Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hello, it's Project Life time again!! I had fun adding all kinds of things to this week's pages. The first thing you will notice is the SNOW, lots of SNOW!! Just when it was offically SPRING on the calender the snow came into town again. I have to admit it was magical and pretty all over again, kinda like the beginning of winter. Thankfully it's not and spring is just taking it's time coming this year. So we tried not to complain too much and make the most of it. So I went walking thru the snow and took pictures and some thru the window. That bottom right one on the left side is my favorite, love all the trees covered in white again. Sam of course had to built another mountain of snow to play on. My weekly card is stamped with a snowflake and the bottom yellow/green one almost was going to be my title card but figured the snowflake was more real for our week. The picture next to the weekly card is my wallpaper on my phone, finally changed from witner to spring, think I jinxed it and that's why the snow came, ha! I tried to add a little writing to each picture, love love doing this. More and more now I really want my words with the pictures not beside them, right on them even makes me happy. The other part making me happy this week is that Renee and I are in this week together again, hooray for that! We both went in for haircuts and our hairdresser took these for me, they came out sooooo cute!! Look how tall she is next to me. Our hair looked so pretty and now neither one of us can make our hair do this again, haha. It was a nice change of styles for us both, decided not to go short like we first planned. See the sunlight in the top right picture, LOVE THIS!! I never get tired of any sun type pictures, they will always be in my pages. Same with the one in the middle row of Sienna in a ponytail playing in the window. She was so sweet and building her own thing that morning, I was just watching her and amazed at how fast time is going with her. She also read to her brother and did so well with that also, they can be so cute together. I love the ages they are right now.
I did have some more journaling to include so I typed up a page and half to include in an insert for this week. Forgot to take the picture with it so will do that later to show you. Some weeks there is a lot I want to say and wish there was an easier way to include it all. I am happy with the pages though, it was nice to add the little extras to them. Now I am planning on what to do with our Disney photos, I might try to keep it simple and just one added insert and the rest into our first mini album. Thanks for the comments on that post by the way. I thought everyone would like that and seeing the kids that young. They love looking thru it and talking about that time vs. what we will do this time. Looking forward to it and just being together and a break from school/work/chores/routine we need it.
I hope everyone is doing well this week. Hope your weather is making you happy wherever you live. Today was the last day of school and we are officially on Spring Break now, YIPPEE!!! I will be doing another post on Sunday/Monday then that will be it for a couple weeks I think. Going to just enjoy being home with the kids and getting ready for Disney and babysitting. Take care everyone, have a great weekend and HAPPY EASTER WITH YOUR LOVED ONES!! Thanks so much for your visits and commetns they make my day!! HUGS!


  1. Awesome PL pages again Dawn! I LOVE that you put the picture of your new floral wall paper next to all that snow! What a great contrast! You and your daughter have super cute haircuts! How fun that you got them at the same time! Love the way you work in family photos along with sunsets and landscapes. Have a great weekend/easter!

  2. I'm almost too excited about your Disney trip!. And lots of sunshine :). Both of you looks great with the new haircuts!! I need a trim too :). I'm still loving the snow photos, did you get to see any winter birds? or maybe they flew south already :). Have a great holidays!!. HUGS.

  3. I hope that you have a wonderful Easter weekend...and that the warmer weather will follow soon. Love the photo of you and your daughter with your new haircuts.

  4. Love your nature pictures. But my favorite this week is the photo of you and Renee. It is just picture perfect.Happy Easter to you too. Have a great weekend and let us celebrate this wonderful weather.

  5. Hi Dawn! I love your latest pages for Project Life! I really like the photos of you and Renee after getting your hair cut! Such a wonderful memory! And great photos, too. (and you said you "hate" your hair - no way!!!!) Hopefully we will all be seeing warmer weather! We actually had a beautiful sunny and pretty warm day this past Saturday, but Easter Sunday was cold and damp. I hope you had a happy Easter. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, too! I LOVE your visits!!!!!