Monday, March 16, 2015

T stands for Time Together

Hello! I have my calendar art from February to share with you. It was so much fun to fill in each square and have a whole month filled in with happy colors. I used crayons with a black sharpie for this month, to see what this month will be look at my post below. I've got a couple plans already for how to do next months too. Really glad I started this little project.
here is the Monday Moodboard I made last week. Went with all green since I all I think about is seeing the green grass again. Well, it's all grass now in our yard, muddy and brown but at least the snow is gone. I had fun pulling all this green together.
As you know we link up at Elizabeth's every Tuesday to share what's in our cup and what's new. Today I'm sharing the girl day out with my mom and sisters. I really love these pictures and the time we spent together. Just sitting and talking and sharing and enjoying each other.
We went to Scribbler's, they had all been there before but it was my first time. It was so pretty there and I loved it all. You order from the board and take a table till they call your name to come and pick up your order. There were so much to choose from, it all sounded yummy.
They make lovely purses/bags, at $50 it was a bit much for me to spend, but I do like them.
They have different teas/coffee's you can buy to take home, we didn't buy any though.
The coffee set up to help yourself, the cups were tiny and cute
The dessert/breakfast goodies to choose from
Here is our yummy food. Funny, without planning it we got same things. My sister Annie and I both got the chicken salad sandwiches with potato salad as our sides. See my glass of ice tea, it was so good. I never order tea when we got out but I'm so glad I did today. Our sandwiches were good too. My mom and other sister both got the special Chicken, spinach Panini with Pesto Mayo, they agreed it was good. My mom got bean soup with hers, very yummy and my sister got a salad. They each got fancy coffee drinks that I don't know anything about since I only drink tea.
I used my timer to get this picture of us, SO HAPPY I DID!! Will do this each time we go out. I love it and it makes me smile each time I see it. We had such a nice time and started making plans for what to do in the next few months, YAY!! Would love to go back here again too, was a pretty place and good food. By the time we left it was beautiful out, YAY!! I came home and sat out back with Lucky and even drank my hot tea outside. Spring is coming slowly but surely right.
Happy St. Patrick's Day to those who celebrate it. I forgot it was this week so no plans and didn't buy a corn beef like I was going too. Might have to buy it next week and celebrate late, lol.
Have a good week and thanks for visiting.


  1. Your calendar page looks lovely. It seems to welcome spring with its bright colors. But the best thing I love on today's post is the photo of your mom and you three. you guys definitely had a wonderful time.
    Happy spring to you

  2. Your calendar is filled with beautiful and happy colors, I love it, and I like that you gathered all the green together for yet another awesome creation!

  3. I apologize for not visiting sooner. Seems I'm behind visiting everyone. This AB I'm making for Kathy has taken on a life of its own, I'm afraid.

    I am SO in awe of your photography skills. Although I'm sure I have that function on my camera (it seems to do everything except wipe your bottom), I've never tried the timer feature. Your timed shots always turn out great, and this one with your sisters and mom was FABULOUS!!

    Thanks for taking us with you to Scribblers this week for T. Those bags were a bit pricey, but handmade IS handmade. Thanks also for sharing your calendar art and your yummy lunch, too. So glad you could join in this week.

  4. Lovely calendar page. This is the first year in 5 that I haven't done one-and that's OK . Love all your green inspired supplies-yes, ready for Spring, and green grass growing! We still have some snow around but hopefully it'll soon ALL be gone. Such nice outings with family and friends and yes, so nice to have a photo or two to remember it with a smile. Happy T day!

  5. You had a very colorful February it seems to me. Nothing like a girls day out is there? Looks like you went to a fun place.


  6. Some great photos...very impressed by the timer shot! great work! A girls' day out sounds like a terrific idea...Love your green mood board~ I am tired of grayness and drear...and so glad the snow is finally melting! I did get your sweet Valentine atc--thank you! it is so cute, I love it. Look for an envelope from me...I sent one to you this week. Have a great T day, and celebrate green! ♣

  7. Lovely calendar page dear it was lots of fun to create.
    All of your green fits nicely for St Paddy's Day too :-)...I am looking forward to seeing green in the garden again soon.
    What a lovely time you all had going out to a special spot making sweet memories together!
    Happy T Day
    and Happy St Paddy's Day too
    oxo from Patty (Maiden name Mahoney)

  8. I love love your calendar page Dawn. Such a fabulous idea, I hope I remember it as I have an idea to make a similar one as a gift - with just half of the spaces decorated. I shall see. Your restaurant looks fabulous with lots of choices and your lunch looked very tasty; I'm glad to hear that it was. Happy T Day :D

  9. Gosh i haven't had corned beef and cabbage in many many years... now you have me thinking about Love you calendar page. I can tell your having alot of fun with it. Thanks so much for sharing this Tday. Hugs! deb

  10. A girls day out sounds nice, and that food looks tasty :) Happy T(ea) Day!

  11. you look as if you have had a great time lovely photos

  12. That sounds--and looks--like such a great girls day out! Wonderful picture of you all together. Maybe next time you will buy some tea--ask them what kind of iced tea they make that you liked so much. Happy T-Day! :)

  13. Sounds like a lovely day out! The only problem is that now I want a sandwich lol.

  14. Sounds like a lovely time out!!! The calendar is very bright and pretty ♥

  15. Fun calendar... Great day out and about! Happy T day!

  16. Happy T-DAY... I'm a newbie to this weekly visit and I am LOVING how you all share bits of your life with me... next week I will do that Tooooo! thanks for T-break!

  17. Love the pic of you and your friends Dawn! You all look so happy together! Great calendar art and mood board too!