Saturday, October 31, 2015

HELLO NOVEMBER... my favorite month!!

Hello to my favorite month of the year
Hello to collecting leaves everyday jut for fun
Hello to more fall colors everywhere
Hello to Thanksgiving, my favorite day/holiday of the year
Hello to Thanksgiving leftovers
Hello to writing out Thankful leaves
Hello to Sam's birthday, 14 years this year
Hello to my scrapbook weekend retreat
Hello to my woman's weekend retreat
Hello to cooler weather, not cold just cooler
Hello to sweatshirts and gloves
Hello to blankets and books
Hello to being more thankful then usual :)
Hello to Sam asking for snow for his birthday
Hello to not stressing for the holidays
Hello to leftovers, sorry you know they are my favorite
Hello to pumpkin pie and whip cream
Hello to planning my 2016 PL??
Hello to all the fun, love and new memories of the month
Happy Halloween this weekend too! This will be my first year of not taking any kids trick or treating in 26 years. It's all I've done since being a mom at 19,  so weird not going out tonight. We are staying in and watching a scary movie, I think, plans with teenagers can change at a moments notice, lol.
Thank you for reading and your comments! HUGS!


  1. Happy Halloween, my friend! I hope that you have a great November, too. I LOVE Thanksgiving - it always reminds me of family and love. And my sister always makes pumpkin pie. This year my daughter, Katie, is going to make Regina's famous apple pie, too. We, too, are having the no trick-or-treat thing going on. Katie, of course, is away at college and Anne had a karate Halloween party last night and is trick-or-treating with her girlfriends tonight. Growing up is harder on the parents sometimes - LOL!!! Anyway, I loved reading your post and feel the exact same way about November. Hugs to you, my friend. (Have you watched The Middle? The next 2 episodes were much better than the one with Sue and her awful roommate!!!)

  2. I do look forward to your "Hello" posts every month. They are filled with so much positive energy. This is my favorite time of the year too. The beauty outside is stunning at this time. My husband's birthday also is in this month. So many holidays for the kids too in November. This year I did not do my PL album. I'm hoping that I can start all over again in 2016.
    Have a great weekend. Last week we had wonderful weather. Now it is cold again.

  3. Looks like a fun November is on your way! happy halloween!

  4. It's always fun to read your Hello posts. Although November isn't my favorite month, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I'd take it any and every day over Christmas, where there's so much importance placed on things that don't really matter. Not so with Thanksgiving, where being thankful should be every day, but especially so that day.

    I hope you are able to get a head start on your 2016 PL pages. I know I always enjoy seeing them.

    Happy NOVEMBER, dear friend.