Saturday, January 5, 2013


I am inspired by my dear friend Tracey's post since blogger won't let us upload photos. She just did a currently post which we all know are easy and filled with fun things. So here is mine...

it is 9:30p.m.
in my pj's
should be reading not surfing
just ate about 10 eclairs, they are soooo yummy
have been playing and thinking all day about PL 2013
my head is too full of ideas and projects to sort
I keep thinking of my word PEACE, everywhere and making notes, LOVE THIS
There is church and sledding on the plans for tomorrow
it is going to warm up next week, yea!! a break from the COLD
we are having chili tomorrow
I did 6 layouts this week, I think it was 6

That's my list of CURRENTS for now, off to bed I go. Busy day tomorrow so MUST SLEEP!!
Good night and Happy Sunday to everyone. Will post and update soon as I can and have time.

Feel free to pop over at Tracey's and read her cute list too and say hello. Would love to see others doing a CURRENT list right now too.

Thank you for all the support and outpouring enjoyment you all shared about my Project Life, totally made my day. I hope you will all love the new approach I'm thinking about. BYE!


  1. So it's not just me that is having problems uploading photos to blogger??? I love your list. I should do this too. I have 3 or 4 posts ready just waiting for the photos!!! STUPID BLOGGER! Have a great weekend. Church for us too. Sledding maybe on Monday.

  2. Thanks for sending some mojo my way, lets hope it works. Love your currents and thanks for the link to my blog.
    Hope we get to upload photos soon... fingers crossed.
    Its about 9.20pm Sunday night and thought I would let you know that it is 84degrees right now (or 29 degrees celcius) and very muggy.
    Good night and sleep tight.
    love me :-)

  3. Hi Dawn!!! I love your list! Such a great idea! I am off to check out Tracey's blog, too! I hope you had a wonderful Sunday - it sounds like your Saturday was extra special, my friend. We drove our daughter, Katie, back to Penn State for her second semester yesterday. Am feeling a little sad this morning, but this too will pass!!! I am so happy for her - she seems to really enjoy it.

  4. I need to do a currently post too.. may do one later today! hugs xo

  5. This 'current post' is so interesting. Hope you had a great Sunday. Even I'm looking forward for warmer days.
    Waiting for you to share all your ideas and posts here

  6. I haven't posted in ages...will have to see what blogger does with my photos.

  7. Dont forget dawn you can do blogger on phone app to, like i did with white house pics i posted for you...yea 57 more days til spring..
    Lol xox

  8. Yay! You sound so happy, Dawn :). Yeah, you bit blogger, and give us this list of happiness :)). Yes, for a little bit of sun for a change. And, yes ... I'm heading to Becky's to check out all the excitement now. HUGS to you, my friend :)