Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hello to my table being cleaned off for 3 weeks now
Hello to bringing out some yellow and green to brighten my day
Hello to hopefully a warmer, less snowy month
Hello to Scooter Dogs opening soon
Hello to pre-season baseball starting
Hello to corn beef and cabbage
Hello to a new class by Alisa Burke
Hello to more of my calendar art, still loving it
Hello to the new small group book we are reading
Hello to only 3 months before Renee graduates
Hello to reading more books, read one this month
Hello to another date with my mom and sisters
Hello to all the fun and blessings this month will bring
Wishing you a very happy March too friends. Thank you so much for your visits and comments!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Around here...Frozen

Around here Renee made Chicken Alfredo for dinner, YUM!
Summer has been crafting collages, YAY!
Rich made a great chili dog and took picture of it, lol
The little ones were here for a day of play, didn't see them all week. SO FUN!
Woke up to a gorgeous frozen morning on Sunday. I'm thinking someone is making Eliza mad this month and that's why all the snow and VERY COLD temps keep happening. Someone needs to go tell her to warm it back up, ENOUGH already.
The kids had snow days last week and today, we don't what day it is anymore, they just blend together. The weather is frozen daily, THANKFULLY the sun has been out each day, I've been shoveling like it's my job now, lol and we are just plain tired of it.
I won't be able to link up for T Day tomorrow, so wanted to at least say hello here and share what's new this week. Will try to be here next week if time and kids have school.
Take care and hope all my East/South coast friends are staying warm and safe.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Finally some Project Life to share! T style

Hello and Happy weekend and Valentines Day!! Isn't this a beautiful sunrise, was so happy to see this the other day. It even glowed pink to the back yard on the fort Rich and Sam built. LOVE when the day starts this pretty, I just ignored the snow/cold and stared at this gorgeous sight.
I worked on some Project Life pages today and am loving them and wanted to share. I am not dating them this year, just making monthly intro pages to help keep it organized. Here we go...
gorgeous sky pictures again and my cute mom
I love the purple in my new Happy Kit for this year, will be using lots of it.
The left side was from just one day, A Day in the Life, I kept it small this month.
As you can see I wrote on the photos, was a nice change. You can click on the images to see better.
This is from January, pictures from my sister Annie and pictures from home. I kept the left side as filler cards since I didn't have photos to fit the pockets.
The left side is the last days of January and right side is my February intro page
This was January, lots of fun with this one.
So there you have it, 5 layouts done today, YAY!!
I will be using this as my Tuesday post, won't have another time to post again before then.
Hope you enjoy seeing the PL pages and pretty sunrise. Have a good weekend, hope you are warmer then we will be, it's getting pretty cold here and maybe some snow again. YUCK!
Thank you so much for your visits, they make my day! HUGS!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Around here and Thankful T style

Around here there are lots of cousins days, laughs, loudness, silliness and a lot of love. Thankful for these times and how special it is that they have time together.
Around here there have been some good cooking days, YAY!
Around here I've been sorting and organizing my craft space, little bits at a time. LOVE my new cubicle to hold all my things and displaying special things on the top. Ignore the mess under my table, it's slowly getting moved into new places.
Around here I'm writing daily and loving it. Also taking more selfies to get better at them and comfortable with them. They will be going into a special journal with more writing, YAY!
Around here there has been lots of card playing, I love cards!!
Around here I got to visit Summer at school and get my hair done, so fun!
Around here this girl is getting ready to celebrate her 18th birthday on Monday (tomorrow). So excited and sad at the same time for me, the time has gone by so fast. We surprised her and decorated the house early while she was at work. She loved it.
Around here has been full of fun and busy things and some quiet moments too. All of it leaving me very thankful for all I have and the loved ones in my life and here on this blog and my IG.
Linking this up at Elizabeth's where we like to share our Tuesday's and what's new. Stop by and say hello or join in on the fun. Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us again this week.

Monday, February 2, 2015

T stands for first Tuesday in February

Hello and Happy Tuesday and February! Yes, we are one of the lucky ones who got over a foot of snow yesterday. It never stopped, so the shoveling never stopped. We worked in pairs and every few hours to keep up on it. Had to do a few more today also, thank goodness it's done. Hope everyone who got snow is safe and warm inside. What a way to start the new month, snow and a snow day.
The sun and blue sky even came out, YAY!
Here's Moodboard Monday #2, inspired by the colors in the magazine and paper towel. Love these and want to use them again. Makes me want spring and real flowers here to play with.
Here is my link up photo for Elizabeth's for our T Day blog hop. I had my mom over for a quick egg salad lunch on her lunch break from work. No fancy cups or drinks, just some milk to wash it down with. She was going to get some hot coffee back at work since I don't have any at my house.
Thank you so much for the wonderful comments last Tuesday on the painting class with my mom and sisters. Was so nice reading them and seeing that other places do this too.
I've posted below my new projects for the year, YAY, keeping them simple and happy. Hope you can peek at them.  I will keep sharing them as they get done.
Thanks so much for your visit and Elizabeth for letting us share our Tuesday's in such a fun way.
Stay safe and warm if your in winter and enjoy the sun and warm for you spring/summer ladies.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Peeks at my new 2015 projects, YAY!

