Monday, February 15, 2010

I can't believe this week's pictures. There was so much going on. My oldest daughter was surprising my other kids with a visit home from college. They were so excited. Summer asked if she was dreaming. The kids won't leave her side while she's here. I love seeing them all together. My next oldest daughter turned 13!!! Where does the time go, to fast for me. I meant to put a baby picture of her with this weeks's picture but forgot so maybe next week. It was a great week with Kristin home. Sam had his basketball fun day so I had to include all those shots, they get to choose a family member to take a whip cream pie in the face, thankfully Summer volunteered for me. Then there was Valentine's day, I really decorated and set the table with decorations and got the girls pj's and made crafts for the first time. So sorry for all the pictures it was hard too choose just one with so much going on. During all these happy times though we had a sad/hard time going on also. Renee's hamster got sick and we didn't catch it in time so we tried for a couple days to save him to only lose him today. His name was Oddball because he fits the name. Always doing odd things, climbing around the cage like a monkey or like he's in the circus. He is very picky in his eating and would toss out the food he didn't like. Renee always had to vacuum her floor to clean up his mess. He was also loveable and sweet to Renee and she loved him. We will miss you Oddball thanks for the fun memories. I hope this week will be pretty boring around here I could use it and will be easier to pick my picture of the day. I know this is long already but just have to say I got my big XO frame idea from Becki who is on my link to the right. I also got the heart idea from Laura vegas at CK blog you should check her blog out, cool stuff. Hope everyone had a good week. Thanks for visiting.


  1. What a wonderful surprise of your daughter!

  2. Hi Dawn! Thanks once for stopping by my blog once again. It's so fun to share with others, get new ideas, and positive comments. HOW FUN to have your daughter surprise your other children! So special!