Monday, May 30, 2011

Project Life

Well May is gone already just like that in a blink of an eye. Now onto summer plans and summer fun and summer sun. I am looking forward to putting summer pictures in our PL finally after the cold, long winter/spring we had. So far so good at keeping up, hope that can still happen even though the kids are going to be home. I only had to add a PP for the paper on Renee's Honors breakfast and on the backside is the note Summer left me about getting her and Sam ready for school that day, she is so sweet. I did have a lot of pictures this week and tried to keep it at a minimum so I could journal enough too. Some weeks are like that but I'm trying to make sure it all fits into this one album. Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. We sure did enjoy all the hot sun we finally got. Thanks for stopping by and have a good week.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hi everyone, it's Sunday at almost 8:00 and we have had a great two days this weekend and hoping tomorrow will be awesome as well. We have worked hard and played hard and enjoyed this heat wave we are having. It's no secret that my favorite colors are red/white/blue, love them together and what they stand for. I also love love flags and they feel like home when I see them, anywhere and any kinds. So today I decided to take some photos showing are american colors and feeling blessed for the men/women who have fought for us before and still are today. We wouldn't be here without them, so thank you to them and their loved ones who are missing them too. I hope everyone is having a relaxing, blessed, grateful day with their loved ones. I'm so thankful to be here with my husband and seeing our family tomorrow and sharing the joy of having each other and being together. To my sweet grandpa Brewster who just passed this fall we all miss you and will be thinking of you as you watch down over us. Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 27, 2011

More lists from March

These are more of my lists that I made for 30 days of lists in March. It was fun to make the lists and fun to read them again now. They are planning on doing this again in September, so excited. Some of my blogging friends here are joining with me this time and if any new comers here would like to do this also let me know and I'll give you more information. Happy Friday!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Project Life

Can you believe May is almost over??? Where did all the time go? The kids will be out of school two weeks from now, I'm not ready for that quite yet. This weeks PL is full of good stuff with extras thrown in. Of course my daughter getting braces is in there, my little cousins playing and the little one is rolling over already, my son had a special breakfast at school, my nieces slept over and my cousin had her much awaited bridal shower. So for this week I added a extra photo holder and extra page protector to hold the important papers for this week. This album is getting better and better each week. For some reason this year (my 3rd) has been my favorite and each week I get excited to see what the week will hold. I hope everyone who is doing PL is still having fun with theirs and keeping up best they can. Remember to make it what you can and what you can do without being stressed about it. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Summer Sunday Behind the Lens

We couldn't have asked for a better day. It was hot, humid and sunny all day. So we pretended it was summer and played outside all day soaking up some water and sun. I also got a haircut early this morning so that's in there too. I love Sunday's like this. Oh and we just had some frosty's from Wendy's no pictures of that though. Hope your Sunday was good too.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sam and his singing and just being Sam

I want to always remember these times when it's just me and Sam in the car. He gets to sit right behind me instead of way in the back. Since his sisters aren't in the car he picks the music and he sings all the songs, melts my heart every time. I keep thinking maybe he could be a singer or be in a band or something cool like that. The thing is when his sisters are around they do the singing and they (mostly Renee) sing loud so poor Sam doesnt' stand a chance to be heard. So tonight when driving to his game just "US TWO" I got to hear him singing Justin Bieber and I love hearing his voice and the way he sings different then the girls. Last week it was the new Big Time Rush cd and for weeks before that it's the High School Musical 3 cd, he loves his music loud not like turned on loud but like when they are screaming and singing he gets that. And don't even get me started on his moves, man he his so cute and funny with his moves when he thinks he's alone or just me around. Watch girls in his 3rd class my sweet Sam is going to be a ladies man one day. So much fun having a boy after all these girls, have to look for these little moments so I can remember who he is since he gets lost in the shuffle sometimes. Don't worry buddy I'm always going to be right there watching even when you think I'm not.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Renee got braces yesterday and looks so cute in them. It's so weird to see them on her finally after years of waiting. She did great and had fun but they are starting to hurt her badly today, poor girl. I just love these before and after pictures of her.

The other news is that my baby cousin is now rolling over, what already?? Yes this little man is a fast learner and needs to keep up with his sister. So I got some pictures of him on his belly but not during the actually rolling part, I will try next time he's here. He's growing up too fast for me.

Enjoy the pictures. I can't wait to scrap them.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Project Life May 8 to May 14

This was such a fun week for us with Kristin home and spending time with her. So fun just to have her and San-T here hanging out. Sam loves loves having them here and especially San-T who is like a big brother to him. He played endlessly and happily with Sam. I miss them so much and can't wait till they live closer to us for more visits. I am happy to say my PL is caught up and even though I had tons of photos I decided to keep it simple, just some favorites nothing extra. I am going to include one 81/2x11 page protector though to hold
1. my mothers' day cards, one from Sam that is the sweetest and funniest and my dear hubby got me a perfect one, its gorgeous and I'm going to try and cut some of it and include it in my art journal or just paint a page with those purple/orange colors and make a MOM quote on it.
2. Renee received a letter saying she's invited for the 8th grade Honors Breakfast at the Country Club next week, so very happy and proud of her. So the letter is going in there too.
3. I also have a newspaper article about the couple Tom/Lynette from Desperate Housewives and shows their opinions on the show and a new direction their parts are going in. They have always been my favorite couple and last night they broke up and I can't believe it, so putting the article in so I can see where they are next year at this time on the show.

I also included the mother's day cards, plant and bracelet made by Sam in the photos below and my pictures are in the album and done, hooray. I'm hoping to do some extra posting this week if time allows. We are down to our last weeks of school and very busy now. Hope everyone is doing good and thank you for stopping by.