Hello!  Excited to share some new projects with you, I've just started them and officially saying Happy New Year to myself and jumping in to the year, YAY!!
Isn't that sky gorgeous, love when the cold days/nights can be this gorgeous! This was from last night when Rich and I were walking Lucky, so glad I took my camera with me.
See, I wasn't kidding about the Happy New Year part, lol.  Say hello to my first moodboard of 2015, inspired by a friend on IG who made 365 last year. I was almost going to do that many but knew it would take time and having a lot of cute collections on hand which I don't have. So every Monday I will make one for this year and will add my mandalas to it when the weather is nice again. I liked starting off with some happy bright neon colors, was much needed on Monday when it was cold out.
This is going to be my daily project this year, 365 days of painting whatever happy colors I'm thinking of. They will be abstract/no plan just paint to paper and see what happens. I love this already and hope to keep loving it all year.
Say hello to my 365 calendar art this year! Each day I will color in a square with a design of some sort or just color. I started this on the 19 so it will go into the next year to count as 365. This little squares are making me very happy, it's the simple things with me.
Just these two simple daily projects are part of a bigger plan I have so I hope you will enjoy them too.
Here's is my writing project, lots of practice writing to improve my handwriting. Not sure why it's blurry like this. I am picking 5 words and writing them in cursive and print for 20mts 3x a week. Hoping this will help when sending happy mail and just writing in general.
So those are my projects so far started, a few more are coming and I will share then.
Lastly a photo from this morning, it was below freezing but the sun came out and made everything sparkle and gorgeous again. Was so nice walking out in it today and seeing it in the windows.
Thanks for reading and have a good week!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

T stands for Trees and Togetherness

Hello! I'm posting early for my T Time post, this way I will be on time for Elizabeth and gang visits. This past week has been a good one, the kids are in school, routine is back and I'm feeling great. Have been organizing my craft space and cleaning around the house and even read a book in one day.
I'm sharing a fun outing I had with my mom and sisters this past Thursday. We went to a wine and brush gathering. Something way out of our comfort zones but so neat too, thanks to Heather hearing about this. At a local winery they have classes each Thursday where you get a glass of wine and do some painting for $30. When we first decided to go we thought we'd get to paint whatever we wanted, but they have it all planned ahead of time. Above is the picture of us before heading in, was quite cold that night. Aren't they cute!
I didn't get any pictures of the inside but was beautiful rooms and we were away from the customers there. Thankfully we had a back wall so no one could view our paintings, lol. There were quite a few women that come often and have quite a talent in painting. Was neat to see everyone do the same painting but each one looks different, all good!!! 
By the way we got our drinks, I had lemonade and they had a glass of wine. See the pink cup to the right, this will count as my cup for Elizabeth's link up. We each had an easel and paints ready ahead of time for us. I've never used an easel before, I liked it.
Here is the end results, TREES, my favorite!! I didn't do well with them and gave up and now wish I had made more. We used very big paintbrushes which I'm not used too. By the way the teacher was in front of the room showing us how to paint, usually I sketch first then paint which she didn't have us do. The rest was a bridge and snow, all of ours came out different and the colors too. The girls and my mom didn't like theirs but I loved all of theirs!! They did so good considering they never paint or draw so I'm impressed!! Way to go ladies!!
Can't forget my cute mom!! I love hers, so pretty and wintry and TREES!! They all had trees!! We saw the paintings for the next month and they look amazing. Don't think we will be back but it was so fun to be together and try something new. If I could paint really well, I'd go back to do some of the new ones but for $30 I better stay at home and keep practicing.
It's time to head over and see what others are doing at Elizabeth's stop by and say hello. Have a great week everyone, thanks so much for your visits. I missed being here the last 2 weeks, glad to be back.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

MIA and Project Life

Hello and happy weekend! Sorry to be MIA this week,  I was enjoying having a quiet house to myself again. The kids had 4 days of school in a row, YAY!! I enjoyed the quiet house and got busy cleaning house, organizing my scrap space, reading and taking lots of pictures of the snow and some sunshine peeks through the week. It was a great week, feels good to be back on schedule again.
Next week will be a busy one again, extra babysitting and night time activities. Will try to post but might just stay MIA again to get things done when I do have a quiet moment. hard to believe this month is half over already. Will be nice to have winter behind us!
I also got some Project Life done, YAY! Click on image to see better, sorry the picture dark.
I loved using these gorgeous photos from last week. The sun, the clouds, the blue sky all made me happy!! Not sure if this page is done, might do some journaling on the white cards or just leave it. I just wanted a place to put these pictures, it really was what that week was about, going outside and freezing but enjoying nature's beauty. I never get tired of it, keeps my heart happy!
Someone else was happy about the sun coming out too!
Happy weekend, thanks so much for visiting! Hello Nancy!