YAY!! We watched her second game and they won by one basket, YAY!!
We had our Christmas party on my dad's side, the first one without Grandma Ruth, we did ok and I'm sure she'd be SO PLEASED with this picture of almost everyone. I am so thankful for self timer cameras that make it possible for everyone to be in the picture. I also have a self timer button for my phone I need to practice using more too. Wish we had started taken pictures like this years ago.
I made sure to have two men read from Luke 2 since it's usually one or two of my kids, already have two men picked out for next year too. LOVE these pictures so much, again grandma would be happy. I'm pretty sure we all felt her presence and grandpa's too.
I put a little twist on the gift exchange this year and it turned out so good for everyone. When I pulled names out to match up I decided to have them have each other, like here Kristin had Colt's name and he had her name instead of another person. LOVE IT! He talked all day to me about this the day after the party, Kristin got him the best gifts he kept telling me. She had fun having him too, a boy to shop for after having to shop for mostly girls. I had everyone sit with their person to and open gifts together, so much fun this was too, usually they open them and then go thank the person. LOVE!
We had a dinner at my small group's home, so nice to have this break to just sit and talk and enjoy each other's company. We finished our last study book and will start again next month with the study from the movie War Room, so excited for this one. I saw the movie twice and read the book twice. Again, thankful for a self timer camera to get this picture also.
On Monday we will be making cookies at my sister Heather's house. All of us will be there, all the kids, my mom and other sister, YAY!! Will be a  crazy fun time, not doing any sugar cookies and frosting/sprinkled ones this year. The kids want other kinds, mostly peanut butter ones so I bought a nice mix of new ones to try.
Last but not least is a drawing done by Sam in art class. He did a great job I think and Rich took it right to work for the art wall of the kids pictures he has. Susan, I thought you would like seeing this, wish he would draw as much as your son does. Art class is over for him now, this was my favorite of all he did. Happy just to have this one piece though.
That's it for me today, hope you enjoyed this post. Enjoy this last week, take time to slow down and really enjoy each moment and the reason for the season, it will warm your heart more then any present or decorations. Merry Christmas or Happy whatever holiday you celebrate! Thank you for being here. Stay safe and see you after Christmas. Love and Hugs!!

Saturday, December 12, 2015


                                                       Hello, sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've been busy with my December projects and trying to stay caught up on them.  I still need to upload pictures to even make a post, so weird not to post a picture with this today. Can you believe we're into mid December already, crazy isn't it. Wish the holiday time lasted longer, even without all the hustle it still goes too fast. Thank you for your visit on my last post, Thanksgiving is my favorite and it still warms my heart thinking of this last one.  So here's a little bit of what's going on now:

Around here the weather is warm and beautiful every day,  too windy for me but still nice

Around here Renee is finished with her first semester of college, YAY and has the month off

Around here Summer is still working at Marc's and enjoys it

Around here Sam and Summer keep asking for snow and are sad it's warm out

Around here I'm keeping up and LOVING my December Daily album

Around here I've been also Journaling Your Christmas with prompts and LOVE it too

Around here I've got lots of shopping and wrapping to finish up this week, no stress

Around here Rich is taking some days off before the year is over, YAY, so nice having him home

Around here I've got a yucky throat thingy cold, Sam just had it so it's my turn

Around here I'm so enjoying my advent reading too, the time by the tree is always my favorite

Around here I just sent out my first batch of Christmas cards, YAY!

Around here I'm planning what I want to do in 2016!!!! Excited and ready for a new year!

That's about it for around here, all is good as it can be and I'm thankful everyday for that. Hope you are all doing well too. Happy Weekend, make sure to take time to just sit by the tree and enjoy the quiet part of this season too. HUGS!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

T stands for Thanksgiving 2015

Hello, how are you? I'm sharing our Thanksgiving day/weekend with you today for T day with Elizabeth and gang. This is my favorite day and weekend of the year and this one was so good and needed and I'm sad it's come to the end. It's so nice having the kids home and especially Rich for 4 days in a row, no schedules or anything to do but what we choose to do. SO NICE!! I need this time to prepare myself for the holiday rush and reading this book and my advent studies helps me so much, these last few years I've enjoyed the upcoming holiday time and don't stress quite as much, hoping to do the same this year. So this weekend I took a break from my phone/IG and enjoyed slowing down and being with the family and quiet time, so good and I plan to do this more often. I of course took some photos to share with using my camera which I think isn't doing well by the looks of some of these photos. So here's a peek at our long weekend
The break started on Wednesday for us, Sam and I spent a lot of time outside while it was warm out
The only cooking I did was baked goods and boiled eggs for deviled eggs. We always order pizza for dinner too, love this tradition and no cooking meant more time to relax and no dishes, YAY!
Summer couldn't wait to put up her tree, love that about her, more each year she gets like this :)
I worked on my November Pl pages and after this weekend's photos will have all of November done, YAY! Bring on December! I loved the pages I did this night too, YAY!
Love that I got Rich and I in a picture, getting foods ready for the next day!!!
I didn't get a lot of photos Thanksgiving morning, the kids slept in and the house was quiet as Rich started the turkey early and prepared the food all morning, he does this so well and loves it. I'm happy to get this picture though, all the kids and my sister Annie ate with us since she had to be at work and would miss dinner at my mom's, so nice having her with us. Everything came out so YUMMY!!!
I took some unposed photos at my mom's, this is what I got, lol. We all hang in her kitchen, laughing and talking and snacking, the kids are getting so much older, just imagine what this scene will look like in 5 years. All the food was good here too, can't have enough of the yummy food on this day!!
I did do some walking/laps in my driveway that night under the full moon and the Christmas lights across the street. So happy I did this, got my exercise in and the lights were so cool! I do this most nights if it's not too cold/wet  to get my exercise and enjoy the fresh air before it's really winter.
Sam, Rich and I played Sorry, a new favorite lately and Rich won, he always wins, lol.
Renee and I colored, we haven't done this in so long, loved every minute of it. Played some Christmas music quietly on my phone for us too, so nice!! Love this photos too!
we bought a tree on Saturday and Summer happily decorated it tonight. Told you she is so excited about the trees this year, GO SUMMER! When she was done with this tree she went and....
helped Sam change his room around and put up his tree, that's 3 trees for her this weekend. She also loves changing around their rooms and cleaning them. His tree looks so much cuter then it does here too, maybe it's the lighting or I need a new camera.
Sorry this was so long, I took 80 photos and tried to narrow it down, so much good happened. Can't wait to put these in my PL now. Thanks so much for reading and for Elizabeth hosting us this week again. Take care and have a good week! Hugs!