Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Around here...

Around here I started painting the living room WHITE!! I love white!
Around here the white is making me happy!!
Around here I can't wait to have a Christmas tree with the new white walls!
Around there the weather has still been gorgeous for fall, enjoying it so much!
Around here Summer got her first job, YIPPEEE!! At Marc's !!
Around here I found a diary of my grandma Ruth's and love reading it
Around here the garden is tilled and done for the year
Around here I'm working on more PL pages
Around here I'm ready for Thanksgiving !
Around here my sisters have pedometers too
Around here soccer is will be over after Saturday
Around here I'm still missing and thinking of grandma
Around here there is football excitement on Sunday's
Around here school and college are going well for kids
Around here I'm not sure what our Halloween night will look like??
Hope your having a good week friends, will hopefully be back next Tuesday with a T time post. Thank you for your visits and comments, they make my day!


  1. Wow! Dawn I love white walls too. I think the Christmas tree is going to look beautiful here. Time sure flies fast. I saw your PL pages. They look great. I wish I could start with mine. Hope you have a peaceful week.

  2. Yay for white walls. I have had nothing but white. One day I'll try other colors. Girl, I'm behind on PL but glad to hear your working on it. I'm excited for Oct and Dec.

  3. How exciting, can't wait to see when you are done!

  4. Hi Dawn, thank you so much for your wonderful message on my blog. Iove your post and cannot wait to see your finished living room. I want to let you know that my husband, John's mom, passed away on Wednesday. We are going to miss her terribly but are comforted that she is no longer suffering and know she is in Heaven with her husband and sisters. Take care, my dear friends. Hugs, Sharon