Saturday, May 9, 2015


Once Upon A Time, there was a young girl who couldn't wait to grow up and wear fancy dresses and go to dances. She has been enjoying these dances and dresses for four years now. This will be her last high school dance.... Senior Prom..... how did it go by so fast. We spent hours finding the right dress, and by hours I mean hours and 20 dresses later. When we were about to give up and go home, Summer found this dress and made Renee try one more time. When Renee came out of the fitting room she knew this was the dress. We loved the color and pretty design on the dress, click on picture to see it better. I was hoping she would find a long pretty formal dress and WE DID!!
Now let's talk about her date for this magical night. At first she was going to go with just friends, then a sweet boy from the special needs class she helps in asked her to go. She has known him forever and worked with him a lot this year. She was touched he asked and said YES, I would love to go with you!! This is the first time he's gone with a girl before and was excited. We talked with his mom and made the plans regarding flowers and meeting for pictures. He started a countdown to the dance on the teachers board. All we had to do now was wait a few weeks till the dance came. In that time Renee formed a group of others wanting to go from the same class and so we made date to meet for pictures with all of them. We waited again and hoped the weather would stay nice for this day.
We woke up excited and ready on PROM DAY!! That afternoon we went to the hair salon to get a fancy up do done with her hair. We worried a bit because they were behind on appts due to being short a girl calling off work last minute. That pushed us 40mts behind schedule but it all worked out by rushing and thankfully Renee didn't want make up on. The weather by this time was WARM !!
She got dressed so fast I didn't get any other before pictures. She looked so pretty and grown-up!
Then we were off to a close by park for pictures. By this time I was thinking of my mom and what she was thinking all those years ago as I got ready for my prom. Thanks mom for all you did for me and making it fun for me too. LOVE YOU!!  My heart was pretty full of love and thankful to be here enjoying this moment with my daughter. Can't believe she's 18 and weeks away from graduation. Seriously, the time flew. Love you Renee!!
At the park Matt was excited to see Renee and loved her dress. She struggled getting the pins in place for his flower. The florist did a beautiful job on both of flowers.
Matt got her corsage on and said how pretty it was.
Here are some group pictures. The girls didn't know they had matching color dresses. The 3 guys on the left came without dates. They were happy just to have friends to go with. The weather was just gorgeous and so pretty at the park for these pictures.
The last couple showed up so we got more group pictures
I love this one, they are still and quiet for the picture. They were pretty excited and happy to talk and just be together. So happy they could have each other on this special day. Renee does so well with them, she keeps them calm and tells them they are beautiful. Again, the weather was so perfect!
Matt and Renee wanted one on the swings before they left. So glad we came here!
They left after this with Matt's mom who took them. Renee texted me a few times during the dance, the food wasn't her favorite but she ate what she could. Matt danced the whole time with her and by himself, he's a dancer!! 
Next up will be graduation but first in two weeks from today Kristin will be home!!! YAY!!


  1. Oh my goodness, Dawn!! This post brought tears to my eyse! Such a lovely fairy tale!!!! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous and looked beautiufl for her prom. And the story of the sweet boy who took her touched my heart. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your fairy tale with all of us, my friend! And thanks so much for your wonderful visit to my blog, too. Happy Mother's Day, my dear friend! HUGS!!! (Did you see the Middle Mother's Day episode? We loved it!!!!)

  2. P.S. I also wanted to tell you how much I LOVE the photo of the 2 of you!