Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hello PROJECT LIFE!!  I am caught up to week 51, ordering NYE pictures today and hope to have that done soon to share with you. I just realized that my week of Christmas is missing here, shoot how did that happen. I will post later too then, sorry about that guess it's because I'm rushing. Today is the kids first day back to school, the house is soooo quiet and calm and I'm trying to get tons done while I can. I have to admit that by December and the picture overload it's hard to do these last pages of the year, nice to have it DONE!! Remember to click on the images to see better.
I used a mix of PL, Ali Edward's journal Christmas Cards, LOVE THESE, and a few holiday stuff from my stash. The dates are not on, just went with it and wrote the days these were on. Even the Christmas Day ones not shown here, I wrote Christmas Day on the title card.
As you can see we got some SNOW!! I had fun doing this page mostly of Sam since he's the one who loves it most. On the back of that page it's my day out in the snow will post that later since the side page isn't done yet. Hope you enjoy reading about our holiday month, hard to belive it's over.
I've been busy with my OLW class, so happy that I've signed up for that and think it will help me this year. SOOOO excited to have some of my blog friends in class with me too, we can keep each other motivated. I will share bits of this thru the year also, some will be private but will share what I can.
Now on to NEW PL news.... this week has made me really think about PL and what it's meant to me over the years, I've done 3 years with the kits and also the first year with Becky's 365 project. So this is going on year 5 for me, YIPPEE and WOW!! I love love this project and everything it stands for without a DOUBT!! I stand by it and whatever way you can do it to make life easy and YOU HAPPY is all that matters. Each year mine has been a little different, this year was the most change and I enjoyed it. To be honest though it feels like I've gotten lazy in my photos/journaling and some weeks just winging it without thinking about it. I got it all done yes, but my STORY wasn't always there I feel like it was in the first year. Maybe I'm overthinking it and that's ok, want to make sure to go in this with the right attitude this year. Since the PL kits aren't available yet, this week will be full of thinking and posssibly a new idea or change might happen. I'm not one for change so taking that into effect also, want to make sure to have another good year with PL no matter which way I tell it.
I still remember that first year with 365, by the time I called in to order they were GONE GONE GONE!! Well, I cried the next 2 days, seriously I did. Then when Becky came thru for us who missed out I WAS HAPPY DANCING AND SHOUTING OUT WITH JOY!! She and her team set up printables for FREE that we could print out and use that year. What a generous and kind act this was, it started my love for this amazinng and close to my heart project. Each week I printed out my journal cards and trimmed them to fit and filled out the year that way. It was a lot of work but so worth it. My how time has changed since then, Becky is doing amazing with this STILL GROWING project.
Thanks for hanging in there to the end if you did, just had to share my thoughts. Please please give me any feedback about my PL and what you like/dont' like/ suggestions anything at all share with me in the comments. Have a great first week of the New Year my friends, will be back with more soon.

P.S. I forgot to mention why else I'm rethinking PL, now that the year is done there is still journal cards and more from the kit that I didn't use. Guess what?? I still have all the ones from the last 4 years, sitting here and not sure what to do with them. I dont' have room to keep accumlating these adorable white boxes and goodies, so this got me THINKING!! Keep you posted!
P.P.S.  I forgot to mention also that Summer got a camera for Christmas and LOVES IT. This week alone she's taken over 300 photos and is clicking away still. I just might have a new partner in crime with me this year!! YIPPEEE
ok now I must really get going, lol


  1. Hi Dawn!
    I am so proud of you for finishing up your year with PL! I think you are going strong with your techniques and I wouldn't worry too much about changing it, just go with the process and see how it naturally develops for you! I wish I had kept to my weekly pages and didn't get so far behind last year BUT, regret won't get me anywhere! Instead, I'll use that as the extra push I need to keep motivated in 2013! I really want to document this year and all the highs & lows we come across!! I too am waiting for the Seafoam Edition to come up for sale so, until then, I will fill my pages up with photos and documentation!!
    I also noticed I have a lot of extra cards from last year (happens when you don't complete an album!) so I will be using them this year as well! But, since I'm still in the city with no supplies, photos and documentation this week will have to suffice!!
    Can't wait to see your PL album unfold!

