Friday, February 13, 2015

Finally some Project Life to share! T style

Hello and Happy weekend and Valentines Day!! Isn't this a beautiful sunrise, was so happy to see this the other day. It even glowed pink to the back yard on the fort Rich and Sam built. LOVE when the day starts this pretty, I just ignored the snow/cold and stared at this gorgeous sight.
I worked on some Project Life pages today and am loving them and wanted to share. I am not dating them this year, just making monthly intro pages to help keep it organized. Here we go...
gorgeous sky pictures again and my cute mom
I love the purple in my new Happy Kit for this year, will be using lots of it.
The left side was from just one day, A Day in the Life, I kept it small this month.
As you can see I wrote on the photos, was a nice change. You can click on the images to see better.
This is from January, pictures from my sister Annie and pictures from home. I kept the left side as filler cards since I didn't have photos to fit the pockets.
The left side is the last days of January and right side is my February intro page
This was January, lots of fun with this one.
So there you have it, 5 layouts done today, YAY!!
I will be using this as my Tuesday post, won't have another time to post again before then.
Hope you enjoy seeing the PL pages and pretty sunrise. Have a good weekend, hope you are warmer then we will be, it's getting pretty cold here and maybe some snow again. YUCK!
Thank you so much for your visits, they make my day! HUGS!


  1. Hi Dawn,
    Beautiul sunrise. You really do live in a beautiful part of the world.
    I feel inspired by your project life pages. I haven't done any this year so far, but after seeing yours I feel inspired to get started. Thank you.
    I noticed your comment over on Alisa Burkes blog. I am doing her art journal delight class too. I am slowly getting back into creativity and enjoying your instagram posts about colour. I hope the snow doesn't hang around too much more and that you start to see signs of spring soon.

  2. How beautiful. I love the sunrise picture, and your PL spread is fun and interesting! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  3. Hi Dawn! Your Project Life pages are looking great. Awesome idea to do the monthly intro pages and free flow after that. You are so productive to do 5layouts in one day!

  4. Your pages are fabulous Dawn. I have only heard of PL this year. It is not so big in the UK, I don't think. You are preserving wonderful memories for your family that they will love in years to come. Your sunrise was stunning, how nice it made you forget the cold and snow for a short while. We are headed to Spring here, but I will keep you (all) in my thoughts to stay safe and warm. Happy T Day :o)) xo

  5. That really is a beautiful sunrise dawn. Fab PL pages! Just not something I have gotten into although it sure is nice to document special moments. Happy T day!

  6. Yet another lovely sunrise, Dawn. Looks like you are doing well with your PL pages this year, too. Keeping up is the key, isn't it? 5 pages in one day. Wow.

    Nice list and mug. I've never had banana and peanut butter sandwiches before.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us for T this week.

  7. Oh Dawn, the sun rise over the snow is just gorgeously breath taking!! I don't think I could have enough sun rises and pictures of it.

    You are rocking the PL this week........well done

    Happy T-day

  8. I have seen the PL before and think they are a stunning idea and like Twinkle says you don't see much of them here in the UK. Your family will be thrilled with yours.
    I'm going to show my friend Julie as I know she will love it.
    Lynn :) popping across from T for Tuesday

  9. Your PL layouts are great. Love how you did each page in a specific color. Even your photos matched for the blue!
    Happy T Day!

  10. Spectacular sunrise picture. Looks like your are humming right along with your PL pages. Nice way to capture a lot of memories.


  11. Your PL pages looks great and I'm impressed that you completed 5 in one day! My DH enjoyed peanut butter, banana, and jelly sandwiches. I'd be more inclined to eat the fajitas you mentioned! Happy T Day!

  12. That sunrise is inspiring! A wonderful way to start the day. It's too cloudy here to see the sun, and I slept too late this morning anyway. Thx for sharing yours :)

  13. Lovely layouts, well done on keeping up with Project Life and the sunrise is beautiful, hope it warms up soon!! Happy T Tuesday to you, Annette

  14. Your snow and lovely sunrise certainly did make for a perfect picture.
    Thanks for sharing that along with your great Project Life are clearly having a wonderful time with it all.
    Happy T Day dear Dawn

  15. Love that sunrise photo!!! Gorgeous!! So glad you are having fun with your PL. Happy T day! Hugs~deb

  16. I still haven't figured out the fastest and most logical way to organize the photos in PL are doing well! Adore the pink sky nice to see some color other than the snow, right? happy T day dear, stay warm!

  17. Love photo! I always say I'm going to organize my photo and then I never do ... You are doing an outstanding job!!!

  18. Lovely sunrises make my day, too. When I am up to see them. ;) Happy T-Day! :)