Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Hello ! How was your Christmas? Hope it was good and your enjoying the downtime now that the rush is over. We had a good Christmas, so nice having Kristin home with us this year! The weather was warm again and now it's cold and rainy and we did get snow for a day and a beautiful sky to go with it in the picture above. Sharing some Christmas fun with you today.
We baked cookies at my sister's house, busy and fun and yummy!
Loved that we all did them together this year.
The kids did a few with frosting
Sienna and Colt did what they do best, a fort and played so good! They will be back here today, can't wait to hear about their Christmas and see what new toys they bring to play with. Bless Colt who loves to smile when I take pictures, Sam was like that too, so dang cute!!
Our Christmas eve morning tradition breakfast with my dad's side. Started years ago by grandma and grandpa, love this tradition and hope our kids keep it up. It was our first year without them both and they would be so happy to see that we were there together.
After breakfast, Rich and I came home and cleaned and got ready to host his family that night. The house looked so pretty and it was warm so windows were open, very odd to do on Christmas eve. The girls had to work all day and got off just after the party started.
We all crowded in the living room talking for two hours, usually the men stay in the kitchen talking and us women/kids stay in here. A nice change to be all together, had some good talks and catching up on what everyone's doing.
Christmas morning, kids slept in longer, they loved everything they got, even though I worried. It's harder buying for older kids but it turned out fine just like always. Girls room is being redone and Renee is getting a new bed, YAY and Kristin got a new bed YAY! We all need them, so one by one we will be getting new ones. Lucky laid with Sam the whole time, so cute and happy.
Later that day we went to my mom's and I didn't get any pictures, the kids were all making weird faces and being too goofy so I put the camera away. It was a nice Christmas there too.
Here are my gifts from Rich, way to much this year, he overdid it. Love my new coloring book and pencils, have already colored a few pages and love it.
Kristin got me these books I wanted and a little prayer box. I've started reading the books, will read them slowly so I take it all in. Hoping to read a lot more in 2016 then this year.
Just like that the day was over and now we can breathe and get ready for a new year. I'm working on my December Daily, loved this album so much. Making changes in my PL for next year so will share that soon too. Have a good week friends and Happy New Year!!!
Hello Nancy, stay warm my friend xo


  1. Hi Dawn! It certainly looks like you and your family had a very merry Christmas! Thank you so much for sharing your photos and story with all of us. I always enjoy visiting your blog - it puts me in such a good mood all day long! I want to wish you a very happy new year filled with blessings! You have been such a good friend here in blogland and I want to thank you so much for that! Hugs to you, my friend! (We are looking forward to "The Middle" in the coming new year, too!)

  2. Happy New Year's Eve Dawn! I'm glad you had a good Christmas!

  3. I often forgot to take picture when family is here too unless we are traveling, plus Dolce doesn't really like people to have picture of her, so it is tough, LOL!
    Happy new year to you and all, wishing you a wonderful, healthy, and crafty 2016!