Sunday, December 23, 2012


Hello!! I just couldn't stay away from the blog today, want to share a little bit of what's going on here this week. The biggest is KRISTIN IS HOME!!! She surprised us and came home a day earlyier then planned, she loves doing this to me. We have had very warm mild temps to start and now cold and some snow and strong winds. We had Christmas with my dad and it's soooo good to have all of us there with him. Summer got her first Northface coat, she's sooooo happy and won't take it off. We made gingebread houses, had fun but Rich's and Summer's fell in but it's the fun times that count! I have been making snowflakes everyday for the Newton kids, sorry forgot to take a picture of them. Going to send those out this week and big THANKS for all of you helping me with this. My mom and sister are doing them too, YIPPEE for all of us getting to help. We popped into this amazing garden center that was filled with Christmas trees and decorations GALORE EVERYWHERE, going to do a post just to show you all the pretty things they had. I have to say though that not having Project Life in my little hands by now is driving me crazy, so use to it being here by now. I understand and know we are all waiting but IT"S ALL I WANT RIGHT NOW!!!
Hoping all of you are doing well and enjoying the season and your loved ones. My faraway friends are having Christmas tomorrow, so wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, MAY IT BE FILLED WITH LOVE AND PEACE AND BLESSINGS!! I will come back after Christmas to share our big day and let you in on a secret we have planned for the kids. See you then and happy holiday's my friends.


  1. Oh, happy days. It snowed!!. Malaysians celebrate Christmas tomorrow, and the traffic is already heavy tonight :). I plan to go out sketching and enjoy a cup of mocha tomorrow morning. Merry Christmas to you and family!. So happy to hear Kristin is home and you're enjoying family time making gingerbread houses!. I'm still making the snowflakes and hopefully to send them out after the holidays :). Stay warm. HUGS.

  2. Merry Christmas.. we can't wait to see all of you in FL later this year! xo hugs

  3. Merry Christmas Dawn So nice to see all the kids with you in this occasion.