Monday, June 8, 2015

Day in the Life... June

Hello, I'm sharing my Day in the Life pictures from June 4th with you today. I love doing this each month and seeing the difference in each one. This time the kids are home on break so it was nice to not just have me in here. I usually start with some kind of sunrise/sky picture and end the day that way but it didn't work out that way today. This was the first picture I took using my camera which I tried to use mostly for this day. I love seeing my space on the table, always has some kind of art and reading material, notice the sunlight coming in too, love seeing that each day too.
I have to say thank you to Megan from The Nerd Nest who is inspiring us to join her each month with this project. I've even thought to put all these in a mini album, would be so neat to see a whole year's worth of DITL photos in one place I think.
I'm going to share photos mostly this time instead of writing about each one. Here we go:
I have to sneak and get pictures of Sam whenever I can
We went to my sister's to have some cousin time while we can.Camryn was still in sleeping so Summer surprised her and got in to wake her. Of course, they didn't want their picture taken.
I love that I got the 3 of them and can see me in the mirror
back at home and the sky was gorgeous
Rich is home so we hang out by the garden and admire it
A DQ date with Renee on her night off from DQ, lol.
last picture of the day, THE CAVS!!
I loved the pictures I got from today, not posed ones fun ones that still tell the story. Not as much of the kids as I had planned but got what they would let me, I also took selfies with each girls in the van on their phones that I will include in my PL. I was in and out a lot today and the dog got 4 good walks since it was nice out. Sam and I played soccer and cards which makes me HAPPY! Was nice that I could get my nieces in too. Next month it will be July 4th, I might choose to do the day after instead, will see when it's closer to the date and what plans we have.
Thanks so much for reading! Have a great week!


  1. Good Morning Dawn! How are you doing? I LOVED seeing your art work on the table for your first photo!! What a wonderful project and I think putting them in an album would be perfect! I love your glasses on the table and the way the sunlight shines in, too! Also loved seeing all of your photos that you took! You have an amazing family and I am so happy to share a little bit of your life with you! HUGS to you!!! Have a great weekend, my friend!

  2. That is so fun to have a peek into your days, ours is pretty boring compared to yours, even my youngest is home for the summer, she pretty much hibernate in her room with Papi, DH and I go out at night to play poker, that's about it. Yours is really FUN-FILLED! YAY!

  3. I can't believe how much I've missed out on. I was looking for you at SOC and was saddened that you weren't playing this year.

    I agree with Kirsty. My life is very boring compared to one of yours. I may have to record a day in my life one of these days just to show how boring it truly is!

    Nice to read that Kristin is home. I bet everyone is happy about that. Nice, too that you keep the DQ tradition intact, even though they are getting older.

    As always, I love your "Around Here" posts. It is a fairly good synopsis of what is going on, even when you aren't actively posting.

    Looks like Renee had a good time with her friend at the prom. She looked so pretty in her dress, too.

    So glad to read also about your neighbor's new baby. Looks like he grew from the first time you showed him. At least, unlike your four, he can't run from the camera, at least not anytime soon (grin).

    Thanks for the visit. Hope to see more of you soon.