Monday, August 2, 2010

August 3 Wedding pictures

Happy August everyone, can you believe summer is almost over. It was too fast and I want it to start over so I can do more with the kids that we didn't do. We were too focused on our mimai vactation and the wedding to do much else. Now all that is over so I'm hoping to have fun around home with the kids before they go back. Our vacation was awesome and the kids love it and already want to go back. The weather was so hot and humid and we slept bad everynight because we had to share beds and couches which were uncomfortable but now I'm home and so glad to be here and tired. I didn't journal with the pictures this time and I'm only showing my daughter's wedding which was Sunday August 1st. The first group of pictures are my new in-laws coming into town for the wedding then the wedding pictures. There were more but these are my favorites. We had a lovely wedding day and my daughter was stunning!! My other daughters were the jr.bridemaids, then my two nieces were flower girls and my son Sam was the ring bearer along with another little flower girl. They all did an amazing job all day and looked adorable. There aren't any reception pictures because they didn't come out good and there was never a good angle for me to get in with our photograher already there. I will post my vacation pictures sometime later this week. Have a great week everyone and thanks for visiting.

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