Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Friday around here it's spring

Happy Friday! The weekend is here, YAY, it was a fast week here a warm one too. The snow is melting and I finally could walk all the way to the back of the yard with Lucky, YAY! Haven't been able to in months due to the snow and ice, feels so good to be back outside again. I even sat on the deck twice with my tea and bible to read, can't wait till I can do this everyday. I know you see a lot of snow in this picture, but it's not nearly as much as it was and today it's even less, so we are a little closer to spring. Hope everyone is enjoying this little spring tease we are getting.
The girls have had bad colds all week, it's never fun to be sick is it. Summer now likes hot tea which she never has before. I have a feeling she will keep drinking it after she's feeling better too. Renee has started eating almonds, very shocking but glad to share mine with her. Sam is healthy and asking for more TACOS, his new favorite with special sauce Rich buys for him.
Kristin is doing good and ready to come home, she miss everyone and needs to dig deep to finish these last two months of her mission before coming home. CAN'T WAIT!!!
Rich has been staring at the birds at the feeder and loving them. He's also had two Saturday's off since work was slow, YAY!! He's on a break from reading and starting up with TV again, lol.
I'm doing great, just having this warm weather is all I could ask for. I'm like a new person!
Will see you in a few days for a special T Time about my mom and sisters, YAY!!
Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting. Nancy it was so good to see you at church! xo


  1. What a wonderful post. Loved reading how you are all going. Our leaves are starting to change colour but the heat really isn't letting up yet and the days are so humid. I feel for Kirsten, the few months are always the hardest