Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The weekend lens

Hello, it's me! I'm still here just busy and/or too lazy to write a post.  I had been working on my PL and enjoying the memories and where we all are right NOW. That got me thinking to slow down over the weekend and document it. It was a good weekend, busy but good. So here's a look starting with Friday night, since I didn't think of this till Friday while the kids were at school.
 Summer is driving us to the Secret Sister meeting at church that night
Love these women and our gatherings more each month
 The ladies put on quite a spread each time and make everything so pretty
Good Saturday morning! My favorite time of day, quiet time with God.
Beautiful weather for a soccer game, love it still after all these years.
Rich made us eggs for lunch, using the fresh eggs we got from a friend, YUM!!
It was so nice out,  we walked and sat on deck most of day
Sam didn't want any pictures so I got this of his spot, lol
Renee isn't here either, she had to work long hours at DQ, the warm weather had them busy all weekend.
LOVE the light coming in the windows, my favorite spot
I did my intro page for May in my PL. LOVE the color and wanted a celebration theme since Kristin comes home and Renee graduates. YAY!! This page makes me happy!
Happy Sunday morning, quiet time again. A hint of sun coming in the windows, YAY!
Summer drives us to church each Sunday, feels normal and not normal still to have her driving us.
Got a self timer photo of my Sunday school ladies, can't see them all but they are there.
I LOOOVE this room, those shelves!! Want a room like this in my house.
Summer went with Rich and I to Sam's soccer game, the sun was out but it was COLD!
Summer and I went to meet our neighbor's new baby boy after the game. He's so cute and it's a boy!! We both could have sat there all night holding him, it's been so long since we held a baby.
Beautiful sky before the sun set. Goodbye Sunday! Goodbye weekend!
So glad I got these photos/stories. Missing 2 kids but it's showing the new real life we have now with older kids and a boy who isn't thrilled to be in photos just because I want them.
Thanks for visiting, have a good rest of week.


  1. Beautiful post Dawn. Love how you captured stories of your life with pictures and words. My favourite was the one of the Sunday school ladies in that room with shelves of books. I too would love a room like this. Hope you are enjoying some warmer weather. We are finally experiencing cooler weather here in Australia. Today is cold and raining and I am loving it. I love days like today, especially if I am home all warm and toasty. Sending you love and hugs from Queensland, Australia. :) Jo xoxo

  2. Love the pictures you have shared here Dawn. Even I dream of having a room like that furl of shelves filled with books-:) I miss taking photos here as I forgot my camera charget. Your PL pages always inspire me. I hope to restart mine once I return.
    Take Care

  3. Love all the little moments that you've captured here Dawn!

  4. Sounds like a peaceful and yet fun weekend! Enjoy reading and browsing through you pictures Dawn, thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the pics of your busy days...and what fun to hold a new baby! more busy days to come too, so keep us up-to-date! ♥

  6. Oh my goodness! I loved hearing about your weekend, Dawn! And seeing your art, too! But that photo of you with the baby boy touched me! So sweet! Thanks for sharing this with us!! HUGS!!!!!