Saturday, December 12, 2015


                                                       Hello, sorry it's been so long since my last post. I've been busy with my December projects and trying to stay caught up on them.  I still need to upload pictures to even make a post, so weird not to post a picture with this today. Can you believe we're into mid December already, crazy isn't it. Wish the holiday time lasted longer, even without all the hustle it still goes too fast. Thank you for your visit on my last post, Thanksgiving is my favorite and it still warms my heart thinking of this last one.  So here's a little bit of what's going on now:

Around here the weather is warm and beautiful every day,  too windy for me but still nice

Around here Renee is finished with her first semester of college, YAY and has the month off

Around here Summer is still working at Marc's and enjoys it

Around here Sam and Summer keep asking for snow and are sad it's warm out

Around here I'm keeping up and LOVING my December Daily album

Around here I've been also Journaling Your Christmas with prompts and LOVE it too

Around here I've got lots of shopping and wrapping to finish up this week, no stress

Around here Rich is taking some days off before the year is over, YAY, so nice having him home

Around here I've got a yucky throat thingy cold, Sam just had it so it's my turn

Around here I'm so enjoying my advent reading too, the time by the tree is always my favorite

Around here I just sent out my first batch of Christmas cards, YAY!

Around here I'm planning what I want to do in 2016!!!! Excited and ready for a new year!

That's about it for around here, all is good as it can be and I'm thankful everyday for that. Hope you are all doing well too. Happy Weekend, make sure to take time to just sit by the tree and enjoy the quiet part of this season too. HUGS!!!


  1. I love your around here updates! Sounds like you are enjoying the holiday season! That's awesome!