  2. Great pages Dawn, I am sure whatever you do it will be fantastic! I would gift some of those cards to your daughter and let her document here photos with bits of journaling!! Have fun with your classes.. Looking forward to getting my 2012 up to date! Xx

  3. Dawn your project life is looking AWESOME! I love the Christmasy papers, and also your photo collages on white with the red lettering! Beautiful! I am so curious to find out what changes you are thinking of making! Now you've got me thinking too!

  4. Love your pages as always Dawn, and well done for being so committed( and for so long too... WOW!)
    I'm a bit concerned about the leftover kit too...but couldn't resist ordering more for 2013. I think I would gift the extras to Summer if she's interested...even if its just to document her photos if she doesn't want to commit to PL. I love having different supplies to use each week, so I'm planning to condense the two kits I currently have into one box, and continue to mix up my spreads each week. I'm also considering PLing a couple of years back... not sure how it would go, but I'd love to get some more photos into albums :)
    As for yours... I wouldn't change a thing!

  5. Thanks so much ladies for all your comments. It seems everyone enjoys my PL just as they are. My kids told me today not to change a thing. SIGH! Still like the idea of doing something NEW and EXCITING!!

    I did think about giving the jouranl cards to Summer, she would like that. She's also interested in helping me do my PL, might have to give her some weeks to help me out. I did think about mixing up the old ones again but am kinda tired of them now.

    Will keep these all in mind and keep you posted on what I come up with. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH LADIES FOR THE FEEDBACK!

  6. Loved reading your thoughts on PL, very inspiring. I too have lots of journalling cards left over but the good thing about 2012 cards in that you can turn them over and use the back. That way you can decorate it how you like. I went through and through out all the little boxes (even though they were cute) and have sorted into a box that can now sit on my desk. I have the backs of the cards facing me so that I can see a clean white card just waiting to be embellished LOL.
    I am still behind on 2012 but loved it all the same. looking forward to 2013.
    love me :-)

  7. WOW!!!! This is just AMAMZING to me Dawn! I love that you have done this for 4 years now! What a legacy you are building. I'll bet is it fun to look back on a date from the last few years and see what you were doing on that same date in the past. So cool! You just might motivate me to give PL another try!!! Can't wait to see the new direction you head this year.

  8. Wow Dawn 4 years, wish I could pop over, have a coffee and look at them all. Who knows one day it may happen. I hope to see some of Summers photos on your blog, forgot to say that I made your beans ( or close enough) on Boxing Day and they were great, went really well with the leftover turkey and ham. This may have to e the start of a tradition.

  9. Would love see what a 365 Project looked like. I was making cards then.

    To keep you motivated maybe you could do one spread per fortnight. Maybe then you would feel you have better stories to tell. It is funny though because we might not think the things we include are that awesome, but really they are. It's the everyday that we are recording and looking back on it in time makes it so special.

  10. Wow..what dedication and a treasure to you and your family to have those books to look back on in the future. I enjoy seeing your pages.

  11. Happy New Year Dawn! Yay to you for completing another year of PL! Can you believe that is how we became friends....through PL?! I can't wait for the new albums to come out. I think you should surprise Summer with one of the mini albums to use for her pictures. THANK YOU sooo much for the beautiful Christmas card. Absolutely gorgeous! I got so many compliments on it. I am sooo excited for you and the girls to see Taylor in concert. You will absolutely LOVE it! And happy for you and your family. My favorite place on earth. It looks like from all your posts that you all had an amazing month and holiday. So happy that Kristin was home with you all. One of my resolutions this year is to be a better blogger friend. My apologies. Can't wait to see what you do with PL this new year! Hugs to you and your family.

  12. YAY! Another photographer in our midst!!!! I can't wait to see some of Summer's work! And as for your PL pages - they are all amazing and I wouldn't change a thing. They are obviously made with TLC and lots of love, Dawn! I am on the edge of my seat wondering what you are going to do with your extra "left-overs" from the kits!!! keep us posted! and thank you so much for your wonderful visits to my blog. I really enjoy your kind and thoughtful comments!!!!! Hugs and Happy New Year!

  13. Thanks again ladies for all your thoughtful comments. I am so touched by all the sweet things you've said and for loving my Pl just as much as I do. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  14. You have really done it...YAY you! I am sure you can't wait to crack open the new PL for this year ;-)