Sunday, March 10, 2013

WAITING... a new way to tell the story

we are waiting to go on our trip to Disney

Renee is waiting for a job

us girls are waiting for the Taylor Swift concert

all of us are waiting for spring weather

Rich is waiting to plant his garden

Summer is waiting to wear shorts and flip flops

we can't wait till Scooter Dogs opens for the season

the kids are waiting for summer vacation

summer is waiting to go swimming, lots of swimming

I am waiting for the newest Danielle Steel book

I can't wait to finally meet Bonita when we go to Disney

Kristin is waiting for answeres to big decisions

Kristin is waiting till she can see baby Eva again

I can't wait to see Sienna play soccer it's her first time

Rich is waiting for the first Indians game

Kristin is anxious for warm weather to arrive, she hates this cold

right now Lucky is waiting patiently for Rich to wake up and walk him

I am waiting for a dinner idea to pop in my head, any ideas anyone?

Sam is waiting for the new movie Coonts (sp?) to come out

I am waiting to go back to the track again, went yesterday and loved it

With all this waiting we paused long enough yesterday to enjoy just being here, being together, enjoying the almost spring weather. I enjoyed scrapping with my church friends. Being excited about Nancy retiring!! Watching Summer give Sam a big hug when she didn't know we were watching. Eating too many garlic potatoes Rich made, so good! Thankful for a walk at the track, so needed this and loved it. Listening as Rich helped Sam learn a new card game. Watching Summer and Sam riding bikes for the first time this year, love when they play together! Wishing Renee would come out and play more.

Slowing down to appreciate the RIGHT NOW and RIGHT HERE moments is what I enjoy and what fills my heart with peace and joy. Waiting for all these new and excited things to happen makes me more excited for them, the waiting process is always fun for me. So all these things can wait for today again I will just enjoy WHAT TODAY WILL BRING!!


  1. I just have to say YIPPEE the post worked, all my sentences are spaced out!! That is making me smile, thankful I did write this post and it worked!!!
    Go out and ENJOY your day TODAY!!

  2. I enjoyed reading your 'waiting'post so much and love the last part. Enjoying the present.Slowing down and savoring all that is brought before you. Isn't that the best recipe for a 'happy living' in the present? Dawn you are so talented in writing such posts. Think it is a wonderful gift that you have been blessed with.
    The weather was great yesterday Hope we will get to have warmer days like this.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thanks for the visit and comment, glad you liked this post. It is the best when you slow down to enjoy it. I love writing more and more Susan, thanks so much for the support!
      We had a great and warmer day today, enjoyed every second of it!

  3. What is Scooter Dogs? Sorry I can't help you with dinner those ideas don't pop into ones head easily. How long until Disney? Love this different post

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for the visit! Scooter Dogs is a great hot dog place. You go in and pick from 50 hot dog choices or a few other items they have like the YUMMY Chicken Salad sandwhiches. I'll be sure to tell more about it when we go.

      Dinner ideas don't come easy for me either, we finally settled on homemade pizza for half of us and Subway for the other half.
      Next month is Disney! Thanks for enjoying my post!

  4. I like waiting too, sometimes :). My heart would burst with joy when the day comes, what with all the anticipation :). How fun to go see Taylor Swift sings, I'm a fan!!. Sounds like you're having a great week this week with family. WOW, you are going to meet Bonita! Do you plan to go beach combing & do a little art maybe?. LOVELY post today, Dawn. HUGS.

    1. Hello Shahrul, thanks so much for coming and commenting. I love that you get excited also, it's so fun to wait for fun and new things to happen. YEA, you like Taylor also, that's great! I will sing for you too. It's been a good week and today was so beautiful!

      Yes, I finally get to meet Bonita if all plans go right. She moved from N.Dakato to Florida this past fall so this will finally be our chance to meet. I can't wait to see her beach and OH YES THERE WILL BE ART!! So glad you enjoyed the post, thank you! HUGS!

  5. Awwww Dawn! Your post is amazing! Right now we are waiting to get Katie ready to go back to college after her spring break. We have enjoyed having her home for a week! Hugs to you, my friend!

    1. Hi Sharon, so glad you had time with Katie this week. I know you love her visits. Have a great week and our last lessons in class! HUGS!

  6. It's so fun to have things to look forward to! What an awesome post!

    1. Hi Michelle,
      So glad you came by, always nice to see you. Thanks for the comment and enjoying my post. I know you love exciting things also!! Have a great week!

  7. Fun way to journal! Lots to look forward to :) A balance between waiting and being in the moment is a good thing. Planning and looking forward to things is very valuable too!

  8. What an awesome post. We are always waiting for something to happen or something to come along...enjoy the journey.

  9. I cannot wait to meet all of u too!