Monday, February 23, 2015

Around here...Frozen

Around here Renee made Chicken Alfredo for dinner, YUM!
Summer has been crafting collages, YAY!
Rich made a great chili dog and took picture of it, lol
The little ones were here for a day of play, didn't see them all week. SO FUN!
Woke up to a gorgeous frozen morning on Sunday. I'm thinking someone is making Eliza mad this month and that's why all the snow and VERY COLD temps keep happening. Someone needs to go tell her to warm it back up, ENOUGH already.
The kids had snow days last week and today, we don't what day it is anymore, they just blend together. The weather is frozen daily, THANKFULLY the sun has been out each day, I've been shoveling like it's my job now, lol and we are just plain tired of it.
I won't be able to link up for T Day tomorrow, so wanted to at least say hello here and share what's new this week. Will try to be here next week if time and kids have school.
Take care and hope all my East/South coast friends are staying warm and safe.


  1. Sorry to hear about the cold, frozen weather, do stay warm.
    Love that you share some fun at home!

  2. Oh Dawn! I hear how bad the snow and wind are there now. Hope spring will come soon. Great to see the little ones in this post. Summe seems to be having fun with the collage-:)
    Have a lovely week

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  4. sounds like your snow days have been busy...the hot dog pic made me smile... the snow scene is pretty, but since we will be returning to that landscape soon, I am hoping we can get back between storms! planning to share some palm trees for the next T day... :)