Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week in the Life... Monday's photos and words

Hello Monday! I'm excited to document our story this week, always a favorite of mine. Last year I did this in August when the kids were just starting school and know they are almost done, love the closeness of the two and reflecting on that as we start our week. I printed of Ali's daily sheets to help keep track of our days and make notes to remember things when I look back and make my album.

Few things about today, it's a babysitting day so I will mostly have Sienna and Colt in my story today, it's the only decent weather day we will have this week so outside pictures is a must, I took way less pictures then normal for the first day of this project, again how we are ending the school year vs. beginning it.

I took 67 photos on my camera, deleted several that were doubles or wouldn't work.  I took 18 on my cell phone and deleted only a few of them. I was gone at bible study for the night which is another reason for lesser photos for the day. 

Also, I want to remember the weather right now, each day is so different and not much spring going on yet. We have the heat on in the mornings because the floors are cold and their is frost/dew on the car windows and grass each morning, ugh. So today's sunshine was so welcomed and enjoyed!

Now for some photos....

I took this out the kitchen window while I was sitting there having my quiet time before showering. Love the peek of the sun coming through the trees. Thinking I will take this photo each morning this week and use it in my album to start each day. Always a favorite of mine to include plenty of outside pictures as it really shows my story in this and nature is a big part of it.

I get all my chores done before getting Colt on babysitting days, also just a good way to start my day. Love the sunlight showing on here too, love that sun any chance I can since it's rare now.

I stopped by Giant Eagle for a few things and got to see Renee busy at work, she loves when I see her there.

Back home with Colt and he wastes no time building something awesome with blocks and working cars into it any way he can. I'm amazed each time he builds something, always different and imgainenative. He doesn't even plan it, just starts building and thinking of it as he is doing it. He is growing us so much, will be going to kindergarden in the fall, sigh. He is sweet and cuddly and loves being here so much now!!

So happy to see the start of leaves finally growing on our trees, last year at this time the tree was full of them.

The strawberries are doing great, lots of white blooms already, Rich can't wait for them to grow!

Lunchtime was a my new favorite, turkey with peppers and black beans mixed in. I've been eating healthier for 2 weeks now and loving it. I also added a plum today, and blueberrries at breakfast. Alwasy ice tea as my bevearage choice. Colt had taco pizza which smells so good, he was to busy eating to get a good picture.

We did his homework after lunch and time outside. This is new for us, usually he does it at home but with a new schedule for his mom and tball practice tonight it's easier to get it done early. I for one love doing homework so I'm happy to help and thankfully Colt did great about it.
This is probably my favorite picture of the day!! He was trying to hide so I couldn't get his picture but I got it and love it. That smile and funny nature is all there, love this boy so much! We were at the school to pick up Sienna after her "just run" activity she's in. So cool that the school has this program now, great way to get the kids and teachers exercising together and having fun with it.
Once back home, Summer was there too and ready to head to work, kids had their snacks and Sienna did homework then color time started. I love seeing what they come up with and draw. Renee gets home soon from her day of work soon after this. That's how the days are now, a revolving door of kids working/school no set day is the same anymore, a big change for me who likes routine, some nights it's just Sam for dinner and the girls warm up their dinners once their home. Thankful for this time too even if it's diiferent, think we are all doing pretty well with it and staying close through it.
I got to see my mom dropping off Ryan while I was dropping off Sam, they are both on the same soccer team this year, YAY!! So nice that I get to see her for this brief minute before I head to small group. Wish I could just sit and chat with her, she works so much it's hard to see her anymore. Love you mom!!
Here we are at small group, usually it's at Barb's house but for now we have to meet at the church. So happy Annie is going to church now and even joined this group with me. Tonight she and I gave the lesson and she did a great job at it. These ladies are the sweetst and they bless me so much. We were missing a few tonight but this was a full class compared to the last couple weeks.

And that wraps up my day in photos. While I was here Rich picked up Sam, Renee and Rich worked out at the YMCA and Sam showered and ate. Summer got home soon after I did thank goodness it wasn't a late night. I uploaded these pictures to have ready and went to bed before 10, even that seems late some days for us. Hope you enjoyed seeing how our day went, thanks for visiting.


  1. Great photos!! Loved your stories, too! I'm SO wishing I had a garden like yours! XO!

  2. Awwwww! Such awesome photos, Dawn! I have missed visiting your blog on a regular basis, my friend! Your posts always make me smile and feel happy!!!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with all of us. And I agree with Kristina - I would LOVE to have a garden like yours!!!! Hugs to you! Sharon

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  4. Sorry for being late here:-( I enjoyed going through all the Monday pictures and stories. I can see things are so different for you this time but glad to hear that everything is going well with the kids new routine.
    I'm going to read your next post now