Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Here is a little peek at what's been going on around here. Have to remember these before they change again, LOVE DOING THIS!!

the days and nights have been warm, loooove this
Sam and Summer and I have been playing cards, this is HUGE! LOVE THIS!!
Summer and I have been playing cards when Sam busy, LOOOOVE THIS!
Renee has been watching food shows again, LOOOOVE THIS!!
Sam had his first bball game on Sat. and scored a basket, HOORAY!
my niece Ryan scored a basket at her first game too, HOORAY!
we are excited about our new neighbors moving in, they are super nice and have a boy for Sam!
Sam and Summer have been soooo good with each other lately, lots of loving going on
Girls have been arguing over watching tv, not agreeing,  I might just throw the tv out window!
Rich and I snuck and got a pizza Sunday night after bedtime but girls caught us. So we shared!
I've been doing my hair straight again, like it but not the work that goes into it
The girls have been sleeping in sweats with 3 blankets and fans on HIGH, so weird
Listening to Renee practice singing Christmas songs around the house, always my favorite
I've been reading the bible and loving it, so full of great stories that I didn't know about
Colt has been talking even more and sounding words better, sooo dang cute
Sienna is looking and acting so big, she's just beautiful and sweet
Rich cleaned up the garage a little for me, so nice when he does this
Sam has been watching weird tv shows again, how does he find these things, now it's about rattlesnakes and other weird shows
I keep dreaming of sewing, soooo excited about my mom's help with projects
Renee's fave restrant in town just closed and I have to break the news to her, SHE WILL CRY!

I kept this unholiday related so to remember these are NORMAL and EVERYDAY things RIGHT NOW.  I do have GOOD NEWS, my blogger has been upgraded!! HOORAY!! The bad news is it won't let me post my pictures in order or let me text with them. Will work on it this week and hopefully have a post soon with PICTURES!! Have a great week and thank your visits and comments.


  1. Way to go Sam & Ryan. I agree with the straight her thingy always looks nice but takes a lot of effort ( my daughter straightens hers e.v.e.r.y. Day). Had to laugh about the girls and blankets as both of mine still sleep under the deuna even when it's 40 degrees with the air con on of course.
    Another great post Dawn.

  2. Your lists are always inspiring Dawn! Love these!!!

  3. LOL. my mom said that same thing when my brother and I argue so much about what to watch on TV when I was little!. Poor Renee when she finds out. I can't wait till you write about the first snow :).

  4. I love your lists...I wish I had the ability to do them the way you do.

  5. Hi Dawn! I love your lists so much!!!!! They inspire me, too! And I hope you get your blogger fixed, too. Happy December, my friend!!!

  6. Hi dawn, nice to hear about the household.... sorry i missed baskets!!! Yea for them.... yah weird shows, surprised you let him (thought rated older ), too bad girls cant agree..... have a good weekend .